Surya Namaskar: Answering the Critic


 To uplift Madhya Pradesh from group of BIMARU states its Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has come up with an ancient idea: Surya Namaskar. But not knowing the many benefits of this exercise a few are protesting against it. Jerry Thomas tries to answer the critic.   

In a health conscious society, we cannot have a better political party than BJP. The visionary founders originally named the party as Body Jargan Party before it became a Bhartiya Janata Party. But still, time and again, its original vision reappears in many forms though critics might dub those as a mascot for Hindu prayers.  Here is one such critic.

 The Critic: Surya Namaskar is a Hindu prayer. In a secular country, government should not promote it. Let Hindus practice it but not others.  

Jerry: Surya Namaskar is just one good exercise like Namaz. People often think that Namaz is a religious prayer. It is not. Namaz was introduced by a great physician who ruled Arabia. However, it can be practiced anywhere in the world and should be practiced at least thrice in a day before meal. Similarly, Surya Namaskar was introduced by great health advisors of India to be practiced every morning.  

For example, let us compare the different postures of Namaz and Surya Namaskar. Namaz has ten different positions which are therapeutically beneficial. If you want to know more about these positions, you can read it here. Similarly, Surya Namaskar has twelve different positions; one can read about it here.    

The Critic: If you are so convinced about this, then why don’t you call this as sun bath?  

Jerry: How can you speak so meanly about the ancient Hindu practice? 

The Critic: I thought, you said that it was just another exercise. Let us leave that and look at what Hindu Scriptures say about Surya Namaskar. Ten entire hymns of Rig Veda are at least devoted to Surya, and many more hymns in Atharva Veda. For example, if you allow, I may quote from Rig Veda. The entire text of the Rig Veda can be found here. But this line, “To Surya, God among the Gods, the light that is most excellent” is particularly unscientific.

It was fine for ancients to consider Sun as a big object. Now when we look into our galaxy, the Milky Way, sun is just one of the stars. In the entire universe, Sun can be compared to as a particle of dust. How can you then continue to believe that Sun is the god among gods? 

Moreover, first law of thermodynamics says that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Sothe total energy in the universe is constant. Or in other words, nothing in the world, which is only a part of the universe, whether it is sun or fish can create. Second law of thermodynamics says that entropy is increasing or the useful energy is decreasing. In other words, nothing in the world, which is only a part of this universe, can sustain itself. One day, all these things must come to an end. Sun, which is only a part of this universe can neither create energy nor sustain itself eternally. Why do you want to worship something which cannot create nor even sustain itself eternally? 

Jerry: You sound like a narrow minded bigoted Christian. Are you one? 

The Critic: That was never a part of our discussion. Since you asked, I must admit that I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus who created the heaven and earth. He existed before the creation of this universe and all things were creaated through Him. There was nothing that was created, created apart from Him. All things are sustanied through and by Him for Him. While He was on this earth, he showed indisputable proofs that He is the creator, sustainer and redeemer of this universe. If you are interested to discuss on this, I am ready.

At this point, Jerry wakes up from his dream and realizes that he is the critic.


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3 Responses

  1. great discoveries. Maybe u should be another Nobel Nominee.

  2. this is not what we hindus say… this is all made up by Jerry.

  3. Hi, of late, many Hindus have presented Surya Namaskar as a ‘just another good exercise’. One can read about Madhya Pradesh government and even gurus like Baba Ramdev arguing this. Read this report: Surya Namaskar no religion: Ramdev (

    But anyone who reads the chantings that are associated with Surya Namaskar or the related portions in the Hindu scriptures (as I have already cited in the article), will not agree for this argument. My argument is (1) It is not an exercise but a religious prayer (2) it is an unscientific religious prayer. Jerry

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