Celebrating Valentine's Day with Sang Parivar (VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal, ABVP etc)

 Bhopal: "The heads of those not adhering to our requests would be shaved. Their faces may also be blackened," said Dilip Khandelwal, a leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) group in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. George Paul Proposes a manifesto for cultural cleansing.

Bhopal: District president Vishal Purohit, Asking the youth to celebrate love through traditional Indian festivals instead of embracing western customs, said, “We will oppose it tooth and nail because the concept of Valentine's Day has come from the West and it attempts to spoil Indian culture.”

Jharkhand:  Couples spotted canoodling on Valentine's Day will be forced to get married, says the student wing of Jharkhand's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as it launches another diatribe against Western concepts overtaking Indian traditions.

Good news for all who want to marry but are facing opposition from parents start conoodling on V-day.

Hardline Hindus from the Shiv Sena, the VHP, and an allied group, the Bajrang Dal, who say the celebration offends Indian social values, have invaded gift shops, burned cards and disrupted celebrations in many parts of India in the past.

I completely support the VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and the entire Sung Parivar and all the politicians who promote this. Let's start cleansing our culture first with cricket; we must ban the western game cricket which was bought to India by the British. Moreover, we must ban cricketers; especially players like Suchin Tendulkar who play this game are a shame to our Indian Culture. Why can’t Suchin play great Indian games like marbles, and Kabadi.

Sunita Lyn Williams has bought shame to our nation by working for NASA instead of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). She must not be allowed to step on our great Indian soil.

We must ban the use of toothpaste and use coal, Neem Twig or Danth Manjan since use of toothpaste is a western idea and relates to western culture. Moreover, most of the toothpastes are foreign and western brands.

We must ban all English teaching schools and colleges, we must have schools and colleges which teach only in Indian language. Moreover, we as Indians must not learn a western languages since we have our great Sanskrit.

Colleges teaching Western Medicine must be banned and be replaced with Ayurvedic Medical colleges. One must not study Western Medicine but must only study Ayurvedic Medicine. People studying Western Medicine are punishable under law.

Coca Cola and Pepsi must stop supplying pesticide and start manufacturing and supplying Lassi.

No one must watch English movies or any thing which has the use of foreign language, festivals, dress, culture etc. Every one in India must dress like an Indian and not like a westerner. Fashion shows in India must be about our great Indian dress.

We must not use western ways of farming; we must till the ground using animals and not insult our Indian culture by following the westerner who uses equipment and machinery.

One must not work for any MNC’s nor do any business with them; especially with foreign banks like,  ABN-AMRO Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Bank of Ceylon, BNP Paribas Bank, Citi Bank, China Trust Commercial Bank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and any foreign bank.

India must not be sold to the foreigners as the Mughal’s did, who in the guise of trade sold India to foreigners for their selfishness, who did not give anything useful to India expect there useless mansions and buildings which were built for their wife’s and not for India.

Ban foreign investment, ban  such corrupters, ban corruption of culture.

Let's be creative and think of ways and means to guide INDIA forward by following its culture…

Let us show the world that INDIA is a GREAT country. Let's be proud of being an INDIAN.

So what do you think!!?



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  1. Ban this english site

  2. George, you might also want to say that we must ban short pants (especially Khaki) and replace it with dhoti.

  3. They need to ban the navrathi celebrations as well where lakhs of teenagers go wild with drinking, dancing and ‘merry making’. Perhaps they dont want to ban it as it is Indian style of doing it.

  4. George, instead of being too sarcastic about Sang Parivar’s view on western culture, why don’t you write as why we should adopt some or all of western culture in India. Let the people that you are referring also know as why not western culture.

  5. :grin

    Abolish the movies – they come from the Lumieres. Let Shah Rukh return to the theatre. Abolish TV – it came from Mr. Baird. Abolish “Kaun Banega Crorepati” – it’s modelled on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

    Abolish the electric bulb – Edison moordabad. The tubelight – and Geissler’s evil mind.

    The Railways – give IIM fascination Laloo Prasad Yadav another portfolio. The Aeroplanes – even if Vijay Kingfisher Mallya is or is not an MP. The cars, the bikes, the bicycles.

    Ban cellphones – let’s return to “kaboothar ja, ja, ja.” Ban the internet. What was the big hungama over the Reliance brothers anyway?

    No more tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, apples, watermelons, guava…

    No more coffee (we’ll give tea the benefit of doubt since the first estates covered parts of Assam too), wheat, chilly (never mind that we’re the biggest producers, consumers and exporters of it), coriander, jeera, garlic, cinnamon, fenugreek, onion, ginger, tamarind, vinegar…

    No go tell this to your mom/wife and burn the kitchen which stocks these foreign elements hurting Indian culture. Burn all stomachs that encourage these malpractices.

    After all, “we” Indians are left with what is most precious, right? Aryabhatta and his Zero?

  6. so does protecting culture mean living in huts and sticking to outdated practises? who will think of upliftment and betterment of living standards?

  7. Good question?….That you must ask, “The Sang Parivar”

  8. George,

    Good article and its true how ridiculous the Radical political groups can get. But its a shame that these parties survive and even manage to get into positions of power with this absurd idealogies. Things would change for the better if people who are a part of these parties would evaluate their loyalty to these parties by using their common sense and understand, question anything that is illogical and detrimental for the country.

    It would be great to see these party leaders to have some open debates about their belief structures and how they can hold up to their empty idealogies against the educated masses. (but is anyone interested)

  9. Tremendous. Let this article go for Times of India (national Coverage)

    This will really work


  10. My dear honest ‘Indian’ politicians of these parties, some simple questions for your honest answers. I know that you are truthful and faithful in giving a sincere reply to us citizens. In fact, we are willing to follow you, if you are sincere to model the way. Here we go:

    § Can you please stop all the exports, as they would affect the ‘tradition’ of other countries?

    § Can you please call back all your children from abroad who serve foreign companies?

    § If you are ill – even to death – can you avoid going to Apollo Hospitals / AIIMS / or any Alopathic hospital and go for traditional medical help? (Probably, if some of you become martyrs, it would be a great challenge to the nations)

    § Can you take out all your grand children from English medium schools and westernized education systems like CBSE, state board, etc and put them in gurukul school where they learn based on Vedas.

    § Can you throw away the air conditioners from your homes?

    § Can you throw away your petrol / diesel run cars and use bullock carts to wherever you go, including to houses you are elected to?

    § Can you stop using planes, trains and buses? You can also go walking everywhere as our ancestors were walking even while going to Varanasi or Amarnath.

    § Can you please close all your investments and convert them into cash and keep at pots in your kitchen? Probably you can use gunny bags & trunk boxes too.

    § Can you throw away the cushion beds (for coir cots), cotton pillows (for bricks)

    § Can you throw away all the cutlery ware and metal ware from kitchens and use mutkas for every work and eat in teak leaves?

    § Can you stop using all the leather materials like shoes (for wooden sandals), bets for (black thread) suitcases and stroley bags (for clothe bundals), etc?

    § Sorry for this question: Can you stop wearing all your western undergarments and go back to ‘kovanam’ (2 feet X 0.5 feet cloth only)?

    § Can you please abolish all the over tanks water tanks from your homes and use only mutka pots kept on your back yard?

    § Can you abolish toilets from all your houses (in-house / backyard) and go to country yard to loo in the evenings ?

    § Can you abolish your in-house batch rooms and make thatchet ones (by coconut leaves, etc) at your back yards for your whole family?


  11. I think you should not have this article in first place, because it has nothing to do with our faith

    secondly, this article justifies celebrating valenties day – (i doubt if this is celebraed in the country where it originated)

    thirdly, our country has achieved tremendously in all fields, using that as logic to justify valentines day is bad taste

    fourthly, we do not require special day to express love to our beloved ones,

    finally, valentines day is a tool for sellers to sell thier products, and they are happy in seeing all these ruckus, which ultimately helps thier sales

  12. “the concept of Valentine’s Day has come from the West and it attempts to spoil Indian culture.”

    statement given by VHP is 100% true.

    But we are presuming that whenever anyone quote as West we intreptas Christianity, ain’t we?

    In the name of Valentine’s Day what is happening we all knew prety well.

    Whatever is the bad may be its not wrong to support VHP or others for the cause of good.

    Please donot assume that all Western countries are chrisitan including US and UK.

    If US and UK are christian countries why all this vulgariity and free sex and so and so forth.

    Only because of Idoltry we Indians are away from God if not we are very near to God in terms of many of our cultural values and ethics.

    Please support any one who oppose Sin even the opposers are sinners.

  13. This is total bulshit. This article is on a blog – internet – technology – computer. Shouldn’t it be banned as well?

  14. George, you said it… All NRI Indians should first denounce western culture, stop queing outside western missions, stop dating, stop drinking, stop women from wering western cloths.. Above all VHP International should stop having branches in USA, Canada, UK, OZ, NZ etc and stop funding goondas from attacking , raping, burning properties of minorities

  15. Mr.Article writer why don;t you take up the issue of religion conversions by christian missionaries taking advantage of poor hindus and converting to christianity.

    I expect same length with similar sarcasm, good luck.

  16. Its really shameful to have pathetic people belonging to VHP, Sri ram sena or SIMI in a country like India. How can they oppose day of love just because they are jealous of people? I think VHP, Sri Ram Sena and SIMI are already categorized under Terrorist organisations by Indian government. If anyone is found opposing Valentines day or troubling couples, police should arrest such terrorists and put an FIR immediately.

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