Pope, Fatwa: Shaved heads and blackened faces

What should be done if a person defies the Pope? Should there be a fatwa? Should one shave the heads and blacken the faces of those defying the Pope? George Anthony Paul answers this.

The Times of India on 19th Feb 2007 on page 16 published an article on Pope Benedict’s position on cohabitation. I read about this at lifesitenews where Pope appealed to the officials and lawyers of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, the highest court of appeals in the matters of marriage in the Catholic Church. 

We must note, this is an appeal. It is neither a fatwa nor a threat to shave the heads of those who defy him. By this appeal, did Pope Benedict violate the imaginary wall of  separation between the Church and the State? He has not.

However, when we look at the deceitful reply given by Canadian Gov't in Dismissing Pope's Warning on Marriage, we learn about the growing acceptance of cohabitation. In spite of this reply, there was not a fatwa or shaving of heads or blackening of faces, though in the past Pope John Paul II was branded as a dictator.

In fact, in the past, rather than a fatwa, there was an apology from Pope John Paul II. for the past sins of the Church. What should we conclude about the nature of the Pope after such confession? We can conclude, Pope is a humble man and not a dictator. We are yet to hear a similar confession or apology from our secularist communist friends.

Even Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, confessed the sins of the Inquisition which had happened in the distant past. "Even men of the church, in the name of faith and morals, have sometimes used methods not in keeping with the Gospel," he said. However, for the secularists, the Pope is still a dictator. 

It must be remembred that Pope is only echoing what Christ has commanded about marriage and relationship. However, in a world, where there is a upside down sense of morality, a right side up comment about morality is sure to create frictions.

These days we define progress as: if we marry without marriage (live-in relationship); become a leader with out followers (Don); have sex without a distinct partner (homosexuality; partner redefined); and have a family with out a father or family with out a Mother (single parents). 

If you speak against such morality as the Pope did or if you are not following the progressive morality there may be a fatwa, or "The heads of those not adhering to the requests would be shaved. Their faces may also be blackened,"

I am astonished that we call this a request and Pope’s request for morals as an imposing act. 

This is not just kool and modern but Post-Modern. 

Would we have this as our Indian morality? I think we already do, what you say?


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2 Responses

  1. Good article. We need more important people like the Pope to take a stand on issues related to marriage. And ofcourse, we dont need people like Khusbhu telling us that pre-marital sex is ok.

  2. I dont think that the fatwas issued by muslims are being taken seriously by any sane individuals. They issued fatwas against hindi muslim actors also few years back for indulging in profanity while being muslims, but the actors are still around. If muslims took the fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie, he would hv got kiled long back.

    Coming to live-in relnships and homosexual marriages, I dont think in India they can be legalized as easily as they did in Canada. More than Christians, hard core hindus also will not accept for this perversion.

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