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Sakshi Research Team brings out the best of the resources on the alleged family tomb of Jesus.



  1. WorldNetDaily has a concise and clear article titled “Reports of Jesus' grave 'a sideshow”. Read the full text here:  ( Here is an excerpt: But a coalition of leading biblical and archeological scholars issued a statement calling Cameron's logic "full of holes, conjectures and problems." Ben Witherington, author of "What Have They Done With Jesus?" said the production is just "old news with a new interpretation." "There are all sorts of reasons to see this as much ado about nothing," he said.  


 New Testament scholar Ben Witherington III blog is an excellent resource. Here is the excerpt. But read the entire refutation in the blog.  

Ben On the Statistical Calculation 

1) The statistical analysis is of course only as good as the numbers that were provided to the statistician. He couldn’t run numbers he did not have. And when you try to run numbers on a combination name such as ‘Jesus son of Joseph’ you decrease the statistical sample dramatically. In fact, in the case of ‘Jesus son of Joseph’ you decrease it to a statistically insignificant number! Furthermore, so far as we can tell, the earliest followers of Jesus never called Jesus ‘son of Joseph’. It was outsiders who mistakenly called him that! Would the family members such as James who remained in Jerusalem really put that name on Jesus’ tomb when they knew otherwise? This is highly improbable.

My friend Richard Bauckham provides me with the following statistics: 

Out of a total number of 2625 males, these are the figures for the ten most popular male names among Palestinioan Jews. the first figure is the total number of occurrences (from this number, with 2625 as the total for all names, you could calculate percentages), while the second is the number of occurrences specifically on ossuraies.  
1 Simon/Simeon 243 59
2 Joseph 218 45
3 Eleazar 166 29
4 Judah 164 44
5 John/Yohanan 122 25
6 Jesus 99 22
7 Hananiah 82 18
8 Jonathan 71 14
9 Matthew 62 17
10 Manaen/Menahem 42 4  

For women, we have a total of 328 occurrences (women's names are much less often recorded than men's), and figures for the 4 most popular names are thus:  Mary/Mariamne 70 42 Salome 58 41 Shelamzion 24 19 Martha 20 17  You can see at once that all the names you're interested were extremely popular. 21% of Jewish women were called Mariamne (Mary). The chances of the people in the ossuaries being the Jesus and Mary Magdalene of the New Testament must be very small indeed.  

By the way, 'Mara' in this context does not mean Master. It is an abbreviated form of Martha. probably the ossuary contained two women called Mary and Martha (Mariamne and Mara).  There are so many flaws in the analysis of the statistics themselves, that one must assume the statistician did not have the right or sufficient data to work with. 

Ben on James the Just, the brother of Jesus 

Eusebius the father of church history (4th century) tells us that there had been since NT times a tomb of James the Just, the brother of Jesus, which was near the Temple mount and had an honoric stele next to it, and that it was a pilgrimage spot for many Christians. It was apparently a single tomb, with no other Holy family members mentioned nor any other ossuaries in that place. The locality and singularity of this tradition rules out a family tomb in Talpiot. Christians would not have been making pilgrimage to the tomb if they believed Jesus' bones were in it– that would have contradicted and violated their faith, but the bones of holy James were another matter. They were consider sacred relics. Here is part of the passage from Eusebius on Jesus' brother— James "was buried on the spot, by the Sanctuary, and his inscribed stone (stele) is still there by the sanctuary." (Hist. Eccles. 2.23.18).

This is clearly not in Talpiot, and remember to claim there is a Talpiot family tomb means that Jesus would have been buried there long before James was martyred in A.D. 62. In other words, the James tradition contradicts the Talpiot tomb both in locale and in substance. James is buried alone, in another place. We highly recommend that you read this blog.  


 Here is a media watch website that highlights the contradictions in the reports about the news ‘that rocks Christian foundation’. 

  1. Another good opinion piece on the ‘lost tomb of Jesus’.


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  1. Sure its old news and much ado for nothing. Either for money or publicity, God alone knows, James Cameron is playing a bad game. but its for us believers to be strong in our faith and provide apt answers based on the word of God.

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