Success Mantras from Proverbs 2: A Solid Path to Career Growth

Career GrowthFollow the instructions and meet all your deliverables on time without failing even occasionally. Never have any lose talk or fail expectations, Peter Christopher Raj of Franklin Templeton Investments (Ltd) comments on Proverbs 2.  

The book of Proverbs, mainly written by King Solomon (the wisest man) and some more kings – who were large scale employers, is a very important source of consulting for professionals in corporate world, who sincerely aim improvement in work efficiency, success in career, and thereby effectiveness in positively impacting their work atmosphere. The below mentioned passage mostly contains rearranged verses from the captioned chapter and less interpretation – that are in hints format rather than an article for your quick reference) 

Sources of wisdom: “accept words … store up commands with you … turn your ears to wisdom … apply your heart to understanding … call out (ask) for insight and understanding … look for it as silver and search for it as a hidden treasure …” Seek for wisdom and understanding from every word your boss and colleagues speak and everything you hear about.

Lack of conscious and focused search for insights on daily life leads to complacency and thereby ineffectiveness. The best positive result of complacency is mediocracy.  There is no other quick and solid path to gaining wisdom at office. If you need to impact others positively, you need to be impacted in your mind by whatever happens around you – and what you learn from them. Follow the instructions and meet all your deliverables on time without failing even occasionally.
Never have any lose talk or fail expectations. Simple, never agree to anything which your wisdom does not validate. Continue searching for insight and understanding, as very precious treasure.
 Some of the benefits of earning wisdom are given below.

(i) When you are sincere in and serious about earning insights, the Lord will give you real wisdom, knowledge and understanding (v1-7). He did the same thing to King Solomon.

(ii) You will also be upright and blameless, and experience security, success and prosperous future (v7,8). All the good things you want your career are included in them.

(iii) The aftermath of this will be a radical change in your thought process and work style which will lead to series of achievements and continuous recognitions (v9-12).

(iv) You will also be saved from wicked and perverse people, as well as walking in similar ways (v12-19). Wisdom will save you from spiritual sins, waywardness, seductive words, ill treatment, and destructive snares.

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