Is the Koran Corrupted? Hadiths Says Yes

Goat Ate KoranMuslims often claim that Koran is uncorrupted and preserved to the dot. For Muslims, this is a proof that Koran is of divine origin. Though this is a commendable belief, it is unfounded. Hadiths says that part of the Koran has been lost and admits the many changes. Here we produce some of the quotes from the Hadiths. This by no means is an exhaustive list. By Sakshi Research Team

1. Part of the Eternal Uncorrupted Koran Ate by the Goat 

Among the many supposedly received revelations of Mohammed one was to stone those who commit adultery. However, these verses are missing from the Koran, though this practice is still prevalent in many Islamic societies. Hadiths confirms that these verses were once part of the Koran. Read the following text from Hadiths.  Aisha, the child wife of Mohammed says that verses of sucking and stonning had been eaten by goat.  .

“Narrated by Hazrat Ā’ishah that ayat-e-Rajm and ayat Raza’at were revealed, they were written on something. I kept them under the cart, meanwhile the holy prophet died and we became busy and one GOAT came and ATE those ayyat” (Ibn-e-Maja).   

From al-Tabari, p.1523: “The only fault I ever found in ‘Ā’ishah is that, when I was kneading my dough and ordered her to watch it, she fell asleep over it, and the pet sheep (or a goat) came and ate it.” 

 This is further confirmed Bukhari. Volume 8, Book 82, Number 824:

 Narrated Ash-Shaibani:  I asked 'Abdullah bin Abi 'Aufa about the Rajam (stoning somebody to death for committing illegal sexual intercourse). He replied, "The Prophet carried out the penalty of Rajam," I asked, "Was that before or after the revelation of Surat-an-Nur?" He replied, "I do not know." 

Our Question to Muslims: Where is the Stoning Verse? Goat Ate it!!!

2. Part of the Eternal Uncorrupted Koran Lost in the War  After the battle of Badr, many reciters of Koran died. The complete Koran was not yet written. Those who survived, forgot a few. In this context, it is important to read what Hadith says about it. Abu Musa al-Ash'ari, one of the early authorities on the Qur'an text and a companion of Muhammad, is reported to have said to the reciters of Basra: “We used to recite a surah which resembled in length and severity to (Surah) Bara'at. I have, however, forgotten it with the exception of this which I remember out of it: "If there were two valleys full of riches, for the son of Adam, he would long for a third valley and nothing would fill the stomach of the son of Adam but dust".Sahih Muslim, Vol. 2, p.501).

3. Different Eternal Uncorrupted Koran(s!!!) have been Burned by the Righteous Third Caliph Uthman    Bukhari: vol. 6, hadith 510, pp. 478-479; book 61 Narrated Anas bin Malik: Hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman came to Uthman at the time when the people of Sham and the people of Iraq were Waging war to conquer Arminya and Adharbijan. Hudhaifa was afraid of their (the people of Sham and Iraq) differences in the recitation of the Qur'an, so he said to 'Uthman, "O chief of the Believers! Save this nation before they differ about the Book (Quran) …" So 'Uthman sent a message to Hafsa saying, "Send us the manuscripts of the Qur'an so that we may compile the Qur'anic materials in perfect copies and return the manuscripts to you." Hafsa sent it to 'Uthman. 'Uthman then ordered Zaid bin Thabit, 'Abdullah bin AzZubair, Said bin Al-As and 'AbdurRahman bin Harith bin Hisham to rewrite the manuscripts in perfect copies. 'Uthman said to the three Quraishi men, "In case you disagree with Zaid bin Thabit on any point in the Qur'an, then write it in the dialect of Quraish, the Qur'an was revealed in their tongue." They did so, and when they had written many copies, 'Uthman returned the original manuscripts to Hafsa. 'Uthman sent to every Muslim province one copy of what they had copied, and ordered that all the other Qur'anic materials, whether written in fragmentary manuscripts or whole copies, be burnt. …"

4. Koran Has Been Revealed In Seven Different Ways: Where Are the Other Six?Bukhari: vol. 6, hadith 514, p. 482; book 61

Narrated Umar bin Al-Khattab: I heard Hisham bin Hakim reciting Surat Al-Furqan during the lifetime of Allah's Apostle and I listen to his recitation and noticed that he recited in several different ways which Allah's Apostle had not taught me. I was about to jump over him during his prayer, but I controlled my temper and when he had completed his prayer, I put his upper garment around his neck and seized him by it and said, "Who taught you this Surat which I heard you reciting ?" He replied, "Allah's Apostle taught it to me". I said, "You have told a lie, for Allah's Apostle taught it to me in a different way from yours". So I dragged him to Allah's Apostle and said, "I heard this person reciting Surat Al-Furqan in a way which you haven't taught me!". On that Allah's Apostle said, "Release him (Umar) recite, O Hisham!" Then he recited in the same way I heard him reciting. Then Allah's Apostle said, "It was revealed in this way", and added, "Recite, O Umar", I recited it as he had taught me. Allah's Apostle then said, "It was revealed in this way. This Qur'an has been revealed to be recited in seven different ways, so recite of it whichever is easier for you." As we said at the beginning, this is not an exhaustive list. This is just the tip of the ice berg- just the tip.  Many more Hadith can be quoted to show that Koran is corrupted. Remember, the charge of Koranic corruption is not raised by a Christian but by Hadiths, the second most important religious text of Muslims without which Koran is incomplete.

 Let no Muslim ever come and say to us that they have uncorrupted eternal Koran. We don't want left overs of goat eaten Koran.

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  1. Respected sir/madam,

    i would like to know what ever yousaid in the above statement is true or false because what ever i heard from the islamic shcolars i did not heared anything about this matter and no body said this.Can you please let m,e know what are all those things if is suppose they are right what do you mean then.What is the true word of God and what books is complete which has no misuse it.

  2. No the Koran is not Corrupted ,some believers are corrupted

  3. I cant see anything in this text which would undo the “right” Quran?

    1000’s OF PEOPLE knew the Quran, bit by bit out of their head! Now, 1400 years later we still recite it the SAME.

  4. please ..understand its in quran
    ‘The [unmarried] woman or [unmarried] man found guilty of sexual intercourse – lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of Allah , if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment’

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