How India Could Have Won Every World Cup

Ganguly When the Indian team lost to Sri Lanka, newspapers and news portals were flooded with tears and reviews. What is strikingly missing in these reports is an honest self critical analysis. With a little analytical skill that we often use to evaluate our victories and failures of different communities in our society, we could have easily understood why we lost and how we could have won. Following are the analysis and solutions recommended so that India can win every world cup from now onwards. By Fifth Umpire.

The Scorecards: 

In a report titled ‘India lose to Sri Lanka, face exit’ by Prem Panicker, the reported under the subtopic title ‘Scorecard’:

India are all but out of the World Cup after losing to Sri Lanka by 69 runs in their concluding Group B match in Port of Spain, Trinidad, on Friday.

Any Indian who reads this will surely be demoralized. This kind of reporting solely put the blame on Indian team and exempts ICI and BCCI from any kind of responsibility. However, if one reads the subtopic title it says all – ‘scorecard’.

What is the purpose of a scorecard? Scorecards are only meant to define winners and losers. In an inclusive egalitarian society, we must reject the concept of scorecards and thereby the very concept of winners and losers. It is shame on our democratic nation that we still keep the colonial concept of scorecard which discriminates teams into winners and losers.

Moreover scorecards promote patriarchal values. A team must play to defeat the other team. What a violent concept. By rejecting the scorecards, we can create teams that truly celebrate sportsmanship and promote the cause of peace and unity. Teams will no longer play for the patriarchal values but for the pleasure of playing (Remember if scorecards were not there, most of us could have played for the world cup too).

Let us do away with the scorecards. Blame the colonial patriarchal scorecards and not our Indian team who are victims of these exploitive State apparatus.

Here one may ask, if scorecards are not there then how we will decide the runs. Runs in the Cricket should be proportionately distributed. The country which has the largest population should get the largest share in the runs. This is but a natural demand. Ultimately, this is the only way we can win World Cups.



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