Near Death Experiences of R K Gupta and What He Saw: A Sakshitimes Exclusive

Sky above R. K Gupta was an ordinary employee in an ordinance factory at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He was an ardent devotee of Shiva. But then, through an extraordinarily three Near Death Experiences (NDE) he became Yesu (Jesus) Baba. Sam Philip recollects his fond memories of meeting Yesu Baba and the experiences he narrated then.

This was in the year 1998. It was yet another journey to my in-laws place at Jabalpur. It would have passed on as a regular visit except for my visit to Yesu Baba, who was very popular in Jabalpur at that time. I had read about his Near Death Experiences (NDE) in newspapers and heard a lot of his miracles that he performed in the name of Jesus. So, I wanted to meet him for a brief time.  

I didn’t have much time. My niece was suffering from Meningitis symptoms. Doctors had already prescribed taking fluid from her backbone. She was only six and we did not want to do that. And it was on that day that the doctors were planning to check her again. So I wanted to rush back to Bhillai where my niece was after meeting Yesu Baba. Planning to stay for a brief time I visited Yesu Baba. When I met Yesu Baba, I told him that I want to leave early as I would have to leave to Bhillai.

He asked me the reasons for my journey and what worries me. I told him the reasons. He prayed for a minute and told me not to worry and my niece will be fine. So, we started our conversation. I began asking him about the sequence of the events in his life and how he became a follower of Jesus Christ. Following are some excerpts of our conversation. 

When did you first have your NDE? I asked him.  

Laid back in his chair, he began the conversation. “It was in the year 1989. I was employed with an ordinance factory at Jabalpur. One evening I had a chest pain and was brought home by my friends. I was alone in the home. So, my friends administered a few medicines. I told them that I would take some rest and they can leave. So they went to their homes. To take some rest, I lied on my bed.” “But then,” he paused for a moment and then continued, “the experiences that I had been through were never shared until 1991. I went to a place where an angel was holding a book. There was a queue and each person was called by name. When my turn came, the angel asked me to return to earth. I came back. I got up from my bed then. I knew that I had physically been to a different place and was back. But I did not share this with anyone. No one would have believed me even if I tried to share. Everyone would have dismissed this as dream.” 

“Then, what happened?” I was curious. So I asked him.  

Said Yesu Baba, “Then in 1991, I was admitted in a hospital in Lucknow. Dr. Prasad Rao, son of P.V Narasimha Rao was the doctor there. I died in the hospital. They declared me dead and I was kept in the mortuary. I was in the mortuary for 27 hours. Then I came back to life again.”  

Did you see anything at that time? I asked him. 

“Yes” said Yesu Baba. I saw many things at time. Let me share a few. I saw a very scary place. I ran out of it. It was so ugly and so frightening. Then I saw another place full of light. What an excellent place. What a beautiful place. I saw a loving face full of light. He said to me that I will come to that place again. But I did not understand anything much. He asked me to return. And I returned to the body again. I got up and sat in the mortuary.” 

How did the people respond? What did Dr. Prasad Rao say? I enquired.  

Yesu Baba thought for a moment and said: “There was a huge commotion in the hospital. Dr. Prasad Rao explained that it was a NDE. People started asking me what I saw. They asked me whether I saw Shiva, Vishnu, Rama or Krishna. I told them that I saw none of our gods. No one was there. And the God I saw was not among the one we worshipped. But then we thought it was winter. And other gods might be taking rest.” 

I was little perplexed. Did he not start searching for the God? I did not want to ask that question directly. I merely asked him what he did after that.  

“I started reading the Hindu scriptures” replied Yesu Baba. “I started searching to find anything similar to the experience that I had undergone. But I did not find anything in the Hindu scriptures. Then one day a group of Christians were distributing tr

acts in Jabalpur. I went asked them what according to the Bible is life after death. What they described and what I experienced were surprisingly same. They gave me a Bible. I started reading it but I did not become a Christian.” 

Then when did you become a Christian. I prompted him. “It was after I died for the third time in 1992. It was in Jabalpur Ordinance Factory Hospital. I died and was kept in the mortuary for the three days expecting my family to come.” 

What did you saw then? I asked him. 

“This time again,” Yesu Baba said, “I first went to the frightening place. I ran out. After a series of events, I was led to the place of light and to God. He is full of light that we cannot look unto Him. He told me to listen to the voice of His Son. I immediately was in the presence of God the Son. He asked me, “Gupta, do you recognize me?” I thought for a moment. Since I was reading the Bible I could recognize Him this time. I told Him, “You are Jesus Christ”. Jesus Christ said “Yes Gupta, you are right.” He then commanded me to tell whatever I saw to our people. He asked what I want. I told to Him that He should answer my prayer whenever I ask for the good of others. He asked me whether I wanted any material blessings. I said no. Then He told me that the next time when I come to that place I will be coming there permanently. He then embraced and kissed me. At that time, I remembered all my sins. I repented everything to Him and He forgave me. Then I returned to the body.”

 What did the people ask you this time? I probed. 

“This time”, said Yesu Baba “they asked me what I saw. I told to them I saw Jesus Christ and He is the True God. I told to them what I saw."

How will you summarize your message to our people? I asked him.  

Yesu Baba was very excited to share this time. He said, “I do not know much about the Bible. But I know certainly one thing. After this life, every person has to stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Those who do not believe in Jesus will go to that frightening and scary place. Those who accept Jesus will be with Him. There is a great joy and happiness in His presence.”  

Four hours have passed since we started our conversation. It was time for me leave. So, I thanked him and got up. I came outside and called my sister to enquire about my niece. She told me that about four hours ago doctors checked my niece and she was perfectly fine. All glory to God. 

Friend, do you want Jesus Christ to come into your life? You can experience Jesus in your life right now. You can experience him. Confess to Him in your own words. And submit to your life to Him. Tell Him that you believe that He died for you and you accept Him as your personal Savior and Lord.  

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  1. I Agree that Miracles Are Happening Even In The Technological Era. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Yes. I strongly agree that miracles are happening even in the technological era. 🙂

  3. This is hard to believe

  4. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Praise God for the web site,m really appriciate for the work you are doing. I am sincerelly praying U. Keep it up may the good Lord bless U with all the wisdom till he comes.

    Rathan.M.Naik :grin

  5. Yes, with our Lord Jesus Christ everything is possible.

  6. R.K Gupta aka “Yesu Baba” seems to be a popular healer with close to three Near Death Experiences with one lasting atleast 3 days as the article claims.

    I tried to search for more material about him but found absolutely nothing except from this site.

    Can you give somemore information so this person can be reached and information provided here can be verified?

    I like to know the veracity of this claim.

    As Christians, we are commanded to test every spirit.

    In Christ,


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