To Prison, With Prayer

Forgiveness How should a Christian respond to injustice done to him? His model is Christ who was like a lamb amidst the butchers. Even on the cross he had the strength and courage to cry out to God to forgive them who knew not what they do. It was habitual of His divine character to be of this mindset. A woman was attacked by a youngster in an inebriated mood. In prison, he received a letter which would change his life forever. By Dr. Parvathy V Das.


Dear friend and brother,


With prayers to almighty I write to you hoping to bridge gaps that would only be of pain to both of us if left undone.

I am grieved to realize that I myself am responsible for the present situation you are in. but I am assured that this trouble I have caused you would prove to be for your betterment.

Your circumstances before that in prison were of a much greater harm to you.I see myself in you, the image which all of us as humans share. With it I see the conflicts of our minds, the diseases we are in slavery to; the disease of knowing right and wrong and doing the wrong. Trouble and weakness are always in our life and we are equally prone to them. Being sharers of a common world I take the freedom to call you my brother.

I do not know about your childhood or your family. It does not make a difference. As much we trace back our existence, we both do not have anything to boast about. Actually no one on this earth has anything to boast about being born here. All of us are equally fallen. Right and wrong have a clear absolute margin between them. Deceitfulness blinds us to be wicked and we chose evil willfully.

I do not blame anyone for the condition you are right now in. The evil one in this world is very cunning and lures his prey into his consuming trap. His reign keeps you and prods you into the repetitive hurt that you do to your self. He derives pleasure from your infliction that takes you deeper into the sinking depth.

Consider quitting that objectionable pleasure you are into right now. Even if you might have tried earlier, the grips around you become more tightened and would gnaw into your efforts. What you have sought refuge in has damaged you to the core. Even your desire has become enslaved. Your inner being is trapped in a cage, where the bars are darker than the ones around you and they are closing together upon your sleeping spirit. The time would come when your spirit would suffocate and go into an ultimate lost hood without ever having a chance to even wake up.

Dear friend I too have spend my years in this same prison. In an ignorant shame I did sins which had been chains around me. My pain infected the dear ones around me as well, as much as it must be for those of yours today. Whether my sins were different from yours is not an excuse for me. When there is a code, breaking one precept would mean the broken code, as much as would transgressing another precept.

But dear friend, with much joy I say that I have found the lover of our souls, Jesus, the savior, who loved us enough to give His life for us when we were still enemies. We were enemies of Him fit to die. But He has rewritten our past, making us holy in the site of God, by shedding His own blood. He died, but the miracle of God is that Jesus was not dead forever. He is the Living God and today his miraculous power would save you from the imminent destruction you are facing.

Dear friend the Jesus I speak about to you is not the person who you would face as the judge in the end times, but I want to tell you about your friend who is waiting for you today in this world. He would break the bonds you are in with ease and let you experience a goodness that would surround you and guard you all days of your life, if only you would let him do it. His arm would take away the burden you have been carrying unnecessarily from your birth. He alone would save you from the evil one and teach you to fight.

You need not die in the schemes of the evil one and be brought before God with shame and fear. Instead you can take the route to Jesus who would forgive and forget your past. Do not turn away from Him, for even death wouldn’t save you. Your death within the evil ones schemes would mean a loss for God. You would become lost forever and go into the fiery hell.

Do not turn back and look at what has happened so far. You have an entire eternity ahead of you to live with Christ. He will teach you his ways and lead you in the way everlasting. Then death would not incur a loss. For even after death you would relate to God and He to you.

If you would take my advice, when we meet we would be partakers in this heavenly gift. In heaven there would not be doers or speakers, but only the washed and saved. Jesus has given you his own blood which has cleansing. His fountain is overflowing. He has washed me and he would wash you too. You would then be his gem.


With prayers



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  1. Impressive write up, speaking about the love of God. I enjoyed it.

  2. Can Christ forgive any sin?

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