Dr. Carl Wieland in Hyderabad

Dr. Carl Dr. Carl Wieland, the most popular young earth creation scientist, will speak on the subject-Creation or Evolution? Why it Matters on Saturday the 22nd September, 2007 in YWCA at 5:30 p.m.


Dr Carl Wieland is in great demand as a speaker on the scientific evidence for Creation/Flood, and its relevance to Christianity. Able to hold audiences (both academic and lay) with his knowledge, easy-to-listen-to style, and ever-present humor, he has lectured extensively in Australia and internationally. Dr Wieland is Managing Director of Creation Ministries International in Brisbane, Australia.

This ministry organization (which started as Creation Science Foundation, then Answers in Genesis) produces the family magazine Creation (now going to subscribers in over 140 countries), which he founded in 1978.  He has also authored numerous articles in both Creation magazine and the associated in-depth Journal of Creation (formerly TJ). 

He is the author of the compact booklet Stones and Bones, and co-author of The Creation Answers Book, One Blood, and Walking Through Shadows. These are among the most popular creation books of recent times, and have been translated into several languages. 

Although his formal qualifications are in medicine and surgery (from Adelaide University in South Australia), Carl has not practiced in the medical profession since 1986. He is a past president of the Christian Medical Fellowship of South Australia. 

Topic: Creation or Evolution: Why It Matters? 

Date: Saturday the 22nd September, 2007 


Time: 5:30 p.m. 


Venue: YWCA, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. (Near St. Andrew's School. Patni).

Organized by: The Sakshi: An Apologetics Network in India in partnership with Faith City Hyderabad.

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