Can our Indian Democracy Survive?

Parliament  We had a great hope when we started 60 years back. We thought of progressing every year. We thought independence would help us create a better society. In some sense-yes we had done it. But we seem to have lost the trust in ourselves. We seem to be declining to a stage where we don’t trust anyone. Can our democracy survive without we trusting each other? Sakshi Times Editorial.

A news channel reports that: “Two weeks ago, in bustling Bhagalpur town, a mob nearly beat to death a man who was accused of snatching a gold chain from a woman. What was more shocking was the fact that the incident took place in the presence of two policemen who were filmed by a local news channel dragging the man on their motorcycle. On 9 September alone, there were three particularly horrific cases of public lynchings and beatings.” And some of these in the presence of police!!!  Did the society think that it is above the law? Some might argue that society has lost its faith in legislative (ah politicians), executive (corrupted bureaucrats and police!!!) and judiciary (of course, who believes that money and not truth wins in the court?).  True.  But does it justify lynching of people? Do two wrongs make one right? Then what is the answer, you might ask. Wait we are not through.  


In Delhi, two months back Live India television channel aired a ‘sting operation’ accusing Uma Khurana, a school teacher sending students to prostitution.  People came and tore the dress of Uma Khurana and beat her. Later, it was known that the sting operation was a fake.  The television channel was banned for one month. But who will trust the media? Who will punish the mob? We are not through. The Delhi High Court arrested Mid Day journalists for exposing the corruption of former Chief Justice of India. Former CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA- did you say? Yes. The Hindu says: “The report alleged that the sons of Mr. Justice Sabharwal had benefited from the orders passed by the Supreme Court in connection with the sealing of commercial establishments in residential areas in the capital and that they (sons of the former Chief Justice) were operating their business from the official residence of their father. Mr. Justice Sabharwal was heading the Bench hearing the sealing matter.”  


We can go on and on and on. But why? We are corrupted to the core. Wait. We maybe corrupted. We maybe people who may not be democratic. But we have great family values.  Do we? You can read the Week story Virginity Test here. 


Why are we the way we are? Why don’t we trust our legislative, executive or judiciary?  Because they are corrupted? We have lost the trust in ourselves. Can our democracy continue to exist? Before we answer that, let us begin with the question why do we want democracy. Democracy is not just the rule of majority. If so, anarchy would have been the ideal condition for democracy to progress. In an anarchical society majority would have won. It is not because people are better  than kings that we opted for democracy. If people were generally good, we could have saved a lot on police, court and prisons (and even abortion clinics).  


We need democracy because we have realized that all men (and women) are corrupted. We don’t want to put our trust in any religious leaders (call them Pope, Swami or Imam). We don’t want to put our trust in any Kings. So we have divided the power with many. We put a constitution in place. We thought of evaluating at least the most important branch at a stipulated period.  All these are well and good. But as of now, we seem to lack something.  All these do not seem to be sufficient. We don’t need more rules. We seem to have enough of it. Therefore we don’t need gurus and prophets.  We don’t need anyone to teach us that we are doing wrong. We know it. We don’t need any message that has only these aspects.  


What we need is the power to do what we know as right. We need inner transformation. Therefore, we need a redeemer.  We need someone who will transform us and will judge the entire world. He needs to give us a hope that one day every injustice shall be brought to book. That faith and hope will give us a love that covers all our infirmities and trusts all.  


There is none in the entire world except Jesus who claimed and proved that He is the redeemer. Others were gurus and prophets.


Jesus is the only redeemer. Let us begin India’s transformation by transforming us. Let us pray and accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord. Then He will come within us and transform us. Let the transformation begin.  Read 1 Corinthians 13, Romans 10 and John 3:16 from the Bible.  


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