Ravi Zacharias at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on December 4, 2007

Dr. Ravi Distinguished apologist and one of the world’s most popular speakers Dr. Ravi Zacharias will be at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on December 4, 2007. Never Miss the Opportunity.    


What does the spirituality have to do with 21st century hi-tech professionals? In our materialistic, scientific world one finds a strange interest in spirituality! No wonder spirituality is a huge industry in our country, leave alone its appeal in the west. How do we understand issues of our mind & consciousness? In the supermarket of spirituality, what are the offerings? Do they satisfy? Join in for a lecture and open forum with highly acclaimed philosopher Dr. Ravi Zacharias.                   

Venue : Rajaramanna Student Activity center (SAC)                             Gymkhana grounds
Indian Institute of Science



Date   : 4th Dec 2007      


Time   : 06:15 pm                            


 About speaker 


Mr. Ravi Zacharias was born in India in 1946 and immigrated to Canada with his family 20 years later. He received his Masters of Divinity from Trinity International University, USA. He has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge University and is presently a visiting professor at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University. He authored many award winning books like “The real face of atheism”. Several universities have conferred honorary doctorates on him.  Mr. Zacharias has spoken all over the world and in numerous universities, notably Harvard, Princeton and Oxford University. He has been privileged to speak at the United Nations, the parliament in Peru and Lenin Military Academy.  Mr. Zacharias is listed as a distinguished lecturer with the Staley Foundation and has appeared on CNN and other international broadcasts. His weekly radio program, “Let my people think” is broadcast over 1500 stations worldwide. 


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