Worldview School of Writing & Journalism, GOA, 2-12 January 2008

worldview Announcing– a Biblical worldview school for writers and journalists, first for India, who are committed followers of the Lord Jesus. The Worldview School of Writing & Journalism (WSWJ) will be held in scenic Goa from January 2 – 12, 2008. The context is the second annual Christian Writers' Working Vacation.

WSWJ wants to contribute towards producing top-quality writing from a Biblical point of view, in order to help India to see every aspect of the world through God's eyes – and be transformed. Featuring an internationally-successful faculty, WSWJ is designed to equip writers and journalists from all genres and media to:

 (a)    Recognize that each person writes from a worldview, whether consciously or unconsciously;  

(b)  Develop a worldview which is both Biblical and relevant to the contemporary world starting with one's own areas of concern and specialization e.g. politics, business, media, entertainment, human rights, environment, development, education, medicine, sport, etc.;

(c)    Intentionally write for secular Indian readers from a Biblical worldview.

 WSWJ is open to Indian writers and journalists from all genres and media.  WSWJ will select a maximum of 20 candidates between the ages of 16 and 40.  Writers from Dalit and OBC backgrounds are especially welcome to apply. While WSWJ encourages Hindi and other Indian language writers and journalists to enroll, this time the medium of instruction will be English exclusively.   

Please consider sending it to potential candidates either directly or through their spiritual and intellectual mentors.  Assuming they qualify, your organization may wish to consider financially supporting needy candidates.


Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation. 

Ivan Kostka
Worldview School
of Writing & Journalism

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