Quick Answers: Should a Christian Pastor Enter Politics?

Pastoring and Politics Mick Huckabee may or may not become the president of the United States of America. However, Huckabee’s very candidature poses a few questions on Christians and politics. Should a Christian, especially an Ordained Pastor enter politics? How will it impact the Christian community? Ajoy Varghese, CEO of a Multinational Company, Co-Pastor of a Church and one of the founding members of Sakshi answers these questions.  

Sakshi: Should an Ordained Minister like Mick Huckabee run for the presidential election? What does the Bible teaches about it? Of course, Christians ought to be in politics but what about ordained ministers? 

Ajoy Varghese (AV): In the New Testament, institutionally & denominationally ordained Christian ministers (as ordination is practiced today) were non-existent and so there was no limits to what a 'minister' could do or not do for a vocation. The Apostle Paul was a tent-maker at some points and a financially supported missionary at others. However, he was always an apostle -which was not his vocation but his calling. You can have a calling to be an apostle and a vocation of being a tentmaker. The idea "once a Christian church minister, always a Christian church minister" is a construct of the church and does not find its roots in Scripture. There's nothing in Scripture that stops Huckabee from running for President.  

Sakshi: If Mick Huckabee wins as the President of America (or as Vice President with John McCain as the President), what impact do you think that it will have on the inter-religious dialogs/debates? In the sense, will the Christian community be viewed as speaking from a position of power rather than from a position of vulnerability?  

Ajoy: If Huckabee wins, then he should first of all see himself as a God-ordained representative of all people in the US (including those who did not vote for him) and always speak for all people and not become the spokesman for the church or any other institution. It’s a tough call but it can be done, I presume.  He could speak from a position of both power (this is inevitable if you are the US Prez) and vulnerability but he should first of all speak from a position of responsibility as the steward of God's most precious resource – people. He must be known for his competence and care rather than for harping on his religious & ideological opinions. His religious opinions will be tested by his conduct and decisions by the American public and the rest of the world. If he comes through it, he will stand in the lineage of people like President Abraham Lincoln, who despite severe limitations is always looked up to for his authentic depth of character.  Also, he must never use God's name to justify his actions but rather use public discourse and honest reason to do so. 

Sakshi: Apostle Paul writes that 'all things are lawful for me but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me but not all things edify' (1 Corinthians 10:23). From this perspective, is it helpful if a pastor becomes a president of a secular nation?  

Ajoy: "For me" suggests that Paul was talking about individual decisions and perspectives. It’s a particular question that Huckabee himself can answer and must not be generalized and made into a universal principle .

Sakshi: What should be a Christian looking at a political candidate, whether in US or in India?

Ajoy: It was Luther who said "I'd rather be ruled by an competent Turk than an incompetent Christian". I tend to agree. 

Sakshi: What should be the responsibility of a Christian as a citizen? 

Ajoy: Submit to the law of the land and serve the people of country. However, always remember that loyalty to Christ is above and if necessary over-rules all other authority.



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  1. Ajoy’s statement “If Huckabee wins…He must be known for his competence and care rather than harping on his religious and ideological opinions” is so very relevant, not only for a Christian political leader but for all Christians in all walks of life.

    And in our country too, we need committed and capable Christians to step out into the arena of politics and lead with integrity and competence.

  2. Christians that are choosing politics, (or any secular field) should be competent, knowledgeable, and serve the people. That is a good testimony to Christ. On the other hand, an incompetent politician who uses his position only for a platform to voice religious ideologies, gives a bad testimony to Christ. If that’s the case the person should stick to the pulpit.

  3. Christians can and should enter into politics but the problem comes when politics enter into christians

  4. If the Pastor has enough

    time to enter in politics,

    that is fine. But the greatest mistake the christian believers do is

    their lack of interest in

    politics. If anti-Christian

    people are elected to run

    the government, they will

    do everything to undermine

    the Christian interests.

    The Christian community must exert all the possible

    influence in politics, business and all other social and public issues.

  5. Hi there, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link i receive in email is not working… http://www.sakshitimes.org/?2cf793992ab216223f0ceab16eb,

  6. Who is the author of the government?How can we display righteousness to the public without the evident of showing it.Just imagine Prophet Daniel after his successful interpretation of Babylonian king’s dream,Daniel was appointed as the third ruler of the kingdom of Babylon.Look at Nehemiah, when he rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem by his leadership,did he not performed a job tantamount to the office of a mayor of a certain town or a city?

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