Review of one largest Christian Muslim Debates: Truth Triumphed

By the Grace of Jesus Christ, for the testimony of His Gospel and For Christ and His Church, Bro. Jerry Thomas of Sakshi: An Apologetics Network in India had an enormously victorious debate with Bro. Imran of IREF says Raymond and Richard.

Bro. Imran

May 10th Debate

Review of the Presentations on the topic Divinity of Jesus and Messengerhood of Muhammad: Separating falsehood from Truth

The debate began at around 7:00 P.M (IST). Bro. Jerry Thomas presented his paper for 50 minutes. In the fifty minutes presentation, Bro. Jerry Thomas presented a scholarly and cogent case for the divinity of Jesus while at the same time demolishing the claim of messengerhood of Muhammad. Bro. Jerry took the popular Islamic objections to the divinity of Jesus (like Son Can do nothing of Himself, Father is Greater than I, No one knows the hour, no one is good except God) and did a masterly exposition of the very passages showing that when it is read in the context it shows the unity between father and Son, servant incarnation of Son, humanity etc rather than a denial of divinity. Thus Bro. Jerry demonstrated that Jesus is eternally existing, all-powerful, all-knowing, omniscient God only by quoting the Holy Scripture and thereby silencing those who oppose the Gospel. In all these Bro. Jerry emphasized about the cardinal differences between Holy God of the Holy Bible and god of the Quran showing that Muhammad could not have been sent by the same God of earlier prophets.

Further, Bro. Jerry quoted  the Quranic texts with aid of Islamic resources that Muhammad received Satanic revelation (at this point Bro. Jerry asked Bro. Imran whether it should be read or not). Also highlighted was that Muhammad was under the magic spell and the claims of Muhammad contradicted the established revelations of earlier prophets.

Bro. Imran started his presentation by hurling insults against Bro. Jerry (by calling cartoon characters) for not less than 10 minutes followed by another set of insults ( a total of 17 mins as one Christian brother later told to us. Precise time spent on insults we will know once the VCD is ready). Then he ran away from the topic to discuss whether Bible is the word of God by quoting Jehovah witness (which also shows his lack of understanding of Biblical Christians) and then by contradictions in the Bible. Then he went on to attack Trinity, though related to the subject of discussion was nevertheless not the topic. He hardly had anything to say on the divinity of Jesus except raising shallow questions like circumcision (was Jesus clean), Jesus being tempted (but God cannot be tempted), Jesus ministry limited to Jews etc. Further, to the utter surprise of Christians, he did not have anything much to say about Muhammad, though he quoted some scholars to say that Muhammad brought the greatest revolution etc. Thus, Bro. Imran did not quote the Quran nor the Hadith to prove the messengerhood of Muhammad. From all this it seemed Bro. Imran gets his information about Muhammad from secular scholars and TV shows rather than the Quran and Ahadees. Moreover, he seems to have been totally broken by Bro. Jerry’s presentation which was only from the Holy Bible, Quran and authentic Ahadees.  Finally, following the usual gimmicks, Bro. Imran at the last moment took gift wrapped questions (10 in number) and gave it to Bro. Jerry to answer it.

Review of the Rebuttals:

Soon after the presentation of Bro. Imran, Bro. Jerry began his rebuttal by pointing out that Bro. Imran resorted to personal insults and spent very little time on the subject itself. But as true Christian, Bro. Jerry categorically stated that he would never resort  personal insults which may be an entertainment for some people but not at all educative.

To the utter shock of Bro. Imran, Bro. Jerry returned a gift – a book answering all the questions of Bro. Imran’s which are related to the topic and also answering questions which are not related to the topic. (Sakshi had already published answers for Bro. Imran’s book Calling to Islam in its website, but only those which were outside the scope of debate).

Then again, though outside the topic, Bro. Jerry countered so-called Biblical corruption and contradictions by pointing out Quran is in utter mess if we apply the same methodology. Bro. Jerry cited the differences in the current Quran from the earlier Quran not by citing any Islamic cult but by citing the great Islamic translator Yusuf Ali’s footnote. Bro. Jerry pointed out these are outside the scope of the topic itself. Bro. Jerry then corrected many of Bro. Imran’s misrepresentation. Bro. Jerry presented the correct view of Jesus ministry- according to Jesus own words his death is for the salvation of mankind and His Gospel has to be preached to the whole world, His kingdom includes people from all nations etc. To Bro. Imran’s charge that virgin birth of Jesus is similar to Greek mythology, Bro. Jerry pointed out the Quranic verse which stated the same. In fact, Bro. Jerry pointed out from the Quran and Hadiths that Muhammad became richer after his so-called prophetic career began; it thoroughly refuted the Islamic preacher’s claim that Muhammad became poorer after his prophetic career began. In fact, the last nail on Bro. Imran’s argument about Muhammad’s superiority was countered by Bro. Jerry proving from the Quran itself that Jesus is superior.  Though Bro. Jerry immediately made the disclaimer that he does not require Quran to testify about Jesus Christ, it was only for Bro. Imran’s sake.

Bro. Imran began his rebuttal again trying to attack Bro. Jerry. For people who expected that Bro. Imran would say some Islamic viewpoint to the messenger-hood of Muhammad for the questions Bro. Jerry raised, it was a great disappointment. To say the least, Bro. Imran was trying to score by mocking at Jerry and by raising questions which have absolutely no relevance to the topic.

Question and Answer Session

Question and answer session began with Bro. Imran taking the first question. Later Bro. Jerry took the question from Muslim brothers and sisters. Bro. Jerry thanked God for Muslim brothers and sisters raising a few questions which Bro. Jerry missed answering in the rebuttal due to time factor. Muslim brothers and sisters raised about Jesus being tempted where Bro. Jerry cited two types of temptations in the Bible (all by quoting scriptures) – one from inside and one from outside and showing that Jesus was tempted exactly the same way Yehovah was tempted from outside by Israelites and Jesus won over the temptations showing that he has the pure and holy nature of God himself.

Further, when the question of circumcision came Bro. Jerry pointed out when the circumcision was instituted and the fact Abraham was considered was righteous even before the circumcision ruled out the fact it has anything to do with holiness. Again Bro. Jerry pointed out that Prophet Moses himself had prophesied about the circumcision of heart thereby showing that it was only a shadow of things to come.

Amusingly Bro. Imran came with question of how heart can have foreskin which Bro. Jerry ignored with the contempt that it deservers. It must be pointed out Bro. Imran was not able to answer a SINGLE question about the

Prophethood of Muhammad making Bro. Imran a utter failure. In spite of running away from the topic and totally evading questions related to Muhammad, Bro. Imran insisted that Bro. Jerry should answer his 10 questions and Bro. Jerry raised his book answering Bro. Imran. However, Bro. Imran still insisted that Bro. Jerry should answer it only to receive the final blow from Bro. Jerry shattering Bro. Imran. Bro. Jerry walked to the podium took the question from the audience, answered it and turned to Bro. Imran’s questions answering almost eight out ten questions at a go before his time ended.  A visibly shattered Bro. Imran could only resort to usual gimmicks proving that he is unfit for a scholarly discussion (or maybe his religion has no content).

Post Debate Responses:

Many Christians who attended such a debate for the first time were really wondering whether Bro. Jerry should have debated with such a shallow Islamic speaker. Then Sakshi had to point out that he is one of the top most Islamic preachers in Andhra Pradesh who has been mocking the Holy Name of God for the past 10 years. It was only by the grace of God that Bro. Imran was shattered due to the excellent content of Bro. Jerry’s presentation.

Importance of the debate could have been seen from the fact that more than 50 Churches in Andhra Pradesh announced fasting prayer the entire day of May 10. Many Christians who erstwhile were discouraged went back rejoicing, praising and clapping for God.

It must be also noted that it was not Bro. Jerry’s human wisdom that won the debate. Many Christians who attended the meeting testified that they could feel the mighty presence of God in the ground and it was Holy Spirit who used Bro. Jerry. Ironically, the Islamic preacher himself had acknowledged this though he mocked and said it was un-holy spirit speaking through Bro. Jerry.

However, we hope that they would learn now in a hard way that their human logic cannot stand in front God’s wisdom as revealed in the Divine WORD.

Update: Interstingly enough one Christian brother reported that his Muslim friend accepted Jesus Christ on the night of May 10. May the name of Jesus be glorified forever and ever. Praise God. would be publishing soon a report about the enormous prayer support that they received from Christians worldwide without which this debate could not have been won along with responses of Christians soon after the debate. This portal would also publish about the team effort that went behind the preparation. When Bro. Jerry stood, it was not a one-man show but was the result of united effort of the body of Christ who helped Bro. Jerry in his preparation throughout. Further, Sakshi would be publishing an interview of Bro. Jerry to know how God has used him and what struggle Sakshi team has went through while in preparation.

Transcript of the all the presentations and rebuttal, question and answer session are being prepared. Video recording is being edited and would be ready in a few weeks for sale at a very minimal cost. Those who want to order the VCDs can mail at us sakshi.apologeticsnetwork@gmail.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Sakshi would be corresponding with you to know more about the details and let you know the details.




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101 Responses

  1. My Heratly congrats to Jerry.He proved our nature by not responding to Imran’s nonsense.I personaaly prayed lot and attended and witnessed the great miracle happened in huge crowd.Keep it up brother, we are always here to support you.

    imran him self claimed that he never won a debate, we all appreciate his honetsy and suggesting that do not try for impossible.

  2. Praise the LORD.

    All glory to GOD for his work through the ommited personalities of his truth.

    I congrats to jerry and shakshi team for their tremondous hard work.

    yes as chary said we are always with you to pray for you…

    And i suggests there is a serious teaching is required to the christian world, where the satan is trying to attact on the word of GOD. mke some steps to provide this teaching in churches to strenghthen our faith and to stand against false teaching… thanq.

  3. jerry has not given a single answer of bro.Imran.jerry never gave an authentic proof.jerry,remember empty vessel make much noice like u.Bro.imran has won the debate.dont tell lie u have lost the debate.Bro.Imran has shutted your mouth.False hood has been vanished.Jerry is suffering with unholy spirit.Be cool,dont do the debate again as u knew the result on may 10th.u have lost and u will loose again and again.take care.

  4. There waas great anticipation coming to this debate.I can only imagine what it would take for a volatile settting like this for men like like Bro. Jerry and Bro. Imran to agree to debate on such a sensitive issue. But it goes on to be a huge inspiring example that “There should be a open mind among the people to discuss subjects pertaining to their faith.”What you believe in ur heartsud make sense with ur mind”…Ravi Zacharias….Hope this marks the beginnig of more of such debates so that the mind of our lost world is opened…Great beginnning and a predictable End…’SATYA MEV JAYATE”

  5. If insulting is winning, then Jerry has not done that, that is the work of the Muslim speakers like Imran. If speaking about cartoon charecters like Tom and Jerry is winning then Jerry did not speak about cartoon series or movies but was on the topic speaking only from Holy Bible and quran. If telling ones own stories is winning Bro. Jerry Thomas did not do that, But Imran did, he spoke about Bodmas but not about your so called great prophet, if he is so great why speak about bodmas, he should have spoken about your prophet rather then bodmas, is bodmas greater then Muhammad. Is Tom and Jerry greater then Muhammad. If Muhammad is greater then why did Imran speak less about muhammad and more about tom and jerry show and then about bodmas? Imran didn’t even know how to speak in English that’s why he in between spoke in Urdu.

  6. Dear Bro, we appreciate your daring, dashing & dignified presentation on the given topic. Its really excellent, sharp and straight farword. Its not like bro. Imrans presentation without stage manners. We totally agree that bro. Imran is not on the given topic. He doesn’t have the Truth (JESUS) but Somehow he wants to win the Debate. Our prayers are with you. Battle belongs to the Lord. :grin

  7. More than 10,000 people witnesed, who is suffering with unhloispirit, Dear salman, infront of 10,000 people Bro.Imran wasted 17(appr.)minutes for abusing JERRY, He tried more than for 10 minutes to explain BODMAS mathematical equation, He forgot the topic and tried Bible Vs Quran.

    Is this WIN?

    IS this holi spirit?

    IS this way of treating guest?

    Can u show me in the entire session,Did jerry used a single personal ABUSE.

    In what way TOM & JERRY and this topic are linked ?,

    in what way BODMAS and This topic are linked?

    10 Brand New questions answered in 10 minutes and that was a life time challenge.

    We can undersatand the standard of your challenge from this.

    Again u r also started abusing, we are leaving upto you about this.

  8. My comment relates to the Debate of Jerry wih Imran at Nizam’s, Hyderabad on 10th May 08.

    Bro. Jerry has, even as somebody else commented, indeed taken up a very shallow scholor like Imran. His scholorship and and his demeanor has revealed how shallow his very belief system is. Imran was more interested in instigating the emotions of the other speaker rather than in presenting a systematic, academic case for his faith. His insulting remarks show that Imran was not interested in seperating Truth from falsehood for he did not even attempt to do that.

    Several times he asked where in the Bible Jesus said “I am God. Therefore worship me”? as if that is the only way to claim the deity. Imran did not understand the context of the New Testament Gospels. For if he did he would not have asked the question. Imran was not interesed in what the Bible says in which context but in his arrogence wants the Bible to speak in the manner he wants it to speak.

    His whole speach was more comical than any serious speaker intrested in Truth would present it.

    It is rather pity that he was pleading for acceptence of his interpretation of Jesus’ promise of the Comforter in John 16 as the Muhammad when numerous verses from the Quran speak so well of Jesus. It is ironic that Muslims are so arrogent of their scriptures that they are provoked even at the slightest. That’s why Jerry wanted Imran’s permission to read certain verses from the Suras which reveal the nature of the Muhammad’s revelations.

    Imran’s commented and questioned about Jesus’ foreskin, exctreta whether they are holy or unholy, whether they are preserved or thrown as unholy reveal his lack of understanding of holiness advocated by the Judeo-Christian ethics.

    If Imran really wants to advocate the Truth he should come out with some serious stuff and present it in the manner befitting an international scholor that he claims to be.

    Better luck next time Bro. Imran.

  9. Imran believes in Tom and Jerry more then the quran, thats why he did not speak any thing about muhammad from the quran, had he believed the quran he would have spoken from the quran rather then about tom and jerry. Is bodmas mentioned in the quran, would watching tom and jerry prove muhammed to be a messanger of allah? May be Imran watches tom and jerry show more then reading his own so called scripture and sources. May be he likes tom and jerry more then the quran that’s why he spoke so much about tom and jerry.

  10. Which is a greater ABUSE? “Brother Imran comparing Brother Jerry with Jerry(Tom & Jerry)” OR “Brother Jerry applying false attribites to GOD (that GOD, The Almighty has begotten a son)”


  11. Dear Yaser,

    I am sure that you heard the debate where Bro. Jerry explained that the word begotten is used to express the identical nature and not procreation as you imagine. Further, Bro. Jerry has extensively quoted from the books of prophets. Which one should we believe- one man’s book without evidence or the books of all other prophets. If you books of other prophets, then Jesus is God and Muhammad is not a prophet. God loves you my brother Irfan. I only wish you would apply the same standard and then study both the books. It is not a question of internet war or prestige issue. Remember we are speaking about issues of eternal consequence. Think about it.

  12. I dont know what Brother Jerry and our christian brethren mean by the scope of the topic. The topic of the debate was “Divinity of Jesus (pbuh) and Messengerhood of Muhammad (pbuh) – seperating falsehood from Truth”, which means every thing in the dictionary and encyclopedia of Christianity and Islam comes under the topic.

    What I felt after listening to Brother Jerry and seeing the comments of our Christian brethren is that they think whatever Brother Jerry speaks comes under the topic and every thing else in the universe is out of the topic.

    This is exactly the religious BODMAS expalained by Brother Imran in the debate.

  13. Thanks for reminding of our eternal consequence in a very beautiful way. But I am not a person who applies double standards (one for myself and one for others).

    Brother I appreciate Brother Jerry for his presentation but I dont agree with him.

    Brother, you tell to me: If you are not ready to accept person under magic spell as a Prophet then How can you believe a person being tempted by Satan to be God?

    Dear Brother, I urge you to do the same thing that you adviced me. Insha Allah(God willing) I too will do the same.

  14. I think Bro Imran did not abused you very much.that is whY you are showing off like this.if you have been won there would be a up roar in muslims an why jerry thomas asked bro imran to talk in personal. and i will telling to you:- now you will be happy to know that after you left the congestion one christian man became muslim. people like you only mislead people and show them the wrong path and from the next time be careful the truth has arrived.’and falsehood is to perish[bible’]and falsehood by its nature bount to perish.HOLY QURAAN.

    MIND IT……….! :cry

  15. In the name of my savior and my redeemer Lord Christ Jesus, greetings to Bro. jerry and Sakshi team.

    Bro. Jerry has done a wonderful work by telling gospel to almost 10,000 people, and all the non believers who had gathered in the venue cannot claim that they could not believe in Christ Jesus just because they didn’t hear gospel in their life time. About teasing part, we can avoid it, because we are not supposed to expect anything more than that from non believers. They cannot do anything better than that because they are under the control of satan. He will make them to do much worse things than this. Our prayers are always with sakshi team and I believe that prayers of the children of GOD is always powerful because of the one to whom we are preying is omnipotent. Lord already might have started working in Mr. Imran’s heart.

  16. Brother Jerry,

    God bless you.

    It was triamph over devil.We are fighting with flesh or with Bro.Imran but with the dark forces. We all pray for Bro.Imran and for all our Muslim brothers to have the light and Truth

    I request muslims who are visiting this web page, please get a copy of the Debate VCD and watch it and then please think.

    This debate was not for the sake of Bro.Imran but for whole christians as well as Muslims.

    i appeal to all the christians and muslims please leave back your by birth religion and be as a third party and watch the debate and try to verify whether you are in false or in truth?

  17. Does Islam have a monopoly on God? All manner of logical argument aside, when Jerry Thomas is talking about God having a begotten Son, he is talking about the Christian God. The reasonable stand would be to defend your belief with logical arguments rather than resorting to ad hominem. Like Thomas Jefferson said “Resort is had to ridicule only when reason is against us.”

  18. Which is a greater ABUSE? “Brother Imran comparing Brother Jerry with Jerry(Tom & Jerry)” OR “Brother Imran denying the true attribites to GOD (Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God?)”

    Imran insults God by denying His only begotten son Jesus Christ. I think that is the bigger ABUSE.

    Because Imran insulted God by saying Jesus Christ is not the Only begotten son of God, I think a fatwa should be issued against him, mob violence as much damage as possible should be done by us, we should teach this kafir Imran a good lesson.

  19. Forget about the debate ,it was not worth attending. i only urge all the christians to follow what Jesus(pbuh) said in the bible.keep aside what paul says or what the chruch teaches. jesus said in the bible ‘…you sell all your belongings and follow me’. if u christians follow what jesus said in the bible then actually u are following islam.

    Peace and blessing of Allah be upon Jesus who rightly said in the bible: “Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God is one God” Mark(12,29)

    • bro rizwan, do u know what the hebrew original text contains?there god used a word which leads to trinity

  20. If begotten is used to express the identical nature then why this word begotten is thrown away from the revised version of biibile. Common dont make people fool and thanks to Allah one cristan became muslim in front of 10,000 people after the debate. All Praises and thanks to Allah. Jerry has lost the debate

    • muslims can talk only on translation mistakes.they wont bother about true meaning what original hebrew text contains

  21. Dear brother Jerry, I’m pastoring a church and am also working as a faculty in a Bible college in Hyderabad. I attended the debate on May 10, 2008. I want to congratulate you for presenting the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ without mincing any words. Moreover, I could feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit so strong that many Muslims in the audience were seriously examining the words that came out of your mouth. I appreciate you especially the way you maintained your cool when Imran was personally attacking you by blabbering utter rubbish. God bless you! It was the Holy Spirit who spoke through you!

  22. Dear Bro. Jerry,

    Hearty Congratulations on not just winning the debate but rather all of it, that is preparing for it and the courage to hold such a debate. I am Ashish Jaituni, Lecturer, Applied Physics Department, MSU, Vadodara. You may remember two years back, you came to MSU to deliver a talk on the Da Vinci Code. I was one of the persons who had helpled Rev. Happy Pathik, Sanjaybhai and Rev. Daniel Deepak arrange for the talk.

    Bro. do keep a detailed report of the debate online and if possible a pdf file covering the whole debate. It would be great to have a video for all of us who have missed out on the debate.

    Once again, Bro. I congratulate you and for your ministry.

    Keep it up!


  23. To my dear Jerry,

    We r so proud of you,u made our family proud.

    God has really blessed u with his holy spirt.

  24. Brother, Please ask any LKG boy/girl What is 1+1+1 =?,I asked my son,he asnwered me it is 3, then i asked him what is BODMAS, he told that “I DONT KNOW”.

    Dear Yasir, to get a answer for 1+1+1 = 3 , he wasted nearly 10 minutes and altimately he proved that he has mathematical Talents.Means He wanted praise him self rather than Mohd.

    If it is accetable to u, no body cant do anything.

    and in your post u written the subject name is

    “Divinity of Jesus (pbuh) and Messengerhood of Muhammad (pbuh) – seperating falsehood from Truth”

    but it is

    “Divinity of Jesus (pbuh) and Messengerhood of Muhammad (SALLAM) – seperating falsehood from Truth”

    From this if i claim Yasir does not know anything, then how u feel my dear?

    Thats what he did when Jerry by mistake he quoted wrong verse and corrected himself immedaitely.Even though it appears wrong to IMRAN brother.

    Think once again what exactly happened on that day, Imran bro attacked Jerry by his name, by his body language, by his corrected mistakes.

    In what way they are attached to subject?

    if possible, please explain me?

  25. I think Brother Jerry could have done better and should have been better prepared. Instead of just giving personal point he should have tried more to refute Imran’s point.

    but as this i think was first debate of jerry I think he will improve by time.

    Keep it up and please prepare better kindly

  26. Bro. Imran…was nothing but a xerox copy of his heros like Dr. Zakir Naik and Ahmed Dedat….the style he speaks the wardrobe he wears suit and three fouth pant in hot Indian climate… and over all IREF which sound like Zakirs Naiks’s IRF…..Imran just does his home work by watching his mentors videos and reading their pages….like Imraan there are many and will come in future to degrade Christ…so dears brothers and sisters keep up the faith….Thank you Jesus praise you Lord for your wittness Bro. Jerry.

  27. I would like to take one more chance to write on the comments of some of my brethrens whose believes are in Islam teachings.

    To my brother Yaser Irfan: Brother Irfan greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, and I would like to invite your attention to one fact that the Bodmas which brought in or formulated by human beings are limited because we human beings are limited, that has nothing to do with GOD. The same Bodmas I can explain in my own way and you can explain in your own way and Brother Imran has the rights for explaining in his own ways also. But it is not necessary that the explanation should be correct and that I would be the only one elucidation.

    Dear Rizwan greetings, you have written like this,“keep aside what paul says or what the chruch teaches”

    All the epistles and the doctrines which are written by Paul are not his own view points or thoughts. The Bible is Gods word and God Almighty was using ordinary people like Paul to write down that, so that people like me and you will come to know the truth.

    I invite both of you to Christ Jesus, please come and see the love of Christ Jesus.

  28. Jerry Br. Imran just insulted you and then you said throughout the debate that imran insulted me. but the whole christiandom is insulting god almighty for 2000 years. as allah mentioned in the glorious qur’an in sura maryam sura no. 19 ayat no. 88 to 91. Jerry you don’t know which language jesus(pbuh) spoken in his life and then you are producing the proofs from the gospel it’s rediculous. if you want to send the mail i gave the e-mail id send the mail to me.may allah give you the hidayah.

  29. First, let me give my best wishes to my brother jerry for responding rightly to the errors that muslims have in their minds.praise the lord.God bless also all the prayer warriors who prayed fervently and in tears for this debate day and night.

    I am sure the holy spirit in the coming days will convict and bring many of our muslim freinds to christ as a result of the toiling prayers of saints across the country.

    Now two questions to ponder heavily:

    first, How will they[muslims]”smell the rose when the nose is chopped off” ? now what and how do we construct on “their damages”?

    Second,Did the muslims who were present in large numbers over there, CLEARLY and REALLY understood the hope that the gospel gives [the rose] or did they again plunged into utter apathy of hoplessness of loosing and not seeing any hope of light that the gospel gives?

    OK! the goliath was slained but how many joined david? How many of our muslim friends understood the hope that comes from the God of david? what can we do build a bridge and break the wall?

    Lets extend our roses to imran and all other muslim freinds.yes, we have won the debate but now lets move forward to the win the souls.{ok!sorry,I agree that was more than two questions}

    “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings”(1 Cor. 9:19-23).

    your brother in christ

  30. Jerry First learn arabic you are very poor in arabic.secondly learn authentic knowledge from various authentic books like britannica, encarta etc.Debate means an argument don’t shout while presenting your lecture.this is a suggestion from my side either present your lecture or shout. you are thinking that you won the debate by shouting but that is not the fact. Truth has won the debate i.e. ISLAM as allah mentioned in sura tauba sura no. 9 ayah no. 33. First know which language jesus spoke and then learn arabic.

    • bro, plz advise muslim debaters to learn hebrew and greek to know the exact meaning of the bible words before talking.translations are meant for those already know the truth in spirit who lead by holy spirit of god

  31. Br. Jerry I am reverted muslim I heard Br. Imran’s lecture in 2006 and reverted to islam my name is Omer now. i don’t know what you conveyed in your presentation because you were shouting more than an explanation. and if you have the truth do debate another time with Br. Imran on the topic “which is the word of god” as you challenged in your talk and organize the debate as they organised in a peaceful and in a professional way. May allah show you the right path.

    • bro,already u are away from right path.dont bother about right path being on wrong path.u could not taste sweetness even by sittig in sugar bag.satan could influence u.

  32. Hi. Yours Both debate is very good but Jerry Thomas is very very emotional talking.God gives you good way.

  33. Dear Brother, If you ask a LKG boy/girl or a Phd boy/girl What is 1+1+1 =?, definitely without any doubt they will say its 3. But if they donot know what is BODMAS, its their lack of knowledge.

    Anyways the intention of Brother Imran was not to teach BODMAS to the audience nor to prove his mathematical talents(he is already very famous for his talents) but the sole intention was to teach the christian brethren that 1+1+1 is not equal to 1 but is equal to 3, which even a LKG child can understand but you dont understand. So I dont think that spending 10 min for explaining this simple equation is a waste of time.

    Coming to the topic, dear friend, you need to understand that SALLAM is an arabic word which means nothing but ‘pbuh'(peace be upon him). Its your lack of understanding. And for your kind information, my name is YASER, not YASIR(I dont want to term it as your mistake. Just wanted to correct you).Infact if we start pointing out our mistakes, we will find many because ‘To err is human’.

    And my dear, please try to understand that If Brother Jerry and you all, being a small part of the creation, cant accept/withstand the comparision of Brother Jerry with a cartoon, then how do you think that GOD (The Almighty One, The Supreme Power), being the creator of the human beings and every thing else in the universe will accept His comparision with His tiny creation(human being – Jesus(pbuh)).

    Please open up your mind and think my dear. Dont close the doors of your mind. Think about what the opponent says without refuting it blindly.

    p.s. Please forgive me, If I had hurt your feelings in any way.

    • bro, first of all answer me is god a mathematical object?if u want to compare u can compare god with “infinity”only. do u know ” infinity+infinity+infinity=infinity”

  34. :cry hiii my jerry how are you i think you r getting frustated why are u behaving like a child why u dont want to say public about the debate mr jerry u have lose the debate. we muslims challenge u that u cant win till the day of judgement day .mr jerry u r the loser loser loser.thanks to my ALMIGHTY ALLAH and OUR prophet MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM)for giving place in ISLAM.YOU JERRY ARE THE LOSER

  35. although I feel Brother Jerry’s personal presentation was very nice but he could have done better by refuting the points raised by muslim guy. but as I said before.


    and challenge him again after preparation.

    Best of Luck

  36. Dear Yaser,

    U r Really good, probably my english was not good but i dont want to point u regarding name of the topic.

    we need to discuss on many issues rather than pointing on simple issues which were corrected on line itself( 14 is misspelled by jerry instead of 19).Please read my earlier post once again then u can understand this.

    i tried to tell that do not consider human errors which Bro.imran concentrated much than the subject.

    This is first debate, i really understood the talents of Bro.IMRAN very much,infact 10,000 people witnessed.

    Again, u r also started arguing on Name, Pls change ur attitude,please come on the subject do not consider typing mistakes etc.,

    U mean to say LKG student need to know the BODMAS.Can u show me how many LKG students know BODMAS?

    Lastly,My mind opened very long back thats y i saved through Jesus.

    U r really good, i am really feeling brotherhood with you.

    Do not consider if i am hurting u with some typing mistakes, with poor english.

    In the earlier post also, my intension was not to hurt u.

    If it happened with out my intestion, still i am begging ur excuses.

    Bye Dear

  37. Well, it was amazing to see two liars debate with each other! Both are black sheeps of their respective communities. I am sure both of them came toghether to do a public stunt so gain popularity. Imran was busy insulting while jerry was busy lying. Imran was busy with cartoon characters while Jerry was busy with twisting the facts from quran and hadith. Imran lied that Jerry did not quote correctly, while jerry lied that Imran lost the debate. In reality, both of them lost miserably in sight of God and both will be accountable for making a mockery of two great prophets of God, Jesus and Muhammad. And about the audience, guys open your eyes plz!!!!!!!

  38. MUSLIM brethrens who spend their time shouting imrans side too understood the fact the imran didnt did anything which can be given atleast one point.

    imran himself boast that he is THE INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC SCHOLAR ,but i didnt see any thing which suits to a scholar.instead of watching TOM and jerry CARTOONS he must have spend time in researching on debate topic this would have helped him to present the topic very well instead of explaining what he saw last night in CARTOON CHANNEL :grin .

    YAZER u got disturb when bro rao spelled ur name differently so how can u support imran way of playing with BRO,JERRYS NAME?(hope u got it).u said christians are adding many things to jesus name and GOD is really worrying about it.first u need to know ,that we dont belive islam to be true way of GOD .secondly no christians belive that jesus is the son of pagan allah ,so u nor ur allah need to worry when christian call jesus son OF GOD .

    JESSY (OMER) SAID jerry was shouting .i think u were sleeping at debate ground thats why you cud nt see who was doing what .

    bro.jerry was called to present topic and HE did and he won.but let me give advice to all christians THOUGH WE WON DEBATE BUT AS A CHRISTIAN WE MUST REJOICE WHEN A SOUL IS WON FOR OUR LORD.

    DEAR muslims ,there are enough evdenence from jesus that jesus is God .jesus claimed to be GOD when he said that he was before aabraham as IAM and this was understood by jews and they got agry and tried to kill jesus do u know why coz in oldtestament THE NAME IAM IS GIVEN TO GOD ALMIGHTY .and there are other versus too.still if u dont belive jesus is GOD just coz he didnt used the exact words IAM GOD AND WORSHIP ME ,then take my LIFE TIME CHALLENGE ,show me where in quran jesus said iam spirit and word from allah and iam messaih? ,dont hurry THIS IS LIFE TIME CHALLENGE.


  39. Hi Harshad Bhai,

    You mean to say, life time challenge?

    is it same which revealed in 10 minutes in front of 10,000?

    or some thing new?

    is it not enough?

    Brother, ur IMRAN him self confirmed us that he never won any debate.

    Bro.Imran himself accepting the defeat by making personal abusing.

    UR post itself tellig us who is in frustration?

  40. bro jerry ,great work you did .we would like to hear your experience n debate .let the reader know how you worked and how did u felt after debate extra.

    GOD BLESS YOU yennu aliya orry sahodaran :grin

  41. I have a few queries

    1. Mohammed said that it is mentioned of him in the bible. Imran was quoting some old testament passages to prove the same. Muslims believe that bible is corrupt, how can you quote from a corrupt book to authenticate your prophet. Also where are the passages that talk about mohammed? The biblical records that mohammed claimed that he was in are the the same as what we have now so how could it be corrupt. There are biblical manuscripts available even now which dating back to the period of mohammed.

    2. Muslims believe that by doing some good works you can go to heaven, but how sure are you that your good works will satisfy your God and take to heaven where are are 72 virgins apart from the three wives on the earth. The Bible says in John 3:16 ” For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, that whosoever believeth in Him will not perish but have everlasting life” The bible is very clear as to who will go to heaven, and all christian believers are sure that they will go to heaven.

    3. If men go to heaven, will their wives also be there even if they do not believe in Islam?

    4. Was bible at some point of time uncorrupted and the actual word of God?

    5. Did man corrput the quran at any point of time?

    there is a good web site where much of the oft repeated queries and misunderstanding of muslims are clarified

    I would ask all of them to read through it and gain a better understanding.

  42. I really appreciate the mail send by pious muslim.I think in the debate Bro.imran and Bro .Jerry were looking miserable to prove the god and prophet.According to me god is one.

  43. I appreciate Br. Jerry preparation for the debate. I think Br.Jerry & most of the christen brothers has came to win the debate & when they say that, they have won the debate they are ignoring all the questions raised by Br. Imran. As far as most of the Muslims are concern, we all came to spread the Truth. Not to win or lose the debate.

    I humbly request all my christen brothers to pray to god “” Show us the straight path, The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.” & with open heart try to understand or read about Islam. If Allah will he will guide all of us to straight Path. – Ameen

  44. a muslim by title name PIOUS MUSLIM comment a strange claim about debate.there are few things i would like to ask:

    1: how can u call both lairs just coz u dont want to accept the win on christian side?

    2:bro,jerry didnt invited imran ,it was imran who challenged jerry so how can both came to stage to do stunts? when it was imran who does everything for clapping?

    3,thanks for accepting the weak part of imran but tell me when did bro.jerry lied?he only presented what the topic supposed to have .if u find someting he lies then share it here.

    4:may i know what u found as twisting done by bro.jerry??? from quran and hdaith??? may be u are feeling shame coz a christian quoted quran and hadith to prove who jesus and muhamamd was and so called INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC SCHOLAR EVEN DIDNT QUOTE ANYTHING TO PROVE ABOUT MESSENGERHOOD OF MUHAMAMD FROM HIS OWN SCRIPTURES! :grin

    5:THE QUESTION is not about who won .jerry was success in presenting his topic very well and raised more than 20 questions to imran which he failed to answer.ACCORDING TO ME BOTH WON THE DEBATE.JERRY WON DEBATE BY PRESENTING THE TOPIC BY PRE-REFUTING EVERY CLAIM WHICH IMRAN WAS GOING TO PRESENT.AND ON OTHER SIDE IMRAN WON IN INSULTING .that was the only part jerry failed 🙂

    pious muslim ,learn to accept what happened there .learn who is jesus and you will learn that you are missing him in your life

  45. thank you brother!we were won by you with grace of god

    bro.imran proved as a cheater himself in that congregation.he tried to insulted but not answered the questions given by you.

    congratulations to your answers and shows christ in your attitude.

    your bro.


  46. can anybody explain me these two verses from the bible:


    The Gospel of Mark, chap 12, verse 29

    “Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord.”


    The Gospel of John, chap 5, verse 30

    “I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my

    judgement is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of

    the Father which hath sent me.”

    The irony is that christians claim that they love jesus(pbuh) more than anything in this world but when it comes to following they only follow what paul says and what the chruch teaches

    Peace and mercy of Allah be upon Jesus who rightly said “…..why thou calls me good, for there is only one good, that is the Father in the Heaven”(Mathew 19,17)

  47. Dear Christians, If you believe God has incarnated in the form of Jesus, then why don’t you believe Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Guru nanak, Rama, Krishna etc as the other forms of GOD’s Incarnation, Why do you want to convert others. GOD can be incarnated in several forms. If NOT then you people are Hypocrite.

  48. Dear Christians, If you believe God has incarnated in the form of Jesus, then why don’t you believe Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Guru nanak, Rama, Krishna etc as the other forms of GOD’s Incarnation, Why do you want to convert others. GOD can be incarnated in several forms. If NOT then you people are Hypocrite.

  49. The real result was one of the CHRISTIAN (Believer of JESUS) resorted to TRUTH and accepted ISLAM as his religion after the Q/A session. ISLAM had a crystal-clear and great VICTORY.

  50. I could not witness this debate. But I heard the previous ones from Bro. Imran from youtube and got a review on this from here. I understand that Bro.Jerry given response in accordance with 1 Peter 3:15. But let us not Blame all muslim brothers as many will be truth seekers. Bro. Riswan, please read the following page

    to see history of Injeel and Quran.

    Also note that Quran does not say that Injeel was corrrupted, but it indeed says it is trustworthy. (Surah 4, Al Nisa, verse 136 & Surah 10, Yunus, verse 9). ! It would make no sense for Allah to command doubters to ask people for guidance whose Scriptures had been corrupted! Several verses in the Quran bear witness to the truth that the Torah was unchanged at the time of Jesus.((Surah 34, Saba, verse 31, Surah 35, Fatir, verse 31). And history can tell that Injeel and Thorah not changed after that as well. Brothers, seek the truth seriously.

  51. Congratulations Bro. Jerry for the stunning victory! May Jesus Christ the Truth be known to our Muslim friends.

    By the way, when Jesus turned water into wine, it was pointed out that purity was turned into impurity (by Quranic standards). But I see it as the transformation of the non-organic matter (water) into organic (wine). This means that Jesus transformed water, a non-living matter into (wine)which is a derivative of life. Only one who himself is Life can do that.

  52. NEw BODMAS equation:

    Inputs From the bro.imran’s presentation :

    Desciples of Jesus = 11(12-1)

    Desciples of Mohd. = 1,00,00 more than

    Outputs From Wikipedia:

    Chrsitan community = 33%

    Islam Community = 20.28%

  53. Bro. IMRAN showed us the Verse Mathew 15:26 as per this,GENTILES or DOGS(his way of understanding please note that it is not my understanding).

    Bro.Jerry Baptized and beleived in the JESUS, as per the same bible

    Gal 3 : 26-27

    26for in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith. 27As many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ

    So, Bro.Jerry is a children of God.

    So, Bro.Jerry is not a gentile.

    Bro.Imran , my question is did you baptized? Did you have faith in lord jesus?

    IF u dont have those, u r a gentile, from ur same logic decide what are you?

  54. Dear Rizwan, Get A Bible from any Christian and read the Chapter and please dont cut copy paste from internet. As you have done in your comments. Any futher doubt you can contact me personally

    “Peace and mercy of Allah be upon Jesus who rightly said “…..why thou calls me good, for there is only one good, that is the Father in the Heaven”(Mathew 19,17)”

    These verses and saying could be for You as Jesus had spoken not to his followers or the crowd But to ONE rich man who really love his wealth than God…I hope you get a Bible Read the entire Chapter later you will not get fooled by your RICH PROUD ARROGANT ISLAMIC Preacher and Teacher…I your Preachers less they preach about love of God and more the fear of God and critize others religions Just Like the Pharsies Scribes and the Teachers of Law during the time of Jesus. Who love to get notices, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, pretenders hypocrites! For you travel over sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes one [a proselyte], you make him doubly as much a child of hell (Gehenna) as you are.” Matthew 23-15.

    “The Gospel of Mark, chap 12, verse 29

    “Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord.”

    Yes We Know We Have One GOd. The GOd Of Isreal and Not Arabia. And for us We Believe in oneness of God and not mathamatically One.

    786 is the way you measure your God. We dont measure God with number 1+1+1=3 or 1+2+3=1…for us to believe in GOd we need no logic but only faith…to believe in God only because it support and satisfy your mental Ego. this is not what we believe.

    again to remind you people who are reading Logic is created by man..believing in God is illogial Because God is above this human idea and above all logic.

    WE have seen there are be countless Q ? on Jesus for the past 2000 yrs and will continue. but still We belive He is the Son of God and He is God.

    Again I like to declare to my family and readers I Believe In the one who some call your Prophet. I believe In The SON OF MAN. THE SON OF GOD. MY PERSONAL SAVIOR LORD and my GOD JESUS.

    Praise you Jesus Thank You Jesus

  55. I also got the privilege to attend the debate. I am not into these 2 religions discussed. Just out of curiosity I attended with a friend. What I can tell is

    1. Jerry Thomas representing Christian side prepared his presentation well. Well means , much much better than Imran.

    2. Imran is trying to attck Jerry personally and insult him. In a properly moderated debate, this will never be allowed. Either Imran never attended such debates or he did not have anything to present. Thats what I felt.

    3. Question & Answer also Jerry try to answer in a positive way compared to Imran.

    I am not a judge to tell who won this debate. But one thing I wish to comment is my appreciation to Christian way of presentation increased manifolds. They prepared,presented and defended beautifully.

    That generated some interest in me about Jesus, eventhough I don’t believe in God. I will try to get a bible and read

  56. Some try to prove mathematically and say how can 1+1+1 be equal to 1 it is 3. But as someone said if you want to use maths why dont you use multiplication 1x1x1=1 or as god is infinity therefore it follows that infinity+infinity+infinity=infinity

  57. I am very happy to read all the messages posted so far upon the outcome of debate. I too working in a gulf country & for the past few years I too had such discussions in between christian-muslim faith and by the grace of Lord & His wisdom, God shut the mouth of such critics each n every time. Praise God!

    Muslim friends just want to place Jesus as a human or prophet & they will sent many verses from bible itself showing human nature of Jesus while knowingly ignoring the divine/Godly nature of Jesus which both bible & quran asserted.

    Let me ask my muslim friends whether a ‘human or prophet’ can by faultless & sinless?

    both bible & quran will say ‘NO’ to this question.

    Then how both bible & quran confirms about a SINGLE person only (Jesus) who is “FAULTLESS & SINLESS”. Is it contradictory? NEVER AT ALL.

    Bible prooves that Jesus is a ‘complete man & complete God’ AT A TIME. Now let us go through the verses from both bible & quran which prooves the divinity/Godliness of Jesus

    “In the beginning the Word (Jesus) already existed. He was with God, and he was God.He was in the beginning with God.So the Word (Jesus) became human and lived here on earth among us.” (John1:1-2/14)

    Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before God made anything at all and is supreme over all creation. (Colosians 1:15)

    “For God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ, (Colosians 1:19)

    Now let’s examine what quran says about Jesus & His divine attributes which shuts the mouth of critics.

    1. Jesus was born of a virgin (Sura 19:16-35)

    2. Jesus was the “Messiah” of the Old Testament prophecies. (Sura 4:171)

    3. Jesus was a Spirit from God. (Sura 4:171)

    4. Jesus was the “Word of God.” (Sura 4:171)

    5. Jesus was faultless and sinless. (Sura 19:19). This is the greatest “19” verse of the Quran

    Adam sinned. (Sura 2:36, 7:22,23),

    Abraham sinned. (Sura 26:82),

    Moses sinned (Sura 28:15-16),

    Jonah sinned (Sura 17:142),

    David sinned (Sura 38:24-25),

    Muhammad sinned (Sura 47:19, 48:1-2, 33:36-38),

    yet Jesus did not sin!

    Again quran says;

    6. Jesus is illustrious in the world and the hereafter. (Sura 3:45)

    7. Jesus was taken up to heaven by God. (Sura 4:158)

    8. Jesus was to come back to earth for judgment (Sura 43:61) translation. Yusuf Ali and Mishkat IV pp. 78-80.

    So it is my humble request to all muslim friends that even not accept word of God in bible, at least accept truth about Jesus in quran then NONE will say Jesus is only a mere prophet, but JESUS IS THE WORD OF GOD (sura 4:171) who came to this world in human form to “SAVE THE WHOLE MANKIND & COMING BACK SOON TO JUDGE THE WHOLE EARTH”

    I praise & thank God for the wisdom & grace showered to Br.Jerry to stand for the living Lord to glorify His name. Keep up the good work all my dear friends coz LOVE WINS THE SOULS AND NO ONE CAN DEFEAT LOVE (GOD)THAT THE WISDOM OF THE WORLD (MAN) IS A BIG ZERO IN FRONT OF WISDOM OF GOD.

    God bless you all

    with love..sojan

  58. Congrats to Jerry for presenting the truth in a well mannered way which was much better, respectful and dignified that Imrans. He is surely gifted by the Holy Spirit.

    Imran, due to the shallowness of his arguments, allowed himself to insult and waste time instead of producing something tangible for everyone to think about. It shows his immaturity in the face of truth. So many people were disappointed including my muslim friends who I came along with.

    Once again, congrats to Jerry, his team. All glory to God and praise to Him. God answered the prayers of thousands, the fasting of many. Let us all, children of God unite and continue to pray with oneness of heart that through our lives, muslims can be touched and will know the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who died and rose again with the promise of ETERNAL LIFE and forgiveness for all sins if we trust in him.

    I pray my brothers will come to know truth that was revealed to me. The peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as your saviour cannot be expressed in words. It is too out of this world to comprehend. I hope their hearts will be opened to listen at the least to the word of God,

    I know it is possible – I was once also hard of heart and stiff in my attitude. Yet, it was on the shallowness and emptyness I had in Islam that forced me to ask for God to show Himself to me. Only God can change an empty life with one full of purpose, love and forgiveness…

    God’s name be glorified in and through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


  59. bro syed u said ,the questions raised by imran was not answered .before i answer ur question u need to know the TOPIC WAS :DIVINITY OF JESUS AND MESSENGERHOOD OF MUHAMAMD. so the questios raised by imran was out of topic.

    question no 1: 50,000 errors in the bible .if bible contains so much errors then why our so called muslim critics ever published that ? ahmed deedat copied this title from a cult called jahweh witness but go to their site even they have no doubt about bible as divine.the 5o ooo errors they brought was nothing but mistakes frm modern transtalations .if u find anything 5oooo then please post

    QUEST 2: 101 contradictions .this was answered by jay smith get to

    QUEST 3 .WHERE IN BIBLE THE WORD TRINITY .he is right that the word trinity is not there as the word tauhed and many modern practice we see is not in but the concept of trinity is there in the bible which u can find more click

    QUEST 4.the language of jesus . it is foolish to think jesus only knew aramaic or hebrew .if we study the time of jesus ,he must have knwn four languages .so there is no evendence from history that there was any books by jesus in aramiac .if there is then muslims have to bring out for us to shut our mouth. if u cant acccept the new testament writings on jesus coz it is written in GREEK then u must throw all account of jesus from quran coz IT IS WRITTEN IN ARABIC WHICH JESUS NEVER SPOKED :p

    now take my shot ,if the virgins birth of jesus is a pagan concept then what about quranic story about jesus birth? dont u see how muslim boast that we belive jesus than all and on other hand insult him???

    u need to know not only muslims even bahais are asked to belive jesus as one of prophet and with him their belief is zero.

    so brother please go through the vds of debate and find truth by urself .jesus loves you where allah dont .thank u 🙂

  60. Riswan told:

    > can anybody explain me these two verses from the bible:

    >first The Gospel of Mark, chap 12, verse 29

    “Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord.”

    This is Jesus quoting from Due 6:4. The word used in Greek for one hear is ‘echad’. This same word ‘one (echad)’ we can see in genesis 2:24 (Man and His wife will be ONE flesh). Now every one knows the Genesis word means logical unity not numerical unity as English word ‘one’ can be used for both numerical and logical unity. The same way greek word ‘echad’ can be. So the verse means God is one, but does not deny trinity.

    Same Jesus told John 10:30 “I and Father are one”. Brother open your eyes to Esa Nabi who is Son of God.

    > second The Gospel of John, chap 5, verse 30

    >”I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my

    > judgement is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of

    > the Father which hath sent me.”

    Brother riswan, do you believe this is part of un-corrupted Injeel? If so, how much more the details on Jesus death and resurrection described in 2 chapters in mathew (27, 28),Mark (15,16), Luke (23, 24) , John (9,20) should be. 4 autohrs speakiing 8 chapters and many prophets in Thorah. (Both Injeel and Thoran, Quran/Mohammed did not accuse of corruption.) Brother, please read Injeel and believe in true God.

    The irony is that christians claim that they love jesus(pbuh) more than anything in this world but when it comes to following they only follow what paul says and what the chruch teaches

    Peace and mercy of Allah be upon Jesus who rightly said “…..why thou calls me good, for there is only one good, that is the Father in the Heaven”(Mathew 19,17).

  61. Dear Brother Rizwan

    This please read this entire JOHN chapter 5. as you had a doubt on verse 30 of this Ch. At this time i do’t want to preach. my intention is to make you read. Even after reding this chapter you have any doubt you can leave a comment.

    Life Through the Son (JOHN Chapter 5)

    – 16 So, because Jesus was doing these things on the Sabbath, the Jews persecuted him. 17 Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working.” 18 For this reason the Jews tried all the harder to kill him; not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God his own Father, making himself equal with God.

    19 Jesus gave them this answer: “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. 20 For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, to your amazement he will show him even greater things than these. 21 For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom he is pleased to give it. 22 Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, 23 that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him.

    24″I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life. 25 I tell you the truth, a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live. 26 For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son to have life in himself. 27 And he has given him authority to judge because he is the Son of Man.

    28″Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice 29 and come out—those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned. 30 By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.

  62. I was reading this warning on Sakshi team which was written much before the debate on the following page:

    Here is the part I noticed which was very interesting:

    “Because of all this, it is all the more critical for all Christians to ceaselessly watch and pray so that ALL CLEVER TACTICS of those who oppose the Word of True Living God WILL BE EXPOSED AND PUT TO SHAME and Truth will prevail attracting many to the Truth and thereby freeing them.”

    What can I say, the arm of the Lord has prevailed and heard our prayers. Br. Imran was exposed for his attempt to resort to disrespectful tactics.

    Only God can do this to the great men of this world. Of course, we cannot claim and credit and neither can Jerry. However, God works in marvelous ways as his word says:

    1 Corinthians 1:27

    But God hath chosen the FOOLISH THINGS of the world TO CONFOUND THE WISE; and God hath chosen the WEAK THINGS of the world to CONFOUND THE THINGS WHICH ARE MIGHTY;

    Yes, to the muslims, we looks foolish because we appear weak. However, God is a God of the meek, humble and the weak.

  63. Dear friends,

    As u all aware that,BODMAS means

    BO means Backet of:

    (+1)(+1)(+1) = 1

    D for Division

    1/1/1 = 1

    M for multiplication

    1*1*1 = 1

    A for Addition

    1+1+1 =3

    S for subtraction

    1-1-1 =-1

    If God =1(from Imran’s inputs),BODMAS proves that in 3(trinity) times it is 1.

    Only addition proves that it is 3.

    For your kind information normally,

    GOD = infinity

    in that case even ur addition also fails.

    Dear bro.Imran do not think that BODMAS means only addition.if somebody thinks in that way, we can call them as LKG students.

    Now, will you accept Trinity from ur own equation?

    U proved us that prophet by Bernard shah words.

    Some Tom dick and “HORRY”

    tells that he is not, will you accept that?

  64. Praise God for showing us favor during the debate. Yes, indeed the truth has truimphed! He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, lets us not boast on winning a debate. If we are satisfied with it, the purpose is missed. We are called to win souls, nothing less, nothing more!

    May the Lord who began a good work in us, bring many souls unto His kingdom through the working of His Spirit through us.

  65. The video of the debate will soon be out…..LOL…

    then it will be posted on Youtube, Google, AOL and all over the internet.

    The whole world will see who the winner of the debate really is…the whole world will see that Muhammad is just another false prophet, ordained by Satan who is the father of all lies. The Bible has so many prophecies concerning the coming of false prophets like Muhammad(whose soul is definitely not at peace in hell). The whole world will know that Koran is just a set of Satanic Verses, designed to deceive and cheat the gullible.

  66. :grin

    Hereafter Mr.Imran can’t challenge with any christian brothers.

    (with mr.J thomas too)

    We are praying to Jesus to save the Bro.Imran from hell. Im sure that he will change if he spent 1 day with Mr.J.Thomas without ego.If he is not chnged, God knows that how to treat to him like last debate.

    All the best Imran.

    Ravi Kumar

  67. Mark 24:36: But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    God is all-knowing, Jesus fails this main qualification. This alone is enough to prove that Jesus is not God. Also note the verse says ONLY the Father meaning nobody else, including the divine Jesus.

    If Jesus is God one would expect him to admit he is good in the sense that God is good, meaning perfect. However when we read the Bible we see that Jesus denies being good in the sense that God is good which is perfect. Here are the passages:

    Mat 19:16 And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?

    Mat 19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? [there is] none good but one, [that is], God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

    So note, the man calls Jesus good, Jesus tells the man there is non good but God. Obviously Jesus referred to God as someone else, which also proves Jesus isn’t God. However the main importance of the passages is that Jesus denies being Good in the way God is good, which is to be perfect.

  68. Younus,

    Ravi Zachariah answered this in a beautiful way. Only God is good, if I’m ot God then who is good. Remember the man called Him Good.

  69. first prize to jerry not for debate, but for reading fast and shouting aloud. off course to sell third class product you have be a hawker.I am simon left christianity, when is was in school it self, even after so many century you people don’t know who is god, you only have imaginary concepts, the problem with christianity is their gods are playing musical chair, they three chairs for three imaginary gods, so the game never ends, till then worship satan(unholy spirit) and do black magic

  70. Simon (?): We can only pity you for embracing Islam.

    Do you know who Allah of the Quran is? He is Satan. Read Bro. Sam Shamoun’s latest article in Answering Islam:

    Muhammad himself was afraid that Allah would deceive him because Allah of the Quran is a deceiver:

    “Although he had such a faith, which was too great to suffice all the inhabitants of the earth, he was afraid that his heart might go astray. So, he used to utter, while weeping: ‘Would that I have been a bitten tree!’ Whenever he was reminded of his position in Allah’s sight, he would say: ‘By Allah! I would not rest assured and feel safe from the deception of Allah (la amanu limakr Allah), even if I had one foot in paradise.’” (Khalid Muhammad Khalid, Successors of the Messenger, translated by Muhammad Mahdi al-Sharif [Dar al-Kotob al-Ilmiyah, Beirut Lebanon, 2005], Book One: Abu Bakr Has Come, p. 99;

    Read more about your evil devil Allah and his impostor prophet- Muhammad

  71. Simon,

    I’m sorry that you left christianity, I cannot understan why someone would leave and go to something worse. Assuming that you are a muslim, can you show me a single verse in the quaran which says that once you say “la ila ha illalah mohamud ur rarurallah” you will go to heaven.

    What about all the prophets they have never said this will they all go to Hell. To say that Islam is a illogical relegion is a understatement.

    The bible in John 3:16 say “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life”

    Read the Bible, you will see the truth.

  72. Dear Simon,

    Are u still in School? or any development?

    When was that decision take , is it in nursery?

    IF u want to discuss pls come with truth, “”I left christianity” Dont try to lie.

    Now, What are reasons to leave christianity?

    If they are convincible, i also come and join with you, if it is school days decisions , i will help u to understand the truth.

  73. Dear SD and Imran

    These some old defence tactic used by Peaceist. When their Trinity is exposed in public.

    before him or her many Liars said I left christianity

    eg: some Jessy had posted “I was Jessy Johnson now i am Omer…. “)

    ABOUT this cult

    The PEACEIST are a new Islamic cult who follow the Trinity made of Ahmed Dedat+Zakir Naik+Imran

    i have alredy posted the entire defination about this cult.

  74. To Simon Reddy

    You were not a Christian, brother Simon! Had you been you would not have had your heart hardened with the Islam teachings, that is in itself not showing justice and love to anyone including, its own followers, but cheats you all into believing that it promises you salvation.

    All these years when your scholar Mr. Imran had been shouting at the top of his voice and abusing the God of the Bible, you all enjoyed it. Now when an equally loud opponent comes on stage and does not abuse islam or your scholar , but only confidently and loudly explains about the truth in the Bible, you are hurt. And like your so called Prophet, each of you including yourself goes on to use abusive language and insults!

    I think you can see from your own expression how you have already started using insults. Whereas bro. Jerry, though had been mocked at throughout the the presentation, did not even once attempt to fight off against those abuses, and did not even once mock or insult Mr. Imran!So I really believe that it was the work of the Holy Spirit on him that day.

    No average human like you and me can allow ourselves to be insulted in front of such a large audience, and yet remain quiet.Br. Jerry only defended his God throughout, and not himself. whereas Mr. Imran forgot to defend his prophet and his quran. He was too busy making people understand that he has a title “International Scholar”!!!!!

    Doesnt it make you think why?

    If not, you need to think now, my dear Brother!!!!!!!!

  75. Dear Br. Yasser: I have a question for you, Br. Yasser. Would you have been able to withstand insults in front of an audience of 10000 and more? Be honest!

    Br. Jerry right from the beginning of his presentation made it very very clear that God of the Bible is different from Allah of the Quran. And we Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of the God of the Bible!!!

    So how is it that you say that Br. Jerry insulted Allah? Neither Br. Jerry nor do we Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of Allah. No, never at all.

    Why don’t you read through the presentation , now that it has been uploaded, and you will see very clearly how God of the Bible and all the earlier prophets sent by God of the Bible believed in and looked forward to the coming of the Son of God.

    I too have the same to suggest to you: Please open up your mind and think my dear. Don’t close the doors of your mind. Think about what the opponent says without refuting it blindly.

    Dear Bro. Rizwan: Kindly go through Br. Jerry’s presentation once again to know what Jesus actually meant to say through all his words. Everything is clear and precise. All you need is a sincere heart that has kept away all its pride and ego, and is always open to corrections.

    Dear Br. MOHAMMED ABDUL ARSHAD: Why don’t you read through the presentations that have been uploaded and then come back and comment on what you have to say. What did your Mr. International Scholar say? Nothing! He only cheated the audience with the opinions of different scholars and historians about Jesus, but he hid what those same scholars and historians said about Prophet Mohammad of the Koran. And he proudly kept pointing out that Br. Jerry was cheating. Now why don’t you read and know for yourself who was cheating and who was being truthful, instead of insulting and mocking, without thinking, just like your scholar???

    Dear Br. Pious Muslim and Br. Inay: Now that the presentation has been uploaded, why done you take the Quran and hadith references and read it for yourself, and see whether Br. Jerry was twisting the facts, before passing your own judgments?

    Dear Br. Syed: When Br. Jerry said that he won the debate, he meant to say that the questions and evidences that he brought forth to disprove the prophethood of Mohammad was not refuted at all. And the evidences that he showed for the divinity of Jesus, too was not in any way refuted or disproved. So, now what did Br. Jerry do. He expressed and explained the TRUTH in clear and concise terms!

    Unlike Br. Imran who taught history and maths and who quoted only historians ad atheists in order to insult the God of the Bible, Lord Jesus, the earlier prophets and Br. Jerry!!!

    Dear Br. Rizwan: What you have asked for clarification, can be found in the debate presentation of Br. Jerry.

    The irony of Muslims and their beliefs are that they say with their lips that they believe and respect all earlier prophets including Jesus, but they only abuse all of them!!!

    Dear Bro. Lord of the Rings: We believe that Jesus is the incarnate of God in human flesh but we don’t believe that Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Guru Nanak, Rama ,Krishna etc are all incarnates of the same God, the God of the Bible. Because the righteousness and justice of the Holy God, in its entire fullness, is found only in Lord Jesus!!!

    Dear Bro Younus: You were not listening to the debate. Probably you were busy cursing Bro. Jerry while he was presenting. But you can now read it in the site. All your questions are clearly explained in Bro.Jerry’s presentation.

    Dear Bro. Salman: It all depends upon the sincerity of your heart now, whether you would like to go through the presentation and check for yourself about:

    1. How many questions were answered? Bro. Jerry gave maximum answers as much as time allowed; Bro. Imran gave none and tried to talk away the time by throwing insults at God of the Bible, the Holy Spirit, the earlier prophets, Lord Jesus and Br. Jerry.

    2. How many authentic proofs were given? Jerry gave plenty from the Bible, Quran and Hadith: Br. Imran gave historians and atheists and that too all unauthentic!!! Why did he hide what those same historians and atheists, whom he quoted, said and wrote about his prophet Mohammad?

    And a word of caution: be careful about what you say about the spirit that guided Br. Jerry. Because the God of the Bible says that any word of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven!!!

    May the Almighty God grant all of you the wisdom and peace to understand the truth in the Bible.

  76. Peace to All

    Please read this comment made by another or same Peaceist Mr or Miss Jessy Jackson. This comment is posted on page 3 of 7

    Br. Jerry I am reverted muslim I heard Br. Imran’s lecture in 2006 and reverted to islam my name is Omer now.

    I know after hearing imran lecture in 2006 you really never converted to islam. But to islamic Cult Peaceism. Thats the reason Jessy comemted on To defend his hero Imran.

    I am sure after betraying Jesus for Muhamad Jannat. Imran and Jessy will satisfy their quench their thirst in the paradise of islam.

    i don’t know what you conveyed in your presentation because you were shouting more than an explanation.

    I think jessy was still dreaming of Jannat while Bro. Jerry was teaching.

    and if you have the truth do debate another time with Br. Imran on the topic “which is the word of god” as you challenged in your talk and organize the debate as they organised in a peaceful and in a professional way.

    I want to ask Jessy who was professional, peaceful and sober while presenting.

    May allah show you the right path.

    I Hope you are in right path while typing you never to use caps lock for Allah but for imran.

    Peaceist a new islamic cult who believe and follow ahmed dedat+ zakir naik+ Imran

  77. May 20, 2008. PCC leader Watson Gill goes on YouTube to answer Zakir Naik who is notorious to pass remarks against Christianity on Muslim electronic media

  78. THE MUNSIF DAILY which is the LARGEST CIRCULATED URDU DAILY NEWSPAPER of INDIA reported on Page: 12 , DATED: 11.May.2008.Sunday . It submitted in its report that Mr. Jerry was un-clear in major part of his presentation and failed to answer simple question posed to him by Br. Imran. The report also said that Jerry was answerless when Br. Imran showed him the book entitled: 101 CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE and cited a very popular and most widely circulated Christian Magazine’s report of 8.Sep.1957 which published an article with the heading as: 50,000 ERRORS IN THE BIBLE! . Br. Imran asked Jerry that how can a book called HOLY BIBLE be trusted which has so many errors [mistakes]. [Br. Imran said that even though Bible has so many mistakes, yet no-where even by mistake the Bible has a statement by Jesus in Jesus’ direct speech where Jesus himself said, ‘I AM GOD’ or ‘WORSHIP ME’]. The report further said that Br. Imran could convincingly establish the Truth of Muhammad [sallam] being the Messenger of God and further shattered the falsehood of Divinity of Jesus. The report also said, that about more than 10,000 people including several non Muslims were present. It also reported that their respective reporter interviewed Ben Hur [Now EESAA] who climbed up the stage after the program to embrace Islam. Mr. Eesaa told the reporter that he was studying Islam for the past about eight months and after watching Br. Imran’s presentation of the debate, he was convinced by the TRUTH OF ISLAM .

  79. If Islam is all about only historians, mathematics and atheism, its quite believable that some Ben Hur converted to Islam, after listening to Imran’s presentation, as that is all that he spoke that day. He never once even attempted to try proving the messengerhood of his prophet.

    Otherwise , that news seems to be a cooked up one either from Iref’s side or Mr. Ben-Hur, just like the Eeandu who has reported a news that never happened.

  80. anyway, as the transcript is out in this site, it is for the readers to know for themselves, who spoke what, and who was unclear,who failed completely, who was answerless and lost for words!!!

    and who was successful in establishing the truth!!!

  81. Peace to all in Lord Jesus name.

    Abu Zaynab thank you for your comment and thanks for being back on sakshi.

    I suppose you and many other peaceists have never read my comment on modern media. So once again I will teach you all.


    Dear Abu who are the maximum readers of this paper. We all know majority will be muslim. Who is the editor and reporters, they are secret Peaceist converted from islam or innocent muslim.

    Who does the advertisers target ans= muslim.

    Then how can we trust this paper. Every thing here should be pro-islamic. We all know if any thing reported in a secular standard without taking side, surely MUNSIF DAILY will loose its


    Any ways you Peaceist and your demi gods or mullahs. Have

    always spoken against the media, when real issues with islam and muslim community is focused.They have also commanded muslim

    not to believe in Media. Saying Its controlled by Hindus, Jews and Christians.

    So Why cant we say MUNSIF Daily is Peaceists controlled to fool inocent muslim.

    Lets now talk about modern media.

    These days media industry is not only earning money from advertising but also from Product placement and PR (Public Relations)

    When a product fails in the market. The media uses the name of the product in its news content and about its benefits.

    When a institution or company fails. These organisation pay media to do a Public Relation campaign.

    So Abu Zaynab we do not believe in you muslim controlled media.

    Abu Zaynab please keep on commenting on sakshi.

    Peaceist a new islamic cult, followers of Ahmed dedat+zakir naik+Imran=Peaceism.

    Peaceism is Not derived from PEACE but the interactive viewers of Peace TV.

  82. Abu zaynab where r u ….come lets debate.

    1)Imran said that even though Bible has so many mistakes, yet no-where even by mistake the Bible has a statement by Jesus in Jesus’ direct speech where Jesus himself said, ‘I AM GOD’ or ‘WORSHIP ME’].

    Dear Abu please show me one single verse or statement or direct speech where Jesus himself said I AM NOT GOD or DO NOT WORSHIP ME.

    2) May I know the name of 1957 Christian magazine and their authors.

    3)Ben hur – very interesting topic.

    Some time back Beatles converted to Hinduism

    and they said they found peace.

    Some time back Eagles the music band converted to Satanism and they also said they experienced the peace and truth.

    Some time back Cat Stevens converted to islam. and he said he experienced the peace.

    So dear Abu and other peaceist what are you people trying to say by conversion. do you want people to convert to satanism Bcos some one says there is peace and truth.

    Ennadu telagu daily.

    Which reported as if the debate topic was Quran vs Bible.

    Abu Remember once again.

    When a institution or company fails. These organisation pay media to do a Public Relation campaign.

    remember bhopal gas tragedy and later media reports.

  83. jerry in your previous debate with br.imran you can’t proven the divinity of jesus and not proven that muhammad(s.a.w) is not messenger.and in your entire debate you just try to fool the people like giving unauthentic history there itself your falsehood cameout. and now also if you have the doubt that you have won the debate as praised by you people can’t you arrange a similar kind of debate as challenged by both the speakers.

  84. Dear Saddam dont be a pupet of imran please read the trancript along while watching the video.

    May Jesus guide you and bring you out from worshiping black stone kaaba

  85. i have seen this debate more than 10 times in the youtube, & i declare that jerrry thomas has won the debate, due to the following reasons

    1).imran did’mnt answered all the 21 questions raised by jerry.

    2).though jerry proved jesus is god and showed from revelation that “jesus said that he is god”- he is still asking the same question-“when did you answered”

    3)imran was quoting the bible “out of context”

    i have some questions for muslim brothers, if you know please answer me.

    1)where did Jesus said in the entire bible that -I’m not god nor don’t worship me in his direct speech.

    2)where did prophet Mohammad said that I’m the last prophet send to this world by god -in his direct speech.

  86. questins to muslim brothers

    1)where did jesus say in the entire bible that I’m not god nor dont worship me in his direct speech.

    2) where did prophet mohammad say in his direct speech that I’m the last prophet to the world sent by god.

    i have seen this debate several times in you tube and i declare that JERRY THOMAS has won the debate and Br.Imran is the loser.


  87. Dear Just Explain this:

    John 16:12-14

    New International Version (NIV)

    12 “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. 13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. 14 He will glorify me because it is from me that he will receive what he will make known to you.

    Matthew 10:34

    King James Version (KJV)

    34Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    Job 25:4-6

    English Standard Version (ESV)

    4 How then can man be in the right before God?

    How can he who is born of woman be pure?

    5 Behold, even the moon is not bright,

    and the stars are not pure in his eyes;

    6 how much less man, who is a maggot,

    and the son of man, who is a worm!”

  88. Dear all,

    I’ve watched a video on youtube. It’s about ‘Tom&Jerry Vs Imran! In my opinion it depicts the gist of the debate. Just give it a try and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the fun part of it.


  89. my Question to u
    1. what is the language of jesus
    2. is jesus says “I Am The God Worship Me” can u tell me a line in the whole bible
    3. what’s ur answer about the scientific mistakes in the bible

  90. wat is the language of jehovah or yehovah

  91. Dear A.Rashid Fareed,

    You asked:

    1. what is the language of jesus

    My answer:

    Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek

    You asked:

    2. is jesus says “I Am The God Worship Me” can u tell me a line in the whole bible

    My answer:

    Did Muhammad say in his own Quran, “I am the Last Messenger listen to me?” Can you show me a line in the whole Quran? And also can you show me one single line in the whole of Muhammad’s Quran where Muhammad himself claiming, “I am the Last Prophet and follow me”? If you cannot show this and yet ask us to show in the Bible in a single line where Jesus said, “I am God worship me” that only proves to us that you are only a ‘hypocrite’ of highest degree!

    You asked:

    3. what’s ur answer about the scientific mistakes in the bible

    My answer:

    First let us know what’s your answer to the following blunders in Muhammad’s Quran…
    – Historical errors
    – Scientific errors
    – Mathematical errors
    – Logical errors
    – Grammatical errors
    – Theological errors

    Looking forward to read your answers, if at all you have any,

  92. Bro. jerry I have seen the debate on YouTube.
    1.ur points are very clear
    2.bro I’m ran couldn’t answer ur questions.
    3.bro imran is always trying to say there are mistakes in bible but is not able to justify his comments.
    4.iam happy that so many people are reading bible today to find out the mistakes ,but some day jesus will definetely change their hearts.

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