Can any Christian answer Dr. Zakir Naik? Yes-many.

Dr. Zakir Soon after the debate with Bro. Imran, we have been asked by many Christians- why not try to answer Bro. Dr. Zakir Naik. We had to point out that Dr. Zakir Naik has already been answered though it has not been given publicity to the extend which Bro. Dr. Zakir Naik gives for his materials due to the lack of petrodollars. However, for those who would like to know the answers to Dr. Zakir Naik’s question, we are providing the right direction to resources.

One Stop for Answering Dr. Zakir Naik  


We would like to bring to the attention of Christians and dear Muslim brethren that all the questions that Dr. Zakir Naik raised in his ‘Ultimate Debate with Dr. William Campbell” has also been answered.  See again:  


Further, after answering Dr. Zakir Naik, Bro. Sam Shamoun of Answering Islam has offered to debate with Dr. Zakir Naik which he is avoiding. 


The Challenge to debate with Dr. Zakir Naik 


  • Zakir Naik vs. Sam Shamoun ( From Answering Islam: We regularly receive challenges from Muslims that we should debate with Zakir Naik. We are ready; we have said so to Zakir Naik and his team. It is Zakir Naik who refuses to face our debate representative Sam Shamoun.  

 We recently heard that Dr. Zakir Naik would like to debate with an Indian Christian. We would like to let Dr. Zakir Naik know that Indian Christians though poor and few in number are now ready to debate with Dr. Zakir Naik on any topic that examines both the religions. We, at Sakshi, express our willingness if Dr. Zakir Naik wants an Indian Christian to debate whatever the cost might be. Please let us know if you have contact with Dr. Zakir Naik.  



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  1. so many people are converting in christian not by understaning truth but by eating the money and by forced and also by terror

  2. every ,man who hear zakirs talk will come to conclusion that he is not a muslim but starting a new cult in islam.for him muamamd is the kalki now who is this kalki>>>??? he is the god vishnu so by misquoting hindu scriptures he made muhamamd a new god .

    he always chose people who are not much knowledge in campartive religion.why dont ge debate with super debater SAM SHAMOUN?? he knows very well that playing with mature guys will bring great loss of petrodollars :grin

    if some body has to debate then he must be trickry like zakir .whatever may be if we can beat zakirs student then surely we can beat down his master too by GODS power .we need to pray for HIM and belive me HE IS GOING TO BE A CHRISTIAN PREACHER .those who belive can say AMEN and shout HALLELUJAH :grin



    • Sam Shamoun Is too temperamental and cannot debate well, he can sometimes formulate a good argument, but seldom can he formulate a full proof argument which stands up in debate. This was amply clear when he debated shabir ally, where he lost, and then made such a fuss claiming he won, behaving badly, coming on Christian tv, claiming someone converted to Christianity after he won the debate…..

      In addition shabir ally is the most polite of speakers, there have been instances when he had out witted his opponent, and could have then driven home his point harshly…. But he simply chose not to go for the kill…..

      Ahmed Deedat always drove home the point sternly, respectfully crushing his opponent….. Look what he did to Jimmy swaggart, who may be one of the greatest, most charismatic of Christian tele evangelists of all time…..

      Ultimately christians must admit that for the purpose of debate the Quran is a simpler, clearer book, written in the for of argument. It is common for the Quran to read as such…. ” have they consider…. ( this)”, ” the unbelievers say …. But … ( have they) ….. And so on

      The bible is simply not written in such format, it does contain miscellaneous information, weak points which can easily be brought to to forefront in debate…. And so on….

      I think that the fate and end of these debates is sealed….

      I don’t know if you happy with what I say, but all I hope to do is speak the truth….

  3. Hey, every tom, dick, and Jerry wants to debate with Dr.Zakir Naik!!! ofcourse to attain popularity by the way Dr.Zakir beat the shit out of the mentors of sam shamoun and Jochen Katz, i.e. Dr.William Campbell, check out the debate for the truth and moreover many Muslims have debateed with Sam who is no good for scholarly debate but he just pours out his venom in the form of abuses and many have refuted the answering-islam team check out the following websites:

    to debate with Dr.Zakir bring someone of his SIZE don’t bring oversized puppies!!! Dr.Zakir Naik invited His Holiness the Pope for debate, Franklyn Graham, Jerry fallwell etc., but they all ‘wise’ enough not to accept the invitation to save their reputation among their followers!!

    • Dr. Zakir Naik has kicked every so called Christian scholar left right and centre… Even so called Jerry Thomas was slapped with truth. Christians dont even know whats in their own Bible. I used to think Bible was holy but now I KNOW it is nothing but some mistyped misinformed misguiding literature. THAT’S THE REASON I CONVERTED TO ISLAM.
      I am Scientist at Kawasaki Robotics/
      I converted to Islam only after careful scrutiny for 4 years. Holy Koran is the only scripture that has scientific facts that are proven and make sense. Bible tells us Earth is flat… Impossible it is word of ALL WISE…

    • Oh…. come on…. why so much anger ?????!!!!!!

    • So many false claim. Zakar Naik is nothing but 1 verse liner shit banking idiot who kept talking and thinking he won because too stupid to understand anything. All your link proved nothing just like idiot zakar Naik so called facts.

  4. It is interesting to note that Dr. Zakir will challenge Pope to debate!!! (To gain popularity???). The fact that Dr. Naik challenges only evangelists like Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, and not those people who trained in Comparative religions shows who is afraid of whom. It is like debating with Imam of Mecca or any other Imam. Muslims themselves know that they are not equipped to debate with people of other faiths. Remember Bro. Imran too had “many” successful debates with pastors who were not trained in comparative religions. But for the first time, he debated with a student of comparative relgion from Christianity, Islam was exposed of its falsehood and emptiness. Same will be the story of Zakir too. He is afraid to debate with Bro. Sam Shamoun. Maybe Zakir might be having sleepless and shivering nights. Ask him to leave his falsehood and fall at the feet of Jesus, he will have true peace.

  5. Abu, you mentioned to bring someone ofDr. Zakir’s size. Who is this Zakir to challenge Pope. If Zakir was the Caliph of Sunni Muslims, it would have made sense. He is after all a Dawwah preacher. He is rejected by many Sunni Muslims themselves (read newspapers). So leave the size and come to the terms that both religions has to be represented by people who are trained in Comparative Religions even if they are Hyderabadi Abdul or Jerry. Offering to debate with people who are not trained Comparative Religion is dishonesty. Ask Zakir to take up the offer of debate. Do not yap. It does not make much sense.

  6. The followers of Dr.Zakir Naik (i call them Peaceist) will always have the tendency to argue debate but never understand. this is the new islamic cult. Ask the peaceist some thing beyond their Scripts they will not answers but make a answer to distract from the point. Such tactics are also used by terrorist of religion of Peace. to distract the cops.

    There is nothing great about the founder of the peaceist Zakir naik. Please remember he is a medical doctor MBBS. now if you vist a doctor when you are sick he will pricribe you certain medecine and tell about the cause. So Dr.naik uses such despensary tactics on stage.

    observe him word by word he will always ans your question but according to his understanding.

    In one of his video Concept of god In Hinduism and Islam. here a hindu brother asked him a question “according to all religion god is powerful and can do every thing than WHY CAN’T GOD BECOME MAN.”

    to this Q? Naik did answer. but you will realise his ans could only support to this Q?


    Check this link, this is posted by another Peaceist called “Deedatrocks “

    For long people were forced to say “there is no God but God” or this how peaceist understand “There is No God but Allah”. But now There is no Zakir but Fakir.

    remeber they began with a negative NO…..No… No…

  7. Peace to you

    lets expose the modern islamic cult followers and save many brothers and sisters from prophet Muhahmad(may he RestIn Peace)paradise.

    1) Founders of this site Bro. Nadir Ahmed a salafi muslim scholar was exposed by Bro. Sam Shamaun.

    check this link and the way debates are conducted

    and about out of context bibilcal explaination as according to this new islamic cult.

  8. “so many people are converting in christian not by understaning truth but by eating the money and by forced and also by terror.”

    Please Try the same, offer money to nonmuslim, ask them to change, you will understand what will happen.

    By force:

    Show me some examples,whoc chsnged in that way.

    By terror:

    Please do not talk much about this, the patent for that word is still with you.


    It is proved concept in the christianity,try to understand that it is never possible to change the god by Eating money, by force, and by terror.

    Only Truth makes 33.38%(highest) christian population in the world with family planning considered.

    • There are more Sunni Muslims than Roman Catholics. Apox 1.458 billion Sunni Muslims, 1.22 billion Roman Catholics ( 2006-2011) The gap is expected to grow……..
      It is not definitive that the religion with the most adherents is true, it is suggestive that the more people that believe in something the more likely it is to be true. It is also suggestive that if the rate of conversion to a religion is high the more likely it is to be true and so on…….
      You may explain the increase in number of adherents by saying that the birth rate has something to do with it, but I have looked into the matter…….

      Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh have high birth rates, but most other Muslim countries have fairly low birth rates. Many are desert countries in the middle east and north Africa, even European countries have higher birth rates then most of them. I haven’t come to a final calculation on the matter, but I tend to
      disbelieve the enormity of the claim. I think Muslims might have as a total a higher birth rate, but i don’t think it will be much higher than Christians, and I don’t think it will fully explain the increase in the number of adherents……

  9. Dear Brother,

    Same words used in the May 10th Debate by IMRAN, whats happening? more than 10,000 people witnessed.

    Everbody knows that who wants publicity, ur people wants to praise themselves than ur almighty.

    Do not try to attack by some nonsense words, if u really have that much show it on the screen, we need scriptures, not TOM,Dicky,and Imran words to prove ur almighty.

    we do not need TOM, Dicky and Zakir words to prove ur almighty, we need authenticity.

    when we asked this,one of ur TOM,DICKy, And imran showed us, Beranard shah words.

    U people are accepting that to certify ur prophet , you need a christain.

    Try in a professional way, not by gimmicks, not by making personal insults.

  10. I know you guys are turning red in rage and you all are desperate and you people are e.g. for gospel thumbpers use deceitful tactics as u guyz r using ‘muslim’names for posting comments against Islam and Muslims, well this is best u all can do as u have nothing else to offer. I don’t want to waste my time typing messages to brainless over enthus who are far far away from facts! Christianity has nothing to do with authenticity! there is no such thing in your belief, you don’t have to take my words for granted rather seek the truth sincerely do REsearch properly. checkout this documentary by non-muslims and by christians themselves proving that Christianity cannot be proved with authenticity. May Almighty Allaah guide you all to truth. Take care. NO hard feelings guyz!

  11. If the Muslims are honest enough, they should read this link:

    Regarding the Bible- If the Bible is corrupted, how will you ever verify whether Muhammad is a prophet or not. All you have is a circular argument. Muhammad is a prophet like Moses because Quran said so. Who said Quran is true- Muhammad. Muhammad said Quran is true, and Quran said Muhammad is true- a perfect example of circular reasoning. But look at the Holy Bible- written by 40 authors confirming each other, attested by miracles, witnessed by many. Did Muhammad do any miracles to attest his revelation? Was there any witness for his revelation? Zero Miracles. Zero witness. Muhammad is the hero of Zeroes- Muslims.

    Take care.

    • Well Qur’an is a miracle itself…. Read surah Ambia Ch 21 verse 30 to 34. It is mentioned that all stars and sun and planets are revolving in their own axis. 1400 years ago no one had an idea.. Even before 1984 we had the concept that sun was stationary quran told you that 1400 years ago. Moreover Bible says in genises that we created two great lights sun which rules the day n moon that rules the night now everyone know that moon has a reflected light. Where quran says that moon has a reflected light .. Who would know that back in 700 ??? Answer Please

  12. our muslim brothers are on fire when they talk about zakir and this show that they never heard him or never checked his teaching which is totally againt quran.

    christians in general are not interested in debates and all such publicity and if some one invites then we are ready to face them.

    zakir is a clever guy who use deception to reach his goal.he uses scriptures of other religionto prove his case ,now i have few question to zakir worshippers>

    1: do u belive puranas,vedas are from ALLAH? IF yes why dontwe see any doctrine of quran? why we see from vedad to puranas a concept of many GODS? if zakir quotes stories from these scriptures then why dont he accept rest of its part?

    2: WHAT IS THE SIZE OF ZAKIR??? SIZE 36? :grin .if his aim in to preach islam thenhe must do it but his intention is not preaching islam but publicity .thats why called him WORLDS GREATEST SHOW MAN.

    3:WHO IS THIS NADIR AHAMED.i think he is the brother of imran ali coz both like insulting others on stage and get refuted all time .check

    4.i wud ask the person who asked the question that where and who converted non-muslims to islam by money and terror .brother please gothrough ur history then u will find it.

    here are few quotes about muslim and non-muslims who commented on ZAKIR NAIK,the new god of sunni muslims:

    1;Sudie on January 8th, 2008 11:45 pm No offense meant dude, but from what I have heard of Zakir Naik on “Youtube” convinced me that at least some Muslim fundamentalist thinkers/ “scholars”, have a good sense of humor. His comments on Purdah system, Pigs, Uniform Civil Code, co-education of boys and girls, and sexual habits of pigs are quite hilarious. I admire the guy for presenting the arguments with such a straight face.

    2;Some opinions on Zakir Naik.

    Khaled Ahmed’s

    Referring chapter and verse to other religions only when they can be shown as being inferior to Islam is not right. There is cheap triumphalism in all this, which only an audience of simple people can admire. His audience is indeed of simple people who collectively gape at his unquestionably outstanding expertise.

    3:Khushwant Singh

    “My grievance against Muslims like Naik and those who listen to him with rapt attention is that they are trivialising Islam. Zakir Naik says – “Western society claims to have uplifted women. On the contrary, it has actually degraded them to the status of concubines, mistresses, and society butterflies who are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketers….” All I can say in reply is “Dr. Naik, you know next to nothing about the Western society and are talking through your skull cap. People like you are making the Muslims lag behind other communities.”

    4;mohammad raza khan on January 10th, 2008 5:17 pm in my opinion,

    dr zakir naik needs to do more reading and he needs to mind his tongue. what happened to all those who claim that they love prophet mohammad (s.a.w).imaam hussain was the same grandson who used to sit on prophet mohammad;s(s.a.w) lap and prophet loved him immensely. yet zakir naik had the courage to open his stupid mouth and say may allah peace be upon yazeed who brutally killed o u people who love prophet mohammad know that he loved imaam hussain and think wud prophet be happy hearing these coments from a person who claims to be a scholar.

    so for those who have written all these fatwas go stand in the mirror and ask this question to ur self and then decide urself if zakir naik’s actions were condoneable.


    5;Ubaid on January 11th, 2008 10:47 pm Naik has not committed a mistake. No Muslim scholar of any significance in the past except shia ulama has called him kafir or apostate for the unfortunate killing of Imam Hussain.

    6;Shahnawaz warsi on January 15th, 2008 7:45 am Most of the Ahle sunnah Scholar have Condemned Yazeed (May Allah tala grant him what he Deserve) and No One has Praised him in such a manner.Zakir Naik has also said that battle of Karbala was a political battle it is disgusting what more u can expect from a Physician / scholar of Comprative religion not Islamic Shariah.

    We have seen true Colours of Zakir naik now it is enough he is with yazeed and we are with Hussain.

    for more go to


  13. Dear Abu Zaynab,

    I never said i am a Muslim, I always supports Christianity in my posts(Pls read My posts).I used IMRAN name, i have enough reasons for that.

    For ur kind info, people who wrote posts in the public forms normally dont reveal their names.

    Boss, what is this nature i don’t understand, y u wanted to do research on the name?

    Y can’t u research on the subject?

    Ur Great IMRAN spent all his time to do research on JERRY THOMAS name.

    I never see people who waste their time on things which is no where links with subject like u people.

    Any how, u r calling us BRAIN LESS, good, Very nice, no body expects more than this from u people, who never think on the subject but only can make insulting others.

    U proved again Here, Bro.IMRAN Proved the same on the stage.

    “Don’t want to waste my time typing messages”

    After typing this line you typed again 6 lines, if some fellow tells some thing, but not doing the same are called as ——–.

    “you don’t have to take my words for granted”

    Do not dream for that, it will never happen to take for granted BRAIN MORE fellow’s words by Christians.

    • Use a name consistent with who you are. Don’t come of as dishonest! Let’s us all learn more.
      Before we all die, do we hope to find the truth, or do we hope to prove ourselves true no matter what.
      Do we hope to use our minds and logic or our anger and stupidity.
      I always liked Gary millers talks they are amongst my favorite from the hundreds in the collection that I have listened to, because they stem from fundamentals in logic.

  14. Abu Zaynab form the Peacist cult. Typed that we are using Muslim name and deceiving them.

    We have no problem name. If some Muhammad get baptised we dont tell him to call himself Mike.

    Now can one of you Peacist give me the defination of Muslim name and also a defination of Arabic name, Persian Name,Hindu name and Indian name.

    waiting for reply.

    (The Peaceist a new cult of Islamic Trinity- followers of Ahmed Dedat, Zakir Naik and Imran)

  15. Assalamulikum to every body…what zakir naik says or what imran says or what jerry says is not at all important, but important is what the religious scripture says we should see that….The glourious Quran is the miracle of miracles its a living proof and living miracle of Allah(swt) which can be verified today also…Qur’an stands to the test of time…but does the bible i think no according to the bible its mentioned the earth is he first book of the bible book of genesis itself u can take out 1000 of mistakes……i would request the sakshai organisation is instead of running for a debate with someone i would request them to solve the mistakes form the bible first…Zakir naik is the gift of Allah(swt)…what ever he speaks he does not use his own words but the Qur’an the sahih hadeeth…Zakir naik have lots of other works also which are much more important…Zakir naik had challenged the pope for the debate……and i think pope is enough from the christian side …when Zakir naik had the debate with william campbell he was the best that the christians could produce…and now the pope is the best christian can produce…Muslims are having truth with them tht is the Qur’an…Allah(swt) says int eh Qur’an in surah Al Isra ch:17 , v:81″when truth is heard likein falsehood , falsehood perishes for falsehood is by its nature bond to preish”

  16. Dear Syed Asif Ali Shah, you are writing without reading the links provided in this article. Every SINGLE question of Zakir has been refuted with the evidences of scripture by Sam Shamoun. It is the responsiblity of Zakir to tell, why those cannot be accepted. And when a person (in this case Sam Shamoun) answers all the questions with evidence from the Holy Scripture Bible, and then challenges Zakir to debate, why is he not willing to debate. Anyone can issue a challenge and it is not possible to take up the challenge. But once a person proves that he is speaking with substance, then opponent has to consider it. Zakir is running away like a coward from debating with Sam because he is afraid that he will lose his reputation like how Imran lost. Now, you are 100% correct, when you say it does not matter what Zakir says, or Imran says or Jerry says but what the scripture says. Then, why don’t you read the scripture written by prophets and then come to your conclusion. You will not. Why? Because a Deedat, a Zakir and a Imran said to you that those were corrupted by quoting people who are no authority in this issue. If you are honest in your standard, which is a correct standard, why don’t you read the Bible yourself and ask questions. I am sure every Christian including brothers at Sakshi would be extermely happy to answer your “own” questions. If you are repeating someone else’s question, we would like you to read the already provided answers. Please read the Holy Bible once in life time and understand what the Bible has to say rather than believe what your scholars say about Bible.

    • Please reconsider the continuos suggestion made on this page, that Sam debate. He has a naturally temperamental nature and is not the best debater. It may be better if Sam provides his arguments and concepts to someone who has real ability as a debater. I believe he may have a few good arguments, I believe he may be able to put together a logical construct on many issues, I believe that he has put in lots of effort on answering Islam, but we must all admit that even when Sam writes he sometomes descends into insult, and some illogical constructs……
      We want the best theorists to theorize, the best speakers to speak, and the world to see where truth lies……
      Look at what a good speaker Ali Ataie is. He speaks quickly whilst simultaneously maintaining clarity, he sets an audible tone, he argues logically whilst not loosing his temper, he makes a few polite jokes, he shows immense understanding of his subject matter…… He is about the best speaker. Learn from him.

  17. Dear Syed Asif Ali Shah, by your comment, i find you as a honest person.

    It is zakir naik who gives his own explanation about what he believes. Now the problem with muslim everywhere, is that they are poorly educated so its your mullas, convert your mind to what he believes and you people start following him.

    I know majority of you people have never read the Bible. But would like to comment about it.

    After fooling muslim and christian zakir is fooling the hindus

    These days he is using the literature of arya samaj and brahmo samaj to fool the hindus. the concept of one god and no idol worship.

    It was zakir naik who made your prophet(RIP) god Kalki avatara.

    Brother Syed Asif Ali Shah I would like you to find the truth by your self. As you said what zakir naik says or what imran says or what jerry says is not at all important, but important is what the religious scripture says we should see that…So now you do not listen to Sakshi,IREF OR IRF. But your self, get a bible read it understand it and over all pray.

    anyways Bible is not in greek or arabic.

    By your writing i see you are converting from islam to peaceism. This is a new cult of islam. the peaceist are the one who follow the teaching of Ahemed dedat+Zakir naik+imran=?

    May the Lord Jesus be with you

    • Who is imran? You guys keep mentioning him, but I’ve never heard of him, he can’t be very well known…… I’ve listened to hundreds of debates and talks. What is his surname?

  18. Syed Asif Ali Shah

    First you say that “what ZAKIR NAIK SAYS or what imran says or what jerry says is not at all important” and then you say “Zakir naik is the gift of Allah(swt)…what ever he speaks he does not use his own words but the Qur’an the sahih hadeeth…Zakir naik have lots of other works also which are much more important”. So you contradict yourself by first telling not to heed the teachings of one man and then you go lavishing and praising the person who you first discredited.

    I have seen everyone one of Zakir’s speeches and here my observations

    1. He has great memory.

    2. He misquotes Bible verses

    3. He interprets them absolutely wrongly.. fanciful to say the least.

    3. He adds mixes half truths and lies to many statements to make it sound like truth.

    4. He brings out the most ridicilous arguments like his teachings to KILL APOSTATES, anyone who eats pork becomes like a pig which is sheer nonsense, logic for polygamy etc.

    He is not worthy for a debate with qualified and professional speakers and presenters like Ravi Zacharias, Sam Shamoun et al to tell you the least. He needs to first bring

    1. Talk Sense

    2. Stop lieing and decieving

    3. Stop bringing nonsense allegories

    A real discussion/debate does not give time to argue about lies and deceptions but sort out the facts from fiction. Intentional lieing and decieving MUST STOP by the likes of Deedat (he was stopped in his tracks-no speaking, no moving), Naik and br.Imran.

    br. Imran has amply demonstrated the approach of islamic appologists – insulting the opposing speaking, side tracking to irrelavent and totally unrelated topics like tom and jerry and bodmas and they make a laughing stock out of themselves before the whole world.

    You say that the Quran is a miracle. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. It is interesting to note that the ONLY miracle noted in the Quran is the Quran itself. isn’t this the same book that says that Jews descend from Apes and pigs? Great.

    What in the world is so great about a book claiming itself to be a miracle?

    In that case, I would say that Salman’s Rushdies Satanic Verses is a miracle in itself and therefore, Salman Rushdie is a prophet…the last prophet? Why see how excellent his grammer and pros are. What amazing literary excellence. He talks of the spirit realm also. There is no book comparable to Satanic Verses. Hence it is a miracle. Hence Salman Rushdie is a prophet…the last prophet.

    Muslims! Please bring a better example of a miracle!

    And as usual, Muslims want to debate with people who have absolutely no speaking skills and are not even Bible believing Christians to win brownie points. Do you know anything about the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church? Maybe we should debate islam with the president of Iran? what say?

    Why does Naik keep refusing Sam Shamoun? Again and again they request him to be present for a debate but he chickens out saying the most stupid arguments: “We want to debate an Indian”.

    As usual, Naik goes for only weak presenters.

    • Sam is extremely temperamental, has clearly lost many debates. If Sam debates any good muslim speaker, many an honest man who takes truth seriously including myself will feel that SAMs over zealous nature was taken advantage off……
      Why do people on this page keep making this suggestion? Who has been talking to you people? What have they been saying? Did they glorify Sam as a genius of sorts? Did they tell you that everyone is scared to debate him?

  19. Syed Bhai,

    After reading first two lines of ur post i thought it is interesting and u r honest, but once i reach the Gift of allah line, i felt it routine.

    Let us analize from ur own words, what ever Zakir said that is from quran thats what u said , if some one proves Zakir is a lier can u accept that quran is a lie.

    If some one proves that Zakir is doing gimmicks in the stage, then will u accept quran is also full of gimmicks.

    Dear syed, i found that u people beleive on Zakir, Imran words more than ur quran.

    If u wanted to debate then u do with scholors not with leaders ,popes and etc.,

    Then only fact will come out(on may 10th it came). do not try publicity gimmicks by calling pope for debate.

    a small advice, come to jesus and then if you wanted to prove ur beleive then you dont need any gimmicks, BODMAS equations, Cartoon characters, lies,bernard shah words, zakir speeches,Third party witnesses, but


    is enough.

    • If you can sufficiently prove that anything in the world is true, religious or otherwise, science or history or astronomy… If you can show me something regarding architecture ( my own field) or warfare….. that is true…. I as an honest person… am most humble and willing to listen and belief.
      If you haven’t convinced me of the soundness of the bible as a totality, or the belief in the trinity I promise you the problem is with what you are preaching.
      If you remove all others, the words of scholars, the words of Zakir naik and everyone else and simply pit the bible against the Quran …. Scripture against scripture, word of god against word of god…..
      I believe you may find that the Quran becomes almost impenetrable in its dialectic whilst the bible will still have endless holes in it. I only say this out of honesty…

      So why do you say such things? Do you not think you should inspect the Quran and the bible well before you suggest such things? Do you think that such a suggestion will not be taken up at some point? Do you think you could possibly win such an encounter? Or do you not know any better?

  20. “If the Bible is corrupted, how will you ever verify whether Muhammad is a prophet or not.” Traces of truth are extant in the Bible,though, majority is definetly corrumpted by christian monks, I donot say so, christian scholars accept this FACT. If you have KJV bible then go to the preface and read it for yourself.

    “Muhammad is a prophet like Moses because Quran said so”, Brother, your biblical knowledge is little low, its Deuteronomy 18.18 which speaks so. Have a check today.

    “Who said Quran is true- Muhammad. Muhammad said Quran is true, and Quran said Muhammad is true- a perfect example of circular reasoning.” Iam apologize to repeat but again a lack of biblical knowledge, Jesus(pbuh) also says Quran and Mohammad(pbuh) is veritable, we read in John, Jesus(pbuh) speaking “I have more to say but ye cannot bear them know, for he when the spirit of truth will come will teach you.” and Mohammad’s(pbuh) teaching is found in Where? ofcourse Quran. Does this sound circular.?

    “But look at the Holy Bible- written by 40 authors confirming each other, attested by miracles, witnessed by many”


    “Did Muhammad do any miracles to attest his revelation? Was there any witness for his revelation? Zero Miracles. Zero witness. Muhammad is the hero of Zeroes- Muslims.”

    Now, if you donot know about the miracles and Mohammad(pbuh) having testimonies to it, does not imply that he didnot had miracles and ppl to testify that. Let me use a very perspicuous example, Quran,a standing miracle for ages, arent you and William Moore, testimony for that. Let me say only extant miracle.

    “Desist from THREE that will be good for you” Quran.

  21. The truth is that the bible has been changed soo many times that any point made by any christian scholar or debator cannot be proven with 100% confidence(no matter what you say there is no denying this). There are countless numbers of contradictions in the bible even you know this yet you follow. The bible has less knowledge and information about Jesus(ie prophet esa)than the quraan, (ask yourself why this is??) the quraan has been sent to guide the ummah (the people) in your case the bible is causing confusion among yourselves how can anyone change the words of god.

    You go church once a week for 1 hour or maybe your “religous” and go twice a week and you think you are the true worshipers BUT do you worship god, or jesus( the son of god) or the holy spirit or all of them just a bit too confusing for me.

    Islam says there is none worthy of worship but allah.

    read the quraan and if you think there is a contradiction then ask me and i give you my word you will be wrong.

    • Sadly to inform you that it is the unholy quran that has been edited and changed hundred of time to refute a y new proof that it is a book of lies. Not the holy Bible. By the way zakir aka zakar Naik is an idiot

  22. 1. The Bible has been changed many times: Show us where it has been changed.

    2. Quran has more information about Jesus: Sajid- go get your head checked. Quran has 25 verses of Jesus by name. Bible has entire four books only the life of Jesus in addition to prophecies and epistles. FYI: Quran has only four verses of Muhammad by name. Now you think why it is so. Was allah so dumb that though he mentioned muhammad as the model, he forgot to write about muhammad in his quran?

    3. We do not care what your quran says. Say what the true prophets have said.

  23. HINDUS worship many god and godesses, how can their be so many god and godesses, creator only one that is ALLAH (swt) lets say for example if a son goes to his father and say that i have got 4 other fathers , so what is the reaction that fathers have at that time, u tell me sanjay, either he slap the boy or scolded him in anger,that how i have given birth to him and he is saying that he has got 4 more fathers. that is my point , if someone is worshiping , so he or she worship one na, how can they worship lot of god and godess this is totally wrong, definately the creator also get angry. so thats we proud always worship one that ALLAH (swt) we dont have so many . so i m proud that i follow islam which the right and propht Muhammad sallalahu Alaihi wasallam is our prophet and guidance, who has shown the right way and right path. just think of it bro then u will understand the whole thing. see system in of ISLAM U really like it.

    • so aziz now you made a mistake there ,you are going to be punished by our god.for quran says allah can’t be father and you just made allah as father through your brother,allah is not so loving to make you his dear son but he loves you like a master,because of which he calls you slave,afterall you are slave in quran.just a slave and you can’t deny that till you are in islam.

  24. Jerry Thomas should develop his skills in debating.his problem is he dont want a opposite person to remember the questions what he ask it shows he is not honest.he himself cant understand what he says.I saw the vcd of the debate held on may 10th.Jerry with his insulting body language was trying to prove that sun comes in the night and moon comes in the day.By the way Br.Imran has Kicked him.Br.Imran has washed him.Jerry shamelessly trying to prove in his web site that he has won the debate ,so childish.He never proved that jesus is devine.He was quoting out of context.And was shouting as if he is inspired with unholy sprit or he is having some mental problem.i suggest jerry to consult psychiatric.Bad luck u have lose the debate better try next time when u come back from mental hospital.Get well soon jerry.

  25. *”HINDUS worship many god and godesses, how can their be so many god and godesses, creator only one that is ALLAH”*

    Dear bro why do you count God. What they believe is the concept of Ekam Sat or the absolute Truth. God Is One and Only One. God is omnipresent. Worship God in any form, name which ultimately reaches the ekamsat. eg: 1x1x1=1

    Now Bro Aziz, About Our Christian Belief. We believe in the oneness of God, and when we say We have one God. It is not necessary it has to be numerically 3 or 1

    *”lets say for example if a son goes to his father and say that i have got 4 other fathers , so what is the reaction that fathers have at that time, u tell me sanjay, either he slap the boy or scolded him in anger,that how i have given birth to him and he is saying that he has got 4 more fathers.”*

    Bro Aziz any we know your allah permit you to have many mothers. I want to Know personally how many fathers you have?

    Bro Aziz We believe God is our heavenly Father. Our Relation with God is like Father and Children.

    Not like islam Master and slave.

    *”that is my point , if someone is worshiping , so he or she worship one na, how can they worship lot of god and godess this is totally wrong, definately the creator also get angry. so thats we proud always worship one that ALLAH (swt) we dont have so many “*

    Dear Bro Aziz first study learn and understand other religion. Because the time i started understanding islam. I found out it was inspired by Jewish religion, Gnostic Christianity, Arianism and Over all the pre islamic pagan religion. The concept of kissing the black stone Kaaba.

    *”so i m proud that i follow islam which the right and propht Muhammad sallalahu Alaihi wasallam is our prophet and guidance, who has shown the right way and right path. just think of it bro then u will understand the whole thing. see system in of ISLAM U really like it.”*

    Yes Bro Aziz I understand the concept of Salve and master. I understand hatred towards non muslim. I understand the injustice and justice in islam.

  26. Dear All Salman Is Back

    Are Salman Miya, people like use good technique of posting your comment on a old page just thinking you would not be refuted.

    This either show you are hired web agent of IREF or a cheap jihadi.

    Please grow up. And refute with good points.

  27. Peace be on all of you.

    The Verses of Qur’an are the best Answers to all those who doubt, so I would like to give you an advice to read Qur’an. Even if you are simply doing it to find errors in it ‘coz you’ll simply not find any (if you start using your brain and apply some logic.) and who knows if Allah gives you Hidayat.

    Anyway, this is not a question if Dr. Zakir Naik can compete with someone or the other, I can’t understand why you are doing this, I mean we Muslims do not worship Zakir Naik or Ahmad Deedat or Imran Or even Prophet himself(pbuh).

    For once and all, lemme tell you that we worship none but Allah.

    See the prob. With you guys is this – you easily take anything to do with respecting or admiring someone as worshipping him/her.

    I am not a professional lecturer I’m just a kid who believes not just b’coz my parents does or your comments would have shattered my Iman (faith) but I believe b’coz of several things. I don’t know if you would be convinced with’em since you are after all Non believers but my work is to give you the message of Qur’an – you accept it or reject it. It’s upto you.

    The Qur’an says in:

    Surah: 2, verse: 6

    “Verily those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe.”

    Verse: 13

    “And when it is said to them: “Believe as the people (followers of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have believed,” they say: “Shall we believe as the fools have believed?” Verily, they are the fools but they know not.

    Verse: 78, 79

    “And there are among them unlettered people, who know not the Book, but they trust upon false desires and they but guess.”

    “Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands and then say, “this is from Allah,” to purchase with it a little price! Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn.”

    Verse: 91

    “And when it is said to them (the Jews) “believe in what Allah has sent down,” they say, “We believe in what was sent down to us.” And they disbelieve in that which came after it, while it is the Truth confirming what is with them. Say: “Why then have you killed the Prophets of Allah aforetime, if you indeed have been believers.”

    Verse: 15

    “Allah mocks at them and gives them increase in their wrong doing to wander blindly.”

    Verse: 18

    “They are deaf, dumb and blind, so they return not (to the Right Path)”

    Verse: 111

    “And they say, “None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian.” These are their own desires. Say, “Produce your proofs if you are truthful.”

    Verse: 170, 171

    “When it is said to them, “follow what Allah has sent down!” they say, “Nay! We shall follow what we found our fathers following.” (Would they do that?) Even though their fathers did not understand anything nor were they guided?”

    “And the example of those who disbelieve is as that of him who shouts to those (Flocks of sheep) that hears nothing but calls and cries. (They are) deaf, dumb and blind. So they do not understand.”

    Verse: 140

    “Or say you Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma’il (Ishmael), Ishaq(Isaac), Ya’qub(Jacob) and offspring of the twelve sons of Ya’qub(Jacob) were Jews or Christians? Say, “Do you know better or does Allah (know better… that they were Muslims)? And who is more unjust that he who conceals the testimony [i.e. to believe in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when he comes, as is written in their Books.] he has from Allah? And Allah is not unaware of what you do.

    Surah: 3, Verse: 71

    “O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Why do you mix truth with falsehood and conceal the truth while you know?”

    Verse: 99

    “Say: “O people of the scripture (Jews and Christians)! Why do you stop those who have believed, from the Path of Allah and Islam? And Allah is not unaware of what you do.”

    Verse: 138

    “This (the Qur’an) is a plain statement for mankind, a guidance and instruction to those who are pious.”

    Verse: 190

    “Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding.”

    Verse: 64

    “Say, “O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Come to a word that is just between us and you, and that we worship none but Allah, that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us take others as lords besides Allah. Then, if they turn away, say, “Bear witness that we are Muslims.”

    Verse: 65

    “O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Why do you dispute about Ibrahim (Abraham), while the Taurat (Torah) and Injeel (Gospel) were not revealed till after him? Have you then no sense?”

    Verse: 67

    “Ibrahim (Abraham) was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was a true Muslim and he was not of the Al-Mushriqun [polytheist, wrong doers etc.]

    Verse: 100

    “O you who believe! If you obey a group of those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians), they would render you disbelievers after you have believed.”

    Surah: 4, Verse: 82

    “Do they not then consider the Qur’an carefully? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein many a contradictions.”

    Surah: 109

    “Say [ O Muhammad(pbuh) to Al- Kafirun (disbelievers)], “O disbelievers!

    I worship not that, which you worship,

    Nor will you worship that which I worship.

    And I shall not worship that, which you are worshipping,

    Nor will you worship that which I worship.

    To you be your Religion and to me be my Religion.”

    thank you.

  28. Dear Nabeela, Peace of Lord Jesus Christ Be with You

    3 John 1:14 Peace to you. The friends here send their greetings.

    Greet the friends there by name.

    I am not a professional lecturer I’m just a kid who believes not just b’coz my parents does or your comments would have shattered my Faith but I believe b’coz of several things. I don’t know if you would be convinced with’em since you are after all In the spell of the PEACEIST cult of islam. but my work is to give you the message of Lord JESUS CHRIST – you accept it or reject it. It’s upto you.

    1 John 2:22 WHO IS THE LIAR but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is the ANTICHRIST, even he that denieth the Father and the Son.

    2 John 1: 7 Many DECEIVERS, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person IS THE DECEIVER AND THE ANTICHRIST.

    Dear Nabeela,

    Please investigate the life of your prophet. How colourful was his life?

    Please ask a question to your Daawah preachers why you have to kiss the black stone kaaba. (Please dont give zakirs answer. As we have seen many statues and huge idols where people climb over them to clean them. but for a BELIEVER CHRISTIAN this is idol worship.)

    Why do your quran say allah will send JESUS CHRIST for the day of judgement.

    i was a non believer until i found HIM. i would like to tell you Jesus is my personal savior. I hope one day you will to accept HIM as your personal savior

    • You Have quoted the words from johns gospels with additions and subtractions? In just two verses you quoted you’ve added and subtracted……

      Sincerity to yourself, true belief, honesty. He who is not true will not be guided….

  29. Dear Nabeela,

    Peace and salvation be to you and other Muslim brother and sister. Your advice seemed appealing to me. I’ve read the Quran as you suggested in your above comment. I’ve got some interesting insights from the Quran. I am only wondering why the truth in the Quran didn’t strike you the same way it did me.

    You said, “the verses of Qur’an are the best Answers to all those who doubt.” To some extent you are right. I realized that the Quran does confirm what you’ve said. It seems to me that you Muslims do not take seriously all the words of Quran

    Muslims believe that whatever the Quran says to them is actually what Allah (or God) says to them. In that the Quran is Allah’s words. Below are some of the words that show us what Allah says to the Muslims in the Quran. If the Quran is true and you are a true Muslim you’ve got no choice but to believe and do this:

    About the Bible (Torah and Injeel) and those who try to find fault with it.

    Lo! We did reveal the Torah (Old Testament), wherein is guidance and a light” (Sura 5:44);

    We gave him the Injeel (New Testament), in which was guidance and light” (Sura 5:46);

    Say (O Muslims): We believe in Allah…and that which Moses and Jesus received (Torah and Injeel)…(Sura 2:136);

    Say: O followers of the Book (Muslims)! You follow no good till you keep up the Torah and the Injeel and that which is revealed to you (Quran) from your Lord (Sura 5:68);

    Those who cry lies to the Book (that came from Allah such as the Bible: Torah & Injeel, and the Quran)… soon they will know when the fetters and chains are on their necks, and they dragged…(Sura 40:70-71)

    About Christians

    I will set thy followers (Christians) above the unbelievers (who are not Christians) till the Resurrection Day (Sura 3:55)

    About Jesus (Isa): Sent to all; Has a privilege that no other prophet has, before him or after him; He is sinless; He is alive and with God unlike any other prophet, before him or after him.

    We may make of Isa a revelation for mankind (not just for Jews and Christians but for all; even the Quran admits this truth) (Sura 19:21)

    We breathed into her (Mary) of Our Spirit and made her and her son (Isa) a token for peoples (not just for Jews and Christians but for all; even the Quran admits this truth) (Sura 21:91)

    And when the angels said: O Mary! Lo! Allah hath chosen thee and made thee pure, and hath preferred thee above (all) the women of creation (no other prophet’s mother has this privilege even in the Quran) (Sura 3:42)

    He said: “I am only a messenger of thy Lord, that I may bestow on thee a holy son (Isa) (Sura 19:19)

    Allah said: O Jesus! Lo! I am gathering thee and causing thee to ascend unto Me (no other prophet has this status even in the Quran) (Sura 3:55)

    About Muhammad

    I (Muhammad) do not know what will be done with me or with you (Sura 46:9)

    So know (O Muhammad) that there is no God save Allah, and ask forgiveness for thy sin and for believing men and believing women (Sura 47:19)

    That Allah may forgive thee of thy sin that which is past and that which is to come

    Then have patience (O Muhammad). Lo! The promise of Allah is true. And ask forgiveness of thy sin (Sura 40:55)

    The Quran which Muslims believe as Allah’s words confirms that the Torah and Injeel are from Allah too, therefore it is only logical for all the Muslims to listen and obey what is given in Torah and Injeel. Here is what God says in these books:

    God is one

    Torah: Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one! (Deuteronomy 6:4)

    Injeel: There is one God, and one mediator also between GOD and people, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony borne at the proper time. (1Tim.2:5-6)

    (To believe that God is one is not enough, although it is an important step toward salvation)

    You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder. (Injeel: James 2:19)

    (Salvation comes through believing in what God has appointed for that purpose but not in your own works such as washing body parts, doing namaz, going to church or giving to the poor etc.)

    Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved, you and your household. (Injeel: Acts 16:31)

    About non-Christians like Muslims who have zealous for one God

    For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge. For not knowing about God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes. (Injeel: Romans 10:2-4)

    About all those who reject the message of the Bible; the true God is declaring…

    You will keep on hearing, but will not understand; and you will keep on seeing, but will not perceive; for the heart of this people has become dull, and with their ears they scarcely hear, and they have closed their eyes lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart and return, and I should heal them. (Injeel: Matthew 13:14-15)

    The reasons why Muslims brother and sisters are unable to see the truth…

    And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. (Injeel 2Cointhians 4:3-4)

    When the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire, dealing out retribution to those who do not know God (atheists) and to those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus (Muslims and the like). And these will pay the penalty of eternal destruction… (Injeel: 2Thessolonians 1:7-9).

    Hope this will encourage you to seek the truth, peace and salvation. All these are freely available in Jesus Christ. Don’t be bogged down in external religious displays, fear of the jinn and the uncertainty of the future.

    Love to see you on the side of the ‘truth.’

    PS: You quoted Surah 4:109 about the contradictions in the Quran. I thought you might be interested in seeing the Quran’s contradictions listed here and try whether you can really find some answer for them.

    • I’ve read what you’ve written. You have given many common straw men arguments which I’ve heard before, and have been amply answered .

      But why did you write what you wrote? Do you not know how weak your arguments are? Do you think that someone will not check them up and then realize the frivolous nature of what you saying? Do these arguments satisfy your own yearning to continue believing in what you do ?
      Why did you write it ? You obviously put effort into writing it….

  30. opko :p l;l;zdc

  31. The Muslims feel proud of Dr.Zakir Naik but they don’t know the fact that he actually is a coward. he will debate with people where he can get popularity. If he has such an Islamic scholar why doesn’t he debate with Ali Sina who has send many letters inviting him. I hope muslims are listening.

  32. dear Mr. christopher john the fact is zakir naik had very easy winning debates with sri sri ravi shankar a founder of art of living and great hindu scholar who after debate greatly accepted the quotations from vedas and even Dr william champbell who is a well known christian preacher challenging quran with no authenticity and proofs was answered all his queries about quran the only thing is that what ever is quoted should be authentic and not unauthentic

  33. Dear Danish miya

    The below comment proves your typical Hyderabadi Abdul attitude

    the fact is zakir naik had very easy winning debates with sri sri ravi shankar a founder of art of living and great hindu scholar who after debate greatly accepted the quotations from vedas.

    This gathering was not a debate but Dialogue Where did zakir naik mmbbs win. rather his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar kept his cool.

    Coming back to this debate. When many muslim around the world became members of art of living. So many wahabbi muslim approached zakir to defame Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

    Dr william champbell who is a well known christian preacher as you say. is not trained Christain apologist or in simple words nor like zakir Student of comparitive religion.

    Good news what ever Dr william champbell was unable to answer is alredy answered by world famous Christian Apologist and student of comparative religion from Christian side Bro Sam Shamoun

    readers can log on to answering islam website to chck zakir getting refuted.



    • What is a hyderabadi Abdul attitude? Is it a slur of sorts, an insult? Is it helping your cause? Is such a comment wise to make ? Why do you make them?
      Who are the Christian apologist whom you don’t mention by name? You cant say someone is not willing to debate ” a broad spectrum of miscellaneous people”‘….. It doest make sense…… I can’t assess if it’s true that he doesn’t want to debate them or not, how would I go about assessing such a claim…. ?

      His debated Christians! Where they Christian apologists of comparative religion ? Some Christians may believe that they are. William Campbell who is a Christian wrote a book regarding the miracles of the Quran. So he had compared the bible ( his own believe ) with the Quran.

      Not being happy with how william Campbell faired in debate doesn’t mean he isn’t a scholar of comparative religion. He certainly is

  34. Lets debate on Why Dr. Zakir Naik M.B.B.S is running away from debating Bro. Sam Shomoun

    Any Muslim reading this please get you request you islam idol winner zakir naik to debate Christian student of comparative religion

  35. Brothers I discovered something interesting.. I wanted to send email to Dr. Zakir or his fans to encourage himt o debate with Bro. Sam Shomoun . You know what it says “””Contact

    (This mail doesn’t go to Zakir Naik but the owner of this website (a fan of him).

    This page is not available due to ongoing website updates.

    Very funny thats what happens if hes really convince about his lost and carry the fear of being depopular. Hope someday he will know the truth and that the truth will set him free

  36. y u ppl making fun of him.if u have talent n knowledge so u dont u ppl cum in front of him……….

  37. Areeba- are you in LKG or pre-school? You seems to be unable to read the write-up. Christian debaters have challenged Zakir and he runs away like a coward. His money making Dawwah business is under threat. Zakir will debate only with people who have never debated before and will never with an established debater. William Cambpell- first debate. Sri Sri- first debate. Sam Shamoun – many successful debates challenged Zakir, send a letter to IRF but Zakir like a coward runs away with his tail behind.

  38. Brother Zakir…

    keep the rope of Allah and the most authentic teachings of Islam accoriing to the way of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and keep the flag of Islam High.

    We are with you togather to keep the journey towards the way of Jannah

    In Sha Allah.. 🙂

  39. may peace and blessing of almighty GOD be all one of you

    i knew people who comment against DR Zakir naik knows the real truth about islam ,

    i saw many comments of brothers that why dr zakir naik cant debate with Bro. Sam Shomoun etc

    He will have a dailog but its not matter of debate or something. Zakir naik dont want scare to debate with sam or any one since he talks about islam, but they fear y??

    Becouse Islam is truth

    ok if some one doubt do one thing dr zakir naik is alwys conduction open and question session

    ask him y dont u have a dilog with sam or any one, u ask , He will give the answer

    And say: “The Truth has arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.” (Surah Al Isra’ 17:81-82)

    brothers y shud v debate

    let us know the truth, be open minded,

    think with open heart,

    May ALLAH guide you all

  40. you can see the challenge of dr zakir naik with sri ravi.ravi shansker quite after half of his time giving unmean answers not related to religion but to some one who still not believe means mighty ALLAH blessing is not with him…wake up people and turn to islam..

    Allah o akber

  41. Till now I had heard about muslims heros defending islam. But now I see Muslim defending Zakir the hero of islam.

    Hey chap grow up… pls post this link on zakir irf website… and get us irf response.

    pls dont run away to face Christian apologist like zakir

  42. Sir, I can answer to Zakir Naik that Jesus was not Muslim according to Quran.

  43. i just wanted to say that zakir niak is only choose people those have not enough knowledge,,,,,,i promise ,,,,,i will accept islam if zakir niak debate with Dr Robert Morey,,,,,

  44. Why you have opened many satanic sites to defame Islam & DR,Zakir Naik. Why this evil Sinner-or Sina bark inside without giving an address or come out on open debate.

    Dr.Zakir Invited all including Pope to come to open debate.

    Islam stands on truth & Dr.Zakir conveys message of truth as confirmed by all 124,000 Holy Prophets from Holy Adam through Holy Abraham, Holy Moses,Holy Jesus & last Holy Prophet Holy Mohammed.

  45. Hi every non-muslim bro,i have seen in the homepage that many many christian can answer dr Zakir. I know u can answer. But u can’t answer in front of dr zakir. Because dr Zakir will find the lake of ur answer and make u a fool ! So, answering dr Zakir or answering ISLAM is impossible for ever. BECAUSE ISLAM IS THE ONE AND ONLY TRUTH IN THE SEA OF RELIGION .- a student of comparative religion.

  46. If you want to see some real good great debates (that is sam shamoun in action), go and watch It’s a christian free online 24-hour television dedicated to expose the lies of islam and its prophet.

    • You may watch ABN but they have been bias on occasions. Honest Christians will verify this, but I won’t discourage it.
      I believe that when you want to hear the truth you should go to both sides, debates put up by Muslims, debates put up by Christians, and look for the most honest forums, look for debaters who don’t resort to insults or illogical arguments, who don’t have tendencies to get angry and who honestly believe in what they preaching.
      Do you believe Jimmy swaggart when he preachers against pornography then goes to sleep with a prostitute? Then repents on television, then goes to sleep with a prostitute again…
      Does he honestly believe what he says?
      Do you believe Ahmed deedat who preaches his whole life, and when his sick and in bed and can only communicate by moving his eyelids he uses his time and minimal energy to preach to the doctors by moving his eyelids…?
      Do you think he believes in what he says or blinks ? I think he honestly believed, that doesn’t mean he was right, but he honestly believed……
      This is important that we are all honest with ourselves and with others….

  47. Hi friends i think the question of christians is very plain… We said that why do zakir naik avoided debating prominent christian apologists such as Sam Shamoun? Why do he prefere debating little know christians such as Ruknuddin Pio and old men such as William campbell? I want to see this guy debating Sam or any other well known christian debater. Pleas muslims stop throwing unwise words, calm down and ask zakir to answer for the call of christians. Let him give response publicly rather than ignoring our challenge. I bet he will not ever face sam because he knows that he will be defeated woefully as that of Osama Abdalla, Shabir Ally & other muslim propagandists… If this will not be true let him come out behind the smoke screen he created and let the truth be revealed…

  48. 1 Peter 4:8
    Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

    Matthew 5:9
    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

    brother let us love each other and live next generation peacefully.

    debates are leading to us to fight each others.

  49. Hello Muslim Brothers,I am Hindu But Born Again Christian!!!
    *The Knowledge of Zakir naik On the bible is Less Than a Zero*
    -He is not a liar, BUT Totally misunderstanding about the Holy bible by reading or coat selective verses of bible..
    -Muhammad is founder of False Jesus..

    • Is zakir naiks knowledge less than zero? He can quote almost any verse of the bible off hand. He quotes pretty accurately, doesn’t deceive or misquote.
      Part of his understanding of the bible would fall into aspects which is consistent with mainstream judaism and Christianity.
      Does that mean he has no knowledge of the bible, zero knowledge or at least some knowledge?
      Part of what he says would not be accepted by Christians or Jews and so on….
      Now you could make accurate statements and come of as believable and honest, or you could begin with a blatant falsehood and every Muslim or Christian or Jew or atheist will know on some level that you don’t believe you need to be entirely honest when you talk.
      Now this is a problem. How do you begin engaging with someone like that. You can do better.

  50. zakir naik is using false teaching – lot of debater already challenged zakir naik debaters like david wood, nabeel qureshi(Converted from Islam), sam shamoun. Here by attaching few link. These link already existing in internet please visit those site and decide who is right.

    • The debaters you mentioned have all lost many times, to many opponents. David Wood stood no chance against Ali ataie!

      Does it matter is they debate naik or not? What matters is if they can defend their arguments against any debater …..

      I was amazed how weakly Nabeel faired in debate with shabir ally. I thought he’d do better…..

      Why exactly are people on this website so vilifying zakir naik and canonizing Sam shamoun ? Where do you guys come from? I’ve found the strangest comments on this site. It has really made my day….

  51. Zakir Naik Proves That ALLAH is a MOUSE!!! (Based on Song of Solomon 5:16)

    …must watch.

    • You convince no one with such a comment or claim. Logic, logic, logic….. That is what we want…. not mockery
      Reason with people…. Convince them….. Change their minds….. Unite them in religious brotherhood…..

  52. MY NAME IS MEHROUR BADLOE my email is
    my phone number is 597-8796378

    I challence all scolars NON -MUSLIM for debate .I have found out to debate with non
    muslim it is totally NOT IMPORTANT to know in details about their scriptures
    BY reading and understanding the QURAN it is more than enough to debate all scolars.
    ALLMIGHTY GOD said very clearly in the Quran: We should NOT follow any book, but only
    the Quran.NO HADITHS – YOU want to use GOSPELS you are free , my weapon will be only

  53. This guy is really a very good liar. I fyou had asked Dr Zakir Naik he would agree to answer all your questions. You’re just blabbing on your site go in his show and ask him for debate infront of thousand of ppl if you’re honest.

  54. Dear everyone,im not gonna judge anyone here..I went through all vedas,bible,quran…In my point if view..its all the language of love..Before coming to the point..Hinduism has got ome god..the many you see is his formation..its for your comfortale..You can call vishnu or shiva ..cuz all are same..all are one…Islam came to this world officially by AD 650,Christianity before ZakrBC,Hindusim has a living experience of 10000 years..lord Rama 5000 years ago,Lord krishna lived in BC 3106,..I saw a brother commenyed here as islam has the scientific relation..i wont completley agree it..even zakir naik partially agreed it…according to islam there is no human who can travel outsife earth..its there in quran..but its wrong here..Dr Zakir Naik accepted that Kaaba is the Shiva temple thru reference of Bhavishya Purana (Hindu Written 5000 years ago to foretell the future) – Imagine 5000 years ago !!! …. Islam came into existence 1400 years only. In Present day context ….We are witnessing the same in IRAQ, SYRIA, AFPAK, NIGERIA … innocent people(that too muslims …) are killed without any reason/fault … Checkout the Video – …. Watch it till the end ….. Also – checkout – Translation of Bhavishya Purana –
    3000 BC texts …Which predicted about Muhammed and Islam 5000 years ago…..
    Dr zakir naik accepting there is shiv ling in kaba
    Islam is fake. ·
    Like · Reply · More · Jul 22, 2015.
    ,22 Reasons To Believe ancient Bharat Is Based On Science

    People are advised to worship Neem and Banyan tree in the morning. Inhaling the air near these trees, is good for health.

    If you are trying to look ways for stress management, there can’t be anything other than Hindu Yoga aasan Pranayama (inhaling and exhaling air slowly using one of the nostrils).

    Hindu temples are built scientifically. The place where an idol is placed in the temple is called ‘Moolasthanam’. This ‘Moolasthanam’ is where earth’s magnetic waves are found to be maximum, thus benefitting the worshipper.

    Every Hindu household has a Tulsi plant. Tulsi or Basil leaves when consumed, keeps our immune system strong to help prevent the H1N1 disease.

    The rhythm of Vedic mantras, an ancient Hindu practice, when pronounced and heard are believed to cure so many disorders of the body like blood pressure.

    Hindus keep the holy ash in their forehead after taking a bath, this removes excess water from your head.

    Women keep kumkum bindi on their forehead that protects from being hypnotised.

    हस्त ग्रास
    Eating with hands might be looked down upon in the west but it connects the body, mind and soul, when it comes to food.

    Hindu customs requires one to eat on a leaf plate. This is the most eco-friendly way as it does not require any chemical soap to clean it and it can be discarded without harming the environment.banana; palash leaves

    Piercing of baby’s ears is actually part of acupuncture treatment. The point where the ear is pierced helps in curing Asthma.

    Sprinkling turmeric mixed water around the house before prayers and after. Its known that turmeric has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

    The old practice of pasting cow dung on walls and outside their house prevents various diseases/viruses as this cow dung is anti-biotic and rich in minerals.

    Hindus consider drinking cow urine to cure various illnesses. Apparently, it does balance bile, mucous and airs and a remover of heart diseases and effect of poison.

    The age-old punishment of doing sit-ups while holding the ears actually makes the mind sharper and is helpful for those with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

    Lighting ‘diyas’ or oil or ghee lamps in temples and house fills the surroundings with positivity and recharges your senses.

    Janeu, or the string on a Brahmin’s body, is also a part of Acupressure ‘Janeu’ and keeps the wearer safe from several diseases.

    Decorating the main door with ‘Toran’- a string of mangoes leaves;neem leaves;ashoka leaves actually purifies the atmosphere.

    Touching your elder’s feet keeps your backbone in good shape.

    Cremation or burning the dead, is one of the cleanest form of disposing off the dead body.

    Chanting the mantra ‘Om’ leads to significant reduction in heart rate which leads to a deep form of relaxation with increased alertness.

    हनुमान चालीसा
    Hanuman Chalisa, according to NASA, has the exact calculation of the distance between Sun and the Earth.

    The ‘Shankh Dhwani’ creates the sound waves by which many harmful germs, insects are destroyed. The mosquito breeding is also affected by Shankh blowing and decreases the spread of malaria.

    must share it.. Very meaning fullest
    Now take a look at this-
    Islam is direct copy of sanatan dharma. Muhammad also took many things from romans,jews and christians. If u read quran u will notice allah knows only those things that ancient romans,jews and sanatan dharmi knew. Here are strong proofs..

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:




    Shahada means faith in Arabic and is the first and most important pillar of Islam.

    In Sanskrit ‘Shraddhaa’ means faith. The fact that the word for the first and most important pillar of Islam is derived from the Sanskrit word is simple proof that the pre-Islamic Arabs knew Sanskrit and were followers of the Vedic religion but were very much degraded.

    Proof 2

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:

    Descendant of the Kurus


    Prophet Muhammad was from the Qurayshi (Kureshi) tribe

    The Kurueshi signifies a descendant from the Indian Kuru dynasty that once ruled many parts of the World, including the Middle East regions before the Mahabharat war (until about 5000 years ago). The war was between the Kurus and the Pandavas and the Kurus were defeated which ended their rule. This Kurus are mentioned in the Bhagavad-Gita.

    Proof 3

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:

    The crescent moon is a symbol of Lord Shiva


    The crescent moon is the symbol of Islam

    Lord Shiva has a crescent moon on his head.

    Proof 4

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:




    Mekkah is the holiest place for the Muslims.

    Makkheshvar is another name for Lord Shiva. The word Makkah was derived from Makkeshvar. A place where Makkeshvar (Lord Shiva) is present.

    Proof 5

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:




    Those who follow Lord Shiva are called Shaivites.


    Proof 6

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:

    Shiva Lingam


    Al Hajar Al Aswad (Black Stone)

    It is by chance that a stone of the same color and shape that is found in most Vedic Temples is also in the Kaba?

    The black stone is called a Shiva Lingam and it represents Lord Shiva.


    Proof 7

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:




    In Sanskrit ‘Namas’ means ‘bow down’. The Muslims perform Namaz five times a day and this entails a specific Yoga posture. The Muslims are against Yoga, but they do it five times a day. How strange.


    Proof 8

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:




    In Sanskrit ‘Rama-dhyana’ means ‘to meditate on Lord Ram’. He is an incarnation of Lord Krishna who appeared in Tetra-yuga, around 1.7 million years ago. The Muslims are unconsciously worshiping Lord Ram by fasting during Ramadan, which is certainly good. But the Islamic adulteration from Vedic is that they end the fast by killing animals. Thus the killing loses the benefits gained from fasting.

    Proof 9

    Vedic Origination of Arabic:




    The Kaba is called the sacred house of God by the Muslims.

    In Sanskrit ‘Garbha’ means the sanctuary of a Temple. A Temple is basically the house of God. The Kaba was known as Garbha before Islam. A Vedic Temple with 360 deities, the main one being the reclining form of Lord Visnu in the center surrounded by other deities including Lord Shiva in the form of a Shiva Lingam, a black stone. The Shiva Lingam (black stone) can be found in many Vedic Temples around the World today. It’s not a coincidence that a stone of the same color and shape is in the Kaba and many Vedic Temples. It’s because the Kaba was once a Vedic Temple. Muhammad’s uncles and grandfather were hereditary priests of the Kaba Temple. Muhammad destroyed all the deities except the Shiva Lingam, because his family members were Shaivites, they believed in Lord Shiva. Today there are Muslims called Shiites and this name originates from the Vedic name Shaivites (meaning followers of Lord Shiva).

    Lord Shiva has a crescent moon on his head, which can be seen today in many Vedic Temples, and this is also the symbol of Islam. The Muslims bow down to the black stone in the Kaba when they pray, they are bowing down to Lord Shiva, but in complete ign

  55. Guys…All religions says to serve humans..In Christianity… Holy Bible says Like loving yourself love your Neighbours too,In Islam ..holy Quran says Help and serve humans Allah is blessed in you…And finally Hinduism.. It’s said Manav sev is Madhav sev..Serving humans is serving me(God)..So keep no boundaries for relationships..Keep religion as your friend..Follow good..

  56. Now the Converted Propel to Islam…I have an interesting fact to tell you…You have to learn the conversation between prophet Mohammed nabi and Aboobecker.. Once Aboobecker has asked to prophet that…Our religion Islam is getting popular world wide…does it shows a good sighn? Prophet said ..Its not,When its spreaded in the bad sense..the people will be fighting and destroyed…prophets valuable speech…So dear everyone… If you born as die as Hindu….if you born as live and die as Christians.. And the same to Muslims can now notice that zakir naik supports non-muslims coming to Islam…if any non-muslim comes to Islam happily..someone in this world is sad may be his/her parents …Nothing infront of their tears…so my dear friends…don’t support this…

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