Question and Answer Session: Divinity of Jesus and Messengerhood of Muhammad

On May 10, 2008, in Hyderabad, one of the largest ever Christian Muslim debate was held. Bro. Jerry was the Christian speaker (From Sakshi: An Apologetics Network in India) and Bro. Imran (Founder President, IREF and International Islamic Scholar) was the Muslim speaker. The topic of debate was- Divinity of Jesus and Messengerhood of Muhammad: Separating Falsehood from Truth. Following is the transcript of the Question and Answer Session.


Question: You took somebody’s criterion. You said somebody said Mohammed is the greatest because he produced maximum results. I think you don’t know the facts. Unfortunately, today Christians are 2.3 billion out of 6.4 billion human beings. At least, if I follow your criterion, Jesus is the greatest religious phenomenon in the entire history. What is your answer?

Answer: Brother has asked a question. That today in the world there re 2.1 billion Christians whereas Muslims are only 1.2 billion. So Jesus is the greatest. I was not talking about Muslims and Christians, who are maximum in number. When Jesus worked, how many disciples. Only 11. When Muhammad (saaw) worked, how many? 1 lakh 40 thousand. Between the, who is the greatest. Simple commonsense applied.

I forgot one point. He said there is no Tawheed mentioned in the Quran. Grammar problem Sir. Wahad and ahad are the root words for Tawheed. Entire Quran has it several times. Allah is wahad. Allah is ahad. Ahad is the root word for tawheed. For Trinity, is there any root?

Coming back again to this brother, you see Christian missionaries killed a Hyderabadi boy. They forced Islam upon him. Wallah, give me one example where we Muslims can do it. We can never. Why? Because the Bible told them which Jesus never got a chance, the Prince of Peace, He never got the chance. What was the chance? Jesus says in Gospel of Luke chapter 19 verses 27, chapter 29 verse 51, He says “if somebody does not believe Me to be ruler, bring him in front of Me and slay.”

(Sakshi comment: We encourage Muslims to read the Holy Bible and see how Bro. Imran is misleading. This speaks about the final judgment and not about Jesus having a chance in the earth.)

Jesus says in Gospel of Matthew chapter 10 verse 34, “I have not come to spread peace on earth, but a sword.” What is happening in Iraq? There was a report in Hyderabadm newspaper dated 3 may, 2008, Saturday, page 4. In Iraq, the Christian missionaries are kidnapping orphans and converting them to Christianity. This way you are 2.1 billion, Sir. I hope I have answered that question.


Question 1 to Jerry


Question: In James 1:13, it says that God cannot be tempted by evil. But in Gospel of Matthew 4:1 to 11, Jesus was tempted by devil for 40 days and the same thing Br. Imran asked and quoted. But you haven’t explained it. So how can Jesus be God, when He was not tempted by God but was tempted by the father of evil, the devil?

Answer:  I thank Brother for raising that question. During the 15 minutes, I had few other things to clarify with him because he spoke on many things apart from the topic. But since you raised the question, I thank you because I have time to clarify it. The Bible says ‘God cannot be tempted in James 1:13 as you quoted. Yet Jesus was tempted by devil in Matthew 4:1.


But let me read James 1:13-15: Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.”

First, James is telling that you are tempted from inside.

Let me tell you in another sense, Prophet Moses believed that God can be tempted.

I read the verse for you.

Exodus 17:1-2: So Moses said to them, “Why do you contend with me? Why do you tempt the LORD?”

Why do you tempt the LORD?

Again, Numbers 14:22: "Because all those men which have seen my glory, and my miracles, which I did in Egypt (Yehovah, the Holy God is speaking) he and in the wilderness, and have tempted me now these ten times, and have not hearkened to my voice;"

Yehovah says in exodus to Prophet Moses, in Numbers to Prophet Moses that the Israelites have tempted Him. Now that temptation and James temptation is different.

That temptation is form the outside and James temptation is from the inside. Jesus would never have been tempted from inside because He is Holy and pure. He was tempted from outside and He won over the temptations, brother. That makes Jesus’ nature pure and holy, as the God of Moses’ nature. Thank you.

I think I have answered your question. How much more time do I have, brother? 2 minutes 40 seconds.

Bro said Jesus says that He has come to spread sword and. Brother, your problem is you do not know the Books of the Prophets, although you, by your lips, pay lip service to the prophets.

Jesus was quoting Micah 7:4- 7 where God says in those days just before the salvation is brought forth, there will be division among the father and the mother, among brother and sister.

Jesus was quoting the prophetical books and I do not blame you for misunderstanding it because you do not know the book of the prophets.

Question No.2 to Jerry


Question: It is mentioned in the Bible in Gospel of Luke chapter 2verse 21 that Jesus was circumcised on the 8th day. I would like to know from Br Jerry, was the foreskin, after circumcision was thrown away or is it preserved? If thrown away, was that unholy part of God and if preserved, where is it now?

Answer:  Thanks sister for raising that question. Sister has asked the question that Br. Imran has also asked. And at time, as I said, because he was going on speaking on every other thing in the world except the topic, I had to bring him back to the topic.

 Now since you have asked the question, I thank God that I can answer it.

 In Genesis 17:9-14, God when He first instituted the circumcision to Prophet Abraham, He told this is a sign. This was a sign of the covenant. To separate His people, Israelites from the Gentiles, that was the sign. That had nothing to do with holy or unholy. I will explain to you why.

Abraham himself got the promise of God before his circumcision. Abraham was counted righteous before his circumcision. So circumcision was only a sign and has nothing to do with sinfulness. It was a sign to separate the clean from the unclean, in the sense of Israelites from the Gentiles at that time.

Now, let me give you the spiritual meaning of that. Prophet Moses; this is the problem. They say that they read the books of the prophets but yet they do not know what the Prophets have said about it. Prophet Moses said that the circumcision was given as a sign and was in itself not a reality. It was a shadow of the things to come.

In Deuteronomy 10:16 Prophet Moses said: “Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no more stiff-necked.”

And specifically in Deut 30: 6, Prophet Moses said And the LORD your God will circumcise your heart, and the heart of your descendants.”

This is not established by Christians, but this is established by Prophet Moses. In other word, Prophet Moses understood it as a sign; Prophet Abraham understood it as a sign.

If Br. Imran and other Muslim brothers and sisters do not understand, it is only because of their lack of understanding about the Holy Scriptures and not the problem with the Holy Scriptures. In that way, removing the circumcision doesn’t make a difference. It only shows that Jesus was under the sign.

And now, as Prophet Moses prophesized, it is fulfilled in the heart of every Christian; not outside, but inside as Prophet Moses told. I welcome you to have that circumcision in the heart which Jesus Christ offers to each and every one of you from your sinful nature. Come to the feet of Jesus.

How much more time left, brother? 2 minutes.

Because I get some time like this, I can answer some of Br. Imran’s questions. Otherwise, he will go back and say,” Br. Jerry has not answered my questions”. Although I have given him 21 questions, he hasn’t answered them yet. Please pass on this to Br. Imran. I thought he has an amazing memory, but if he needs, he can take it.

Br. Imran quoted Song of Solomon 5:16 and said about Mohammadim. Brother, you lack the understanding of the Scriptural languages. I accept I do not know Arabic, but I check with the scholars. At least you should have had the courtesy to check with the scholars.

In Ezekiel 24:16, this same word “Mohammadim” is used for Ezekiel’s wife. Will you accept that Muhammad was Ezekiel’s wife, if you have to use the same criteria?

And now, by following the same criteria, I can say that Sri Ram is mentioned in Quran. How? Surah Rum is mentioned in Surah chapter 30. If I pronounce it as Sri Ram, who can object me? And then, Surah 30 speaks about Victory. I say, it speaks about Sri Ram’s victory. Will you accept? No! In the same way, we will also not accept your arguments.


Question: Why did Muhammad (attempt to kill himself? What made him do that according to S.Bukhari Vol 9:111, Ibn Ishq page 106, Tabari, Vol 9, page 167; even in Urdu Vol 1, page 75, 78?

Answer: Brother has asked a question which was br. Jerry is along with this. All members of the team are habituated to misinterpret, misquote, change it and then immediately put it on paper, present it. This is what I said, and nothing came from there. Anyway, that’s a good tactic of cheating the people. The Hadith he is quoting, he said, “Why did Muhammad (saaw) want to commit suicide?” See, selective. He has come up with a question. The answer is in the Hadith itself. He doesn’t want to read it. The Hadith is not like the Bible. We don’t say, “if it is in S.Bukahri, it is assumed that the Prophet said this”. Anything in S.Bukhari is confirmed that it is said by Mohammad. The S. Bukhari he quoted, the prophet has answered very clearly when the wahi( Angel) came to him for the very first  time, when he was in the Hira cave, as a normal human being, he was a little disturbed.” What is happening to me?” And when he stopped coming for a short while, he was worried, “why is this happening to me? Is it that something is threatening me? So I should commit suicide”

That was only for the first time when the wahi came and there was a gap. After that, when the wahi started coming to him… when? The answer is in the hadith. “When I was climbing up the mountain to commit suicide, feeling like committing suicide, I found the same archangel Gabriel and afraid of him, I came down. “ So what is the question? Suppose Muhammad (saaw) felt that he should commit suicide, does that disclaim him to be a messenger of Allah. Is that the criteria that a prophet of God should not ever think of committing suicide? That is a natural phenomenon. If 40 days being tempted by shaitan still doesn’t matter, only because he thought he should commit suicide, they want to disprove him.

And coming to the word “Mohammadim”, I challenge you to show from the Greek text that the wife of Ezekiel is called Mohammadim. I challenge you. Nobody knows Greek here. He just gave the answer.

(Sakshi comment: Jerry corrected Imran from stage that it is not Greek but Hebrew, then immediately Imran changed it. The Holy Bible is all Greek to Bro. Imran)

Second point: The word Mohammadim is clear in the Greek text, Hebrew text. Mohammadim, in Ezekiel that he is quoting, it is the wife. He himself knows it is a metamorphical talk. Even in the metamorphical talk, I never said that prophecy of Muhammad (saaw) is mentioned in Songs of Solomon 5:16. Did I say that Songs of Solomon 5:16 says that Muhammad (saaw) is said to be messenger? I only said he was prejudiced. He got trapped. I only said the name Muhammad (saaw) comes in the Bible. I didn’t say there it is mentioned as prophet. Where is Parakletos or Perekletos that he quoted? Gospel of John Chapter 16 verse 7, for Comforter of Truth, we say it should have been Perikletos so that Mohammad’s name comes there. Muhammad (saaw) means one who has been praised.

In that way, if it has been perikletos, it would have been Mohammad. But, he said, “No. It is Parakletos”, meaning, the Comforter of Truth. Even that still fits Mohammad. And he said, I spoke out of the topic. I didn’t speak out of the topic. You were worried. What should I answer? You thought I was Speaking out of the Topic. What should I speak on the topic I don’t know?

I spoke for 50minutes +15 minutes giving him so many questions and he didn’t answer them. 21 questions that he has brought out.

One of them is “How would you explain the words of Jesus in John 10:28 where Jesus says “I give unto them eternal life”. When we know only God has that Power”? I give eternal life. So that means Jesus is God? You are quoting out of context to everybody. John10:29, Jesus says God gave then to Me and no one can pluck them out of My hands. It is because of God, I give them eternal life. I and My Father are one because God sent ME”. It is very clear. Every prophet gives eternal life to his people. The mission of the prophet is to give eternal life. But how can prophet become a god after that. This is not there.

Coming to 21, how would you explain Surah 57:3 where Allah says Allah is both visible and invisible? Show me from the Arabic text of Ayat where Allah said “I am visible”. I challenge you.

In Surah 6:3, Allah said “there is no vision that can see Allah.” Wrong question! And still you didn’t answer 1 of them. IRE website says Allah is not omnipresent, or everywhere. Brother, please explain. I don’t need to explain. If you read Quran, Allah says “this Quran was asked to. Fine! Time is out. I will come in next chance, Insha’Allah.



Question: You had said there are 50000 errors in the Bible, quoted in Awake magazine by Jehovah Witnesses. Unfortunately, Jehovah Witnesses are a cult and they do not believe in the Word of God. So you have quoted a wrong information. Thank you. The question is that you have not looked at the right word. The Word, which is the Bible. The Jehovah Witness, which are not a part of Christianity. So the question is are they a part of Christianity? Do you know that?

Answer: Sister has asked the question that Jehovah Witnesses are not a part of Christianity. Sister, this is what you said. I never heard this from any scholar of Christianity. But, I agree with you, for argument’s sake. I agree. They are not a part of Christianity according to you. For the sake of argument, I agree with it. Still the 50000 errors they have quoted, whether it is quoted by Jehovah Witness or some other Swamiji, if the error is from the Scriptures, it is wrong. It has got nothing to do whether they are Christians or non-Christians. Error is from them. And at the same time, sister, in the entire talk, when he quoted Gospel of John chapter 16 verse 7, he said when Jesus says, “I will go to the Father and send Him, “ it means the Comforter of Truth should come after Jesus Christ is gone. Ask them who is that Comforter of Truth. So they say it is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit was already there before Jesus.

It was there at the time of Jesus. It has to be someone who will come afterwards. If you read the Bible Gospel of John chapter 16 verse 13 and 14, you will find Jesus is directly prophesying about Mohammad (saaw).

He says: “I have yet many things to say unto you. But you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of Truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He shall not speak on Himself, but whatsoever He shall hear that He shall speak

5 times the word “He” has come. Then it says:

“He will show you the things to come. He will glorify Me, and at the same time, He will, in My name give you the things.

Who is that He, 8 times? Is the spirit a masculine gender? It has to be Muhammad (saaw) because the only person who came after Muhammad (saaw) and confirmed that Mohammed is an article of faith to be believed in. It is only Mohammad (saaw). And imagine God incarnate has unfulfilled mission. God says,” I want to do many things but I can’t fulfill it.” Why did He come then? He came in the wrong time. And then He says, “After Me another will come to guide you into all truth. 2008 years have passed, where is it? Jesus says. You gave me a standard. You shall not believe in every spirit. Absolutely true! I will put your Bible to the criteria. Gospel of Matthew chapter 7 verse 15, 16, 17,18,19,20, Jesus says, “many false prophets will come in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them.” The world knows today that the least suffering people from AIDS:Muslim community. By their fruits you shall know them. The prophet said, “Don’t commit fornication”. Least fornicators!

Then Jesus says, “Does man grow grapes upon thorns? Do grapes grow on thorns and figs on the thistle?” No. It doesn’t happen like that. Jesus says, by their fruits you should know them. The least alcoholic community on the face of the earth is we Muslims. Muhammad (saaw) once he said, “No alcohol”. Thrown out of the streets of Medina forever! Never to be filled back. By their fruits you shall know them. See sir, who are the best. You are saying Matthew chapter 10 verse 34, I quoted out of context. You are quoting out of context. Jesus is clearly saying “I have not come to spread peace on earth, but sword.” He is not referring to some other.

About the circumcision part, I don’t know which foreskin do we have in our heart. He says in the heart, we should be circumcised. I don’t know what circumcision. And I told you he said “you shouldn’t give an explanation”. About the circumcision, it was his own explanation.

Did the Bible say circumcision means that? Did the Bible say circumcision means that? And if the Bible said that, what is the authenticity that whoever wrote it was directly inspired by God? So many mistakes in the Bible! Where does it say that circumcision is a sign, even if it is a sign, was Jesus not circumcised? You should be the first Christian to say that Jesus was not circumcised. It was metamorphical. See, you are trying to misinterpret the people. In a short time, you are trying to misinterpret everyone. See, on the website, you go tomorrow, “I spoke this, I spoke this”; you have one-sided information and “I won the debate”. Don’t do that. Be honest. Insha’Allah, we will bring out all the videotapes so that people honestly see what you have spoken and what we have spoken. And from the Bible, he gave me 21 questions, Insha’Allah, if I get more time, I will answer them. 3 already answered. 1 he did not.

Master of Conduct: I have been given an ultimatum by the police authorities to end the session at 10.30. So we will take whatever we can.

We will take a question from brothers to Mr. Jerry.


Question: My question is from the Book of Job chapter 25 verse 4 to 6. Well, this is a falsification test. The question goes very straightforward. How can man be compared with God? The similitude that has been given is “man is like a maggot”, that is a worm, that is an insect, “and the Son of Man”, you very well know it is Jesus Christ (PBUH), has been compared as a worm. So, does Christianity teach to call human beings as a maggot and Jesus Christ, a worm? And for the sake of argument, I just discount the part of human beings. Does Christianity teach to call Jesus Christ (PBUH) a maggot, a worm?

Answer: Thanks brother for raising that question. I hope that everybody heard that question. Brother asked, “In Job it is quoted lik

e this, what you say about it?” I ask only my brother to read Job completely.

And when you come to Job chapter 42, that is friends of Job have spoken, and in Job 42: 8 God says “They have not spoken of Me what is right”. You have quoted Job’s friend and God Himself has said “they have not spoken of Me what is right”. God has answered that.

Now coming to Bro. Imran’s question. Bro Imran, you asked me, where did Jesus in the entire Bible, for one single time, in His direct speech ever say, “I am the second person of Trinity”. Question no. 9.

Question no. 10: where did Jesus in the entire Bible for one single time in His direct speech say, “Holy Ghost is the third person of trinity”?

I ask you a question back: where is it in the Quran, it says: this is the first classification of Tawheed; second classification of Tawheed, third classification of Tawheed? I have answered it.

Now question no. 7 and question no. 8, “where did Jesus say: I am God? Revelation chapter 21, I quoted you and you didn’t listen.

Where did Jesus say: Worship Me? I told the testimony of the Father is sufficient, and I don’t need your criteria.

Now question no. 3: Is Jesus the firstborn of God? Brother, you please read where it says about the firstborn. Now I am going to read it. I am answering. I already answered 4 or 5 questions. I am answering it. I want to answer all of his questions and tell him that none of his questions are so tough. All of them can be easily answered, if only you know the Bible.

Colossians 1:15-18 It speaks about Jesus as the firstborn of creation. And it says, firstborn can mean 2 things: it can mean literally firstborn or it can mean preeminence. I will show it from the Scripture. Not my interpretations.

First, Colossians 1:18. “Firstborn from the dead that in all things He may have preeminence. So the author says, firstborn is used as preeminence.

Now Jesus has preeminence over the creation. For by Him, I am quoting the Scripture, For by Him,

Colossians 1:15, for By Him, all things were created, and all things were created through Him and for Him and He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. When the Bible uses the firstborn, we must ask in what context. Do not quote out of the context. Don’t quote my Bible in front of me out of context. You will not escape!

Now, brother has spoken about “begotten”. “Begotten” is not a mistake of us. We don’t have the misunderstanding. It is your Quran which has the misunderstanding and you have the misunderstanding. In the Bible, when the “begotten” is used, it is “the monogenes”, “one of its kind”, “the only”, “the unique”.

And according to C.S. Lewis, since he was quoting many scholars, let me also take the liberty to quote one scholar: C. S. Lewis, the English professor at the Oxford University and the Cambridge, said,” what is begotten is identical in language what is begotten is identical, what is created is not.” So, begotten can have two meanings: one is the literal meaning of the physical begotten; another is the meaning of the exact identity. Now when Bible speaks about the exact identity, Bible has already clarified it. If you read John chapter 1 verse 1 to 14,” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. He clarified already that the Word has the exact identity of God. Then it says begotten. So it can only mean begotten in identity. However, if you take things literally, I have some questions for you.

In Surah 43: 4, it says “Quran is the mother of Books”. Brother, is it biological?

In Surah 33:6, it says “Mohammad sahab’s wives are mothers of all believers”. Is it biological?

Quran’s usage of son.

In Surah 2:117, it says “travelers are road’s sons”. Is it biological?

Can God have a son without a partner?

Again is it biological? Again your Quran.

 Mary had a son without a partner, in Surah 19: 19-21. Who is more powerful? Allah or Mary.

Can Allah have a son?

Surah 39:4 says “if Allah wished to take a son, he could have.”

And in Surah 43:81, it says “if Allah had a son, Mohammad sahab would have been the first one to worship him”.

We would not do that. We would not worship a creation. We would only worship the Creator, the Lord Jesus.

Jerry to Master of Conduct: I have one more question, right?

Master of Conduct: But the authority gives, he has given me the cap for

Jerry: Ok (Then Jerry goes back to seat)

Master of Conduct (Muslim moderator) to Bro. Imran:  2 minutes to respond. Just 2 minutes.

Sakshi Comment: Christian moderator objects at this point as this is a clear violation by IREF of the agreement signed between IREF and Sakshi. Both the speakers according to the agreement signed by Sakshi and IREF should get only equal time. However, IREF violated the agreement. Christian moderator at this point insisted that Bro. Jerry should be given equal time. Muslim moderator tried to negotiate it to one minute. However, immediately after Bro. Imran’s two minutes, Islamic moderator asked Bro. Imran whether Bro. Jerry should be given an equal time of two minutes. Bro. Imran said No.  Is it honesty to violate the agreement? Or is Bro. Imran afraid to give Bro. Jerry more time?    

Bro. Imran’s Extra Time After Three Questions: Violation of the Agreement:

Bro. Imran to the Christian Moderator: Don’t worry. I will not do anything to you.

He doesn’t want me to answer.

Jerry, he gave the book. I asked him, where did Jesus in the entire Bible, in His direct speech say “Worship Me”. He didn’t come to that. He said “4 or 5 questions, I have answered”. How? Everybody is hearing. How did you answer? So he brought about “begotten”. Sir, if “begotten” means such a good thing, then why did your scholars of Bible throw it out as concoction and corruption? It has been thrown out into footnote. Not the Word of God! Then, I didn’t interrupt you like that! And begotten, according to scholars’ interpretation, it means that, according to Oxford dictionary, it means the result of a sexual act. About Mariam, he quoted, Allah had begotten Jesus, Allah never said, “I begot Jesus”. Allah made it clear in Surah 3 ayat number 59 that the similitude of Isa is like Adam. Like we created Adam from mud, we created Isa also. If Allah can create one Adam without a Father and Mother, what is the problem to create one Jesus without a father?

And as he said that throughout my talk, he was giving so many references from the Bible to explain it, who is writing that Bible? Did God speak all these explanations to you? Some historian writes it. Somebody writes it: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. He quoted John 1:1,” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. I will put it like this. According to him Word is Jesus, God is God. So Word and God are equal. So, it means” In the beginning was the God, and the God was with God, and the God was God”. Does it make sense? Illogical!

If I say, in the beginning was the dog, and the dog was with Jerry the mouse, and the dog was Jerry”. Does it make any sense? Not true. I hope because of the restraining in the time and everything, see, being the organizers, we have more right, we are being justified, we are not extending anything, we are not abusing anybody. I heartily welcome him. This was just a discussion, an academic discussion. Nothing more than that.

And Alhamdulillah, whatever has been discussed throughout, mashallah, is nothing to provoke anybody against each other. it is an academic discussion. I hope everybody will take it in the right sense.



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    YESTERDAY I GOT INTO IREF WEBSITE and i finalised that though they belive that this debate caused big damage to imran but they dont want to accept that in public,so what they did is that they made their own reviews and presented their and two news papers news(imran as u and i know it is we who gives matter to news agency so they just print it :grin ).imran teamates were saying bro.jerry didnt answered any of his questions .well even born blind can reject this claim coz it was plane that jerry did answer.BRO.IMRAN WHY U ASK SOMETHING WHICH I DONT WANNA DO??there are few things he repeated in his talk

    1 begotton??? being a INTERNATIONAL SCHOLAR OF ISLAM must know that there can be two words for same meaning,no matter u use beggotten or the only son both gives same meaning.

    2.50000 erros?? even his GURU DEEDAT never brought that ERRORS in his life time ,even bro.imran didnt all he got is shabbir allys 101 bible contradictions which was already asnwered .

    i ask muslims to get into jehova witness site to find do they really belived in 50 000 errors,.dear imran here is what jehovah witness official site says about bible :While some may claim the Bible contradicts itself, has anyone ever shown you an actual example? We have never seen one that could withstand scrutiny. True, there may appear to be discrepancies in certain Bible accounts. But the problem usually is lack of knowledge regarding details and circumstances of the times. errors they brought were translation errors coz they dont want to take bible which says jesus is god so they made their own bible (nwt)

    3: bro.IMRAN .we christian never said allah have a son so please dont make ur BP high .we have no relationship with allah who is not the GOD OF THE BIBLE.

    4;EVEN jesus is quran never said what he is it is some one who said jesus is that and this so if u cant belive what is written about jesus in bible then reject what is said about him in quran coz no statement was given by jesus.

    4: i dont know why only imrans enemies makes mistakes ?? that what he says .imran u have to watch what happned on that day then u can come to conclusion that bro jerry didnt made any misinterpretion

    so dear christian pray and bless bro.imran ,one day we will see imran preaching jesus along with JERRY.

  2. It seems imran took jerry for granted but later realised his mistake and began to argue ferociously at the end to repair the great damage.he made the “Goliath” mistake of judging jerry outwardly like: jerry’s outward appearance {A Lungi malyali man},name {comparing to tom and jerry},age{thinking he is a child}, qualifications {thinking he is amateur}etc.

    Imran’s presentation was witty as his website claims but his reasonings were neither academic nor logical like any other “islamic scholars”.

    Who won the debate? both the sides claim to win: I would rather present the case of chirst deity logically,academically and faithfully and say “I loose” than present like imran wittingly,illogically,irrevrently and say “I win” 😡 8)

  3. greetings in the name of our lord jesus christ.

    i attended may 10th debate at nizam college grounds, hyderabad.

    really i appriciate bro.jerry. i have attended previous debate held between imran & addanki ranjit ophir. that time i disappointed. and did pray for straight answer to imran and like people.thank god this time the foolishness of imran was revealed openly.i appreciate all sakshi team members. you have done good work.

    in christ ———–b ratna sunil

  4. Dear Sakshi team,

    Excellent presentation by Jerry. I must say that God has gifted him with the gift of exposition and preaching. May God continue to bless him in this way. Special accolades to the Sakshi team. Though I am also comfortable in Christian appologetics to answer the likes of Zakir and Imran, Jerry presented a solid presentation quoting scripture at the right time and context. I have much to learn by reading these presentations.

    I was laughing when I read the damage control excercise from IREF website. They had to resort to insulting Jerry personally (like Imran did during the debate) by using terms like he is under “hypertension”, Sakshi team was “absolutely helpless”. The more they use this kind of language, the more it vindicates that Imran is more of a joker, talk show host, deciever and not a person who has done proper acadmic research with an intention to discuss. He is not at all acadmically inclined. He has great memory…but that is useless when we look at his behavior and presentation.

    An advice to Imran and IREF is that next time they want to appear as accadimically responsible and fit to discuss at a level equivalent to Jerry’s or Sakhi team’s,



    3. DO NOT LIE, DECIEVE especially when the other speaker will expose you red handed as Jerry did in this debate.

    Best regards,


  5. I do not understand why Imran keeps bringing up the same arguments that had been refuted long long back by many Christian appoloigists. I guess he is catering to a crowd that is totally ignorant of Biblical teachings.

    Howwcwe it is good to see that Jerry presented a strong case for Christ and a good set of questions for muslims to consider. Many in the crowd would have been expected Imran to answer them but as noted, he did not answer any of those and instead resorted to side tracking from the topic of “Divinity of Jesus and Messengerhood of Muhammed” to “Tom and Jerry” and “Bodmas” which are irrelavent to the discussion.

    Does Imran always practice ad hominem when confronted with a stronger case against the one he has prepared or is this just a one-off by this man who is claimed to be one of the greatest appologists for islam?

    I also did check the IREF website. They have not posted the content of the debate but have instead resorted to strong language personally directed against Jerry Thomas and the Sakshi Team. In normal intellectual circles, such behavior is referred to as “signs of desperation”.

    Hopefully IREF and br. Imran will know better next time.

  6. The result of one of the great muslim Christian is out

    the topic Is Islam the religion of peace.

    Sam Shamoun- Nadir Ahmed

    Please do click on this link

  7. i remember the verey words of IREF which they send to me before the debate took place which i have sent to SAKSHI.iref said after debate christians will turn against jerry for the great defeat .all i had answer for them was if jerry is representing jesus the truth then no matter how he present but he will win the hearts of many to jesus .

    this was a big debate than i expected and GOD used enemy to arrange a debate and gather a big crowd and using their stage and source to proclaim the truth about jesus.

    i belive christians need to work on answering booklets for muslims coz these muslims missionaries are not interested to talk about islam but they want to win converts by confusing others .so this is the time to refute every arguement which is raised against GOD.

    bro.IMRAN NEED TO UNDERSTAND COPYING AHAMED DEEDAT WAY and ZAKIR STYLE WILL NEVER MAKE HIM WIN ALL TIME .when i saw ground filled with COAT-SUIT MEN ,i wonder how these people who hate west walk in western styles???



  8. are again check this like and please remember are brothers and sister in Pakistan. Who really need help in exposing liars.

    As the content is big i decided to add the link.

  9. The Peaceist find this verse illogical John 1:1 hence imran said this

    “If I say, in the beginning was the dog, and the dog was with Jerry the mouse, and the dog was Jerry”. Does it make any sense? Not true.”

    Now This is logical every Peaceist will understand

    In the beginning was the Ahmed Dedat, and the Zakir naik was with Imran the zakir naik and the imran was ahmed dedat.

    I dont need to speak about this trinity we all know and also the new cult of islam the Peaceist.

    The Peaceist

    (The peaceist-I officially call them the new cult of islam followers of Ahmed Dedat, Zakir Naik and Imran)

  10. Argument A—false gods and false prophets

    A1. If a person speaks in the names of false gods, that person is a false prophet.

    A2. Muhammad spoke in the names of false gods.


    A3. Therefore, Muhammad was a false prophet.

    Argument B—false revelations and false prophets

    B1. If a person delivers a revelation that doesn’t come from God, that person is a false prophet.

    B2. Muhammad delivered a revelation that didn’t come from God.


    B3. Therefore, Muhammad was a false prophet.

    Plz go thru the site you will be enlightened using the argument of Muslims themselves.

  11. I saw a lot of comments from Muslim friends in this article:

    Muslim friends were asking- (a) son can do nothing- is it the quality of God (b) no one knows the hour (c) no one is good except God so how can Jesus be God etc.

    What happened? Where are you Yunus? Please read Jerry’s presentation.

    Jerry’s presenation is good not just because it is good Biblical exposition but also because it answers most of the popular Islamic objections to the divinity of Jesus from the scripture itself.

    No wonder Imran had to resort to attacking Bible and insulting Jerry. With most of the Islamic objections being exposed and answered, what will he do?

    Understand guys- he has to speak for his alotted time. So he spoke what he knows- Tom & Jerry cartoon and Bodmas.

  12. Hai.. I haven’t attended the debate but after checking the material posted on the site, its clearly explains Br.Imran wasn’t upto the mark,no near to any of the point, Br.Jerry made a very extra-ordinary presentation.

    Br. Jerry Keep it up.

  13. mr.IMRAN SAID: Alhamdulillah, whatever has been discussed throughout, mashallah, is nothing to provoke anybody against each other. it is an academic discussion. I hope everybody will take it in the right sense.

    i dont know what does he mean??? those who were present cannot conclude thatwhat imran was doinng was not acadamic but a cheap circus.innn our work many great debates going on ,imran need to visist few or watch the vedios to find what the word acadamic meant.IMRAN NEED TO ASK SORRY FOR WHAT HE DID TO JERRY ,CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS.

    IMRAN NEED TO COME OUT NEXTTIME ON THE TOPIC WHO IS MUHAMAMD.and i promise i will cut all cartoon channels for few days so that he can prepare the topic better :zzz

  14. bro.IMRAN accused that thr growth of christianity is through kidnapping .may i know did christians kidnapped millions!!!! .so u mean all christiiian presentnow were conevrted when they were babs!!!?what happened in iraq has nothing to dowiiith conversion.they were helping the orphans.may i know which MISSIONARY KILLED A MUSLIM?? BUT we can show how muslim @ muhammd time and still now do thier CALL TO ISLAM.]

    islamic growth is not convertsgrowth ,check al jeezaera and find even sheik accepted that millions arre leaving why do ublame us .we dont see growth as a sign of truth ,if thats true budhims ,athiesm must be is said AIDS is the fastest growing desease so what will our muslims brothers say?? aids is good??? we dont have growth of one husband + 5 wives = 25 children

  15. The book which was handed over to brother imran by jerry thomas “calling to the feet of jesus”. in the first page it says answers to brother imran’s book calling to islam, but more thatn 3/4 of the book has answers to dr. zakir naik’s remarks. does it make sense. Some of the questions were answered as answered in the presentation, but even in the presentation they were not properly answered by jerry. The real problem with both of the speakers on that day was neither of them knew the rules and regulations of a debate. it looked as if both were in a wwf ring. Hope to have a better academic debate from both speakers next time so that people can understand better. Both of them were speaking most of the time out of tbe topic. I can go ahead and give all references of both the speakers going out of the topic as well as out of thier way.

  16. I just noted the following line from the IREF website regarding all the feedback that was coming on Sakshi website:

    >>”They have put feed-backs of their ‘OWN PEOPLE’ supposed by some to have been HIRED or PURCHASED BY THEM supposedly.” (emphasis mine)

    This is very revealing and interesting. It shows the hieghts of denial IREF will go to by making accusations that the general public who concur that Jerry put out a solid presentation are paid and bought by sakshi team. This is the most ridiculous accusation I have seen made by a loosing side on a public platform.

    It shows how much they are unable to accept that br.Imran put out a poor performance and Jerry articulated precise points relavent to the topic to come out as a dignified and authoritative speaker far better than the best of IREF.

    Even though they have been badly bruised and embarrased infront of their muslim fanbase after an outburst of pride till now, I hope they will have a grain of wisdom next time they say such blatent nonsense on their website when such conclusions come from the general public.

  17. Dear George,

    I just saw their website,They claimed that third party witness, i dont know urdu, but from eenadu daily the put one article.

    That says

    1.The topic of debate is

    Bible Vs Quran

    Is it correct?

    2.”Imran told about the

    greatness of quran”

    I was personally presented there but i did not here greatness of Quran from IMRAN on that day.

    Then how can i beleive this news, topic itself is not correct but they gave correct name and address of converted christian.

    From this , we can understand the FRUITS.

    They misguided even largest telugu daily.

    Deceiveing the first fruit i observed.

    Coming soon….


  18. I refute.

    The below sentences are taken from iref website.

    1)Br. Imran asked Jerry that how can a book called HOLY BIBLE be trusted which has so many errors [mistakes]. [Br. Imran said that even though Bible has so many mistakes, yet no-where even by mistake the Bible has a statement by Jesus in Jesus’ direct speech where Jesus himself said, ‘I AM GOD’ or ‘WORSHIP ME’].

    To Br. Imran- Please show us one single equivocal statement where Jesus said + I AM NOT GOD+ or + DO NOT WORSHIP ME +

    This could be easily witnessed with the Christian friend by the name BEN HUR after the program climbing the stage and reading the ‘Shahaada’ i.e. the creed of Islam:

    Ben Hur was christened [ named ] by Br. Imran with the new Muslim name for him as Eesaa .

    So again peaceist have come with their defence tactics. Reverted frm Christianity to Islam.

    Ben Hur were you really Christian or Jew as you r name is of Jewish Hollywood Hero…Tell me Ben Hur and peaceist what do you mean by Muslim name, Christian name, Jewish name, Hindu Name, Indian name, Arabic name. As I did not understand this line +Ben Hur was christened [ named ] by Br. Imran with the new Muslim name for him as Eesaa .+

    Mash’Allah! This third source was no other than the PRINT MEDIA of highly reputed Urdu and Telugu Daily.

    For long the peaceist have been preaching their followers the not to believe in secular media. The secular media is the enemy of islam. Some also said as Jewish or Hindu controled media.

    Anyways Now days Print and television media are not only earing their revenue from advertisment but also from product placement in their news content and also PR (Public Relation. PR is used when a company or a product has failed in the market.

    Many political parties as well as some Religious Babas organisation are giveing media good business.

    remember PR done during Bhopal Gas tragedy.

    Any ways I dont get paid by Sakshi. I am not here to support sakshi nor do I hate Muslim. But yes I amagainst The new islamic Cult Peaceist. Who with their little or no spiritual knowledge and more of book knowledge are fooling ordinary people, who not student of comparitive religion, Anthropology or sociology.

    I suspect Br.Imran as conman earing fame and money by not working hard Like Zakir naik. but rather using his research work.

  19. Br. Imran asked Jerry that how can a book called HOLY BIBLE be trusted which has so many errors [mistakes]. [Br. Imran said that even though Bible has so many mistakes, yet no-where even by mistake the Bible has a statement by Jesus in Jesus’ direct speech where Jesus himself said, ‘I AM GOD’ or ‘WORSHIP ME’].

    To Br. Imran- Please show us one single unequivocal statement where Jesus said I AM NOT GOD or DO NOT WORSHIP ME.

  20. Good work by sakshi and team praise God…Truth Prevailed.

    Now if we visit the IREF website we get to see beautiful messages of disaster management. That is understandable because Bro Imran who self proclaimed to be an “International Speaker” lacked the sense to talk sense. I would like to advise Sakshi and team, next time when you are arranging a debate please ask for a mature speaker who knows what is being discussed who would speak on the topic rather than give a commentry of Tom & Jerry stories. He fits to be an entertainer for “movers & shakers” or “the tonite show”. I would like to point out in Bro Imrans own words that he is unfit to debate… on 10th May he spoke ..”….And he said, he was insulted because I said Tom and Jerry. By God, Allah is insulted more if I say you are a dog or a cat, you get insulted. If I say, you are Tom the mouse, you are insulted. But when you say Allah is human, Allah is insulted more….”

    and then he spoke “…Debate is an argument. In an argument, you have all the right to present your academics….” then he went on to say that he has all the right to present his academics….Hence its proven Imrans academics are Tom & Jerry.

    and I’m not saying all this …here someone of their own left this note on youtube…where they’ve put a photostring…yohanna007 (1 week ago) i was there…

    bro imran did a really bad job….

    he could have done better……he did not touch the points he should have….

    i bet any other iref member could have done better than him…he gave a bad image to iref…

    PS. BEN HUR is not a christian name it mean “son of HUR”…. so i really don’t know if bro Benhur now “eesa” was what before….

  21. Where in the bible did Jesus says “I am God?” -a good article here to help muslim understand this point;

  22. hi to all ! and shalom.

    muhammad yusuf here my answer to ur u said both team failed to stand on the debate topic.yeah u r half right but what about bro.jerry??? if u were there then u must know that the topic was about divinity of jesus and messengerhood of muhamamd so according to me bro jerry did his job and imran failed! please broter learn to accept the truth.

    a: jesus said i was before abraham and revealed himslef as IAM and this is clear sign of jesus claiming to be GOD.

    ben hur no matter who you are dont fear us ,we are not muslim not we have sharia to kill those who left our religion like islam.if u r not created by IREF then come and share your views here.

    muslims brother feel free to ask questions coz this is a program called ASK ME WHY? :grin

  23. Bro Imran used BODMAS to show a high hand however thats poor logic brother. you must know that addition succeeds brackets division and multiplication and by performing these operations the result would be one and only addition and subtraction would result in a value other than one. so by the same mathematic logic of BODMAS majority result will be one. so his academics which he emphasized on are incorrect. looks like he’ll need to brush up his maths also before coming to speak next time. :grin :grin

  24. Bro. Imran proved Islam weak by His weak presentation.

    1.Imran said what IREF and Imran says is inappropriate or “ZERO” but what is said in the Quran counts!! But there is hardly any thing he quoted from Quran comparing with what Jerry Quoted :zzz

    2.Imran should stop misquoting history and forming false stories out of it, like he formed a story of constantine.

    3.He should also understand that shouting like a talk show performer or Laughter challenge contestant will not prove his point that weakest muslim wont loose, He should have watched debates between Sam shamoun and Nadir ahmad or James White Vs Jalal Abul rub before claiming so. The strength of truth is not displayed in shouting brother it is displayed in your truthful and logical presentation which you could not do.

    4. He proved Islam weak by agreeing that Muhammad was under “Jadoo” 8)

    5. While discussing on great ness of purpose he completely misquoted Bible deliberately and proved his dis honest. Smallness of means is not justified in the case of Muhammad for Muhammad’s means was to become rich through his wars and Loots.

    6. Bro should understand if success is the criterion to judge the prophet hood Mukesh Ambani is the prophet of business culture in India??????!!! :zzz

    7. If Imran doesnt know how to pronounce YHWH hense prove God’s name corrupted then the same criterion should also be applied to Quran and its literature as non arabs cant pronounce it either. It is not Important If you can pronounce or not but it is important if people of Israel could pronounce it being written in their language at their time.

    I think the questions Jerry asked during His rebuttals are a death blow to Imran and IREF. If they are honest enough they should either produce an answer or accept the truth and fall at the feet of Jesus.

    I appreciate Jerry for pointing out boldly that he can not stand even for a minuit if a debate is organized with topic Quran and Bible. It is a myth that Quran was preserved, for Tashkent and turkey versions of Quran clearly prove that.

    Finally I think Imran was not a good fit to debate with Jerry, rather he should prepare well to appear infromt of people if dont want to insult Islam form now on.

  25. While rebutting Jerry Imran again proved He fits only for talk show and misleading!!! :grin

    He should have watched the vidio and realized it already :cry

  26. Son of God mentioned 17 times and Son of Man 83, Uff what kind of logic is this??? :zzz :zzz

    Imran in my opinion should study the laws of Logic!!!

    I dont understand what in the world has Anis sorrosh got any thing in this debate to do with. And what is the point of challenging to arrange the same kind of debate!! the same way Imran arranged, is that a standard of conducting???

    He mentioned about the grammar of Arabic!!! which grammar brother??? are you talking about the same grammar which was accomodated to fit the language of Quran??? to prove Quran is the highest literature leaving no space to question Quran 😕 😕

  27. Question and answers!!!

    Imran’s standard of understanding about number of disciples is hopeless and completely illogical.

    I don’t think christians take guns and swords to force christianity unlike Islam and Muslims. The history right from the days of Muhammad is the witness and answer for Imran’s false claim.

    :grin :grin

    Imran is highly contradicting with is statements. If he quotes selective verses form Bible it is right where as if a christian brings a quote from Hadith it is selective!!! completely illogical.

    What under the sun he wants to prove by claiming the name of Muhammad appeared in Bible???

    If Imran has problem calling Holy Spirit masculine he shouldhave the same problem calling allah masculine for Quran says allah is spirit!!

    Jerry’s way of answering questions with right motive and focusing to the issue is highly appreciable and Imran should atleast learn from his oponent.


  29. Praise The Lord

    My dear non believers and Brothers and Sister with Christ

    Thank you all for posting your comments on

    these simple comments and refutation to peaceist, has brought fear in them. Hence if you log on to their website you will read this comment.

    ***The opponents on their respective website have boasted to have won the lost debate. They have put feed-backs of their ‘OWN PEOPLE’ supposed by some to have been hired or purchased by them supposedly.****

    I wonder by only by reading our comments the peaceist are so afraid imagine the day when Peaceism the new cult of Islam is exposed on Sakshi.

    Peacist- the one who follows and believes in the words and teaching of Ahmed Dedat(RIP), Zakir Naik, Br. Imran. Peaceism actually doesnt means followers of Peace but interactive auidence of Peace TV.

  30. how do believer concern his leader or whom they follow to be GREAT? recently every where muslims preach about the greatness of muhamamd ,they are not interested sharing muhamamds greatness from quran and hadiths .Michael H. Hart wrote His first book was The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History .who wrote “My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels. Of humble origins, Muhammad founded and promulgated one of the world’s great religions, and became an immensely effective political leader. Today, thirteen centuries after his death, his influence is still powerful and pervasive. The majority of the persons in this book had the advantage of being born and raised in centers of civilization, highly cultured or politically pivotal nations.” if one goes through his book can easily understand that he was not interested to believe muhamamd as a prophet or as a moral character. is it ok for muslims that people belive muhamamd as a good man or great man not as prophet???? how can islamic faith can be defined until the faith in allah and muhamamd is not based? did michael hart belived in ALLAH as GOD or his PROPHET MUHAMAMD ? NOOOOOOO!LET ME POINT FEW MORE POINTS which he made about islam and which i belive no muslim want to agree .below are his comments

    1:HE BECAME WEALTHY AFTER MARRYING KHADIJA “His economic position improved when, at age twenty-five, he married a wealthy widow”

    2:FROM WHERE DID MUHAMAMD GOT THE IDEA ABOUT ONE GOD?:”There were, however, in Mecca, a small number of Jews and Christians; it was from them no doubt that Muhammad first learned of a single, omnipotent God who ruled the entire universe”

    3:WAS MUHAMAMD THE MAKER OF ISLAM?:”In addition, he played the key role in proselytizing the new faith, and in establishing the religious practices of Islam. “

    4 MUHAMAMD THE AUTHOR OF QURAN”Moreover, he is the author of the Moslem holy scriptures, the Koran, a collection of certain of Muhammad’s insights that he believed had been directly revealed to him by Allah. Most of these utterances were copied more or less faithfully during Muhammad’s lifetime and were collected together in authoritative form not long after his death.”

    5:QURAN REVEALS WHAT?:”The Koran therefore, closely represents Muhammad’s ideas and teachings and to a considerable extent his exact words”

    6:MUHAMAMD WAS SAME LIKE JESUS ;”On the purely religious level, then, it seems likely that Muhammad has been as influential in human history as Jesus”

    Even the webmaster of the site muhamamd-pbuh was disturbed with michael hart finding that he started to make his comment after every paragraph,here :”Webmaster’s note: Phrases like “the influence of Muhammed through the medium of the Koran” and “Muhammad’s triumphant return to Mecca as conqueror” are very likely to misinform the readers because they suggest that the Qur’an is but a tool of the Prophet and that Islam was spread by the sword for no other reason than to conquer lands for power”

    IT is sad to say that when it comes to explaing islam to non -muslims ,our muslims brothers belive in maurice bucalle’s book than quran ,and michael hart then hadiths !

    If a person is made greatest just coz some great men have said then we have more evendence to prove that JESUS IS GREATEST THAN MUHAMAMD


    1;Ernest Renan, great French, Oriental linguist scholar who tried to tear the Bible to pieces.

    Later, he called Christ:

    “A man of colossal dimensions.”

    “The incomparable man, to whom the universal conscience has decreed the title of Son of God and that with justice, since He caused religion to take a step in advance incomparably greater than any other in the past and probably any yet to come.”

    From Life of Jesus:

    “The greatest among the sons of men.”

    2:Shakespeare, scientists have ascertained that he had the largest vocabulary of any human being who ever wrote. Vocabulary is one of the surest measures of I.Q.

    “I commend my soul into the hands of God, my creator, hoping and assuredly believing through the merits of Jesus Christ my Savior to be made partaker of life everlasting.”

    3;Philip Schaff, Swiss-born U.S. biblical scholar, 1858

    “This Jesus of Nazareth without money and arms, conquered more millions than Alexander, Caesar, Mohammed and Napoleon; without science and learning he shed more light on matters human and Divine than all philosophers and scholars combined; without the eloquence of schools, he spoke much words of life as were never spoken before or since the produced effects which lie beyond the reach of orator or poet; without writing a single line, he set more pens in motion, furnished themes for more sermons, orations, discussions…than the whole army of great men of ancient and modern times.”

    4;Lord Byron, great genius of letters (yet one of the most immoral men)

    “If ever man was God or God man, Jesus Christ was both.”

    5;General Lew Wallace, an atheist, military general and literary genius;

    “After six years given to the impartial investigation of Christianity as to its truth or falsity, I have come to the deliberate conclusion that Jesus Christ was the Messiah of the Jews, the Savior of the world and my own personal Redeemer.”

    6;Goethe, German writer and scientist, 1749-1832

    Called Jesus:

    “The divine man”

    “The holy one:

    “The human mind, no matter how far it may advance in every other department, will never transcend the height and moral culture of Christianity as it shines and glows in the gospels.”

    7 Jean Jacques Rousseau, one of the greatest intellects of France and a great opponent of Christianity

    “Shall we suppose that the evangelical history is a mere fiction? Indeed it bears no marks of fiction; on the contrary, the history of Socrates, which no one presumes to doubt, is not so well attested to as that of Jesus Christ.”

    8;Bancroft, great American historian

    “I find the name of Jesus Christ written at the top of every page of modern history.”

    9 Michael Faraday, one of the greatest experimental philosophers; Doctorate from Oxford University, holding 97 unsought for distinctions who discovered Electricity

    “I bow before him who is Lord of all.”


    IF muslim brother have a topic of the greatness of jesus and muhamamd in the light of quran then whom will you see as the light of greatness? if you are sincere then i belive ,JESUS WILL RANK NO:1

    let us see how jesus is great from quran;

    1.islamic apologist belive”And, when Jesus returns to earth, it will be one of the greatest wonders in the history of the world” ( why jesus comes when there are hundreds on other prophet ,mainly the no.1 greatest prophet muhamamd is there?)

    2;jesus pre-existense( isa the word and spirit)

    3:jesus born to virgin when muhamamd in a natural way

    4;jesus spake when he was child and proved his prophethood ,did muhamamd???

    5;shocking miracles (young creater!) quran doesnt say that muhamamd ever did a single miracle!

    6.jesus was a sign and mercy(both in his word and deeds) but muhamamd is still judged by the way he lived the unholy life

    7 jesus learned injil from allah directly and he himself was THE WORD but muhamamd didnt ever saw or talked directly.

    8.he died and raised ( even if u reject the death of jesus still jesus stands much greater where allah himself taking risk to save jesus from the hands of jews ,on other hand same allah was helpless when a jewish women gave poisen to muhamamd in his food which led him to die!)

    jesus is in heaven -where is muhamamd?

    9.jesus will come again and build his kingdom here by killing allahs enemy(jesus the last prophet) ,muhamamd???

    quran never says jesus ever used sword as a medium to convert prophet to his religion .he is the only prophet about whom quran speaks much louder! i ask muslim friends to take quran and piece of paper and start reading quran and note down what quran says about jesus and muhamamd .i challenge you no matter how true you are to your religion ,your findings will question your belief and prove that what muslim missionaries taught about jesus was a bulk of lies .then we ask you to go through the bible to find true jesus who is the source of our peace and hope .”For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” — John 3:16 .

    i just answered the questions of our muslim friends .i have no interest to campare jesus with muhamamd because jesus is GOD and how can i campare GOD with a man and prove the greatness??????

  31. Very excellent preparation and presentation by Bro. Jerry Thomas on the Divinity of Jesus. My heartly congratulations to him and the whole team of Sakshi Times. Mr. Imran has not done it to the expectation of the general audiance, it is very shame on him to talk about tom and jerry show / cartoons and wastage of valuable time. There is not much to appreciate Mr. Imran on his presentation rather he should feel sorry for insulting our brother Jerry Thomas. Doing justice to the topic of the debate is most important than unrelevant talk with regards to Mr. Imran. Mr. Imran must understand that insulting others does not mean that he has won the debate; it is a foolishness, childish and insecure people does such things. Fearful, sorcerers, idolaters and liars do not have part in the Kingdom of God according to Rev. 21:8. Divinity of Jesus is a doctrine and the Holy Bible clearly explains it. The God of the Holy Spirit knows well how to go further from 10th May ’08 onwards convicting people of sin, righteousness and judgment. Nobody has fooled God; God cannot be fooled. Congrats Bro. Jerry.

  32. Why can’t you people arrange for a similar debate from the organization of sakshi if you people cannot accept the truth and i think you people will never be able to arrange a debate from your side. then why you people will challenges in debates with loud voices and the people will think that you have the truth with you. 🙁 Don’t get angry brother if you have truth then arrange a similar kind of debate.

  33. Musliam are 2nd majority religious group in the world.

    Ironically it has not produced many intellectual.

    Majority of muslim around he world are poorly educated their illetaracy rate is very high.

    So When they see english speaking muslim or a westerner talking about some science and islam. they become happy.

    hence these english educated Mullahs, make money out of them.

    eg. Dr.Zakir Naik makes Rs 400core INR turn over. His zakat has never reached the poor in India. His islamic schools are only for rich muslim.

    Muslim are very emotional people so there is a tendancy for them to react very soon. Muslim love there prophet than their allah. So while writing people should be careful.

    Many muslim have never read the Bible nor any other holy book. These people rely on their mullahs.

    Muslim are human Being just like us. It is a spiritiual duty of every Believer Christian to spread the good news of Lord Jesus Christ.

  34. There are Many Muslims Leaving Islam.. They became Kaffir’s meanign Atheists..

    One of them Established a Website and Offering a Lot of Money.. If any one proves His Question about Mohhamed are wrong.. So any Muslims want to See those Question please Check this Website His name is ALI SINA His website is still no body has Proved a muslim Himself have question about quran.. Zakir naik or Bro Imran Must Check this Website of Ali sina

  35. Muslim arguments are always without historical support. They always verbally attack the opponent – it has nothing to do with the real debate. They don’t respond to the questions asked – they try to bypass and switch the topic. In one of the q & a session they did not respond to Sudhakar’s question. He bypassed the question by twisting it saying during the time of Jesus and Mohammed who had the largest following. Stalin, Lenin and Mao had much more larger following than any one else – according to Imran they should be greatest. They ask for the word trinity in bible they cannot respond to the absence of the word taweed – they sidetrack there. They say where did Jesus claim to be God in the Bible. Let them show allah claims to be god is quran.

  36. thanks to jerry thomas, because of your presentation ,,, one of the audience, a brother , who realized the true image of GOD and accepts islam as his religion and said the shahadath kalima…just after the debate…

    you can see that on the video cassette….

  37. Dear Christians and Muslims,

    Imran revealed his true Identity by trying to humiliate Jerry Thomas in stead of facing Jerry’s scholarly presentation in the same footing. Imran proved himself to be no better than his wannabe prophet who was a pagan, illiterate, possessed and a delusional charlatan. Imran tried to equate Jerry Thomas with Tom and Jerry! By doing this Imran unwittingly falls into a self revealing scenario:-) If you want to see that yourself please watch this short video on Youtube:

    Hope you enjoy,


  38. I do not understand one thing. most of those commented here are using Muslim names..are these people really muslims or do they exist at all. or just to show as if muslims commented here and are supporting christianism. Why cant people give their original identity.. is it that hard.. or you guys afraid. just giving a muslim and posting hatred messages on islam, are you planning to bring muslims to embrace christianity? Be truthful..and be accountable.

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