Hackers Tries to Knock Down Sakshi: We Are Here To Stay

On the close heels of Bro. Jerry Thomas addressing a public gathering at Kottayam (Kerala) on exposing the shallowness of Islam (in August), and seminars being planned in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai,  Sakshi Gmail id has been hacked and there has been attempts to enter Sakshi website and Sakshtimes email id by brute force.

Following the hacking, the hacker has sent a mail to all in the email id. Sakshi Team sent a report to Google informing them about the password compromise and requesting them to allow resetting the password. This was promptly done and password was reset. However, the hacker followed but may be was not able to hack again.

We do not want point finger at anyone as this could have been mischief by some vandals to gain money. However, what perplex us are the attempts to hack Sakshitimes website email which is highly improbable to simultaneously happen on the same day when Sakshi Gmail has been compromised by mere vandals.

In addition, we recall that Rev. Johnson’s email ID who was supposed to debate with MM Akbar has been similarly hacked.

Again we have read about the hacking of the website which hosted True Furqan.

Further we see a pattern when we recollect that there have been attempts to hack Answering Islam, one of the best websites for those who want to do Islamic apologetics.

We quote the Administrator of Answering Islam:
Some thoughts on the recent ‘hack’ of Answering Islam

I am the system administrator for the Answering-Islam.org domain. A week ago, on 2 September 2004, some Turkish Islamic hackers succeeded in changing the registration of the Answering-Islam domain and re-directed the traffic to an Islamic site with a similar name. The Answering-Islam web server was not itself hacked, and the method they used was technically trivial. But it was inconvenient for the many thousands of people who daily come to read the articles on Answering Islam. I was asked to write some thoughts on the episode.

It didn’t take long to discover who the hackers were, and how they achieved their result. They even have their own web site, www.cyber-warrior.org, and their mission statement, in English, is published here:


Their mission statement makes disturbing reading. They regard themselves as some sort of guardians of Islam and see it as their job to attack any other web sites that they feel are a threat to Islam:

* The Main aims and jobs of TIM: To damage the sites which are boardcasting as enemy of Ýslam, atheist, makin the brains turbid, satanist and pornografik and to stop this kind of sites.

I guess they attacked Answering Islam because they feel it falls under the first criterion: "enemy of Islam".

Personally, I regard this as just plain silly, even childish.

We wonder whether we too are now qualified in their criterion. As we said we would have rested this matter if it was an isolated incident of hacking of Gmail ID. But attempts to hack Sakshi Website ID may not be an act of ordinary vandal but an ideological one.

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