Reporting and Exposing Orissa Persecution by Hindu Terrorists – RSS (Updated)

Hindu Terrorist What is happening in Orissa? Why it is being done? There are many blogs which gives us window to the alarming situation caused by terrorist outfits RSS and VHP. RSS Mouthpiece Organiser – A Lying Tongue exposed and more evidences for RSS being a terrorist outfit- it trains in making bombs.   

RSS mouth piece Organiser , revealing its true character as a messenger of falsehood has been spreading lies against Christians in Orissa after brutally killing many Christians. A few of its lies are exposed in this article. And more evidences for RSS being a terrorist outfit- it trains in making bombs- Surat bombs might have been planted by RSS.

Charges of the Organiser against Christians and the facts:

RSS Charge 1: Maoist denies the charges- “The Maoists have denied that they were involved in the gruesome killing.”

Fact: Maoist accepts the responsibility-We killed Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati to avenge his villainous role in Kandhmal," said Azad, a leader of Maoist outfit, People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, in an interview to a leading Oriya daily on Friday.” (Source:

RSS Charge 2:  Christian missionaries were arrested by police- “The fact that the Christian missionaries killed Swamiji and his disciples again becomes clear from the prima facie investigation conducted by police. Now, the police finds ammunition from the alleged Christian goons. The police has arrested one Pradesh Kumar Das from Khadagpur, an employee of World Vision, a Christian Charity, while escaping from the district. In another drive, two other persons namely Vikram Diggal and William Diggal, have been arrested from the house of Lal Diggal, a local militant Christian at Gunjibadi, Nuagaan. They have reportedly confessed before the police that they attacked and killed Swamiji along with 28 other assailants, all are Christians.”

Fact: Christian missionaries were sheltered in the police station for safety Jayakumar Christian, the executive director of World Vision India, narrated how his organisation’s employees landed up in a police station. “Two of our workers were fleeing sensitive areas on a motorbike to escape attacks. They started from Daringbari and were going to Bhubaneswar. However, when they reached Behrampore (Ganjam district), security personnel deployed there asked them to take shelter in a police station for their safety. The police informed us that our employees are in the police station, and asked us to take them to a safer place. And they came back safely the following day.” He spoke to me on the phone today.(Source:

RSS Charge 3: Swami build good relationship with Naxals: It will not be out of place to mention here that in 2006, in an interview with this correspondent Swamiji had narrated about some true incidents how Naxals used to come to his reformation programmes and attend his religious, cultural programmes. Swamiji had no rivalry with Naxals. Hence the government’s Naxal attack plea is not at all believable.

Fact: Naxals did not think that Swami was a reformer; they considered him as a fascist "Laxmanananda was taking the lead in Hindu fascist activities," he said in the interview. "We appeal to the public to join us to fight exploitative organizations." Orissa police too suspect that Azad led the assault on Laxmanananda, which killed him and four of his disciples on August 23. Source:

On a Different Note: RSS makes bombs. Surat bombs might have been planted by RSS.

In an interview to Tehelka former Madya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress leader Digvijay Singh had pointed out that there is solid evidence for the Sangh Parivar’s involvement in making bombs and other explosive devices. “Investigate the timings of the blasts' Digvijay Singh demands, “the timing is quite uncanny. Why does it always happen when the BJP is in trouble? That needs investigation”. He cites several instances in which VHP and RSS were caught in trouble. “There was a bomb blast in the VHP office in Madhya Pradesh, in 1992, where one VHP member died and two were injured while making bombs. Then in 2002, there was a bomb blast in a temple in Mhow. When the police arrested the VHP activists after investigation, they confessed that they were even given training to manufacture bombs. I have a videocassette of that confession. Again, in 2006, in Nanded, there was a bomb blast in the house of a RSS activist where two RSS activists died. After that in March 2008, there were bomb blasts at two places in Tamil Nadu. Then too VHP activists were arrested by the Tamil Nadu police who confessed that they were involved. And how did the Gujarat police suddenly find eighteen bombs planted on trees in Surat?”








Reporting from Orissa


09.30 hrs K.NuagamThis was the place where Fr.Thomas Chellan was dragged out of house where he had taken shelter after the pastoral centre was attacked. He was the director. He was dragged out beaten very cruelly, stripped and kerosene was poured over him to burn him. This was also the place where Sr.Meena who helps in the centre was also assaulted, allegedly raped and taken half naked to the nearly police station.


"We checked the facts with people who came around. They said all that is true. One redeeming thing in the whole incident is that it is not the police that saved them. When some almost lit the match stick to set fire to Fr.Thomas some good Hindus stopped them from that heinous crime. We asked if it is safe for Fr.Thomas to come back. They said "the good people may not be always around!!"We could not enter either Jana Vikas, the diocesan Social Action Centre nor the Pastoral centre as the gates were all locked from inside and outside.


The building from outside do not give a vandalised look. But knowing the way the fanatics work the interiors all will be burnt out. In front the pastoral centre and by the side of Jan Vikas we could see the burnt out four-wheeler.Two churches – one small and another large were both vandalised and the roof completely done in. Houses were in the interior area and we knew there would not be time to reach out to the interior area.


Interesting Analysis of the Current Crisis by Prabhu Guptara


1. When people who want to exit the dominant caste-based Hindu system turn to Buddhism, Christianity, Islam OR Maoism (Naxalism), why is it that Christians are most often attacked, rather than the others? After all, only 2.3% are Christians, while 11% of the country's population is Muslim; Nepal has just become a Maoist country, and already 10% of India's Districts are now controlled by Maoists (according to the Government's figures): Maoism is clearly a much bigger challenge. So why do "nationalist Hindus" not go after the "bigger targets"? First, precisely because the "smaller target" has fewer numbers. Second, and more important, because most Indian Christians are committed to avoiding any violent response, in accordance with the teaching of Jesus. By contrast, whenever Muslims, for example, have been attacked by VHP-types, sufficient numbers of them fight back with violence, to give pause to the VHP.


2. The violence has been caused by rich and powerful Hindus, who have benefited for some thousands of years from whatever could be squeezed out of the country by the caste system. Why do not all Hindus use such violence? Because most Hindus (like most human beings) instinctively find violence distasteful (that is why armies have to resort to mood-inducing music or drugs such as alcohol in order to get even trained soldiers to do any actual killing – I am speaking of aggressors, not defenders). Why, then, have more and more upper-caste Hindus turned to violence? Because they have found, in the last few decades, that their position and benefits are being eroded by democracy and freedom – without any parallel rise in their opportunities for upward social and economic mobility in a globalising world. Of course there has to be a body of thought propounded by such people which ensnares others. Such a body of thought started with Savarkar, and started being inspired later by Mussolini and Hitler (that is the main reason, why members of VHP-type branches wear most un-Indian boxer-type short trousers for their morning "exercises").



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2 Responses

  1. What is revealing is that the Maoists have time and again claimed credit for the murder of the swami and the VHP and their supporters reject the claim for the sake of killing Christian men and women, old and young, and burning churches and other christian institutes.

    Not only will they do something good for the hopeless and destitute, neither will they let others do good.

    It just shows that they are nothing but cowards who will act tough only with the helpless and those who do not retaliate because of their convictions driven by higher moral values.

    Shame on the VHP and shame on anyone who supports these kinds of cowards. If they really are who they claim to be, they would have been fighting Maoists or at the borders protecting against infiltrators both of which cause much more havoc than what Christians do.

    And what do the Christians do? They have established more than 30,000+ schools, orphanages, old age homes, nursering homes for sick and diseased, clinics etc and these VHP goons have the nerve to take their madness to these places where only the helpless, destitutes and poverty stricken are tended to.

    Never once have they indulged in any anti-national movements or terrorism related actions. Never once have they retaliated.

    And all they get from this ungrateful nation is the support to the likes of VHP and RSS to continue with these attrocities.

    God is judge.

    Precious to the Lord is the death of His saints.

    May these militants see the love and peace that only Jesus Christ can give and come to their senses.

  2. You Christians are (Sakshi edited the foul words used by Raj)..You (Sakshi edited the foul words used by Raj) are responsible for all the problems in this world…past & present..Hell with churches..Enough is enough…go to hell with your (Sakshi edited the foul words used by Raj) jesus…JAI HIND……

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