“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

How long will we wait until we start defending our faith with reasons and evidences on the face of onslaught from Hindu fundamentalist groups? Or are we going to repeat the history before we start?


Oct 27, 2008: We don't want to see his dead body: 

They don't want to see their son. Not even his dead body. Heart broken after being told that their son Varghese Joseph alias Mohammed Yasin was a terrorist and was killed in an encounter in North Kashmir. Varghese, a Christian by birth who had converted to Islam a couple of months, call himself as Mohammed Yasin.  Today, his parents say they don't even want to see his dead body since for them he is no more a son but a traitor. Mary Joseph, Mohammed Yasin’s mother, said, “I don't want to see my son. After all, it will not be right of me to see my son. Why should the Indian government spend money on his dead body and bring him here? It won't be right.”  These strong words after the police revealed a definite Kerala link to the Kashmir ultras trying to cross over the Line of Control (LoC). Joseph, Mohammed Yasin's father, said, “I don't want to see him. He was not good for the family and he is not good for the society and he has not been good for the country also. I don't want to see such a son's dead body.”

 Stories of Christians converting to Islam are now to so uncommon.  

·         A former evangelical pastor in Kottayam- Louis is now a Muslim.
·         A former Pentecostal associate pastor is now a Dawwah preacher in Andhra Pradesh.
·         A former Catholic priest is now a world famous Dawwah preacher
·         We have received mails/phone calls from Christians asking help as a few of their relatives are about to become Muslims or have become Muslims 

Why Did This Happen? 

One of the major reasons is that we have refused to defend our faith with reasons and evidences. Church has developed a cold feat to the intellectual side of Christian faith though there are numerous commandments in the Bible to do so.  

For example, The Holy Bible says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”. We are also commanded to worship our LORD GOD with mind.  

The question is: are we following these commandments? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Because we have not obeyed the commandment, we have not received the blessings too. 

Now, you might say – but we are doing it now. Yes, we have in a small way started to counter the wild allegations of Dawwah groups. But as most of us would agree the general attitude still is we need not give any reasons for the faith leave alone refute the allegations against our faith. We just need to preach. In fact, the most regular question that we face is – 'what do you gain out of it?' and the most frequent comment is-you cannot gain anyone by arguing. The question and the comment are related.


We agree that a small number of us from all Churches have now found the need to refute the allegations against our faith. But what about Hinduism? Looking at the attitude of many Christians in having a bold and plain apologetics against the Hindu missionary groups, we are sad to note that history is about to repeat itself. 


sp;   How many books have you read countering the ideology of Guru Movements? The best we have read so far was written by Vishal Mangalwadi in the late 1970’s. Nothing major after that.

2.    How many books have you read on explaining the ideology of RSS from a Christian point of view

3.    How many books have you read on astrology and yoga

4.    How many books have you read on a critique of Hindu gods and goddess from a Christian point of view as much as we do on Allah? We can ask numerous questions like this. Unfortunately, the situation is gloomy.  


It is time for us to ask- are we waiting for history to repeat itself?

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