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We invite any dawwah preacher, particularly in India, to debate with us on subjects of mutual interest. You might want to read the below fair practices we insist to ensure a scholarly and objective debate.

1.         You must be a Dawwah Preacher/Debater: Unlike many Dawwah preachers who debate only with people without any debate experience, we are interested in debating with Muslims who are in this field. If you want to debate with resource persons of Sakshi Apologetics Network (SAN), as the first step, please send us your profile. We are not interested in debating with any inexperienced Muslim thereby ridicule Islam but are interested in enlightening Muslims through scholarly debates and thereby saving them from eternal fire. We would decide on the resource person from our side once we have your profile. We would share the profile of the resource person from our side as well subsequently.

2.         You must be ready to debate on both sided equal topics: Again, unlike many Dawwahs who are only interested in debating opponents’ topic (e.g. – crucifixion of Jesus Christ), we want to debate on topics of equal importance to Islam and Christianity (e.g. – Divinity of Jesus and Messengerhood of Muhammad; The Holy Bible or Quran, etc). The logic is simple- if you are afraid to debate your topic; you have no moral right to question others’ faith. Further, it not only shows that you are a coward but also a dishonest person in not applying the standards you apply to others to yourself. We see no point in debating with people like this. Do not come with topics like ‘Crucifixion of Jesus Christ: Christian and Islamic Perspective” but be prepared for topics such as Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Death of Muhammad, etc. Both sided equal topics- note the word equal.

3.         You cannot dictate to us as to which Islamic books we should be quoting and which we should not. If you think that we are not quoting from authoritative Islamic sources (e.g. if you do not consider Tabari or Ibn Kathir as authoritative), you can tell that publicly in the debate. We believe in a scholarly debate where the scholars are free to choose their own resources. If you think a three-hour format is not sufficient to deal in such cases, we are open to two-day or three-day debates. Shortage of time is not an excuse to run away from scholarly debates.

4.         The debate has to be in fair and equal format. For example, you cannot have a format where the Islamic debater speaks first, followed by the Christian debater, followed immediately by the rebuttal by Christian debater. In this case, it should be the Islamic debater who goes first for the rebuttal.

5.       If you are inviting us for a debate, you cannot expect us to bear the complete expense of hosting the debate. We may share the expense but you should be ready to bear the expense as well.

6.      We are open to panel debates (a group of resource persons from both Christianity and Islam) as well as one –on –one debate (one resource person from both Christianity and Islam).

7.       All other points, such as venue, time, etc has to be mutually agreed and an agreement ought to be signed detailing all the points that are binding.


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4 Responses

  1. praise the lord,

    today I got an information about zakir & his friends source of defending Islam & attacking xians…the name of the book is , “IZHAR-UL-HAQ”…just google it to get downloaded…thanx for your good work…may God bless us !!!

  2. Shalom ! Thank you Ajith Kumar for the info, Will download the book

  3. praise They lord Jesus christ …!

    good morning to sakshi team ..may god bless this apologitics ministry abunduntly …!

    if doesn’t matter , how many sincere rules we keep ..! But muslims learnt only to attack ….!

  4. Dear Jerry brother,

    I have seen a youtube clip that they were challenging by asking to show whether LORD JESUS CHRIST saying in HOLY BIBLE that, HE is GOD.
    The answer is yes. Its written very clearly in Gospel of John Chapter 14 Verse 6, 7 and 9.
    This proof is more than enough for a truth seeker.
    Your studies and researches are amazing. LORD is using you for HIS ministry. LORD bless you abundantly.

    Brother in CHRIST
    Jibu Mathew

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