Islamic Time Line

Calender  In this timeline, Prasanna gives an overview of major incidents from the birth of Muhammad until Al-Tabari wrote his Tafsir for Quran.




6th Century 545 Birth of Abdullah ibn Muttalib
  569 Death of Abdullah
  570 Birth of Muhammad ibn Abdullah (April 20/26)
  576 The death of Amina bint Wahab, Muhammad’s mother
  578 The death of Abu Muttalib, Muhammad’s grand father who took care of him after Amina’s death
  583 Mohammad’s journey to Syria with his uncle Abu Talib
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595 Muhammad’s marriage with Khadija daughter of Khuwaylid (she was 40 and he was 25 at that time)  
  600 Birth of Ali ibn Abu Talib
7th Century 610 The first recitation: The call to prophethood at the cave Hira near Mecca
  611 After the first recitation nearly two years of silence followed during which Muhammad contemplated suicide due to depression and doubts
  612 Resumption of recitations
  614 Birth of Fatima daughter of Muhammad
  1. Khadija’s death
  2. Death of Abu Talib who took care of Muhammad after his grand father had died
  622 Hijra (flight from Mecca to Yathrib i.e. Medina, due to persecution at Mecca)
  623 Muhammad married Aisha daughter of Abu Bakr (Aisha was 6 years old when the marriage took place but the marriage consummated when she turned 9)
  1. The expulsion of Banu Qaynuqa (Jewish) from Arabia—they were allowed to take all their movable possessions and leave the place, their immovable property was taken over by Muslims. 
  2. Battle of Badr
  1. The exile of Banu Nadir (Jewish) from Arabia—they were not allowed to take their movable property with them but were allowed only to leave without being killed by Muslims.
  2. Muhammad married Hafsa daughter of Umar
  1. Battle of Trench
  2. The killing and enslavement of Banu Qurayza (Jewish)—they were all taken captive under a truce; later the males were beheaded (600/900) and the females and children were made slaves of the Muslims.  On that day only four of the men from that tribe were spared from death because of their conversion to Islam.
  630 Mecca conquered by Muhammad and his followers
  631 Muhammad’s son Ibrahim, born of Mary the Copt, died
  1. Death of Muhammad (8th June)
  2. Abu Bakr (Abdullah ibn Uthman), the first convert to Islam, was made the first Calipha
  3. Death of Fatima Muhammad’s daughter and Ali’s wife
  633 The first Quranic text compilation: By Zaid ibn Thabit under Abu Bakr supervision and the codex was kept at Muhammad’s widow Hafsa until it was destroyed after another version was made
  1. Death of Abu Bakr (either by natural death or by poisoning)
  2. Umar ibn al-Khattab made second Calipha
  1. Muslim army conquered Damascus
  2. Jews and Christians were expelled from Arabian Peninsula
  1. Muslims conquered Iraq
  2. Muslims conquered Syria
  638       Muslims conquered Jerusalem
  642 Muslims conquered Egypt
  1. The murder of Umar by Muslim fanatic, Abu-Lulu’ah
  2. Uthman ibn Affan made third Calipha
  1. The second Quranic text compilation: The Uthmanic Version of the Quran compilation finished (650-656) and the rest of the rival codices were burned
  2. The brutal murder of Uthman by Muslims (Muhammad bin Abu Bakr and his companions)
  3. Ali ibn Abu Talib made Calipha
  660 The declaration of Muawiyya-1 as the Calipha at Damascus—the beginning of Umayyad dynasty
  661 The murder of Ali by a convert to Islam (Kharijite)
  669       Hasan ibn Ali was poisoned and killed
  673-78       Byzantine capital, Constantinople was captured by        Muslims
  1. Death of Muawiyya-1
  2. Yazid-1 becomes Calipha
  3. The massacre of Ali’s son Hussain and his family by opposing Muslims
  1. Death of Yazid
  2. Muawiyya-11 becomes Calipha

  685 Abd al-Malik becomes Calipha at Damascus
  691 Dome of the Rock is Completed (Khalifa Abd al-Malik bin Marwan)
8th Century 700 Legends and myths are formed in order to elevate Muhammad of history into the Muhammad of traditions
  710 The third Quranic text compilation:  Quran was revised under Iraq’s governer al-Hajjaj ibn Yousuf during Abd al-Malik Cliphate.  Eleven modifications were made in the Quran at that time and the copies of that were sent to other Islmic centers
  725 Quran: The oldest Quranic fragments produced are now available 
  1. Sira: “Sirat Rasul Allah” by Ibn Ishaq
  2. The end of Umayyad dynasty
  3. The beginning of Abbasid dynasty (Baghdad)
  790 Al Ma’il: The oldest full Quranic Manuscript that is available now in British Library, London
9th Century 800 Hadiths: Nearly 700,000 traditions compiled
  830 Sira: “Sirat Rasul Allah” edited and abridged by Ibn Hisham (translated into English by Alfred Guillaume under the title “The Life of Muhammad” in 1955)
  850 Jami al Sahih: Imam al-Bukhari collects and compiles Ahadith/traditions.  He examined around 600,000 hadiths and declared only 7,295 of them are authentic and the rest are spurious
  870-920 Tariq: “The history of al Tabari” by Abu Muhammad bin al Tabari
10th Century 923 Tafsir: Al-Tabari’s commentary


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12 Responses

  1. Thanks Prasanna for this very useful timeline. I notice that

    1) Quran was compiled thirce in 200 years

    2) Muslims added many lies to Muhammad’s sayings that al-Bukhari had to reject more than 90% as lies

    3) All four ‘righteous’ caliphs (at least three) were killed by co-religionist

    History speaks volumes about Islam- it can be summarized in two words- lies and murders.

    Muslims, wake up – your religion is founded by father of lies and murders- Satan.

  2. It is said in Quran, “……And their(the Jews) saying:’ we killed the messiah, Jesus son of Mary,’but they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, rather it was made to seem that way to them…… They certainly did not kill him,[for], Allaah raised him up to himself.

    Assuming the above to be correct, after reading this I felt what a cunning cheat is the god of Quran. God instead of telling the truth to humanity, behaved as a worldly man trying to cause an illusion and cheat the men present there at the time of crucification of the Lord Jesus Christ. This surely means that quran is not trustworthy for our salvation.

  3. About the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, Muhammed was recorded to have said in sunan Abu Dawud, Vol 3, p. 1203, No. 4310 and authenticated in Saheeh Sunan Abee Daawood, Vol. 3, p. 815-6, no. 3635

    He will fight to establish Islaam and he will break the cross, kill the pig and cancel the Jizyah.

    Can some muslim tell me why God has to kill the poor pig which He Himself created. Was it a mistake done by Him? What did the innocent animal do, and is it so powerful that Lord Jesus has to return to kill it.

    Which cross will He break? Did not the One who gave the scriptures know that the physical cross has got no importance in the Bible. It is given importance only by the Roman Catholics. Is God so ignorant of the scriptures. Can such a ignorant God save the humanity?

  4. The God of Muslims has no qualities of being a God.There are hundred of contradictions in the Quran itself.They commit murders as a decree to their God, can any muslim tell me which God can feel happy when his own creation is killed.There holy book calls them to kill innocent people.They are spreading their religion with the help of sword.The idea is they want to kill or convert all the non Muslims so that only Muslims can live alive on this earth and claim Islam the most peaceful religion. I am sorry to say Muslims are nothing but a lying hypocrites.They are morally and spiritually underdeveloped.

    Islam really is a disease of the soul.

  5. Good work. Add these too:

    Mohammed was poisoned to death. Muslims claim that a jewish lady did that… but the fact remains that mohammed died under suspicious circumstances and there was quarrel between Abu Bakr, Umar and Ali at that time.

    Fatima was abused, beaten and burnt to death by Umar, later day Caliph within six months of mohammed’s death.

  6. Dear All Cristians,

    The original Quran which is complied during Utham period is still preserved in turkey Museum, Please take a look and comapre it to todays Quran, u will not find any difference in it. There is no difference in the Arabic Text of the Quran which is complied during Uthman period and todays world. You people are ignorant

  7. 1) Sammarkand and Topkapi MSS; Kufic and Ma’il Scripts:

    In response, Muslims contend that they do have a number of these “Uthmanic recensions,” these original copies from the seventh century, still in their possession. There are two documents which do hold some credibility, and to which many Muslims refer. These are the Samarkand Manuscript, which is located in the Tashkent library, Uzbekistan (in the southern part of the former Soviet Union), and the Topkapi Manuscript, which can be found in the Topkapi Museum, in Istanbul, Turkey.

    These two documents are indeed old, and there has been ample etymological analysis done on them by scriptologists, as well as experts in Arabic calligraphy to warrant their discussion. What most Muslims do not realize is that these two manuscripts are written in the Kufic Script, a script which according to modern Qur’anic manuscript experts, such as Martin Lings and Yasin Hamid Safadi, did not appear until late into the eighth century, and was not in use at all in Mecca and Medina in the seventh century (Lings & Safadi 1976:12-13,17; Gilchrist 1989:145-146; 152-153).

    The reasons for this are quite simple. Consider: The Kufic script, properly known as al-Khatt al-Kufi, derives its name from the city of Kufa in Iraq (Lings & Safadi 1976:17). It would be rather odd for this script to have been adopted as the official script for the “mother of all books” as it is a script which had its origins in a city that had only been conquered by the Arabs a mere 10-14 years earlier.

    It is important to note that the city of Kufa, which is in present day Iraq, was a city which would have been Sassanid or Persian before that time (637-8 A.D.). Thus, while Arabic would have been known there, it would not have been the predominant language, let alone the predominant script until much later.

    We know in fact, that the Kufic script reached its perfection during the late eighth century (up to one hundred and fifty years after Muhammad’s death) and thereafter it became widely used throughout the Muslim world (Lings & Safadi 1976:12,17; Gilchrist 1989:145-146). This makes sense, since after 750 A.D. the Abbasids controlled Islam, and due to their Persian background were headquartered in the Kufa and Baghdad areas. They would thus have wanted their script to dominate. Having been themselves dominated by the Umayyads (who were based in Damascus) for around 100 years, it would now be quite understandable that an Arabic script which originated in their area of influence, such as the Kufic script would evolve into that which we find in these two documents mentioned here.

    Therefore, it stands to reason that both the Topkapi and Samarkand Manuscripts, because they are written in the Kufic script, could not have been written earlier than 150 years after the Uthmanic Recension was supposedly compiled; at the earliest the late 700s or early 800s (Gilchrist 1989:144-147).

    Best of luck Muslim as you continue in your ignorance

  8. how u know the real god with ur knowledge what r the wrong things in the quran

    points wise give the errors in the quran




    IMRAN 🙂

  10. Grace, peace and salvation which are available only in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all!

    Dear Imran,

    I would like to take the liberty to answer your request. I understand most of the dates or at least the years are documented at the online encyclopedia ‘Wikipedia’ website. If you got to their website you should be able to get the information you are looking for.

    If you expect something else, then, please let me know what you mean by ‘authentic sources.’ I’ll try my best to help you with your request.

    By the way, your name sounds familiar to me. A couple of years ago Jerry Thomas debated a Muslim whose name is also ‘Imran!’ Are you the same Imran or a different Imran? I am just curious.



  11. Religious fsiatnciam must end everywhere. Muslim, Christian. All forms of it.None of it has any place in our modern society. And your attempt to connect it to Obama’s speech is feeble.

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