Answers to the Questions of Hindus: Before Justice BK Somasekhar Enquiry Commission

Supreme CourtJustice BK Somasekhar Enquiry Commission into the incidents of attacks on certain places of worship in Dakshina Kannada and other districts of Karnataka in the month of September 2008. Certain Hindus, Praveen Reddy and Others, submitted a questionnaire before the Honorable Commission seeking answers from the Christians for their theological and legal questions pertaining to the Christian faith. This was brought to the attention of SAN recently and has been informed that the Honorable Commission granted extension of time to answer those. Though not the original recipients, Jerry Thomas and G Bibu answered those questions and submitted their answers, both soft copy and hard copy, before the Honorable Commission. They have also submitted a questionnaire for these Hindu friends to answer.


SUB: Response to the Memorandum dated September 2008- Praveen Reddy and others. Answer to the questionnaire on the Bible passages- regarding.

 Respondents: Jerry Thomas and G Bibu of Sakshi: An Apologetics Network (SAN).   

In the response to the questionnaire submitted before this Honorable Commission by the said Memorialists, which came to notice of the respondents through the website, the said respondents hereby submit their clarification before the Honorable Commission, duly seeking certain clarifications in turn from the Memorialists through the kind means of this Honorable Commission. 

Dated: June 22, 2009





In order to facilitate the convenient reading and easy analysis of the issues herein raised and answered, we have adopted the usual method of furnishing point wise replies, quoting the Memorialists first under the heading The Memorialists, and presenting our answers right below the question under the heading The Respondents. The clarification we seek in turn from the Memorialists will follow after each response under the heading Respondents Questionnaire.

We have retained the same structure of the questionnaire presented by the Memorialists as to the divisions of the sections and points herein content.


Section 1: Answers to the Questions of Hindus

Section II: Answers to the Questions of Hindus

Section III: Answers to the Questions of Hindus

Section IV: Answers to the Questions of Hindus

Section V: Answers to the Questions of Hindus

Section VI: Answers to the Questions of Hindus
Section VII: Answers to the Questions of Hindus

Section VIII: Answers to the Questions of Hindus

Section IX: Answers to the Questions of Hindus


SAN Note: We observe with great interest that many of these questions have appeared in booklets published by RSS in the past against the Christian faith.




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6 Responses

  1. Could we get the original letter too, so that things are placed in perspective?

  2. Having read all the responses, I should say that the answers were made with clear mind without deviating from the scripture and not from your intelligence. May our good Lord bless you for your work.

  3. I thank Br.Jerry and team for thier dedicated work in love iwith the Lord. The answers were very good. And I am very happy that it is available to all for understanding. May the Lord Bless You be with you always. James Abraham

  4. All hindus

    visit this web site, this may lead u to hinhuism came

  5. Hi there, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link i receive in email is not working…,

  6. Bro. Jerry, u have done a gud job to clarify the truth about Christianity and also to bring light
    Into the ideas of Hindu scriptures. God bless u.

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