Section VIII: Answers to the Questions of Hindus

Supreme Court: Used Only As An ExampleJustice BK Somasekhar Enquiry Commission into the incidents of attacks on certain places of worship in Dakshina Kannada and other districts of Karnataka in the month of September 2008. Certain Hindus, Praveen Reddy and Others, submitted a questionnaire before the Honorable Commission seeking answers from the Christians for their theological and legal questions pertaining to the Christian faith. This was brought to the attention of SAN recently and has been informed that the Honorable Commission granted extension of time to answer those. Though not the original recipients, Jerry Thomas and G Bibu answered those questions and submitted their answers, both soft copy and hard copy, before the Honorable Commission. They have also submitted a questionnaire for these Hindu friends to answer.

The Memorialists:

Do everything that I have commanded you; do not add anything to it or take anything from it. [Deuteronomy 7-32]

(A) As per the above verse, Bible is beyond human correction and has to be followed in letter and its spirit and implemented in Toto for everlasting peace. Under these circumstances is it possible to amend Bible as demanded by a section of Hindus?

The Respondents:

We have demonstrated with sufficient evidences from the Holy Bible on the relevance, scope and application of its percepts in different sections. In the light of those answers, we repeat that there is no need to amend the Holy Bible.

Regarding the demand by a section of Hindus, we consider it only necessary to enlighten them with reasons and evidence. If they are peacefully, logically, and with the spirit of enquiry and scientific temperament willing to engage in a dialog at a mutually agreeable and fair and neutral forum, we as Christians are ready to give our reasons and clarify our doubts regarding the Hindu faith too.

However, if they are not ready to listen to the voice of reason and evaluate things with an open mind, we think it is they who require an amendment in their character.

Respondents Questionnaire:

The Bhagavad Gita 4:1 “This EVERLASTING (system of) devotion I declared to the sun, the sun declared it to MANU, and MANU communicated it to Ikshvâku. Coming thus by steps, it became known to royal sages. But, O terror of (your) foes! that devotion was lost to the world by long (lapse of) time. That same primeval devotion I have declared to you to-day, seeing that you are my devotee and friend, for it is the highest mystery.”

Manusmriti 1: 107-108 “In this (work) the sacred law has been fully stated as well as the good and bad qualities of (human) actions and the immemorial rule of conduct, (to be followed) by all the four castes (varna). The rule of conduct is transcendent law, whether it be taught in the revealed texts or in the sacred tradition; hence a twice-born man who possesses regard for himself, should be always careful to (follow) it.”

(A) As per the above verses, the Hindu Dharma, as expounded in its basic law texts such as Manusmiriti, is beyond change and cannot be modified. Under these circumstances, is it possible to make changes in the Hindu Dharma as many Dalits, and Christians demand?


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