S Gurumurthy’s Rejoinder to Jerry Thomas

S. Gurumurthy, renowned columnist and convenor of the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch which is considered as the RSS Economic Forum, writes his rejoinder to Jerry Thomas’ response.

I am not a Christian theological student. But I do source my references on Christianity from believers' account. The book which I had relied on for my statement which you are dissenting from is taken from the book written by Norman St.John Stevas titled Life Death and the Law at pages 201 to 211. The relevant part reads as follows:

"The Jewish law and custom rejected any form of homosexual conduct as contrary to the law of God. In this it was similar to Zorastianism, and later to Christianity. The peculiar abhorrence to the Jewish mind for homosexual conduct has been traced to the Lot story in the Genesis. The traditional interpretation of story is that men of Sodom demanded intercourse with two angels, the Guests of the Lot……. "

and it goes on.

This is also affirmed in many other accounts. Islam also traces the objection to homosexuality to the Lot story but its account is different. This is what my article refers to.

As for Norman St. John Stevas, he is not a secularist, but a believing Catholic. This is what the Wikipedia says of him.


Lord St John is a prominent Roman Catholic. He is a Patron of the Society of King Charles the Martyr, and Grand Bailiff for England and Wales of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus.

Lord St John is noted for his large number of personal affectations, including proffering his hand in papal fashion, lapsing into Latin while speaking, and deliberately mispronouncing modern words.[1] A loyal monarchist, Lord St John enjoys a close relationship with the British royal family[4] ref>Pierce, Andrew (21 August 2001). "People by Andrew Pierce". The Times. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article879936.ece. Retrieved on 6 January 2009. </ref> Soon after elevation to the Lords, photographs of him in purple bedroom slipper appeared in Hello! magazine lounging in the bedroom of his Northampton rectory a signed photograph of the late Princess Margaret prominently displayed. All personal notes were written in purple ink and after his elevation to the Lords, he used only official House of Lords headed stationery.

By Norman St John Stevas

Before the Sunset Fades: An Autobiography, Harper Collins (2009)- Forthcoming autobiography

The Two Cities, Farrar Straus & Giroux (1984)

Pope John-Paul II: His Travels and Mission, Faber & Faber, London (1982)

Agonising Choice: Birth Control, Religion and Law, Eyre & Spottiswoode, London (1971)

Bagehot's Historical Essays, New York University Press (1966)

Law and Morals, Hawthorn Books, New York (1964)

The Right to Life, Holt, Rinehart & Winston (1963)

Life, Death And The Law, Indiana University Press, (1961)

Walter Bagehot A study of his life & thought together with a selection from his political writings, Indiana University Press(1959)


So I have sourced my statement to a believer's research. I am not saying that there cannot be another view. But my statement is fully supported by a theological research by a believing and not secular Christian.


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5 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your reply. And your reply shows that you care.

    My question to you is “Can any Scripture be reviewed based upon someone’s research?” I do agree that researches do help but the question is up to what extent?

    For an example, with all due respect to the research efforts made by the researchers (whom You or I or someone quotes), will it be justifiable to present that this is what “Hinduism” or “Islam” or “Christianity” says so?

    For an example, In Old Testament portion of Bible one will find adultery condemned up to the level that adulterous person should be put to death. But Bible does not end there and we find Lord Jesus forgiving an adulterous woman. This woman was a prostitute and the crowd wanted to stone her (on the base of Law by Moses). But Lord Jesus challenges the angry crowd saying “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” And no one in crowd dared to stone her.

    Therefore I would rather request to consider the whole message of respective scripture on the researched subject.

    I am very small to say this but I have said it for the better exploration of truth.

    Thank you,

    Wilson Jacob

  2. Mr. S. Gurumurthy why did you not respond to the quots from the hindu law giver manu. Do you accept manu or reject him.

  3. Knowledge is in itself is not the solution but Wisdom is essential to apply it for the good of society.We all beleive that “truth triumphs”(Satyameva Jayate), all are equal in front of the Law. It’s high time for the people like you to shoulder the responsibility of demolishing caste system in the light of the truth discovered for the better future.

  4. Both Islam and christianity is at fault.They are trying to justify a phase of human culture one flourished in Arabia and another in Israel.Human society is evolving socially, culturally,

    Economically,scientifically, and religiously. In science no ventures to justify/protect any scientists or his findings. Everything is put to the taste of free discussion. The scientific truth is being digged out gradually.One scientists say that atom is undividable then another says Atom can be dividable. None condemn the second or the first.This process is not available in Islam and Chrsitianity.It is remanining stagnant.church and jamad is different from Jesus and Allah.Why should one stick to Jesus/Mohammed for spiritual quest or guidance. Swami Vivekananda says ” All religious books are like sign-boards all along High ways indicating name of the town and the distance.Our journcy does not end there. We have to travel along with the help of the sign-boards and reach our destinations/salvation.The power hungry church/Jamat woould not accept this great wisdom for the fear of loosing authority over

    people/. Hence we see ” Bloodshed” in the name of religion. Let me submit a request.Please do publish the essay on Universal religion of Swami Vivekananda and initiate a debate on it.

    Have you the gut to do that ?

  5. So Mr Gurumurthy, now I hope you understand the difference in quality between your writings and Jerry’s ; You do not seem to be committed to do the right research, you agree that you just read some random authors and believed that what they wrote is a holistic presentation of the Truth of the Bible / Judeo Christian worldview. Whereas the other author was committed to reading the text itself and was able to quote the text; that makes him more credible…

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