Sneha Sandhasham – 2009, Cochin

LampA public open forum at Cochin on the topic Doctrine of God in Torah, Injil and Koran:  Unity & Differences at November 1st Sunday, 2009.

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.

These days Jihadi Romeo Groups along with their intellectual paternal Dawwah groups are targeting youngsters from other religions to trap them into Islam not only by the lure of love Jihad but also by twisting the truths of Holy Scriptures and hiding the inconvenient truths about Islam.

It is time for all honest truth seekers from every religion and followers of the Truth, to join hands together to educate the various tenets of different Holy Scriptures so that all can make informed choices based on the clear and right evidences.

It is our fundamental right and duty to know the truth about our creator and experience the love of one True God. It is the apt antidote to the twisted and half truths of Dawwah preachers and the false promises of petro-dollar funded love Jihad.

To answer the erroneous teachings of Dawwah preachers and to educate the people about the truth about God, Sakshi Apologetics Network and Christian congregations in Ernakulum are jointly organizing Sneha Sandhasham (Discourse of Love).

Topic: Doctrine of God in Torah, Injil and Koran:  Unity & Differences


Date:  November 1st Sunday at 4.30 to 8.30 p.m.

Resource Persons: Br. Jerry Thomas, Rev Dr Johnson Thekkadyil, Evg. Varghese M. Samuel, Br. Asgar Ali, and Br. Abdul Halim

Conveners: Prof Roy Paul and P. V. Johnson

Please pray and participate along with family and friends.

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