Answering Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati’s 128 Questions

Dayananda SaraswatiMaharishi Dayananda Saraswati, founder of the Arya Samaj, was one of the greatest scholars of the modern Hinduism. Satyarth Prakash (The Light of Truth) is probably his most important work and one of the earliest works on comparative religions by a Hindu scholar. This book critiques the Puranic Hinduism, Christianity and Islam while arguing for the veracity of his understanding of the Vedic religion. Chapter 13, An examination of the doctrines of Christianity contains the critique of the Biblical faith in the form of 128 questions from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation. Jerry Thomas answers those questions one by one and demonstrates the veracity of the Holy Bible- the Word of the Only True God.

Introduction to the Chapter by Maharishi  

1.  Genesis 1:1-2 – Did space exists always and is God of the Bible omnipresent? 

2. Genesis 1:3-4- Can light hear? Is God Omniscient?

3. Genesis 1: 6- 8 – Can firmament and water hear? What does it mean to create heaven? 

4. Genesis 1: 26-28- If Adam is created in the image of God, then is God a material being and Adam an all knowing being? 

5. Genesis 2:7-9- Didn’t God knew that Adam would be ousted from Garden of Eden? 

6. Genesis 2: 21-22- If Eve was created from Adam’s Rib, then why don’t men have one rib less?  

7. Genesis 3: 1-7 & 14-8 – Why did God create serpent? Did God lie? 

8. Genesis 3:22-24- Was God jealous of Adam and Eve? 

9. Genesis 4:3-4 Why did God reject Cain’s sacrifice? Is God a flesh eater? 

10. Genesis 4: 9-11 Why did God ask Cain about Abel? Isn’t He all-knowing? 
11. Genesis 5: 22- How can God walk, if He is Spirit? 

12. Genesis 6:1-7 who are the sons of God? Can God grieve? 

13. Genesis 6:15, 18, & 19-22- Can the Ark carry all the animals and birds? 

14. Genesis 8:20-22- Did Christians borrow the altar and sacrifices from Hindus? Did God change? Did God have nose to smell? 

15. Genesis 9: 1-4 – How can God allow men to eat animals? 

16. Genesis 11:1-4, 4-8 – Why did God punish people of Babel for building a tower? 

17. Genesis 12: 11-13- If Abraham lied, how can he be a prophet? 

18. Genesis 17: 9-14 – Is male circumcision an unnatural commandment? 

19. Genesis 27: 22- Is God like a juggler? 

20. Genesis 18: 2-8 – is God a savage to eat flesh? 

21.Genesis 18: 13-14 – Did God taunt Sarah? 

22.Genesis 19: 24-25 “Is God destitute of mercy in punishing the whole city of Sodom and Gomorrah? 

23. Genesis 19: 32-34, 36 does Lot’s drunkenness prove that Christians approve drinking? 

24. Genesis 21: 1-2 – How did Sarah conceive? Merely by the grace of God? 

25. Genesis 21: 14-17 – Was God unjust in sending Hagar out of Abraham’s dwelling? 

26. Genesis 22:1-2 – Was God not omniscient in testing Abraham regarding the sacrifice of Isaac? 

27. Genesis 23: 6- is cremation scientific and burial injurious to health? 

28. Genesis 24: 27 –Is God the God of Abraham alone? Does He speak to human beings now? 

29. Genesis 25: 13-15 – Abraham’s son  Ishmael. 

30. Genesis 27: 9, 10, 15, 17, 19 – Jacob acted fraudulently and then posed as a great saint? 

31. Genesis 28: 18, 19, 22- Jacob setting stone as pillar. Is it idol worship? 

32. Genesis 30: 24, 30- Rachel being healed of barrenness. Is God a surgeon?   

33. Genesis 31: 24, 30 – Does God still speak? Do Christians consider stones as gods?  

34. Genesis 32:1-2 – why does God have host of angels? Does He keep ammunition and has the habit of attacking others??   

35. Genesis 32:24-32- Is God a wrestler? Why did not God tell His name to Jacob? What kind of body did God have? 

36. Genesis 38: 7-10 Why did God slay Onan? 

37. Exodus 1:11-14- Did Moses commit homicide and escape like an ordinary thief? 

38. Exodus 12:21-23- Could not God rescue Israelites without blood on the doorposts? 

39. Exodus 12: 29-30 Did God act like a burglar in executing all the first born of Egyptians?  

40. Exodus 14: 14-16 – Why did God divide the sea? Why does not He do it again? 

41.Exodus 20:5 – Is it just for God to visit the iniquity of the fathers upon children? 

42. Exodus 20: 9-11 – If God blessed the seventh day, did He curse the other six days? 

43. Exodus 20: 16-17 – If the Bible prohibits coveting the neighbor’s possession, does that mean one can covet foreigner’s possession?  

44. Exodus 31: 17-18 – Was Prophet Moses sensual in allowing the virgin women to be kept alive?  

45. Exodus 21:12-13- if a murderer has to be put to death, why was Prophet Moses exempted? 

46. Exodus 24: 5, 6, 8, 12- Is sprinkling of blood barbarianism? Why did God write on stone tablets and not on paper? 

47. Exodus 33: 20-23- Does God have a body like man? Did He play tricks with Moses? 

48. Leviticus 1: 1-2 – Does animal sacrifices contradict the tender hearted nature of God? 

49. Leviticus 1:5-9 – Does animal sacrifices prove that Bible is not the word of God? 

50. Leviticus 4:1, 3, 4- Does animal sacrifices contradict the grace of God? (Answer: Moral glory of the Biblical sacrifices and embarrassment of Vedic sacrifices compared) 

51. Leviticus 4: 22-24 if sacrifices are atonement for sin, why will the men fear to sin? 

52. Leviticus 5: 7, 8, 10, 11, 13- if animal sacrifices are sufficient for the atonement of sin, why should there be forgiveness of sin through faith in Christ? 

53. Leviticus 7: 8, 9 – Did God of the Bible trick people in sacrifices to get all animal and birds? 

54. Numbers 22:23, 28, if donkey could see the angels of God, why cannot the bishops see the angels now? 

55. 2 Samuel 7- Did God complain that He never had a house? Does He rest in a house? 

56. 2 Kings 25: 8-10 – When Nebuchadnezzar attacked the temple of God, did God ran away without defending it? 

57. 1 Chronicles 21: 14- Did God act in fits of rage to destroy 70, 000 Israelites? 

58. Job 2:1-7 Is God not omniscient to know that Job was righteous without allowing Satan to smite Job? 

59. Ecclesiastes 1: 17-18- Does knowledge increase sorrow? 

60. Matthew 1:18-20 Is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ believable? How is it different from the story of Kunti being conceived of the sun in Puranas?  

61. Matthew 4: 1-3 – Why was Jesus tempted by Satan? 

62. Matthew 4: 19- Did Jesus Christ ensnare people into His “net”? Did He teach His disciples not to honor parents? 

63. Matthew 4: 23-24 – if Christians accept the miracles of LORD Jesus Christ, should they accept the miracles of Hindu gurus? 

64. Matthew 5: 3, 18, 19- how can the poor be the blessed? Are not the rich in a position to do greater works? 

65. Matthew 6: 11, 19- is the Lord’s prayer for daily bread, a prayer of poor savages?  

66. Matthew 7: 21- Should Christians stop calling Jesus Christ as Lord? 

67. Matthew 7: 22-23- Is LORD Jesus Christ pretending to be the Judge on the Day of Judgment? 

68. Matthew 8:2-3 If Christians accept the miracles of LORD Jesus Christ, why do the reject the miracles of Puranas? 

69. Matthew 8: 28-23 – Why cannot LORD Jesus Christ purify the impure spirits? 

70. Matthew 9:2, 13 – How can LORD Jesus Christ bear the sin of others?  

71. Matthew 10: 20

, 34-36- Can ordinary disciples do miracles? Can God’s Spirit speak through those ordinary mortals? Did Jesus Christ create strife and dissension?  

72. Matthew 15: 34-39 – Is feeding the four thousand with seven loaves trickery? 

73. Matthew 16: 27- if all men will be rewarded according to their works then is preaching the forgiveness of sins useless? 

74. Matthew 17: 17, 20 – if Jesus can purify people, why did not His disciples have faith of a mustard seed? 

75. Matthew 18:3- Is becoming like little children prove that teachings of Christ were opposed to the dictum of knowledge? 

76. Matthew 19: 23-24- Did LORD Jesus Christ have a bias against the rich? Are the rich better than poor? 

77. Matthew 19: 28-29 – Will Judas Iscariot be made a judge? Is it wrong to reward/punish a man for eternity for the decisions in this life? Will there be families given in the heaven?  

78. Matthew 21:18-19- Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? 

79. Matthew 24: 29- How will the stars fall? 

80. Matthew 24: 35- How will the heavens pass away? 

81. Matthew 25: 41- How can God be hungry and thirsty? Why were not the devil and his angels judged immediately? 

82. Matthew 26: 14-15- Why could not Christ purify Judas Iscariot despite Judas being with Christ for three and half years. 

83. Matthew 26: 26-28 –Are Christians practicing savagery in eating the ‘body’ of Christ and drinking of His ‘blood’? 

84. Matthew 26: 37-39 – Why was Jesus sorrowful at the Garden of Gethsemane? Does it show that He was unwilling or ignorant of the future? 

85. Matthew 26:47- 50, 56, 60-72, 74- Why did not the disciples lay down their life? Why did not Jesus stop His crucifixion? 

86. Matthew 26:53- Was Jesus Christ bragging about the twelve legions of angels? Was it wrong on the part of Jesus not to speak? 

87. Matthew 26:11-14, 22, 26-31, 33-35, 37-48, 50- If Jesus is the son of God, why did he have to taste the gall? Did He not know? Why did He cry so loudly? Was He responsible for His death? 

88. Matthew 28:2, 6, 9, 10, 16 – 18, 20- is resurrection of Jesus Christ against the dictum of knowledge? 

89. Mark 6: 3- How can Jesus Christ, a carpenter, claim to be the son of God?  

90. Luke 18: 19- Did Jesus deny being God when He said that there is none good except God? 

91. Luke 23: 8- Herod’s examination of Jesus Christ is not recorded in other Gospels. Does that prove that the Gospels are contradicting each other? 

92. John 1: 1-4 “How can the Word exist without the Speaker? How can Word be God?  

93. John 13: 27- if man can tempt himself, why should devil tempt man? 

94. John 14: 4, 6-7 How can LORD Jesus Christ claim to the only way to God? 

95. John 14: 12- if Christians can do greater works than Christ, then why can’t they raise the dead? 

96. John 17: 3- if Father is the Only True God, how can Father, Son and Holy Spirit be God? 

Introduction to the Revelation and Figurative Language of Prophetical Writings 

97. Revelation 4: 4-6 – Is it possible for heaven to be like a city and God to be like seven lamps of fire? 

98. Revelation 5: 1-4 – Book that no one except Christ can open? Are these things told to magnify Christ? 

99. Revelation 5: 6 – Jesus had only two eyes on the earth. How come He has seven eyes in the Heaven?  

100. Revelation 5: 8- Is burning incense to LORD Jesus Christ equivalent to idol worship? 

101. Revelation 6:1-8 How could horses and riders be contained in the seals of a book? 

102. Revelation 6:10, 11- Why don’t God implement justice immediately? Why should people wait? 

103. Revelation 6: 13-14 – How can stars of heaven fall?  

104. Revelation 7: 4-5 Is the Biblical God the Lord of tribes of Israel alone or is He the Lord of the whole universe? 

105. Revelation 7: 15- Is worshipping God before the throne of God, the crudest form of idol worship? 

106. Revelation 8:3-5- smoke of the incense, thundering and light in the heavens. Is it like any temple in India? 

107. Revelation 8:7- sound of trumpets and the dissolution of the world- does it look like children’s play? 

108. Revelation 9:1-5 – How can stars fall down? 

109. Revelation 9:16- how can two hundred thousand thousand horses live in heaven? 

110. Revelation 10: 1-3 – Is this more fanciful than the stories of Puranas? 

111. Revelation 11:1- Is it absurd to teach that there is a temple in the heaven? 

112. Revelation 11: 19 – Can there even be a temple for God? 

113. Revelation 12: 1-4 What are these stars? 

114. Revelation 12: 7- Can there be war at heaven? 

115. Revelation 12:9- Why did not God imprison Satan immediately? Was God helpless? 

116. Revelation 12: 12- Why is God not protecting people from Satan? 

117. Revelation 13:5, 6, 7- Who gave authority to beast? 

118. Revelation 14: 1- Are there only 144,000 inhabitants in the heaven? 

119. Revelation 14: 13- if the works will follow men, why do Christians say that Christ will take away the sins? 

120. Revelation 14:19, 20- how can the blood flow for a thousand and six hundred furlongs? 

121. Revelation 15: 5- If God is All-knowing, why did He need the testimony to be opened? 

122. Revelation 18: 5-6 – Is it just on the part of God to punish double for the wicked acts? 

123. Revelation 19:7- Marriage of the Lamp. Who are the father-in-law, mother-in-law and brother-in-law? 

124. Revelation 20:2-3 is devil caught with utmost difficulty? Is Satan an imaginary character to frighten people? 

125. Revelation 20: 11, 12- How can heaven and earth fly away? Why does God need to open the books? 

126. Revelation 21: 27- if sinners cannot go to heaven, then why do Christians preach that sinners can go to heaven? 

127. Revelation 22: 3-5- will the Lamb always sit? Will the believers always look at His face? 

128. Revelation 22:12- if everyman will be rewarded according to his own works, how can sins be remitted? 


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7 Responses

  1. It is indeed a hard work but you did it. I thank God for using you. I would be very happy if i see this in book form reaching even the people in wide.

    God bless

  2. :grin :i am very happy for your my knowledge dayananda made a major mistake to known what bible said, i am appreciate to who tells this answers.i am recommended to followers of dayananda please recognize the truth and save your souls.

  3. Kiran:

    Saving one’s soul by believing in the sole saviourship of JC is deep sounding but on some analysis is completely devoid of meaning. Hope you save your this-earthly life by not blindly believing whatever is quoted in some holy book.

  4. This article is just hilarious, nothing refuted and just some ignorant racist white supremacy comments, its illogical e.g god looks like jesus and yet u say he has no form in the bible..what crap. how can Indians believe this white racist religion, to leave your culture and heritage to come to some dead jew on a stick religion is pathetic.

  5. Bro Jerry,I dont know if ull read thisbut I just have one humble advice dont endorse the Big Bang Theory,it was invented to prove evolution.We know the Bible is the true word of GoD,and it has never failed to answer us.Lets stick to what the Bible says that God said Be and it is,simple and clear.Peace.

  6. PTL,

    Good effort brother jerry, God bless you.

    Mr. Jacob Bigbang is nothing but proving that there was a beginning.
    Surely there was a day without yesterday.


  7. Sometimes, we need to understand the questioner’s motive behind the questions that he asks. We can know what is in the mind of the person by the way he asks questions. Here, it is very clear that Maharishi Dayananda isn’t asking these questions out of a pure heart and with genuineness. He is trying to mock and boast. Many of his questions don’t deserve an answer. And God bless you, bro. Jerry. You’re doing a great job and hard work.

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