Quran’s Testimony to the Holy Bible

A party of themIt is a matter of serous implications when a ‘party of Muslims’ thinks and says evil about the Bible (Tavrat, Zaboor and Injee) while the Quran talks and refers to it a lot in a strikingly positive way. In this short article let us see what ‘some’ Muslims think about the Bible and what the Quran says about it and what are the stakes in this matter of mismatch, writes Prasanna.

It is a matter of serous implications when a ‘party of Muslims’ thinks and says evil about the Bible (Tavrat, Zaboor and Injee) while the Quran talks and refers to it a lot in a strikingly positive way. In this short article let us see what ‘some’ Muslims think about the Bible and what the Quran says about it and what are the stakes in this matter of mismatch.

Some Muslims think and believe about the Bible in the following way:

◊ The Bible (Tavrat, Zaboor and Injeel) was originally sent from Allah.
◊ However, later those books were tampered with by Jews and Christians.
◊ Therefore, the present Bible (Tavrat, Zaboor and Injeel) is a ‘corrupt’ book.This they do mainly because of…

◊Their hatred towards the Bible, Christians and God’s truth.

◊Their ignorance of their own book, Quran. They usually don’t study it by themselves and come to this conclusion rather they listen and believe blindly what the teachers of the Quran propagate against the message of the Bible.

◊The deception of Satan (2 Corinthians 4:3-4). 

◊The prophecy that has been foretold centuries before by the prophets of the true God (Isaiah 6:9-10; Mathew 13:14-15).

However, in contrast to the above misguided Muslim assertions the following is what the Quran says about the Bible:

Some books were sent to Jews and Christians before the Quran (Sura 2:87, 45:16, 32:23-24, 4:54, 40:53-54): Muslims would agree with this without any objection.

Those books were identified as Tavrat, Zaboor and Injeel (S 5:43-47, 21:105): Muslims would agree to this also, although they might have some reservations as to which ones.  

Muhammad is advised to ask those who read the previous books if he is in doubt (S 10:94; 21:7): Muslims would have hard time believing this. Therefore, they might try to explain it away with the help of ‘Islamic Logic’ (IL: Which is basically fallacious and self-made to save their version of Islam). This should tell Muslims that the previous books were reliable and cannot be discarded at least during the time that Muhammad was reciting the Quran to his followers.

Allah says in the Quran that the Quran was sent to confirm (but not to correct or make obsolete) the previous books such as Tavrat, Zaboor and Injeel (S 2:40-41,89,91,101; 6:92; 5:51; 12:111; 26:192-195; 35:31): This shows us that the Quran is given to Muhammad in Arabic to warn his people (Arabs) while confirming the previous books, but not rejecting them.  This could also show how Mohammad was trying his best to convince Jews and Christians of his message with the hope that they would accept him as the true prophet in the tradition of the Biblical prophets.  

Mekkans were told to consult those who read the previous books (S 21:7): Again, this implies that those previous books (Tavrat, Zaboor, Injeel) were reliable and authentic. Otherwise, the Mekkans would not have been told to consult those who read the previous books.

Muslims are commanded to believe in the books that had been sent to Jews and Christians before the Quran was sent to Muhammad (S 2:285; 3:84; 29:46; 2:136): Without dispute, ‘believing’ is not just a ‘lip-service.’ The Quran has this to say to those who merely say that we believe: ‘We believe,’ but their hearts believe not (Sura 5:41). In order to believe ‘something’ that ‘something’ should have existence in the first place. If some one believes ‘something’ he/she should respond to that in an appropriate manner.  

Muslims are threatened in the Quran not to discriminate one book from another which were sent by Allah (S 40:70-71): If they believe that the Quran is from Allah and therefore they respect and follow it, then, in the same way they need to believe, respect and follow even the previous books (Tavrat, Zaboor, Injeel) that Allah had sent. If Muslims fail to do this they fail to do what Allah commanded them to do and as a result of that they will face the due punishment in hell.   

Jews and Christians are told to follow the books that were sent to them, namely, Tavrat, Zaboor and Injeel (S 5:43,47,50): This implies that those books exist and they are from Allah and they were not corrupt, but reliable during Muhammad’s time.

Allah in the Quran affirms that his words cannot be changed (S 6:34, 116; 10:65, 15:9): It should be noted that Quran does not make any distinction between the previous books and the Quran while making this assertion. In addition, the Quran threatens with the punishment in hell for those who accuse Allah’s books with falsity. Those who reject the Book (Quran) and that (Tavrat, Zaboor and Injeel) with which WE sent Our Messengers. But soon will they come to know when the iron-collars will be round their necks, and chains too. And they will be dragged (S 40:70-71). Muslims do well to pay attentions to these verses of the Quran before they venture to talk ill about the previous books that Jews and Christians possess now.

After Muhammad: If as the anti-Christian Muslim propagandists believe that the previous books (Tavrat, Zaboor, Injeel) have all been corrupted by Jews and Christians after Muhammad had died and gone, then, the following are the insurmountable problems those Muslims face:

(a) How can Jews and Christians follow what the Quran advices to do with regard to those books in Sura 5:47,50,68?

(b) The manuscript copies of the previous books (Tavrat, Zaboor, Injeel) in original languages that are now in extant predate Islam and Muhammad. If at all there is any change in those books it should have been done even hundreds of years before Muhammad. This only shows that Muhammad and Allah were ignorant of those changes, which is why they did not mention about it in the Quran

(c) In order to change the previous books (Tavrat, Zaboor, Injeel) either during Muhammad’s time or after him all the Jews and Christians from everywhere should come to agree and collect all the manuscripts of those books and do the exact changes at the same time. This is simply impossible task and beyond any stretch of imagination

(d) Had these books were changed after Muhammad, Allah who is All-knowing would have warned about that future change of those books in the Quran so that after those changes these books could be rendered irrelevant

(e) The previous books (Tavrat, Zaboor, Injeel) were sent by Allah. They are the words of Allah. If they were really changed or corrupted over time that proves beyond any sh

adow of doubt that the Quran is not from Allah because when it says, ‘The words of Allah cannot be changed’ (S 6:34, 116; 10:65) is not true!

However, there are few verses in the Quran which have been misused and abused by false teachers of the Quran to malign God’s word. Before looking into the meaning and implications of those verses it is noteworthy to remember that by the time Muhammad started preaching his message during the first half of the seventh century (610-632 AD) there were thousands of Greek, Syriac, Coptic, Latin, Armenian and Gothic manuscript copies of the ‘Injeel’ alone, in parts and full, most of which come from third and fourth centuries spread around on three different continents—Asia, Africa and Europe. With this in mind let us turn to the verses that some Muslims think imply changes in the previous books.

Can ye (O ye men of Faith) entertain the hope that they will believe in you? Seeing that a party of them heard the Word of God, and perverted it knowingly after they understood it (Sura 2:75): Here the ‘Word of God’ could be referring to the previous books (Tavrat, Zaboor or Injeel) or the Quran. In any case, according to this verse a party of them, but not all of them, perverted the meaning of the words after hearing the words of God. This verse doesn’t say that they have changed the written words of their scripture.   

Of the Jews there are those who displace words from their (right) places, and say: We hear and we disobey (S 4:46): Here the verse is accusing of some Jews that they had changed the meaning of the words they heard. This too does not say or imply that those Jews went out and collected all the manuscripts of the previous books (Tavrat and Zaboor) and made changes in their writings.

Because of their breaking the covenant, We have cursed them and made hard their hearts. They change words from their context and forget a part of that whereof they were admonished. Thou wilt not cease to discover treachery from all save a few of them. But bear with them and pardon them. Lo! God loveth the kindly (S 5:13): Here the verse indicates that most of the people who rejected Muhammad’s prophethood (Jews/Christians/Pagan Arabs) were misquoting either from their books or what Muhammad had recited before them earlier. However, it does not convey the meaning that those disbelievers went out and collected all the manuscripts of the previous books and literally changed the written words on those manuscripts, which is both illogical and impossible.   

O Messenger! Let not them grieve thee who vie one with another in the race to disbelief, of such as say with their mouths; ‘We believe,’ but their hearts believe not, and of the Jews: listeners for the sake of falsehood on behalf of other folk who come not unto thee, changing words from their context and saying: If this be given unto you, receive it, but if this be not given unto you, then beware! (S 5:41): Again, here too what the verse is saying is that the Jews who did not come to Muhammad were guilty of ‘misquoting’ the scripture, because they were changing the words from their context in their conversations when they spoke. This does not mean by any stretch of imagination that those Jews went out and collected all the manuscripts of the previous books (Tavrat and Injeel) from everywhere in the world and then corrupted them by changing their written words. 

In the light of the discrepancies between what the Quran says about the Holy Bible and what some Muslims believe blindly, here are some serious questions to those Muslims:

◊ Are you ready to answer about this disobedience and hypocrisy before Allah when you face him and questioned about your unfounded belief about the Bible (Tavrat, Zaboor, Injeel)?

◊ Are you aware that even if you make a distinction between the previous books (The Bible—Tavrat, Zaboor, Injeel) and the Quran or calling one of them as false/corrupt you will end up facing severe punishment in hell according to the Quran?

◊ In the light of the above facts what keeps you from reading the previous books and be blessed by Allah?



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  1. Is Islam Prophesied in the Bible?

    Who says No?

    Go to the link http://www.beastfromtheeast.org/Islam_ProphesiedI_in_the_Bible.html

    and find out ourself.

  2. this is too much enough that quran is ever true and charecterised with its eligiblity of devineness. God may guide you to the stright path…

  3. Mohd Zakir,

    Mind you, mere assertions are not going to convince anybody in this 21st century. Even in the 6th century there were people who argued against Mohammad’s claimes and faced death boldly.

    Please read “God’s war on Terror” by Walid Shoebat and please find the right path and the straight one. May God speak to you Mr. Zakir.

  4. Well.. the implications and assertions that the modern day Bible could attempt even a feeble inch towards the modern day Quran are destroyed until eternity,

    thanks to the intelligence of the prolific authorship of Matthew,Mark,Luke & John.

    Notwithstanding grave inconsistencies & massive plagiarism ,these folks even autographed their names – leaving no stone unturned for us 21st century people to believe that these gospels are just like any other Sidney Sheldon or Dan Brown!! (except that the latter are alive today to milk their money)

    If the Councils of Nicaea or Ephesus missed it, atleast the various modern day revisions should have rectified this problem.

    On the other hand ,the Author of the Quran is undoubtedly far superior in wisdom for not allowing any mortal to claim its authorship!

  5. Well.. the implications and assertions that the modern day Bible could attempt even a feeble inch towards the modern day Quran are destroyed until eternity,

    thanks to the intelligence of the prolific authorship of Matthew,Mark,Luke & John.

    Notwithstanding grave inconsistencies & massive plagiarism ,these folks even autographed their names – leaving no stone unturned for us 21st century people to believe that these gospels are just like any other Sidney Sheldon or Dan Brown!! (except that the latter are alive today to milk their money)

    If the Councils of Nicaea or Ephesus missed it, atleast the various modern day revisions should have rectified this problem.

    On the other hand ,the Author of the Quran is undoubtedly far superior in wisdom for not allowing any mortal to claim its authorship!

  6. Thanks to the Only True Living God Triune Yahweh, the Gospels of the New Testament have been decisively proved to be authentic by applying the legal standards for an eyewitnesses account though ignorant and biased people have got confused with differences in perspective with “grave inconsistencies & massive plagiarism”.

    It is an insult and shame to humanity that a third rate jumbled and incoherent book- Quran- is considered as the Word of God by 1/5th of humanity. If not for the ‘righteous Caliph’ Uthman (who was murdered by Muslims) who burned many Qurans (probably the only righteous example he did) and officiated his version of the Quran, we wonder what would have been the bloodshed between Muslims. Anyways, we are glad that this book is primarily read in a language that majority of its readers have no clue about. In that way, at least we have the excuse that people have not understood this book, which is why they still consider it as “undoubtedly far superior in wisdom.”

  7. Brother Prasanna we muslims believes abt true revelations before Muhammad as buks of Allah(Like torah,injeel,zaboor).. but u hv accentuated to d buks of Allah(Injeel,zaboor,torah & Quran) but u didn’t accentuate abt d Bible(wich no wer written in quran abt dis buk)wich is not a buk of Allah, Quran speaks abt injeel but not abt bible.. did u get it? Bible comes from d greek word ‘Biblios’ wich means “Group of books” dats it but its not d meaning of Injeel wich ws mentioned in Quran

  8. Do you know that Quran speaks about Kitab and people of the Kitab. What does Kitab mean? Can you translate that into Latin, and Greek? If you do not know, Kitab means Book. Does the Quran then speak about Bible?

    While the Holy Bible does not need any validation from the heretical Quran, the fact that Quran traps itself by acknowledging the validity of Kitab must be pinching you a lot. Repent and turn to the incarnate Word of God- Jesus Christ.

  9. Prasanna- I enjoyed reading your article

    Thinker- Sydney sheldon is dead by now- if you can allow me that small correction

  10. Hey buddy u’ve sensed it wrong. wen Allah mentions about people of the book dat books clearly has command of Allah not by john,matthew,mark,luke or atleast word or gospel of jesus. not gospel of john,mark,etc..d all previus buks mentions abt last prophet to come and last buk to come i.e Quran wich is d last testament from GOD. and if u say it mention particularly abt bible.. den tell me wich version of d bible has Allah told in Quran? king james,roman caholic,RSV etc..lol it mention abt Injeel,torah and zaboor not bible wich is full of errors and contradictions.u’ve in a grave mistake repent to d cause of Allah. verily Jesus was a prophet like abraham,ishmael,jacob,moses and Muhammad(PBUH).. wer jesus clearly said he can of his self do nothing John 5:30. Repent to the oneness of Allah

  11. Hey buddy u’ve sensed wrong.. Quran speaks abt previous books(Injeel,Zaboor,Torah) wich commands to worship none but Allah and also abt last buk Quran as last testament wich ws mentioned in previous buks of Allah. but not ur bible wich doesn’t evn has a gospel of jesus wer comes to match as a kitab of Allah revealed on Jesus(Injeel) mentioned in Holy Quran. ur biblios is a collection of historical buks,pornography,scientific errors and manymore.. bible is acc to John,matthew,mark,luke..but not according to Jesus(PBUH)who always said abt one true almighty and last prophet to come.Repent it to the oneness of ALLAH.

  12. Hey buddy u’ve taken it wrong as u always takes to JESUS.. Quran speaks abt previous books(Injeel,Zaboor,Torah) wich commands to worship none but Allah and also abt last buk Quran as last testament wich ws mentioned in previous buks of Allah. but not ur bible wich doesn’t evn has a gospel of jesus wer comes to match as a kitab of Allah revealed on Jesus(Injeel) mentioned in Holy Quran. bible is acc to John,matthew,mark,luke..but not according to Jesus(PBUH)who always said abt one true almighty and last prophet to come.

  13. I knw u’ll first try to resolve dis answer dat too illogically fooling viewers in ur website.. the world’s most baseless religion is ofcourse ‘Christianity’.. dey do not go with d teachings of JESUS(PBUH) but instead according to john,luke,matthew,mark..lolz..

  14. Matthew 7:6

    Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.

  15. Dear Prassana,

    Where is the Quran mentioned Taurat, Juboor and Injeel? Where are these books? Dont tell they are in Bible. You wont even find the names of the these books in the Bible. And you know these names through Quran only, not from Bible. Dont write all as you wish to fool people. Please understand Islam and accept Islam.. otherwise the end of the rejectors of Islam is worst,,read the Quran..to know the end of the rejecters. May Allah show you the right path.. Ameen.

  16. Dear Abdullah,

    Please read the article again slowly. You shouldn’t miss the numerous references I gave to find the words ‘Taurat, Zaboor and Injee’ in the Quran.

    You are asking where these books are?! It’s a surprise that you being a Muslim don’t even know about it. Probably you are one of the majority Muslims who don’t read their Quran or don’t understand it even if they read it. Your Quran says they are with Jews and Christians (2:42, 89; 5:43, 47, 68; 7:157). We call it ‘God’s words’ or ‘God’s Book’ or ‘Scriptures’ or ‘The Holy Bible.’ If calling the same thing with different names could cause any confusion you are welcome to use just one of them. No problem. We can understand your limitations.

    You fancy that we know these names through Quran only, not from the Bible. Again like a real Muslim you are fancying that only Quran has (or invented) these names. Nothing could be further from the truth. As you can see most of the Quran doesn’t have original stuff in it. It has borrowed information from many different sources, including pagans. All three words—Taurat, Zaboor and Injeel, are borrowed into the Quran from Christian Scriptures i.e. the Bible. This, of course, you can understand only if you read the Bible. As long as you don’t read it, but only vent your Islamic hatred of the Bible you will continue to live in your ignorance and as a result enter into eternal hell.

    Taurat=Torah=Book of Moses or Law of Moses; Zaboor=Psalms; Injeel=Gospel. All these words are borrowed into the Quran. Muhammad could not have included them in his Quran if he had not heard them from Jews and Christians. By the way, you can find these words in the Bible if you read it.


  17. Wonder where the word ‘trinity’ got into the Qur’an from ?!!

    It was not until Paul ,that anybody attempted to invent the doctrine.Hence Pauline Christianity!

    Why isn’t it called Jesuit or Jesus’s Christianity?? Jesus never even met Paul.

    Today,its hard to convince people even if you produce ample witnesses and evidence and this Paul had the nerve to dream that Jesus sanctioned an alien concept to adulterate his God-sent faith?

    How bizarre for the majority to remain ignorant about this important fact!!

    Abstain from digressive topics and endeavour to educate the basics to our very own Christian brothers.

  18. Dr. Zakir naik verses Jerry Thomas: Clash of the Titans or ……

    After I went through your hue and cry about your debate invitation to Dr. Zakir naik being turned down, I decided to investigate the matter neutrally but I found it on the shallow it self, here is my conclusion for your readers to scrutinise and introspect. The topics are mentioned below followed by my comments.

    1. LORD Jesus Christ or Hazarat Muhammad: Who is the True Moral Pattern for Humanity?

    This is not a topic for debate as far as Muslim faith is concerned, the Qur’an in Sureh Baqara chapter 2 verse 285 says we make no distinctions between one and other messengers……

    Even if you analyse the topic you will realize that Jesus(pbuh) is never an ideal pattern for conduct like Muhammad(pbuh) is for his followers, the reason being Jesus is worshiped while Muhammad(pbuh) is not , Jesus(pbuh) is considered to be God and Muhammad(pbuh) as a messenger of God, so where is the comparison ?

    We could understand if the topic is “Christians or Muslims, which people follow the teachings of Jesus(pbuh)”

    2. Life after Death in Biblical Faith and Islam: Which is Righteous and Spiritual?

    This can be a ideal debate between the Hindus and the christains because both have a distorted version of authentic teachings, for example even the Hindu Scriptures speak about swarg and nark (paradise and hell). A Christian is basically confused as to what he will get in paradise because there is no such description or if at all it is very little, unlike found in Islamic Scriptures. So this is not a debatable issue

    Christianity or Islam: Which is the True and Final Solution for Humanity?

    A. The Bible rarely speaks about the problems of modern society which is very rampant in the Christian countries like USA and UK as well as the other European countries, for example alcoholism. According to Jimmy Swagard the noted missionary, US has no less then fifty million of drunkards who are the major committers of rape, violence and incest, let the church first come out with the biblical solution to this problem, then we can compare it or debate it with Islamic solutions

    Yahweh God of the Bible and Allah of the Quran: Who is the One True Universal God

    A . This is also un debatable because, first of all the Christians have to debate among themselves between the various churches “Is Jesus (pbuh) yahweh” ? I dont know of any church which permits its followers to call Jesus(pbuh) as Yahweh or any version of bible which has replaced the word “Yahweh” with “Jesus”

    So these topics seem to be too childish to challenge Muslims, in fact the main theological difference between the Muslims and Christians is the divinity of Jesus(pbuh). So Jerry Thomas should not shy away from this issue and respond or invite Muslims to have a debate on that, if Dr. Zakir naik is not available, there are others who can speak on it

    More ever it was too generous for IRF people to call you a STREET BOY challenging mike tyson, i would rather frankly call you a baby in the cradle who knows nothing because of the topics you choose are debatable among the Christian church itself as mentioned above.

    Perhaps this is the reason why you are not even popular in your own community, when I went to you tube to compare the popularity of you and Dr. Zakir naik, I was shock to see that you had only a couple of few thousand clicks, but astonishingly I found every question and topic of Dr. Zakir naik visited by no less then 70 – 80 thousand visitors, further more to be frank with you when I saw your talks your English was so poor that even the Europeans will call you a baby in presentation, if any Christian disagrees with me he can cross check it from youtube and correct me.

  19. Muslims now try very hard doing dawah to reach heaven(zakir bhai’s advise). Bcoz mohamed cannot take them, see what mohamed tells about himself.

    Surah The Sandhills46:9 “I am nothing new among the prophets; what will happen to me and my followers, i do not Know; i am only a plain warner”

    He didn’t say he is the greatest.

    He does not even know where he or his followers are going after death.( thats interesting)

    He is only a warner.( what sort of warning?)

    May be zakir bhai can help the muslims to reach heaven, where they can enjoy the company of young virgins with lustrous eyes under the cool shade of the trees under paradise.


    This is the promise of Jesus who follows HIm.

  20. Jesus Divinity … what Christians say,,,, read

    an old copy here of Time Magazine ,,,


  21. Hello there, that was an amazing article i have ever read. I have been thinking, in Quran – most of the incidents and history matches with Bible and yet there is a lot of hatred between us. God bless you and let this article reach many more and let everyone of us serve the One and Only God. Amen.

  22. Islam is but this :

    Galatians 1:8

    New International Version (NIV)

    8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!

    Who is the angel here? why did the apostle specifically mention an Angel of darkness 600 years before Islam when angels are historically considered good?.THINK

    Islam very superbly masks two essential reasons why Yeshua Messiah took birth.

    1) Belief that he is the one(The son of God)

    2)That Yeshua died for mans sins(The exact reason of his birth)

    Islam achieves this by affirming all the rest but denying the essential core of the son of God.

    Muslims Debaters usually quote:

    John 14:28 My father is greater than I.

    John 15:19 The son can do nothing by himself.

    The Islamic debaters will read the same verse John 15:19 The son can do nothing by himself(and stop there very carefully).They wont read the sentence that comes along which says “But whatever the father does,I can do”

    Other verses of divinity.

    John 10:30 I and the father are one.

    John 14:8-11 If you have seen me you have seen the father.

    John 17:5

    And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.

    But they will still hang on to the first verse and say- then why did Jesus say that the father is greater than he?.Notice the verse above, Jesus and God shared the same glory in heaven from the beginning of time, when he came to earth as man, his heavenly father stands greater in essence.When he ascended back, he retook his glory.

    Then they ask,If Jesus as god then why would he need his fathers help to do something?.These poor sheep who have been lied to by their imams.They dint read the adjoining line.

    The verse completes like this : –

    John 5:19 >>

    New International Version (©1984)

    Jesus gave them this answer: “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.[THIS DOESNT MEAN THAT Jesus cant do anything without his fathers help, but means they they being ONE,Jesus will not act apart from the father].Thus he can do what his father[God] does.Who can do what god does other than god??

    Other verses:

    John 8:58

    Before Abraham was I am.


    New International Version (©1984)

    Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist–he denies the Father and the Son.

    Its plain and simple.The false prophet is the one who denies the Father-son relationship and Allah begets None.Jesus had compassion and forgave the prostitute,Mohammed had her stoned and also took his sons wife Zaynab into carnal lust.

    The dark angel has misled many and Islam is the perfect machine,A wolf masquerading under sheep’s clothing,fasting to the moon and unconsciously these sheep are bowing down to a pagan stone in the middle of the desert.I pity.

    • i really did not understand your saying. if you say that jesus peace be upon him said i and my father are one then he is not claiming divinty but telling the god almighty and my purpose is same that is to bring message of tawheed means onesss of god in profession they are same hope that answers your question.

  23. I read some parts of the notes. You brought evidence from Holy Quran regarding other Holy Books such Torat, Zaboor, and Enjeel (Bible). It means you should believe that what Quran say is true and correct.

    We Muslims believe all holy books mentioned in Quran, but Quran is the last message of Allah to his last messenger (Peace be up on him) and Allah instructs all humanity to follow instruction from this book and this Prophet.

    Regarding corruption in the other holy books, it is proved by different versions of these books which do not match with each other. Also you can find the original language of these books nowadays. Christians believe trinity, can they show if it mentioned in Bible.

    May Allah guide us to his right path.

  24. Hi Abdul Majid,

    The author is NOT seeking authenticity for the Holy Bible, which is the true word of God, from the Quran. Rather, he is arguing addressing Muslims (not Christians) that if according to Muslims the Quran is true then Muslims should accept the present day Bible as the word of Allah and follow it. Since Muslims don’t read or follow the Bible that Quran talks about, Muslims will definitely receive the due punishment in the hell according to the Quranic injunctions.

    In other words the argument can go something like this…

    The Bible says, Jesus is the last one sent by the Father. If the Bible is true, then the Quran is false because it says Muhammad is the last one.

    If the Bible is false in saying taht Jesus is the last one, then the Quran is still false! Because it says the Bible (Tavrat, Inzeel and Zabur)is true!

    Think of this and I hope you got it!


  25. Waqar, do you agree that the ruilng of stoning still exists, while the recitation of the verse was abrogated from Quran? Various scholars like Imam Nawawi hold that the recitation was abrogated.


  27. heloo sakshi team what happened i am waiting for ur answers what happened is not ur bible correct beacuse since u have not given answers to my question fast i am waiting for u answers if u are not able to give answerrs then reject christianity and accept islam which means surrender to allah almighty

  28. and another what do you mean by christianity and is it written in bible that christianity is correct religion waiting for ur answers.

  29. i speak for the son
    if u say islam is misleading lie then answer my those questions which i have stated already before this and who told u that christianity is the religion of god if it is religion of god then show me verse of the bible which says this. and show me the verses where jesus christ peace be upon him said i am god and i am truth .but do not show me that verse which he said i am the way to truth and life. but he is not truth and life in other words he refers the truth and life to god so jesus is not god and i am warning u do not worship him but worship the creator allah almighty. if u disobey alllah u will burn in hell so i am giving u free advise repent to allah as soon as possible.

  30. My questions for dear muslims here:

    Quran only said: Taurat, Zabur, and Injeel and claimed they habe been corrupted by Jews and Christians. My question is:

    1. For someone to claim something has been corrupted, they have to provide both original one and the corrupted one to judge which part that have been corrupted. If not, the, he or she is a mere liar. So could someone of you please provide us the correct non-corrupted Taurat, Zabur and Injeel that your prophet is refering to (the original/uncorrupted one)? Complete with all its chapter and verses so we may check with our own that we have.

    2. Quran is claimed to be in a clear and pure Arabic yet the word Injeel is not arabic word, along with some other words Injel is Greek word Εὐαγγέλιον euangelion or in Aramaic awongaleeyoon which means “good news”, Christians refer to it to the 4 first books of New Testament which contain ” good news about God’s salvation through Jesus. Jesus himself never authorised or writing any script let alone to call it Injeel, becausr the very word Injel was used later in reference of scripts written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. So how did your prophet came to know about Injeel? And not having Allah to just translate the word “good news” into pure arabic word? Your prophet was familiar with Injeel from hearsay and from his first wife and waraqqa and any Nestorians or even probably Syrian Christians when he was appointed by his wife to do ber business in Syria. But then again, how come someone who claimed to be iliterate can have a say about a book is corrupted? How did he knows it is corrupted if he could not even read the book? That all his knowledge is based on hearsay about verses, he did not even know that Injeel is part of New Testament. He thought it is as one book. And whay he quoting in his Quran were verses of apocrypal books that is not acknowledged as Injeel by Christians. His knowledge is so limited he could not even produce the whole book instead he just took what he heard then said it was revealed by God. Same goes for Torah and Psalms….they are part of Old Testament but he thought that the bible is consisted of only these two. Why? Because he only depend on what he heard. Zabur if he refered it to Psalms then he got it all wrong, becausr even it is beeing said that is book of David, not all of the Psalm are written by David. And by the name of Psalm itself means it is not just prayer but it is actually songs of praise and worship, musical prayers. Is not Quran prohibited music? The same goes for Torah, he thought it is one book, while in fact it consisted of 5 books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) these five books made Torah, and each have many chapters and verses. Your prophet only knew very little of some of the verses of it. How then an iliterate man who never read or examine Torah claimed it is corrupted? Because Allah said so? His Allah could not even told him what the Torah is? And if it is corrupted which books or chapter or verses that being corrupted…he only said book. While Torah is main part of Jews Bible and Christians Old Testament, there are other books consisted the Bible i.e the books of prophets. And even for Jews and Christians scholars have to study and examine everything to get understanding of it from every aspect includinv linguistic aspect, how could an iliterate who could not even read or write in his own language got to know Hebrew? And he misunderstood Torah as one book, he didn’teven know what consisted Torah. Even Allah did not know about that, as if Allah knew he would have not given Muhammad false revelation.

    3. Why Muhammad then said Bible is corrupted while keep refering to it? Even when he quoted Bible verses wrong because of he is not Bible scholar like the Jews who spent their lives to follow and study Torah and book of prophets. Muhammad mixed up Bible verses, legends, fairy tale, poets, and apocypal verses, zoroasters legends and stories into Quran, how could it should be accepted by Jews and Christians in his time? They knew better and they were literate people. And they knew how to differ which is history, which one is prophetical, which one have literal meaning which one is figurative, etc. Thats why they are called people of the book. They didn’t just read it, they are taught to examine it to study it to get the meaning and to get the understanding. So when someone iliterare came to claim he is a prophet and brought forward his Quran that they knew all the verses of Quran is a disturbing mixture of legends and tales and wrong quotation or source in reference to Bible, of course these Jews rejected him, mocked him. To add that he is not descendant of Ishaq, Jacob, and David through their blood-line God will bring SALVATION. As an Iliterate how can Muhammad know what is written or even to understand the context and meaning of it? He mostly confused about it because he never read, learn and examine the books he said corrupted. Bible main concept is Salavation, this is not what Quran is all about. Muhammad and Allah don’t even have the concept of salvation, while it is the core of Jews and Christian theology. That Jews are waiting for Messiah to deliver them, to bring them all back together, to fulfill the promise God had made with them as covenant, that God never fail in his promises and His covenant with Israelites is unbroken and eternal. While for Christian it is already fulfilled in Jesus, and that Jesus is the seal of new covenant God made with all human kind, that God loves the world and he brings salvation to all as well. The key to that salvation is Jesus. No one will have the salvation without Jesus. Jesus himself said He is the way, the salvation and the Life. No one comes to Father except through me.

    Muhammad was mocked and laughed at by Jews and it annoyed him and hurt his pride, so he hold grudge against them, and began to accuse them, threathen them, cursed them, even killed them and be made it as command to his follower. By revealing disturbing verses from Allah about them. It is a clearshow that Muhammad was ignorant about God’s covenant with Israelites and Christians. If he knew about it and if his Allah knew about it, or understand Bible very well, hr would have not made Allah to reveal all vilest verses about Jews and Christians. Jews and Christian in his time knew he had no knowledge nor understanding (zero comprehension) about Bible and the nature of God believed by Jews and Christians. God’s covenant with them and Gods promises to them nevet fail nor broken. It will last forever. How can his Allah be the same God as our God if Allah only know how to curse us and to have us killed? Our God is God of Love and Mercy, God who reached out to us when we are lost, God who forgive us when we are sinned, God who will punish us to show us our mistake and to lead us back to him. God who never fail us even in the darkest time. God never wholesale curse and order all to kill us for our faith in Him or order us to do that to others. God never teach us to hateand hold grudge against others becausr they don’t agree with us. It is very distinct charachter from Allah. Our God deliver us from evil and redeem ua from our sin and He is certainly not Allah. So no matter how hard you or your prophet tried to lead us astray (indeed many have been led astray) but people who holdtrue to Jesus, they will never be led astray, God will find that person and led him back to Him when the person is lost. People who believe in true God will give their lives as living sacrifices, God never asked us to kill ourselves for his Sake, to spread His name through terror and fear…He asked us to love and to be light and salt for the world asan example, to show that He is LOVE not a killer unlike Allah who order you to fight and to kill for him.

    I sincerely hope that with time, God will lead you muslim friends here…to get to know Him and accept His Love and His salvation. God love and, bless you all.

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