Update: Sharia Implemented in Kerala: Islamist Chop off Professor’s Palm

Yet another time, followers of the religion of peace, shows their true color. Believers from the ‘religion of peace’ chop of the palm of a professor in Kerala for allegedly preparing a question paper with some remarks that have ‘hurt’ the sentiments of Muslims.


Last Update: July 8, 2010 


4th Update:
Quoting undisclosed sources from Police, Rediff.com has reported that there is a Taliban-model court Darul Khada(God's abode or God's court) functioning in Kerala, under the cover of the Popular Front, which had ordered the chopping off the palm of Prof. Joseph. Ashraf, one of the suspected terrorists, and activists of the Popular Front, appeared to have confessed this to the Police.  As per rediff “Eaasa Moulavi was the Kerala coordinator of the Darul Khada, and this particular case was decided by its branch in Eearattupettah, in Kottayam district.”  Source: http://news.rediff.com/report/2010/jul/07/islamic-court-ordered-chopping-of-profs-palm.htm
Question to think:

 Is not the Islam directly challenging the Indian state by setting up another court not recognized by the Constitution of India?

Since the Popular Front is spread across South India, are there other Sharia Courts across South India.  Sadly, our initial evaluation of this incident (i.e. since chopping of hand, cutting legs, plucking eyes and killing is the pattern of Muhammad, Sharia Law, this was an implementation of Sharia Law) is coming true in a sense more than we expected.


3rd Update:
In showing forth the love of Lord Jesus Christ, Professor Joseph has said that he forgives those who chopped of his hand. However, an email from Middle East has issued bomb threats from Muslims at three different parts of Kerala.

The Islamists Organization, the Popular Front, has now issued death threats to a police officer in the investigating team. While this terrorist outfit has conducted a procession and picketed police station to protest against the arrest of a few suspects, one of the district functionaries of this outfit has now threatened the police officer.



Muvattupuzha (Kerala): As per the news reports, Prof. T J Joseph, currently on bail for preparing a question paper with allegedly controversial remarks on Muhammad, had his right palm chopped off by the ardent followers of Muhammad on Sunday morning (July 04, 2010).

Prof. Joseph was returning home after attending the Sunday Mass when the Islamists dragged Prof. Joseph out of his car and chopped off his right palm and thrown some 200 meters away.  

As per the police, these thugs belong to a newly formed organization known as Popular Front. While the mascot of this organization is social reformation, their real agenda is to implement the inhuman sharia in different parts of India. It must be recalled here that these believers from the ‘religion of peace’ were behind the many recent violent attacks against Christians in Kerala. In all these instances, these thugs were left off free without even being charged while Christians were jailed from answering the Dawwah preachers. Probably encouraged by the police inaction against them and their success in persecuting Christians, they are trying to implement Sharia in Kerala.


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34 Responses

  1. This is ridiculous! How intolerant can these fanatics be! I think that they worship Mohammed more than their pagan deity, Allah. We should not allow the talibanisation of our nation.

  2. This shows us the UGLY FACE of Islam which is being portrayed as the ‘religion of peace’ by its followers who ardently worship Muhammad and his pagan god.

    May the Muslim people open the eyes of their brains and see the satanic origin of Islam.

  3. This kind of practice is common among Muslims. Their manual of hate ie quran does not give them wisdom but hateredness and dead brains. They are just following their prophet whom they claim to be the best man in the world. May i ask any of the Muslim brothers if they can show me one good quality in him that we can call him at least a man. Islam is nothing but a a cult of evil and ignorance.

  4. Brother Joe,

    If a person speaks bad or maligns your mother, what will you do ,you sit quite or you bang him ?

    first,you will say him to stop maliging,Later if he continues you surely bang his/her mouth. Why because you obeys and respects your parents,and you hardly hear no comments on your parents,even if he is your friend or wife.

    Similarly we muslims love, obey and respect our Lord and Our messenger the most,

    If anybody… speaks bad or intentionally maligns ‘Allah Azzahwajjal’the creator & Sustainer of all beings,and his last messenger Mohammad PBUH,He should be stoned to death irrespect he is a muslim or non-muslim.

    Chopping palm of professor means they showed pity on him.

    Why would he try to malign our prophet, unless knowing or investigating the truth.

  5. When such a dastardly deed happens, there is usually a silence in the media and among the so-called ‘moderates’ in the Islamic spectrum. Their loud silence means that they are either themselves afraid to speak up OR they are part of a conspiracy trying to promote Islam as a religion of peace OR deep within their hearts, they believe that such random, gruesome, violence is justifiable.

  6. Dear Abdul, you or I do not live in a theocracy. We live in India which is a secular democratic republic with freedom for all people to practice their religion without imposing it on others. When you or I impose our particular religion on others we stand against the law of the land and are law breakers ie criminals. Which is one reason, the law keepers, ie the police are after the criminals who committed this violent act against Prof Joseph and indeed against all peace loving citizens of India. Besides, you have contradicted many ardent Islam lovers who say that Islam is a religion of peace. Peace at the point of a sword is not true peace but coercion, abuse and violence disguised as peace. And true followers/seekers of God, regardless of their religious persuasion, will know the difference

  7. Joe : “May i ask any of the Muslim brothers if they can show me one good quality in him that we can call him at least a man”

    Abdul: “Chopping palm of professor means they showed pity on him.” or better “If anybody… speaks bad or intentionally maligns ‘Allah Azzahwajjal’the creator & Sustainer of all beings,and his last messenger Mohammad PBUH,He should be stoned to death irrespect he is a muslim or non-muslim.”

    Abdul- you have great prospects of becoming an Islamic intelletucal


  8. ‘He should be stoned to death irrespect he is a muslim or non-muslim’

    If the real Allah is merciful (as Quran claims), who the hell are these bunch of wolves following?

    Adbul- get lost to some primitive moslime land to implement your goddamn sharia there, you and your kin. This is India-not some god-forsaken islamic hellhole.

  9. Hello Abdul,

    I have one doubt, if this action is only applicable for muslims. Or is it applicable in reverse also I mean if a muslim speaks bad on others god should he be stoned to death or give a crown on his head.

    Bible rightly called hagars son and generation as wild beast. it will show its character truely. since the word of God is True.

  10. Abdul,

    By the standards you stated, why shouldn’t Christians be hurt when the Quran and Allah’s messenger speaks lies about Jesus Christ (who is not just a prophet, but God himself)? How should Christians, according to you, react when Muslims abuse our rightful faith and the only true God?

  11. Mr. Abdulla.

    Thanks for ur comments. You look to be a sincere Muslim than Most of the Muslims who Pop up and say “Islam doesn’t teach violence that coz Islam is the religion of peace.

    Not all Love their Mother, but some do but others are thankful to them. We have Law, police or even respectful people around us who can help us to resolve the problem and make the person to feel Sorry for what he said. But imagine a Woman lives a Bad life to satisfy her flesh and to make money and some one comes and calls her a “Prostitute”. is this wrong? or should dat guy still call her “Sati Savitri”?. You example itself is false assumption to water the Issue.

    You love your Mom for what she is and what she has done for you. But what makes you to love Muhammad and go around chopping heads of those who dislike Muhammad? Even there is no such things as love in Islam, so your love for Muhammad is nothing but zeal for the religion as many have for their faith and politics.

    The professor openely asked “Sorry” if his statement have made Muslims hurt.He was suspended from the college, got punished under law. So your logic have no room in this country.

    Even being a Muslim, you dont know Muhammad. You should read about him from the Quran, Hadiths,Sira’s and early scholar’s writings.then come and defend Muhammad.

    Qur’an (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides…

    Qur’an (8:12) – “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them.

    Muslim (16:4131) – They were caught and brought to him (the Holy Prophet). He commanded about them, and (thus) their hands and feet were cut off and their eyes were gouged and then they were thrown in the sun, until they died. Muhammad had two killers put to death, not in the way of “an eye-for-an-eye,” but in a more agonizing manner.

  12. As Jesus Said, “a tree can be recognized by its fruits”. We can identify the teachings of Islam by looking at its followers. The people who does these nasty things are practising muslims, they are following their Glorious prophet’s teaching. If we ask a moderate muslim, “why all these stuffs are happening?”. they will reply “the people who does things are ignorant”. Of course they are “ignorant”, the legitimate question is “how did they become ignorant?” they answer is “by reading their Holy Book, by following the teachings of Hadiths”. People who does these nasty things know much much better about koran and teachings of hadiths than the normal muslim who knows only about 5pillars. These all things again and again confirms the core teaching of Christianity, that we are all fallen people, though external factors can corrupt us, the root of evil is within each of us, in you and me, unless the almighty God takes the initiaive from above by giving his Holy Spirit, we can never know and love Him. Islam is the perfect example of a false religion which tries to create the Kingdom on earth. For christians i can say, to pray and show love for muslims and use the mind more effectively. Dont forget the great legacy of the judeo-christian worldview which gave birth to the modern Europe and america and the foundation for science.

  13. The remark that “hurt” the feelings of Muslims is in the question paper which Prof.Joseph prepared for second semester B.Com Malayalam Internal Examination. In question number 11 respected professor used the term “son of a bitch” for the Prophet. Yes this hurt the sentiments of Muslims. But no action was taken against him. But those who pretested this was arrested. I think nobody knows what actually hurt the feelings of Muslims. But those who chopped his palm must be punished. at the same time the Professor should also be punished.

  14. Can we identify the teachings of Christianity by looking at Adolf Hitler. He was a christian right?

    • hanna,

      if Hitler behaved exactly as Jesus said then i would agree with you (i know u never care to know what Lord Jesus thaught about love forgiveness and Salvation). if you dare – compare the teachings of Lord Jesus and mohd. without bias.


  15. Hanna, are you living in this planet or not? Professor was arrested, he apologized and was on bail. 2) What about Dawwah preachers who absuse the Biblical prophets including Zakir Naik who abuses the Holy Bible and our prophets?

    3) Hitler was not a Christian though he had Christian background. In fact, he wanted to ban the Holy Bible as well. Remember that while no Christian pastors adore Hitler, there are many Imams who adore Hitler.

    4)What about the 164 jihad verses in the Quran which aborgrated all the peaceful verses ‘revelaed’intitally.

    5) If you want to compare, then we can compare between Lord Jesus Christ and Muhammad.Are you ready for that.

  16. So now the matter is whether Hitler was a christian or not! “In showing forth the love of Lord Jesus Christ, Professor Joseph has said that he forgives those who chopped of his hand.” Thats s good joke. So he is that devoted christian? Even then he did not know that Jesus said : “but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.(Mathew 5:22)”. He did not simply used the word fool, but he used “nayinte mone…”. And he deliberately used that bacause the typist of Newman college pointed this, still he was not ready to change it. Atleast he could have changed the name. He should not be pardoned. How can he call somebody’s leader a dog?

  17. What is the joke in “In showing forth the love of Lord Jesus Christ, Professor Joseph has said that he forgives those who chopped of his hand.”

    Of course, for you it is a joke. I wonder whether you can even forgive those who hit you.

    Can you tell us the good things about Muhammad except that he is considered as a prophet by some group which even Jim Jones was considered.

    Again, you seems to be partially quoting the Holy Bible. Matthee 5:22 is about calling a brother as a fool and not about real fools as fools.

    Mat 5:22 But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.”

  18. To quote Kevin Davids, author of an excellent article on Hitler,

    “When one looks at the atrocities committed under the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler and compares them to the teacher of universal love, Jesus of Nazareth, one might come to the immediate conclusion that the notion that Hitler was a Christian is absurd”.

    Of course sister hanna we can recognize a tree by its fruits. If u are honest enough to know the fact, please check the history correctly, the chief among the people who protested against Hitler’s regime was a christian pastor called Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and he was hanged on his nose untill he bleed to death. and what about the atrocities done to the family of Christian Corrieten Boom.It wouldn’t make much difference to call Hitler a follower of Islam, who implemented the same ideology of Islam to create his ‘kingdom ‘on earth; who hated and killed Jews, who used violence to extend his ‘kingdom’ and a sensual being like Mohamed. A lot much in common with the teachings of Mohamed than Jesus who said “those who take his sword shall die by His sword and if u look a woman lustfully you have committed adultery in his heart and it is better for one to enter heaven with one eye or hand rather than going to hell with two eyes and hands”. At best Christianity is not a religion it is a relationship with the Almighty God. Jesus when rejected by the Jews didn’t order like hitler and mohamed to kill them,rather said “those who aren’t atrracted by My Father cannot follow Me”. He prophesised before hand that false prophets will come in sheep’s clothing and decieve many{like mohamed and Joseph smith and charles Russel)and He said by their fruits we will recognize them. But Jesus emptied Himself like a slave and humbled himself to the point of cross even to death for you and for me. This is Christianity and sister you too can have that personal realtioship with Almighty God like millions of His other Children.May the God who is the source of all truth lead you to His ultimate truth to love Him. Love you sister.

  19. Dear brother VADAKKAN

    We were discussing about the issue of Prof Joseph and his question paper. Why are you jumping to Muhammad. We are not conducting LOGOS Quiz… You are simply diverting the subject. I think you are a christian by name(faith don’t allow to insult others) that’s why you are insulting others and their religion. So you don’t find any fault with that professor?

  20. When people from the Muslim community go around shouting,”Allahu akbar!” and committing acts of violence, including killing and torture for apostasy and enforcement of Sharia, they do this in obedience to the Quran. If people from the Christian community behave in a similar manner, it is in disobedience to the Bible. Other Western nations attacked Germany (and Hitler), resulting in its defeat, while the Muslim ummah is taught that it is wrong to attack another Muslim regardless of whether they are killing or torturing others. The US bombed Serbia and sided with the Bosnian and Albanian Muslims against the Serbians instead of saying that the Serbians belong to the Christian ummah and that the witness of others is of no value.

  21. To Geoff and all muslim brothers and sisters. Truth is offensive and is exclusive, it has to exclude the falsehood of other pretentious worldviews. one doesn’t need to take a logos quiz to call ‘a spade a spade’. Just look at your ‘Holy book’ and ‘hadiths’to see the adventures of the ‘prophet’. what can a sensible person conclude from that? ” a fellow claiming some supernatural experience,and his wife reassuring him that it may be from the God. After altering Jewish and ,Christian manuscripts and twisting some apocryphal and zoroastrian stories, makes a new ‘holy book’ and claims himself to be a prophet of the same God of Jews and Christians among nomadic arabs. After failing to get approval from Jews and Christians, give order to his followers to kill them and makes allegations that jews and christians changed their scriptures. Not a single moment in his life was the ‘prophet’ exempted from passion and lust. His great achievement was that he unified the quarelling arab tribes and gave them an identity and made to believe in an insecure bully god, which is contrary to the Loving God mentioned in the Jewish and Christian scriptures and made a legalistic false religion, agian making human beings a slave to the law. eg:one can marry 4, not 5 ( if 5 it is legalised prostituion. again an exception for the prophet, he can marry 13). Law is like a mirror, it shows how dirty ones face is, but nobody will go and rub the mirror to make it clean. you have to go some where else to clean it. Jesus came to free people the clutches of legalism, he didn’t come to abolish the law but to full fill it. He is the God become flesh(human being) he came to earth so that we can know the true nature of God and have a personal relationship with Him.The Law and prophets were only till John the baptist. Jesus came to bring truth and grace, a new covenant between God and men, not the old is bad, but the new is better which is made perfect by his very own blood. How can we fit mahmed saab to any of the old and new testament redemtion story?

    How could mohamed stand even to moral comarison of other ‘spiritual’ leaders like buddha, or confucious or Guru Nanak let alone Jesus. Even though the pantheistic religions are false, ‘true spitiuality’ in their world view helps one to suppress the ‘animal nature ot diabolic nature’ in oneself, but what about in Islam?, it only enourages one and motivates the passion,lust and pride in oneself. Just look around the world to see what Islamists are doing, the people who does things are committed muslims, not the dumb ones who no only about 5pillars about Islam. I am not saying all muslims are violent, they are people made in the very image of God, but what their world view, their belief, makes one no better than satan.

    Every idea have consequence, what is happening is the outcome of their belief. If one gets radical in christianity means, he follows the teachings of Jesus, who being the King of Kings humbled like a slave and washed his followers legs and commands every one that if you obey it u will be blessed. It is the kind of self denial and spiritiuality what Jesus taught. I am not ashamed to call myself a follower of Jesus, i believe in christianity like a risen sun, not becoz i can see it, but i can see everything through it. God has given the oppurtinity for everyone to know the truth. Ask the Lord to come to your hearts, He will come and change you from inside out not the other way round. Love you all.

  22. I support BNP, Greet Wilders and faithfreedom.org

    It is time the west completely stop immigration from moslem countries.



  23. Folks,

    Please do not forget that such incidents resulting from implementation of shariah law in localities all over the world is part of the world-wide conspiracy of satan to bring about subjugation to Muhammad thereby a way is paved for the Mahdi to enter the world political scene.

    This minor incident, though gruesome and dastardly, is a just reminder that Islamic Anti-Christ is on the way to Jerusalem to persecute Jews and Christians as prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

    Dear Christians, the Bible points clearly to the Islamic Anti-Christ and not to Roman or Europiean Anti-Christ. There is overwhelming evidence towards that conclusion.

    Let us not be bogged down by local incidents and foreget the bigger picture that is emerging in the world political landscape.

    May the Lord help us see the Truth clearly in these last days.

  24. Have you read the latest statement from Prof. Joseph? He never intentionally made this question. This is the best example of muslims who bend the truth for their convenience. Nothing can beat truth, because Jesus is Truth.

  25. “Let us not be bogged down by local incidents and foreget the bigger picture that is emerging in the world political landscape”

    Lets not close our eyes to local incidents, either.

  26. Mr.vadakkan.,, you should know what is “abusing” in the right sense.

    What that lecture joseph did, is an abuse(using bad words to prophet mohammed(pbuh).)

    But what dr.zakir naik says is not the abuse. whatever he tells about bible, he took those versus only from the bible with references, and not from any other sources. He never used any bad words, like joseph, to abuse bible or jesus.

    For example see the comment made by “binny thomas” here(comment number 18). It is the real ABUSE, against someone’s feelings .

    can u show me a single comment or quotation made by dr.zakir naik or any other muslims like binny thomas or lecturer joseph.

    you cannot…..

    so have an intention to know the fact,..

    not to criticize anyone…

    You should know the fact that,No MUSLIM can abuse the prophet Jesus(pbuh) and his GOD ALMIGHTY ALLAH. If someone did that he is not a muslim at all.

  27. Prof. Anas who had secured a thumping victory in local body election from jail sworn in as block panchayath member from Vanchinadu division today. Anas who was implicated in Muvattupuzha teacher assault case had been in judicial custody. He was escorted by police from Viyyur central jail to Vazhakkulam block panchayath to take the oath.


  28. Dear Muslim friends,

    regreting of your ignorancy regarding the matter of the question paper issue.Infact, the articles were not the creation of Prof. T. J. Joseph. He quoted those portions from the book of Mr. P. T. KunjuMuhammed, the Script writer and Director of films. Instead luneric he used the name Muhammed to indicate the writer’s pet name as Muhammed. Mr. P. T. KunjuMuhammed admitted this fact in the medias. But the so called allah’s protectors for the political gain played the game and they wanted establish a devilish kingdom based on their sariaht. Dear Muslims you all are deluded by the power of darkness. Open your eyes and seek the truth in Christ Jesus who is your saviour too.


  29. dear muslim friends ,, in kerala popular friend ,ndf,nich of truth(false), al these groups trying to make money , and make u peoples fools , did u find any popular friends leaders to cut the hand , they send some dogs to cut the hand ,,,, why can they go if they are that much lover of moon god ,,this is all making fool on u fools ,, be a man love the world give to the poor not to the bomb makers

  30. Dear All,

    Its a pity SAN doesnt understand the difference between what a religion teaches and what humans do.

    Ofcourse, when we present the topic of ‘crusades’ where tens of thousands of innocent jews and muslims were killed, you will have nothing else to say but that it was human error and not divine law.

    Why double standards?

    I suggest you should do a detail study of ‘rape-rates’ in various countries and present the results here. Maybe then we can verify exactly what christianity teaches and what christians do.

  31. It is starting . After the kashmiris expulsion, it is the turn of other hindus in India.We hindus should jump into the sea.We cannot endure another rule under muslims.

  32. Abdul Rashid ,if hindus remember the past , your traitors wont be existing today.

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