Concluding Remark By Bro. Jerry Thomas – The Concept of Sin and Salvation in Christianity and Islam

October 27, 2007: Sakshi: An Apologetics Network in India had a dialog with the Islamic Academy of Comparative Religions (IACR) on the topic ‘The Concept of Sin and Salvation in Christianity and Islam’ at Rukumeni Rivera, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Sakshi was represented by Mr. Jerry Thomas and IACR was represented by Mr. Asifuddin Muhammad. Initially both the speakers presented their case followed by two rounds of rebuttals. The dialog concluded with a lively question and answer session. Following is the concluding remark by Bro. Jerry Thomas.  The dialog happened to be very fruitful and the veracity of Christian doctrine was clearly demonstrated while refuting the counterfeit gospel.

I am shocked by the inattentive ears of Br Asifuddin. I have explained everything in detail and brother has not responded to any of my questions and brother says that he has answered me. Brother, you said we have not studied S19:70-72 where it says that all people should go to hell first. I give you 27 pages. Answer them.  I want to see, brother, you mentioned about the bridge, I want to see, in the next presentation, the bridge from the Quran.

Brother, is the bridge mentioned from the Quran. You say Quran is complete, Quran is sufficient. And I read Abdulla Yusuf Ali’s translation and commentary which he says it is not mentioned in the Quran. So is it that Quran is incomplete? Now all these topics: Divinity of Jesus, reliability of the Bible, prophet hood of Mohammad, all these topics are separate. We can discuss all these topics separately and we will discuss, God willing, and if Asifuddin is ready. We will discuss all these topics separately. Brother again brought about the Christian community. Brother, I don’t want to focus on that. I only want to mention that Abraham, Lincoln, Martin Luther, William Wilberforce, Mother Teresa and many others are also there. I am not defending the crimes but I am saying despite the imperfections, there is a glorious history also.

Brother mentioned about the begotten son. Brother I am not a student of the Greek. However from the students of the Greek, some of whom are here today and you can check it with them. The word that is used is monogenous: one of its kind. And that answers all the quotes that brother has quoted. Now I don’t want to further go on the rebuttal. But I want to present you a simple message. Message of the sacrifice of Abraham’s son. God, Jehovah promised to Abraham that he will be a blessing to all the families Genesis 12:1-15.

Then God made a promise of a son in Genesis 17:19. He says through Sarah, I will give you a promised son. God gave a promise to Abraham. God gave a promised son to Abraham. And then God gave a commandment to Abraham to sacrifice his son. God gave a promise that “ I shall bless all the nations through your descendant”. God said, this is My promised son. And then God gave a commandment to sacrifice his son. My brothers and sisters, let me ask you this question, did Abraham or God in His omniscience, teach us something, the blessing of all the nation and blessing of all the families through the promised son,Jesus Christ, through the sanctified of Son of Abraham as mentioned in Matthew 1:1. I invite all my Muslim brothers, whoever has not accepted the Son of Abraham, Jesus Christ, accept Him today. Brothers, if you leave families, if you leave all things, and follow Jesus, you will face many persecutions. Some of you might be killed. But it is ok brother to get eternal life, it is worth forsaking all and following Him. It is worth forsaking all. I don’t want to go back to the rebuttal, but I want to present to you to remember the sacrifice that Abraham’s son sacrificed every single day. For the last 2000 years, God you have fulfilled the promise that you have given to Abraham that through Your Son, I will bless all the families, and through the Son of Abraham, Jesus Christ, God has blessed everyone. I invite you today, my brothers you don’t reject..what the prophets have done. We have all the prophets here. All the writings of the prophets. Whatever prophet Moses wrote, Prophet David wrote, Prophet King Solomon wrote, and that is in the Bible. Don’t refute that. Jesus said  all the prophets have written about me. I invite you tonight to accept Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour. May His name be glorified. Amen.

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