Debates between SAN and TNTJ to Begin on January 2012

Sakshi Apologetics Network and Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath have signed the agreement for a series of debates starting January 2012. Details of this series are given below for your prayers. Pray that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ will be exalted and His kingdom will be extended. Update on Venue for Jan debates. Registration starts.


First Debate 

Date: January 21 & 22 (Saturday and Sunday)

Topic: The Holy Bible is the Word of God.

Venue : P T R Palanivel Auditorium, Next to Rohini Hotel, G N Chetty Road, T Nagar


Second Debate

 Date: January 28 & 29 (Saturday and Sunday)

Topic : Koran is the word of God.

Venue: Vidyodaya School Auditorium, Near Habibullah Road, T Nagar


Note: These debates are open for only limited participants with prior registration (no spot registration). Also, participants have to be present at the venue half an hour before the program and would not be under any circumstances allowed to go inside the auditorium unless one session is over. Read below for more details.


For registration, email us










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On July 29, SAN and TNTJ signed the agreement for the debates;

Details are given below for prayers:

Text of the Agreement between Sakshi Apologetics Network and Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath

This debate agreement between Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) and Sakshi Apologetics Network (SAN) is signed  on 29 July 2011, in furtherance to various discussions between the following participants on various dates:

The following are the participants who were involved in the discussion at various points:  

Participants from Tamil Nadu Towheed Jamath:

1.       Brother Galil Rasul

2.       Brother P. Jainul Abedeen

3.       Brother Sayed Ibrahim

4.       Brother Rahamthulla

5.       Br. N Habibullah

6.       Br. E Ahmed Farook 

Participants from Sakshi Apologetics Network:

1.       Brother Ajoy Varghese

2.       Brother S. Venkatesan

3.       Brother Bennett

4.       Brother John Mathew

5.       Br. Gokula Krishnan

6.       Br. Saji Philip  

    I.        The venue/s for debates:

A mutually accepted and available auditorium in Chennai as fixed by the panel appointed under Roman letter 1V in this agreement.

  II.        Topics, dates, and schedule for the debates:

1.       The Word of God.

SAN position: The Bible is the Word of God! (Panel debate)  ( 2 Days) (21 -22 January 2012)

TNTJ position: The Quran is the Word of God! (Panel debate) (2 Days) (28 -29 January 2012)

Note: The dates for the next debate to be mutually agreed and announced  immediately after the end of the first part of the debate. This practice to be adopted for all following debates. The dates for the next topic so decided shall not extend beyond three months and the parallel topics will be held on the subsequent weekend.

All debates except the fifth topic shall be panel debates. The fifth topic “who is the role model and pattern for humanity” shall be debated one to one between Mr. P Jainull Abdeen and Mr. Jerry Thomas.

The dates for the debate on the next set of topic should be mutually agreed and announced immediately after the end of the debate of the first position.

Both the parties will sit together on the previous Saturday to finalize the dates for the next debates. The first sitting will be on the 14th of Jan 2011.

The toss to select the first sub-topic will be held on the same day. The winner of the toss shall decide the first topic to be debated. In the toss for the 6th and 7th topics, the winner of the toss will decide who will begin the debate.

Sin and Salvation

SAN Position: All people are born with sin because of the sin of Adam. They are incapable of achieving their own salvation. Therefore Jesus Christ was given as the only atonement for all creation and for all people by God and gave up his life as a sacrifice for all sin. Those who accept this will have eternal life. Those who reject this will not have eternal life. (2 days – Panel debate)

TNTJ position: No man is born with sin. Each man is responsible for his own sin. No one can bear the sin of others. Whoever has sinned must work out his own salvation and through this only he can have eternal life. (2 days – Panel debate).

3.       The concept of God.

TNTJ position: Only the Islamic concept of God is true. (Panel debate) (2 days)

SAN position: Only the Christian concept of God is true. (Panel debate) (2 days)

4.       The prophet-hood of Muhammad and the Deity of Jesus Christ.

TNTJ position: Muhammad is a prophet of God! (Panel debate) (2 days)

SAN position: Jesus is God! (Panel debate) (2 days)

5.       Who is the role model and pattern for humanity? (P Jainull Abdeen and Jerry Thomas)

TNTJ position: Muhammad is the role model and pattern for humanity! (2 days)

SAN position: Jesus is the role model and pattern for humanity! (2 days)

6.       Did Jesus die on the cross and rise again on the 3rd day?

TNTJ position: Jesus neither died on the cross nor rise again on the third day.

SAN position: Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the third day (Panel debate) (Total of 2 days only for both positions)

7.       Does the Christian doctrine of God and the doctrine of sin and salvation have anything to do with Biblical Jesus?

TNTJ Position: Christian doctrine of God and doctrine that all people are born with sin because of the sin of Adam they are incapable of achieving their own salvation there Jesus Christ was given as the only atonement for all creation and for all people by God and gave up his life as sacrifice for all sin, those who accept this will have eternal life and those who reject this will not have eternal life has nothing to do with Jesus.

SAN Position: Refuting TNTJ position.

The topics will be debated as per the above order.

Schedule for Saturdays:

10am to 10:45am

10:45am – 11:30 am –

11:30 – 11:50

11:50 – 12:10

12:10 – 12:30

12:30 – 12:50

12:50 – 01:10

01:10 – 01:30

1:30 -3:00 – Break

03:00 – 03:20

03:20 – 03:40

03:40- 04:00

04:00- 04:20

04:20 – 04:40

04:40 – 05:00

05: 00- 05: 20

05:20- 05:40

05:40- 0:700 – break

07:00 – 07:20

07:20 – 07:40

07:40 – 08:00

08:00 – 08:20

08:20 – 08:40

08:40 – 09:00

Schedule for Sundays

02:00 – 02:20  

02:20 – 02:40  

02:40 – 03:00  

03:00 – 03:20

03:20 – 03:40

03:40 – 04:00

04:00 – 04:20  

04:20 – 04:40

04:40 – 05:00

05:00 – 05:20

05:20 – 05:40

05:40 – 06:00

06:00 – 06:20

06:20- 07:00 – Break

07:00 – 07:20

07:20 – 07:40

07:40 – 08:00

08:00 – 08:20

08:20 – 08:40

08:40- 09:00



III.        Expenses of the debate:

Both the sides must equally share the expenses of auditorium, audio, video, water, time piece, generator and the expenses which will be used equally by both sides.

 IV.        Arrangement of the auditorium:

1)       A panel of 3 persons each from both sides is appointed to fix and finalise the auditorium and to take care of the arrangement for the smooth conduction of the debate.

2)       Only those  expenses which are mutually agreed in writing will be shared equally.

3)       It is the duty of this panel to get police permission with the letters from both sides.

4)       Members of the panel: At the discretion of TNTJ and SAN.

          TNTJ has confirmed the panel nominees as Br. Mohammad Sadiq, Br. Abdul Jabbar,

          And Br. Sayed Ibrahim. Br. Sayed Ibrahim’s phone no is 9952035333 for any consultation. SAN will nominate their representatives and inform TNTJ within 20 days.  

   V.        Audience:

1)       150 persons from each side only as only a maximum of 300 people will be allowed as audience.

2)       They must be seated 10 minutes before the commencement of each sitting and leave only 10 mins after the end of the sitting.  

3)       Those that go out in between the sitting will not be permitted in at any cost till that sitting is over.

4)       No cell phone, walk man, audio, video recording equipments should be used inside the auditorium.

5)       It is prohibited to get up from the seat or to talk to others or to interfere in the debate or to say the opinion or to shout or to pass a piece of paper or to distribute tracts (in and out of the auditorium). Transgressors will surely be expelled and not be permitted in to the auditorium till the end.  Clapping, whistling, and any humiliating activities will not be permitted.

6)       Separate places will be allotted for the audience of each group (Muslims and Christians) to sit.  

7)       Audience of each side will be permitted in to the auditorium only if they come with the identity card issued from the respective side. They should continue to wear until the end. Those who are without identity card will be sent out.  

8)       Each side will be responsible for any untoward incidents or damages caused by their respective audiences.


 VI.        Volunteers:

20 persons each from side will be appointed for in and out of the auditorium. From both sides one person each to be appointed as leaders.  

1)       It is their responsibility to watch over the audience and fulfill their needs such as food and water.

2)       Volunteers of both sides will work separately.


VII.        Personal responsibilities:

Every side is responsible for the needs of food and water for their own audience, scholars, volunteers and Time keepers.

The auditorium shall be used only for the debates. No prayers or any religious program by any side will be allowed on the debating dates.   

VIII.        Advertisements:

The debates should not be advertised in wall posters, notice, flex banners, TV and magazines.

 IX.        Video recording:

1)       Both sides should take video recordings separately.

2)       Date and time must be mentioned in the video recording.

3)       After the debate gets over on one topic both sides to give a copy of that video recording without editing to the other group within 3 days.

4)       Both the sides should get equal and fair space in the auditorium for video recording, which should be planned in advance.

   X.        Time overseers:

1)       Two Time keepers from each side will be appointed to keep the schedule.  

2)       During the debate it is their only duty to indicate the commencing and closing time of the speaker.

 XI.        Debate related matters:

1)       Each topic to be debated separately.

2)       Each topic to be debated for two days.

3)       Both sides can debate either as group/panel or as individual but as specified under topics. 

4)       When both the groups/panels debate, each group will have maximum of seven members including translators. This shall be applicable to one to one debate also.

5)       All evidences including Bible, Quran, prophetic sayings must be shown from the original source.  It may be hard copy or soft copy. It must be shown when the opposite side asks for it.   

6)       In every debate, authoritative religious scriptures such as the Holy Bible, Quran, Hadiths, etc can be used by both the sides irrespective of the topics.

 7)      TNTJ will not accept the messages which have problems in its narrator’s chain and the messages which contradict to Quran as the evidence. Yet SAN has right to put forth sources like these. TNTJ has right to explain that with reasons and to deny and raise counter question.

8)       Every side is responsible for the evidences they put forth.

9)       During debate both sides to face the audience and speak.

10)     There should not be abusive words, criticisms, mockery and personal insulting of panelists.

XII.        General matters:

1)     Nobody has authority from both sides to alter or to correct the debate agreement and to add or remove anything unless with mutual consent and agreement.

2)    Both sides can use projectors. 

3)    Mike shall not be used by anyone else than the debaters.

Previous updates and correspondence since the discussion on June 03, 2011 leading to the signing of the agreement can be seen in the below link:


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