Ban Order of the Joint Commissioner of the Police: A High Court Lawyer's Counsel

TNTJ has been claiming that ban order of the Joint Commissioner of the Police does not prohibit web telecast and therefore our objection does not have any merits. Those who have heard PJ and TNTJ panelists on January 21 & 22 know that they are most of the times unable to rightly interpret their own scripture (forget about others) and therefore cannot be trusted with this legal matter. Therefore, we checked this with a high court lawyer in Chennai and he gave a totally different opinion.

Police Order:


Counsel of the Learned Advocate of High Court

The Order of the Joint Commissioner of Police, South Zone, Chennai Police, dated 27-01-2012 clearly directed that there should not be any program like the earlier one which was conducted on January 21 & 22, 2012. It further directed that concerned jurisdictional police official not to allow the program itself to take place. Since the program itself is banned by the Joint Commissioner of Police, there cannot be any live telecast. Moreover, paragraph 5 of the order very clearly indicated that the live telecast was objected by the other communities. In this scenario, telecasting the debate website lively is clearly against the order of Joint Commissioner. Even after the parties proceed with, the police authorities have all the power to take action against organisers.

D Muthu Kumar

Advocate, E No: 2187/03

SAN Comment

As SAN does not

want to go against the police order, SAN suggested that both SAN & TNTJ should together approach the police to get the permission. The assurance of TNTJ that they will take care of security is hollow as PJ himself takes two state police personnel with him. If he cannot protect himself, how is he going to protect others?

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