TNTJ conducts program at thier office

TNTJ conducts program at their head office and pretends that is in the public place. However, Sakshi had even agreed to go to their place to have a private debate but insisted on not having the live telecast, which was one of the reasons for the ban order of Sakshi TNTJ debate Yesterday, there was ban order on the debate by City Commissioner on the debate. 

If TNTJ was so interested in the debate, why would they want to insist on the live telecast. If TNTJ was so interested in the debate, why they did not go to police commissioners office as they always boast about having great influence among the government. Is it not true that TNTJ is playing is this cheap trick after having a humiliating defeat on the topic of the Holy Bible.


We are ready for: (a) for a private debate without live telecast: or (b) for a public debate with live telecast but with police permission.


We will be releasing the DVDs on the Holy Bible shortly and then you can decide it.We will be publishing the ban order by the police commissioner for you to decide. 



To read the ban order on the debate by the City Commissioner on debate click here. 


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