TNTJ’s Deceptive Drama on Jan 28 Exposes their True Color

After the police ban order on Jan 28 & 29 debates, SAN NEVER agreed for a public debate that violates ban order but only for a PRIVATE debate that COMPLIES with police order (read the correspondence between SAN & TNTJ after the police ban order). So, the deceptive accusation that SAN did not go for a debate which it never agreed, raises many questions:


(a)  Why did not TNTJ agree for just a recorded private debate which could have been later shared with interested parties rather than a live telecast? World over, most of the debates are recorded but not telecasted live. When was SAN was willing to go to TNTJ office to speak on an Islamic subject, why was TNTJ refusing to agree with this reasonable demand of SAN?

(b)  Was TNTJ planning to create law and order problem in Tamil Nadu and then entangle SAN in legal issues? If SAN had gone to TNTJ office with live telecast, TNTJ could have stage managed violence in Tamil Nadu as soon as SAN begins exposing Quran. Christians going to Muslim office and then speaking on Islamic subject in direct violation to the police order leading to violence would be an issue for Christians but not for Muslims.  TNTJ is sitting at their office and speaking their subject.

(c)  How can TNTJ accuse Sakshi of running away from something which Sakshi never agreed? Read all the correspondence after the police order, Sakshi always insisted on complying with police order. Was it not a deception then to accuse Sakshi of running away?

(d)  Why did TNTJ pretend to the public that they were at the venue when they were actually stage managing the drama from their own office?

(e)  Why did TNTJ conceal the police order and pretend even ignorance, when they came along with SAN to police on Jan 27? In fact, many Muslims who called us were shocked when they heard that there was a police order against the debates.

(f)  Has not TNTJ once again proved that most Dawwahs are never ready to debate on Islamic subject and would use all dirty tricks to cancel the debate? We have good reasons to believe that it was TNTJ who precipitated the police cancellation and the remaining deceptive drama was scripted.

Why Do We think that Police Cancellation was precipitated  by TNTJ?

(a)  One of the reasons (point 3) for ban order says “Further, they criticized P Jainul Abideens contradictory statement about mentioning of Nabigal Nayagam in the Bible.” We are asking who will be offended if SAN criticizes PJ’s contradictions. It cannot be Christians, Hindus and other sects of Muslims. It can only be TNTJ.

(b)  Point 5 says: “further, Hindus, Christians and Muslim organizations (other than TNTJ) object the live telecast of the programme in certain TV channels.” How does police know that TNTJ does not object to live telecast unless police and TNTJ spoke to each other before the ban order?

Why do We think that TNTJ was Never Interested in the Debate on Quran

(a)  Before the auditorium was finalized, SAN & TNTJ went to two places and the auditorium authorities gave a word that it can be booked. But as soon as SAN comes back, SAN gets a call that the auditorium is already booked for some other program- not once but twice. Who was behind that cancellation?

(b)  After getting the auditoriums cancelled twice, SAN took the initiative to find and book the auditorium at a Christian school so that TNTJ cannot influence the authorities. Is it not clear that as TNTJ was not able to directly influence the school authorities they may have taken the route through police cancellation?

(c)  When SAN organized refutation for Zakir Naik in Hyderabad and Kurnool, both the venues got cancelled similarly through police intervention. Now, when the debate on an Islamic topic was about to happen, again it gets cancelled. Is not a clear pattern emerging that Dawwahs will try all their dirty tricks to cancel scholarly refutation of their false claims and accusations rather than face it.

SAN debated TNTJ on Christian topic but it was TNTJ who played deceptive tricks to evade from an Islamic topic. One has to only watch the debate on the Holy Bible to know why TNTJ would be afraid of debating with SAN on Quran. 


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