SAN Vs. TNTJ Debate on Quran: A Decisive Debate that Demolished Quran’s False Claims

On April 28 & 29, 2012, the much awaited debate between SAN and TNTJ took place at the amicable place of TNTJ office in Chennai. The debate turned out to be decisive in proving that the inspiration behind Quran can never be from God but from some other fallen spirit. Update: Video Links Provided.

The two-day debate on Quran proved to be a decisive debate in not only demonstrating that Quran can never legitimately claim to be to the word of God but also that it source of inspiration is from some diabolical spirit.  It was further clearly demonstrated that Quran is incomplete; contradictory; corrupted; and contains immoral teachings. TNTJ while explicitly and implicitly conceding major of the points raised by SAN thereby admitting SAN’s argument that Quranic inspiration is not at all divine attacked the unblemished character of Lord Jesus Christ. It was a clear case of TNTJ running away from the topic when it was clearly demonstrated that Quran can never be from God. Most of the allegations raised against the pure and holy nature of Jesus Christ in the two days were thoroughly refuted though the debate topic had nothing to do with this subject. The participants remained calm and composed though many sensitive subjects were raised to their credit.

In their attempt to run away from the topic, TNTJ alleged that example of sinner woman washing the feet of Jesus, pouring out the anointment, discussion with Samaritan woman; disciples leaning on Jesus, some opinions of some so-called Christians, and even the divine love of Lord Jesus Christ as examples of erotic love. SAN in the two days pointed out that these incidents are actually examples of divine forgiveness which is missing in Islam and some of the arguments are laughable even by Sunday school kids. Again, none of these served as an answer to clear Islamic evidences provided by SAN that Quran is from some diabolical spirit.

Despite TNTJ’s vicious attack on the Holy Nature of Lord Jesus Christ, it could not stop SAN from demolishing the myth that Quran is God’s word. The two day debate on Quran decisively and clearly proved Quran is from some other spirit and not from God. SAN decisively proved that:

·         Quran is incomplete as it cannot even guide on basic Islamic doctrines and practices.

·         Quran’s inspiration is not divine: as Muhammad was unable to discern the spirit and thought that he was possessed; Muhammad was under the magic spell for a long duration; Muhammad received satanic revelation as per 37 Islamic sources (Princeton University doctoral thesis was submitted as evidence); and Quran permits/permitted rape, adultery, and prostitution. Further, its description of paradise was totally carnal.

·         Quran was not preserved as per Sahih Hadith; and different Arabic Qurans currently exist.

·         Quran contains contradictory teachings.

TNTJ tried to prove that Quran is unparallel and contains scientific evidences. SAN pointed out the claim to be unparallel is very subjective and recited a portion from the Holy Bible in Arabic. Further, SAN while pointing errors in the scientific claims also pointed out that for argument’s sake even if one assumes that Quran is completely scientific, it would only prove that there is something more than human behind the Quran but not that it was from God.

The debate is a must watch for all who wants to know the true nature and spirit behind Quran and it turned out of one of the most decisive historical debates wherein it was not only proved that Quran is not from God but clearly demonstrated the true nature of the spirit behind it.


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