Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

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  1. Br. Jerry. Your knowledge of Qur’an and Bible is Inaccurate in all the aspects. i would sincerely suggest you to first learn english properly so that u can understand the Tenses properly whether its past, present and future. No need of Zakir naik to debate with you. Alhamdulillah the person who has the correct knowledge of Qur’an the least cannot lose. This is the Haq From Your Creator and mine i.e. ALLAH. Gospel of Matthew ch: 12 Verse 38-40. Jesus (pbuh) Tries to prove that he was the messiah who was promised to the Jews. and He would raise after 3 days and 3 nights. then he must have come to the jews and must hav proved i came after 3 days and 3 nights and i m the true messiah.. he didn’t do any such thing. and The hearsay disciples followed paul the self appointed disciple and invented a new religion i.e. Christianity.

    • Sultan,
      Before thinking or trying to challenge other religion either christian or any other religion first you study islam. Recently I read koran because of my muslim friends. Really it is very funny, erotic and with full of hatred teachings. Who is your allah? Go through some studies. I heard this men’s speech( Naik) several times. I know he read Bible. But he has no grace to find Jesus since he already found some type of allah whom I mentioned already. You can teach your religious thoughts,whether it is false or true.It is up to you. But you have no right to teach someone’s religion in a wrong way. If you have any chance to speak with this wicked man advice him not intrude others matter if it not effecting him. Or we will also forced to climb on the stage to expose the nudity,erotic and hatred teachings of so called islam. Thank You

  2. Jesus(pbuh) never told to follow paul.. it is paul himself declared that he is the disciple of jesus and made so many interpolations and own theories which jesus also dont know except the true Creator. Reply to that why Jesus (pbuh) not went to jews to prove his Prophecy of Matthew. Actually Bro. Jerry U dont hav the Basic Knwledge of Reading Any Book. V believe that matthew is not the author of So-Called Gospel of matthew. Proof read Matthew 9:9 Basic english. no need to jump here and there. The standards of bible does not fit in itself..

  3. Sakshi people wont understand the basic things also its a big problem. and try to adventure things which wont suport also. You are trying the same things in the above refutal. Divinity of jesus and messengerhood of muhammad (saw). Modithoka asked a question to br. imran i wont repeat the question u just watch it. see how ignorace is he wont listen any thing properly and in a hurry asked a rubbish question of who is in majority christians or muslims. This is the problem with u people wont listen and read the things properly. Br. Read the quran and bible properly and Accept the Haq i.e. ISLAM. I vl giv u an example bro. hw you are trying to prove things in the above lecture Things not quoting properly. The creed of islam is : There is no God but allah and muhammad (saw) is the messenger.. Now u are taking Partly things like example u are quoting Islam says There is no god.. Why Becoz lack of Concentration towards it. Reply to my answers bro. jerry.

    • Dear Sultan

      Why doubt the divinity of Jesus, If Jesus was not born to human flesh was he created or is he the creator, no where the quran says Jesus was created by Allah & sent down as messenger, If so why did Allah bestow such a great favour on Jesus (PBUH). Also why has Allah not revealed the reason as to how Jesus was sent from Heaven & taken back to heaven where as Muhammed (PBUH) died ? This is basic Knowledge.
      May you know the truth & the truth set you free.

      God bless you richly

  4. Here’s a fact :

    Quran says “Allah – Kill kafirs to increase yourselves and your faith..”

    Bible says “Jesus – Love them that hate you..”

    So, there you go – Allah of Quran is synonymous to Satan of Bible…

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