4th century fragment: Did Jesus have a wife?

Peter Williams, the Warden of Tyndale House in Cambridge, England, just sent out this evaluation of the manuscript discovery that to some people suggests Jesus was married. It also includes the evaluation by Dr. Simon Gathercole, another expert in these matters. Dr. Darrell Bock has also weighed in on this issue.

Peter Williams: http://www.biblicaltraining.org/forum/did-jesus-have-wife

Dr. Darrell Bock: http://blogs.bible.org/bock/darrell_l._bock/quick_thoughts_on_the_new_jesus_wife_text

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2 Responses

  1. Since this is the first time we discovered an ancient text (if genuine) that tells about Jesus having a wife, I can say that this will not threatened Christendom.

    I say this because first, it is the first time and the only text that tells about Jesus and his wife named Mary. There is no other ancient documents that supports this story of Jesus Christ on having a wife/wives.

    Second, the name Jesus and Mary were common in those days, so there is a great possibility of a different Jesus and Mary.

    Thirdly, this might be another writing of the gnostics or someone else who tried to confuse the Christians in those days.

    And lastly, this sole text cannot disprove the numerous ancient writings including the letters of the church fathers which clearly tells us that Jesus is single and have never been married.

    We can say this because the Jews who hated Him have searched for faults, wrong doings so that they might charge Him or kill Him but they found nothing against Him. If Jesus took Mary as His wife the disciples could have known it and likely the Scribes, Saducees and Pharisees have recorded it, but there is no record of Jesus wedding in the Gospels and the Jews today would testify about. If there is no wedding ceremony, then it is fornication- a great offense worthy of death. The Jews who hated Him in His time could have celebrated earlier than 33 AD.

    Jesus wedding never took place on earth, but will be in heaven, the Wedding of the Lamb, to His Bride the Church.

  2. i agree

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