Is the Quran Complete? Sunnah of Umar Vs. Sunnah of Muhammad

Sunnah of Umar Vs. Sunnah of Muhammad

Sunnah of Umar Vs. Sunnah of Muhammad

Muslims claim that Quran is the complete and final revelation. Did Muhammad really believe that? Did he want to give some more revelations? This article by Jerry Thomas shows that those who argue that Quran is complete and final are following the Sunnah of Umar and not the Sunnah of Muhammad.

Many times Muslims quote Lord’s Jesus Christ final discourse before his crucifixion in John 16: 12 and ask why did not the Lord Jesus Christ teach all truth to His disciples. By raising this question, they assume that they would have raised a great objection regarding Lord Jesus Christ being the finality of Hebrew prophets. However, let us read that verse:

The Blessed Promise of Jesus Christ and Its Glorious Fulfilment

John 16: 12-15 “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you.

When one closely analyzes the argument, we see that it is merely the Dawwah preachers’ misunderstanding of the Holy Bible and this does not pose any concern whatsoever about Christ being the finality of the prophets.  While the mission of Lord Jesus Christ in being an atonement for humanity was completely accomplished fulfilling all that prophets spoke (Luke 24: 26-27),  disciples understanding got illuminated only after the resurrection (John 2:22) and they received Holy Spirit a few days later through whom they were guided in all truth (Ephesians 3:5). The Apostles and Prophets were indeed sent by Lord Jesus Christ himself (Ephesians 4:11) as He had promised (Luke 11:49). Further, the continuous presence of Holy Spirit in each believers life and the illumination that each receive by the Holy Spirit is sufficient for all guidance that the disciples of the Lord Jesus, then and now, need (1Jn 2:27).Based on these facts, the epistle writer Jude confirms that “the faith” was entrusted once and for all to the believers (Jude 3) which clearly indicates that no further revelation or revelator is required anymore. What was predicted by the Hebrew prophets was fulfilled completely in the Lord Jesus and revealed in depth by the Holy Spirit which was once and for all entrusted to the believers in the first century.

Now, let us look into one of the last (death-bed incident) of Muhammad’s life. Let us read the Sahih Hadiths regarding this with an unbiased mind.

The Tragedy of Death-bed Incident and Its Grave  Implications

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7: 573

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:

When Allah’s Apostle was on his death-bed and in the house there were some people among whom was ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab, the Prophet said, “Come, let me write for you a statement AFTER WHICH you will not go astray.” ‘Umar said, “The Prophet is seriously ill and you have the Qur’an; so the Book of Allah is enough for us.&quot

; The people present in the house differed and quarrelled. Some said “Go near so that the Prophet may write for you a statement after which you will not go astray,” while the others said as Umar said. When they caused a hue and cry before the Prophet, Allah’s Apostle said, “Go away!” Narrated ‘Ubaidullah: Ibn ‘Abbas used to say, “It was VERY UNFORTUNATE that Allah’s Apostle was prevented from writing that statement for them because of their disagreement and noise.”

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4: 393

Narrated Said bin Jubair:

That he heard Ibn ‘Abbas saying, “Thursday! And you know not what Thursday is? After that Ibn ‘Abbas wept till the stones on the ground were soaked with his tears. On that I asked Ibn ‘Abbas, “What is (about) Thursday?” He said, “When the condition (i.e. health) of Allah’s Apostle deteriorated, he said, ‘Bring me a bone of scapula, so that I may write something for you after which you will never go astray. ‘The people differed in their opinions although it was improper to differ in front of a prophet, They said, ‘What is wrong with him? Do you think he is delirious? Ask him (to understand). The Prophet replied, ‘Leave me as I am in a better state than what you are asking me to do.’ Then the Prophet ordered them to do three things saying, ‘Turn out all the pagans from the Arabian Peninsula, show respect to all foreign delegates by giving them gifts as I used to do.’ ” The sub-narrator added, “The third order was something beneficial which either Ibn ‘Abbas did not mention or he mentioned but I forgot.’

Sahih Muslim Book 13: 4014

Sa’id b. Jubair reported that Ibn ‘Abbas said: Thursday, (and then said): What is this Thursday? He then wept so much that his tears moistened the pebbles. I said: Ibn ‘Abbas, what is (significant) about Thursday? He (Ibn ‘Abbas) said: The illness of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) took a serious turn (on this day), and he said: Come to me, so that I should write for you a document that you may not go astray after me. They (the Companions around him) disputed, and it is not meet to dispute in the presence of the Apostle. They said: How is lie (Allah’s Apostle)? Has he lost his consciousness? Try to learn from him (this point). He (the Holy Prophet) said: Leave me. I am better in the state (than the one in which you are engaged). I make a will about three things: Turn out the polytheists from the territory of Arabia; show hospitality to the (foreign) delegations as I used to show them hospitality. He (the narrator) said: He (Ibn Abbas) kept silent on the third point, or he (the narrator) said: But I forgot that.

Sahih Muslim Book 13: 4015

Sa’id b. Jubair reported from Ibn Abbas that he said: Thursday, and what about Thursday? Then tears began to flow until I saw them on his cheeks as it they were the strings of pearls. He (the narrator) said that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Bring me a shoulder blade and ink-pot (or tablet and inkpot), so that I write for you a document (by following which) you would never go astray. They said: Allah’s Messenger (may peace upon him) is in THE STATE OF UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

Sahih Muslim Book 13: 4016

Ibn Abbas reported: When Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) was about to leave this world, there were persons (around him) in his house, ‘Umar b. al-Kbattab being one of them. Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) said: Come, I may write for you a document; you would not go astray after that. Thereupon Umar said: Verily Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) is deeply afflicted with pain. You have the Qur’an with you. The Book of Allah is sufficient for us. Those who were present in the house differed. Some of them said: Bring him (the writing material) so that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) may write a document for you and you would never go astray after him And some among them said what ‘Umar had (already) said. When they indulged in nonsense and began to dispute in the presence of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), he said: Get up (and go away) ‘Ubaidullah said: Ibn Abbas used to say: THERE WAS A HEAVY LOSS, INDEED A HEAVY LOSS, that, due to their dispute and noise. Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) could not write (or dictate) the document for them.

Major Points

(a)  Muhammad wanted to give something of utmost theological importance which would keep Muslims in the right path and prevent them from going astray.

(b)  Muhammad implied that whatever they had until then (Quran and other sayings of Muhammad) was not sufficient; but his final new teachings were required AFTER WHICH he was sure that Muslims will not go astray.

(c)  Umar did not allow these most important teachings of Muhammad to be delivered by Muhammad.

(d)  Umar said Quran was sufficient even though Muhammad wanted to give something more.

(e)  Umar and his group justified their decision by saying that Muhammad was delirious and in a state of unconsciousness.

(f)  Ibn Abbas used to cry much realizing that this was a heavy loss.

(g) Mu

hammad died without completing his mission without delivering everything that he was supposed to teach.

 Apart from the totally unacceptable and uncivil behaviour of these companions of Muhammad(who were supposedly the most pious Muslims) who would not allow sick and dying to express himself, it raises some serious concerns.


(a)  If Umar was right that Quran is sufficient (as many Muslims argue after him), was Muhammad wrong in saying that he has something else to give which apparently was required to keep Muslims from  going astray despite the earlier revelations?

(b)  If Muhammad was right about having this most important teaching, then should we not conclude that Quran is not the final and sufficient guidance as there was something more required to lead people rightly?

(c)  As Muhammad was the last and final prophet of Allah of the Quran and there was no scope to reveal this most important message, did not Allah of the Quran know that Umar would prevent the final message from being delivered that was utmost importance to Islamic community?

(d)Why did not Allah of the Quran not sovereignly prevent Umar from stopping Muhammad and carry on with his final part of the Final Revelation?

(e)Doesn’t that mean that Allah of the Quran is not sovereign and that Muhammad’s revelations are not complete? How can a human being/s prevent God from revealing himself if he chooses to do so?

(f) Also, does it not mean that the Muslims have been at a clear risk of going astray since the very revelation that was intended to prevent them from going astray was forcefully prevented by Umar from being revealed?

(g) Muhammad mission was incomplete and Quran is insufficient.  

(h) When Allah of the Quran says ““He does not speak from his hawaa (desire); it is nothing except Wahee revealed to him” (Surah 53:3-4) and Umar says Muhammad spoke in a state of delirious and unconsciousness, should not Umar be considered as a blasphemer rather than a righteously guided Caliph? 

Some Objections/Responses Considered

(a)Allah of the Quran says Quran is complete: Some Muslims may attempt to evade the obvious conclusion from this incident by citing verses such as:

Surah 6:38- “We have not neglected anything in the book.”

One of the greatest Islamic scholar of modern day, Sheikh Al Albanee says: “As for Allaah’s saying: We have not neglected anything in the Book, what is meant by the word Book here is the Preserved Tablet and not the Noble Quran.” (How are we obligated to interpret the Quran, page 6).

Further, after Surah 6:38, there were a number of supposed revelations that Muhammad received, which again strengthens Al Albanee’s view.

In fact, even if we ignore what the modern day scholar Al Albanee says, we should accept that such arguments are only repeating what Umar told to Muhammad (i.e. Quran is sufficient). It accuses Muhammad of being delirious and in a state of unconsciousness.

(b)This Hadiths is not Sahih: Nothing can be more farfetched and hilarious than this argument though this is the easiest and usual escape route of many Muslims when cornered about their faith. Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim, two undisputable sheikhs of Hadiths for Sunni Muslims have confirmed this to be Sahih and included it in their Sahih collection. It is just escapism for Muslims to deny these Sahih Hadiths.

(c)This incident does not speak about new revelation to be included in Quran:
Surah 53:3-4
“He does not speak from his hawaa (desire); it is nothing except Wahee revealed to him.” Any Muslim, who contradicts this, contradicts Allah.

It must also be noted here that Muhammad was not mentioning about any earthly property matters or even some rituals. It was some revelation of utmost importance to Muslim community that after its revelation, they would have never gone astray. Is it logical to think that such an important revelation (after which the Muslims would not err) would not be in Quran, which Muslims claim as the final revelation, but outside it? So, it had to be a part of the Quran itself.



The only conclusion that can be drawn is Muhammad died without completing his mission (Umar prevented it) and Quran is incomplete and insufficient without the utmost and final of final messages. Those Muslims who claim that Quran is complete are only following the Sunnah of Umar and not the Sunnah of Muhammad.

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  1. Oh man! This website is cool! How do you make it look this good .

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      • Sakshi Apologetics Network is not supported by any organization or individual through funding.
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        Even when SAN raises funds it comes from people within the group who are working in secular jobs.
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        Now SAR (whoever you are you are ignorant and blind) don’t assume things which you do not know.
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        • well, kettle is calling the pot black.. who is saying about petro dollars.. good joke.. so what you call the money pumped in from west.. Well..sir.. i am not saying in ignorance.. I know many christian ngo’s and one in particular where money pours in for them and if dont beleive they have atleast 5 engg colleges and many schools.. I know someone who worked wise you may not know what is happening in SAN.. so you should not comment without knowing what it is..

  2. I doubt the authenticity of the above mentioned hadiths. Because it is a well know fact that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not know how to read or to write and the hadith says he requested a tablet and a inkpot, so that he can write some document.

    brother Jerry, did you happen to check on this…?

    • Brother you nailed it.. It is known to everyone that prophet cant read or write…hence without checking we can say whatever hadith is not sahih… but looks like Jerry Varghese. oh sorry..jerry thomas dont know about it.. thats the problem with copy paste work..

      • Hello
        Bro. Jerry has clearly mentioned that people like you will cite this as reason and escape. You use escapism saying Hadith is not authentic if you are shot between your eyes.

    • Any way quran alone cannot sufice any of its beliefs. prove muhammed is a prophet from hadiths, and then prove hadiths is wrong from muhammads act. what a Joke… Yes he wanted to write because his wife Aisha was irresponsible gave some revelations to the goat !!!! So though late he decided to write.. whats wrong in it….And still when he said he wanted to write he simply meat that he wanted something to be written…isnt that obvious..Or will he usually say ” a revelation is coming some one please write”

  3. What a faltu argument.. Jerry.. first get educated about the authentic websites on islam.. go there and copy the content.If you go to anti islamic sites like yourself, what you are going to get is crap.. but i beleive you are doing the job for the money you get from West.. thats your livelihood.. cant blame you. And dont blame me saying I am getting money from middle east.. i am not in the habit of running such wrong campaigns for money…

  4. Bro Jerry……go get life dude, u were brutally murdered by dr imran, the proof is here. watch this on youtube everyone, christian muslim or whatsoever.
    Jerry….. u got all the dictation from SHIAS as it come from there schol f thoughts….just to defend urself and in an effort to defame sunnis muslims ur talking shia words. dont have anything of ur own research u fool
    dont tryna be like Zakir naik or dr imran…..u cant even get close cause what they have is hard core research.. they have understood all religion by being neutral and then only cud have they come to a conclusion thats so effortlessly right .
    I invite u brother jerry thomas to islam.

    • Ahmad, Do you draw conclusion just by listening to one side of the debate? Come on man. Time for you to go get a life and listen to the further parts of the same debates where Jerry bashes Imran like anything. He literally murdered his arguments. Somehow even after presenting all the evidences, you people are so stubborn that you do not want to see the truth. You people suffer with a problem of selective listening and zero understanding. Get over it dear.

      I invite you to the Truth. God bless.

    • Hi, All the way from Singapore, God bless Bro Jerry and SAN. If they can get Dr Ravi Zacharias down for a guest lecture, that would be superb.

      To state that Zakir Naik has “done thorough research” is absolute gibberish. That’s like stating Ahmad Deedat was training for the 100-metre sprint during the last 7 years of his life. Naik is a Deedat protege and clone ( minus the presence, intelligence and oratorical skills). He was honed on the same “Christian combat kit” that Deedat initiated and spread. Naik has been thoroughly debunked by numerous Christian and Muslim scholars alike. He had falsely claimed that there were 27 verses in the Quran that went against Waseela for the Muslims and was embarrassed when cornered by a Sri Lankan Islamic theologian on numerous occasions ( he couldn’t quote even one of the purported 27 verses). Nair is a coward who doesn’t dare to debate reputed Christian scholars on neutral ground. He needs highly partisan Muslim grounds to intimidate and bully all those who oppose his views.

      Only Dr Shabir Ally shows class and decorum as a Muslim scholar and apologist. When cornered, he has submitted the point graciously and honestly. The others seemed determined to confuse, deflect and blatantly lie.

  5. @ ahmed,
    well as a independent listener i wouldnt wish Jerry to be like Zakir nair. Who contradicts himself in his own different videos. furthermore watch how zakir spoke 25 mistakes in 5 min video on youtube. Watch his contradictory statement about apostasy in islam. Sir mohd. did live like an ignorant man fulfilling his lust for money, women and power. all his ventures are written in the sahih muslim and bukhari, ibn kathir etc. Quran itself is a orderless, untranslatable, mess of verses. just like saying in quran – semen proceeds from between the ribs and backbone. modern doctors would have good laugh on it.

  6. The claim that Mohammad was an illiterate man is dubious in the light of the authentic hadiths of Bukhari and Muslim.

    And if that is true, then Mohammad surely would have learnt to read and write during the course of time and then only he could have said to write something that would have prevented the muslims from getting astray.

    And you really cannot say that those ahadiths are fabrications since they comes from the top 2 collections [ BUKHARI and MUSLIM] of Sahih Sitta , the six most authentic collections of ahadiths according to the Islamic scholars themselves.

    Despite of his last time, the prophet of Islam once more before intended to write and he actually wrote which could be seen in hadith reference [ Sahih Bukhari ; Book No 49; Ahadith No 863]. I am quoting the relevant part of this tradition :-

    ” So, Allah’s Apostle took the document and wrote, ‘This is what Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah has agreed upon: No arms will be brought into Mecca except in their cases, and nobody from the people of Mecca will be allowed to go with him (i.e. the Prophet ) even if he wished to follow him and he (the Prophet ) will not prevent any of his companions from staying in Mecca if the latter wants to stay.”

    Source :-

    I remember that i was discussing this issue with a muslim friend of mine who is quite learned in the spheres of his deen, Islam. He told me that prophet could not read and write untill Surah Ankabut ONLY.

  7. GOD is not the result or any by product of a debate or an argument of the so called scholars or apologetic. Jesus entity and divinity is not to be debated but to be believed. GOD will not support the content of any debate even-though anyone calls it biblical. GOD as the creator, the author and the finisher or to say the alpha and omega………… who knows from where it started and what is the end does not require the confirmation of any mankind on these matters. brethren Keep yourselves away from these debates coz it will not help us in any way that GOD want us to be in eternity

  8. Hey dude…
    1st of All there is nothing left by Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) to tell us. Bcz

    Allaah says In the Noble Quran 5:3
    This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you
    and have approved for you Islam as religion

    In last Prophet’s last sermon He asked his Umaah.
    Did i tell you all things about Islam? 3 times
    They replyd Yes 3 times
    then Prophet said then bear witness on the day of Judgement that i have done my work as Allaah commanded.

    When Prophet was talking about “i want to write something for you so you will never go to hell”
    What was that?
    Answer is
    Prophet wanted tell his ummah dat follow Quran and sunnah and follow Abu bakr as khaleefa after me.
    Dats what he wanted to say.. Dat was 2nd rmindr for Ummah..
    Read Shari for hadith. You will get it.

    And Indeed Allaah knows best

  9. James, then why did Umar prevent it? If you are right, atleast Abubakr had to bring the writing tablet. But he did nothing, why??? Coz, he is also one of the members of Umar’s gang.

  10. coming to ur next point, which u feel excited that u got a very big point….but Jerry U BETTER READ THE QURAN and HADITH FULLY, DO NOT GOOGLE AND TAKE BITS AND PIECES…PLEASE.
    before I come to my point what are u proving from the above hadith…is it that, there are more messengers to come ?? if u believe so, u are admitting Jesus(pbuh) is not God , but a messenger who came before Muhammad(pbuh)… u cant ever say bible as the final revelation.
    Listen my brother, we never call Muhammad(pbuh) as Allah or God, neither we don’t believe Muhammad(pbuh) is the founder of Islam…we just believe THAT out of many prophets whom God sent down, Muhammad(pbuh) is the final Messenger. and wenever God sent down A messenger, there was a revelation or a scripture. and God sent Quran as the last and final revelation to the last and final prophet Muhammad(pbuh). and Quran was for the whole mankind, not only to the Arabs. please keep this in ur mind.
    but the bible says…”He (Jesus) answered, ‘I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.’ (From the NIV Bible, Matthew 15:24)”
    and that’s why Allah (the one adam, moses, jesus, and other prophets worshipped) SENT another Prophet – Muhammad(pbuh) and revealed the Quran to all mankind as the final revelation.

    Now coming to my point…..the hadith which u are talking about ,that incident happened on four days before his(pbuh) death…that is on THURSDAY, that means four days were left..
    here in ur article u made a very weak point with ur own meaning and assumption that Muhammad was about to tell the people something which is not in the Quran (BROTHER, U ASSUMED IT)…
    – Hello My BROTHER, he had four another days, he could have told any days in those four days if it wasn’t told in the Holy Quran. (FOR YOUR KIND INFO, Hadith will not contradicts the Quran, if any translation u find doubtful, then u have to cross check twice or thrice….)
    this happened on a Thursday….
    n now please don’t say that he was not in a state to talk after thursday…please don’t say that…u know y, because he led the prayer after Thursday…and he spoke to Abu Bakr (RA), Aisha(RA) and Fathima (RA) the rest of the days.
    if the point he made on Thursday, if it was something which is not there in Quran,then he would have surely told it to the people or atleast to Abu Bakr (RA), Aisha(RA) and Fathima (RA)
    Brother i know u have taken it from here & there by bits and pieces…..NOW READ THE FULL STORY OF THIS INCIDENT,

    The Start of the Disease

    On Monday the twenty-ninth of Safar in the eleventh year of al-Hijra, he participated in funeral rites in al-Baqee’. On the way back he had a headache, his temperature rose so high that the heat effect could be felt over his headband. He led the Muslims in prayer for eleven days though he was sick. The total number of his sick days were either thirteen of fourteen.

    The Last Week

    When his sickness grew severe he asked his wives: “Where shall I stay tomorrow?” “Where shall I stay?” They understood what he wanted. So they allowed him to stay wherever he wished. He moved to ‘Aishah’s room leaning – while he was walking – on al-Fadl bin al-‘Abbas and ‘Alî bin Abî Tâlib. Head banded as he was, he dragged his feet till he came into her abode. It was there that he spent the last week of his life.

    During that period, ‘Aishah used to recite al-Mu’awwidhat (Chapters 113 and 114 of the Qur’ân) and other supplications which he has already taught her.

    Five days before death

    On Wednesday, five days before he died the Prophet’s temperature rose so high signalling the severness of his disease. He fainted and suffered from pain. “Pour out on me seven Qirab (water skin pots) of various water wells so that I may go out to meet people and talk to them.” So they seated him in a container (usually used for washing) and poured out water on him till he said: “That is enough. That is enough.”

    Then he felt well enough to enter the Mosque. He entered it band-headed, sat on the pulpit and made a speech to the people who were gathering together around him. He said: “The curse of Allâh falls upon the Jews and Christians for they have made their Prophets’ tombs places of worship.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî, 1/62; Muatta’ Imâm Malik, p.360] Then he said: “Do not make my tomb a worshipped idol.” [Muatta’ Imâm Malik, p.65]

    Then he offered himself and invited the people to repay any injuries he might have inflicted on them, saying:

    “He whom I have ever lashed his back, I offer him my back so that he may avenge himself on me. He whom I have ever blasphemed his honour, here I am offering my honour so that he may avenge himself.”

    Then he descended, and performed the noon prayer. Again he returned to the pulpit and sat on it. He resumed his first speech about enmity and some other things. A man then said: “You owe me three Dirhams.” The Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: “Fadl, pay him the money.” He went on saying:

    “I admonish you to be good to Al-Ansar (the Helpers). They are my family and with them I found shelter. They have acquitted themselves credibly of the responsibility that fell upon them and now there remains what you have to do. You should fully acknowledge and appreciate the favour that they have shown, and should overlook their faults.”

    In another version: “The number of believers would increase, but the number of Helpers would decrease to the extent that they would be among men as salt in the food. So he who from among you occupies a position of responsibility and is powerful enough to do harm or good to the people, he should frilly acknowledge and appreciate the favour that these benefactors have shown and overlook their faults.”

    And said: “Allâh, the Great, has given a slave of His the opportunity to make a choice between whatever he desires of Allâh’s provisions in this world, and what He keeps for him in the world, but he has opted for the latter.”

    Abû Sa’id Al-Khudri said: “Upon hearing that, Abû Bakr cried and said: ‘We sacrifice our fathers and mothers for your sake.’ We wondered why Abû Bakr said such a thing. People said: ‘Look at that old man! The Messenger of Allâh says about a slave of Allâh who was granted the right between the best fortunes of this world and the bounty of Allâh in the Hereafter, but he says: We sacrifice our fathers and mothers for your sake!’ It was later on that we realized what he had aimed at. The Messenger of Allâh was the slave informed to choose. We also acknowledged that Abû Bakr was the most learned among us.” [Mishkat Al-Masabih, 2/546]

    Then the Messenger of Allâh said:

    “The fellow I feel most secure in his company is Abû Bakr. If I were to make friendship with any other one than Allah, I would have Abû Bakr a bosom friend of mine. For him I feel affection and brotherhood of Islam. No gate shall be kept open in the Mosque except that of Abû Bakr’s.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî, 1/22,429,449, 2/638; Misbkat Al-Masabih, 2/548]

    Four days before his death

    On Thursday, four days before the death of the Messenger of Allâh he said to people ��” though he was suffering from a severe pain:

    “Come here. I will cause you to write something so that you will never fall into error.” Upon this ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab said: “The Prophet of Allâh is suffering from acute pain and you have the Qur’an with you; the Book of Allâh is sufficient unto you.” Others however wanted the writing to be made. When Muhammad heard them debating over it, he ordered them to go away and leave him alone. [Sahîh al-Bukhârî, 2/637]

    That day he recommended three things:

    1. Jews, Christians and polytheists should be expelled out of Arabia.
    2. He recommended that delegations should be honoured and entertained, in a way similar to the one he used to do.
    3. As for the third ��” the narrator said that he had forgotten it. It could have been adherence to the Holy Book and the Sunnah. It was likely to be the accomplishment and the mobilization of Osamah’s army, or it could have been performance of prayers and being attentive to slaves.

    In spite of the strain of disease and suffering from pain, the Prophet used to lead all the prayers till that Thursday ��” four days before he died. On that day he led the sunset prayer and recited:

    “By the winds (or angels or the Messengers of Allah) sent forth one after another.” [77:1] [Misbkat Al-Masabih, 1/102]

    In the evening he grew so sick that he could not overcome the strain of disease or go out to enter the Mosque. ‘Aishah said: The Prophet asked: “Have the people performed the prayer?” “No. They haven’t. They are waiting for you.” “Put some water in the washing pot.” Said he. We did what he ordered. So he washed and wanted to stand up, but he fainted. When he came round he asked again “Have the people prayed?” Then the sequence of events took place again and again for the second and the third times from the time he washed to the time he fainted after his attempts to stand up. Therefore he sent to Abû Bakr to lead the prayer himself. Abû Bakr then led the prayer during those days [Sahîh al-Bukhârî, 1/99]. They were seventeen prayers in the lifetime of Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

    Three or four times ‘Aishah talked to the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam to exempt Abû Bakr from leadership in prayer lest people should despair of him, but he refused and said: “You (women) are like the women who tried to entice Joseph (Yusuf) into immorality. Convey my request to Abû Bakr to lead the prayer.”

    A Day or Two prior to Death

    On Saturday or on Sunday, the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam felt that he was well enough to perform the prayer; so he went out leaning on two men in order to perform the noon prayer. Abû Bakr, who was then about to lead the prayer withdrew when he saw him coming; but the Prophet made him a gesture to stay where he was and said: “Seat me next to him.” They seated him on the left hand side of Abû Bakr. The Prophet led the prayer, and Abû Bakr followed him and raised his voice at every ‘Allâhu Akbar’ (i.e. Allâh is the Greatest) the Prophet said, so that the people may hear clearly. [Sahîh al-Bukhârî 1/98,99]

    A Day before his Death

    On Sunday, a day before he died, the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam set his slaves free, paid as a charity the seven Dinars he owned and gave his weapons as a present to the Muslims. So when night fell ‘Aishah had to borrow some oil from her neighbour to light her oil-lantern. Even his armour was mortgaged as a security with a Jew for thirty Sa’ (a cubic measure) of barley.

    The Last Day Alive

    In a narration by Anas bin Malik, he said: “While the Muslims were performing the dawn prayer on Monday ��” led by Abû Bakr, they were surprised to see the Messenger of Allâh raising the curtain of ‘Aishah’s room. He looked at them while they were praying aligned properly and smiled cheerfully. Seeing him, Abû Bakr withdrew to join the lines and give way to him to lead the prayer. For he thought that the Prophet wanted to go out and pray.” Anas said: “The Muslims, who were praying, were so delighted that they were almost too enraptured at their prayers. The Messenger of Allâh made them a gesture to continue their prayer, went into the room and drew down the curtain.” [ibid. 21640]

    The Messenger of Allâh sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam did not live for the next prayer time.

    When it was daytime, the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam called Fatimah and told her something in a secret voice that made her cry. Then he whispered to her something else which made her laugh. ‘Aishah enquired from her after the Prophet’s death, as to this weeping and laughing to which Fatimah replied:

    “The first time he disclosed to me that he would not recover from his illness and I wept. Then he told me that I would be the first of his family to join him, so I laughed.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî, 2/638]

    He gave Fatimah glad tidings that she would become the lady of all women of the world [Rahmat-ul-lil’alameen, 1/282]. Fatimah witnessed the great pain that afflicted her father. So she said: “What great pain my father is in!”. To these words, the Prophet remarked:

    “He will not suffer any more when today is over.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî, 2/641]

    He asked that Al-Hasan and Al-Husain be brought to him. He kissed them and recommended that they be looked after. He asked to see his wives. They were brought to him. He preached them and told them to remember Allah. Pain grew so much severe that the trace of poison he had at Khaibar came to light. It was so sore that he said to ‘Aishah: “I still feel the painful effect of that food I tasted at Khaibar. I feel as if death is approaching.” [ibid, 2/637] He ordered the people to perform the prayers and be attentive to slaves. He repeated it several times. [ibid. 2/637]

    The Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam breathes his last

    When the pangs of death started, ‘Aishah leant him against her. She used to say: One of Allah’s bounties upon me is that the Messenger of Allâh died in my house, while I am still alive. He died between my chest and neck while he was leaning against me. Allâh has mixed his saliva with mine at his death. For ‘Abdur Rahman – the son of Abû Bakr – came in with a Siwak (i.e. the root of a desert plant used for brushing teeth) in his hand, while I was leaning the Messenger of Allâh against me. I noticed that he was looking at the Siwak, so I asked him – for I knew that he wanted it ��” “Would you like me to take it for you?” He nodded in agreement. I took it and gave it to him. As it was too hard for him, I asked him “Shall I soften it for you?” He nodded in agreement. So I softened it with my saliva and he passed it (on his teeth).

    In another version it is said: “So he brushed (Istanna) his teeth as nice as he could.” There was a water container (Rakwa) available at his hand with some water in. He put his hand in it and wiped his face with it and said:

    “There is no god but Allah. Death is full of agonies.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî, 2/640]

    As soon as he had finished his Siwak, brushing, he raised his hand or finger up, looked upwards to the ceiling and moved his lips. So ‘Aishah listened to him. She heard him say: “With those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace with the Prophets and the Truthful ones (As-Siddeeqeen), the martyrs and the good doers. O Allâh, forgive me and have mercy upon me and join me to the Companionship on high.” [ibid, 2/638-641] Then at intervals he uttered these words: “The most exalted Companionship on high. To Allâh we turn and to Him we turn back for help and last abode.” This event took place at high morning time on Monday, the twelfth of Rabi’ al-Awwal, in the eleventh year of Al-Hijrah. He was sixty-three years and four days old when he died.


  11. I saw the clip where you said that Quran is incomplete without the Hadiths. I don’t blame you for saying that, you didn’t do enough research on that. Take your time and read quran before making any other wrong assumption about it. Quran is complete and fully detailed, also easy to understand. There is no such thing as commentary of Quran like Zakir Naik said. Don’t refer to any Hadiths, it’s not authentic.

  12. To Rehab: could you provide the sources of hadith you quoted (all of them) and wether they are sahih or not against Sahih Bukhari and Muslimin? And you said the author here quoting and interpreting Quran so where is the mistake be made on quoting the verse of Quran? And plase show the correct verse that the author mistakenly quoting? Also if the hadith that being quoted is not sahih then show us which hadith that are sahih. To add too many hadith while ones that you muslims seem so easy to say this is not sahih when it exposes something you can not defend, then in other ocassion call it sahih to support your argument. That my friend really something so casual about you all. Why then people need hadith when there are too many versions of it that some to be taken as sahih and some are not? Why there is no one single hadith to explain about your prophet work and deeds while he was alive? Everyone seems to be in competition to make a story of your prophet. Leaving you all in not so well-informed about your prophet as you will jump fron one to another hadith to know about what he really said and done. Then when there is something that you found shameful to admit you will accuse the very hadith as not sahih.

    Another interesting thing in your quoted hadith when he was about to die he called his grandsons and kissed them, and asked them to be looked after, looked what happened to them? Murdered brutally both by the blessings of his belover child-bride Aisha. And all the bloody lust of power among his companions. One may wonder what would your propthet think there in heaven looking at how his own blood-line being murdered mercilessly by people be knew, even his wife the one he loved most involved in that ill-conspiration to eliminate his blood-line. The most insulting thing is allah did nothing to prevent it all. Allah seemed to only appeared when muhammad was around. When he died, allah didn’t even care about his family he dearly loved and asked to be looked after. That is tragic.

    The other thing is sure muhammad knew how to read and write even in limited way, because it is impossible for Khadijah to send him away on her behalf to do trade business if he was literally iliterate. How would he did with the record of trade if he really could not read nor write with people from Syria? No trader is iliterarate they at least know how to read and write a little, if they can’t it is impossible for them to do their business.

    And back about hadith, even you muslims arguinv each other which hadith is sahih and which one is not? There is no common ground of argument for you all to which one is sahih or not. When one is sahih, but contain something that is will expose something you muslims think will cause an argument, you so fast to claim the hadith is not sahih. Man you all need to have all your scholars to determine one single hadith or two that is sahih and proclaimed the other that are not sahih to be not used at all. Or just make it all sahih, so we call can see how contradictory it all…..

    May G-d bless you and show you the way to Jesus. Amen.

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