Malayalam Videos: By Bro. Jerry Thomas and Pastor K O Thomas, Islamic Dawwah Lies Exposed; Christian Faith Proved Right

Niche of Truth Dawwah organized a so-called refutation without even informing Sakshi for the refutation which Sakshi did on MM Akbar’s Video. However, as soon as Sakshi heard the so-called refutation, it re-re-reinvited Niche of Truth for a debate. As usual, there was no response from Niche of Truth. Therefore, Sakshi was compelled to refute Niche of Truth at the same venue, Gandhi Park, where they had done their program.

Gandhi Park Refutation Part 1 Malayalam Bro Jerry on Islamic Scriptures, Muhammad and Blessed Paul

Gandhi Park Refutation Part 2 Malayalam Bro Jerry on Divinity of Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Bible

Gandhi Park Refutation Part 3 Malayalam Pastor K O Thomas, Holy Bible Defended and MM Akbar Exposed

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  1. jerry sir thakarthu, pavagal onnum mindunnilla …….. god bless you….

  2. He is a great christan scholar

  3. Very good God bless you brother

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