Malayalam – MM Akbar Thiruvalla Program Refuted

Yet another time, when MM Akbar built castles of lies against the Holy Christian faith, it was demolished by Pastor Jaise Pandnad and Bro. Jerry Thomas in Thiruvalla by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ against all odds of then a Muslim union minister of UPA trying to stop the program by influencing police.

1. MM Akbar Refuted Thiruvalla Part 1 – Pastor Jaise Pandnad

2. MM Akbar Refuted Thiruvalla Part 2 – Bro. Jerry Thomas

3. MM Akbar Refuted Thiruvalla Part 3- Bro. Jerry Thomas

4. MM Akbar Refuted Thiruvalla Part 4- Bro. Jerry Thomas

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4 Responses

  1. Dear jerry brother , I like to personally talk with you.i am working in kuwait and I would like to join as a humble supporter.please reply back .

  2. Praise God, I watched MM Akbar video,after that ,I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and Born again at Abudhabi -2004.
    We can pray for them.
    thank u

  3. Mr. Jerry Thomas beg your Christ to grant you such courage to face Zakir Bhai, if Zakir Bhai agrees to debate with you – he will not agree due to your poor performance with Brother Imran and others – that event will be horrible and great insult to you and your followers, this is my advice.

  4. I am hindu. according to islam i am akafir and will go to hell
    In his last coming jesus will kill all the non belivers
    so what is the difference between isalm and christianity

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