The Quran or The Bible Which is God’s Word ? IV

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  1. Great work in exposing Islam!!!
    Wonder what Zakir has to say on these videos, on the Quran? With so much of the filth being pulled out, its about time Zakir comes of his high ground of only debating the Pope and debate lesser mortals, of the likes of SAN, to save face of both Islam and Mohammad.
    Can’t he do at least this for the sake of Mohammad and the glory of ISLAM?

  2. As far as your Christianity is concerned, I can shut your mouth for a lifetime… And if you people have a little courage then let’s have a public debate. You have written that you exposed Islam, I’ll take out the clothes of your Christianity in front of media. Bloody pig eaters… Bloody unhygienic pigs.. You know that why Jesus pbuh was circumcised ? Bloody drunken ass, you know why Jesus said I’ll said you another comforter???
    09837320419 .. Call me , let’s see who has the authenticity

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