The Quran or The Bible Which is God’s Word ? – I

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  1. Great work Jerry and continue to spread the light of our faith, among those living in darkness.
    Our prayers are with you, in your efforts.

  2. wonderful programme.iam desperately sad about anyone in christianity could have the knowledge to debate muslim i can couragesly give answer to muslim refutors.

  3. Sir,

    Muslims and christian are brotherhood – bible (ingeel) old testament which was changed rapidly by human being all of you know well – that is the worst part in christianity – so thay don’t have rights to say about quran is the normal book – I believe Venkatesh migrate from other religion to chist just for money 0 he can do anything for money – becuase unless he understand bible he came to preach and compare with quran – 1. Jesus never ever said I am God and worship me in anywhere in holy bible, he laid his head to ground and ask help from God to save him when jews attacked him – if he is god then deffinetly he will show some magic but he can’t do anything. apart from that lot of sexual words are there in bible even christians and other peoples know who read bible – so it proved holy bible was played with people by using deep sexual words. if venkatesh compare with quran in wrong meaning it will give chance to know about bible how worst words are in bible to all of them. please don’t hurt to any body else it will react the same to you – please read bible and understand the real god not reel God. just for money sake don’t spread wrong messages Allah and jesus never support you on the judgement day.

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