Invitation to Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan for a Recorded Debate on Hinduism and Christianity


Date: Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 9:27 AM

Subject: Invitation to Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan for a Recorded Debate on Hinduism and Christianity



Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan
Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage
Subject: Invitation for a Recorded Debate on Hinduism and Christianity

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Sakshi Apologetics Network, an Indian Christian apologetics network. We trust all is well with you.

As an apologetics network, we are involved in cordial educational dialogs and debates with different religious and secular scholars. As an illustration, in the past, we had many educational exchanges with Muslims on several cardinal subjects relating to Christianity and Islam in different parts of India. Those programs have proved to be hugely beneficial in developing scientific temper in religious matters for a large section of people across religions. With that background, there have been several requests from Christians to engage with a scholar like you as well in a public forum.

As you are an accomplished and well-respected scholar, we have watched your videos on our Lord Yeshua Messiah and on Hinduism with great interest. However, as Indian Christians, when we analyzed your arguments, we found that we have profound differences with you on your arguments on both Christianity and Hinduism. We thought it is best to discuss such subjects in a formal and cordial atmosphere and can be recorded for the benefit of all.

With this intention, we propose a few topics, which can be considered for public and/or closed room recorded exchange in a formal manner in English and/or Malayalam.

Proposed Topics:

(1) Concept of God in the Holy Bible (Christianity) and Hinduism – Which is Reasonable?
(2) Lord Yeshua Messiah and Sri Krishna – Historical and Scriptural Case for Existence and Deity
We are sure as you are keen to educate both Christians and Hindus, you will consent for such a debate.

Once we hear from you, our team members and your team members can meet at any mutually convenient place and time in Kerala and discuss about topics, venue, date, time and other formalities involved in such education programs and reach a mutually acceptable agreement for taking this ahead.

Thanking you,
For Sakshi Apologetics Network
Finny Varghese

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