Niche of Truth’s So-Called Refutation in TVM and Sakshi’s re-re-reinvitation to MM Akbar for a Debate

Let the name of Yahweh, the only true name of God upon which all the true prophets have called, who in flesh was known by the name Lord Jesus Christ, be glorified forever and ever. Amen.

Dear Friends at the Niche of Truth,

It has been reported to us that you have conducted a so-called refutation in Thiruvanthapuram for our refutation of Janab MM Akbar Moulvai. It amuses us that even when we are ready for the debate, instead of agreeing for the debate, you are interested only in refutations without us. However, we are again requesting Janab MM Akbar Moulvai to come forward for a debate on equal and both sided topics of Islam and Christianity.

If you are willing, please respond by a return email/letter by on or before Feb 12, 2013. If you do not respond, we will treat that as an evasion, and we consider it as our moral duty to let know the public about your decision by conducting a rebuttal for your baseless charges in Thriuvanthapuram in the coming months.


Balasubramaniam K

Sakshi Apologetics Network

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