Our Distinctiveness

Our Distinctiveness

1) Addressing Issues that Are Locally Important and Relevant to Gospel of Jesus Christ:  For example, in the past, SAN has been answering criticisms of Indian Islamic Dawaah’s  against the Gospel of Jesus Christ, objections of Hinduvatta Movements against exclusivity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ etc. We have addressed these issues both in English and other vernacular languages. From time to time, we have also presented rebuttals to charges against the Gospel that have appeared in the Indian media.

2) Intensive Research and Authentic Materials: Most of our work has been well-researched and appreciated even by the critics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strive to do original research and cross-check the materials for authenticity. We also encourage our own members to check materials produced by us and are always open to correction, if any error is pointed out.

3) Networking: Most of our programs have been conducted in partnership with other Christian organizations. We try to actively reach out to Christian ministries, big or small, in partnering to conduct evangelistic and training programs. We look forward to passing on the results of our ministry to other likeminded and focused organizations and not seek to replicate them.

4) Inspiring and supporting and serving other communities with a similar mission.

5) Training up local articulators, spokespersons and verbal and spiritual defenders of the faith in Jesus Christ in every part of the country and beyond.

(6) Promote various forms of Christian Apologetics (Classical, Evidential, Presuppositional etc) and leave it to the end user to work out their own apologetic response in consultation with the body of Christ and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

7. Seek to work towards training followers of Christ to speak in a meaningful manner to audiences in the media, arts, politics, academia etc on through public platforms.8. Being on the cutting edges of popular and other discourses.

9. Corporate decision making process led by those who actually do the work of ministry.